Patriots release Chimdi Chekwa

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The latest cornerback out in New England was never really in.

Chimdi Chekwa, signed on March 11 as a free agent, already has been released, per a league source with knowledge of the situation. It was only a one-year deal for Chekwa, a fourth-round pick of the Raiders in 2011 who had not been tendered as a restricted free agent.

Chekwa is the latest cornerback to leave the Patriots in recent weeks. After Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner bolted via free agency, the Patriots released Alfonzo Dennard and Kyle Arrington.

The roster currently lists only four other actual cornerbacks — Malcolm Butler, Bradley Fletcher, Robert McClain, and Logan Ryan. The Patriots have 11 other players listed as defensive backs and only one player listed as a safety — Patrick Chung. Of those, five are rookies.

29 responses to “Patriots release Chimdi Chekwa

  1. He didn’t bring his own pin. Kraft can’t be shelling out money to equip every player with a $1 million fine coming up…

  2. BB is going to have TE, and WR play CB,,,and set new NFL record for most interceptions by a watch..

  3. Something something something….. cheaters.

    Imagine if the Patriots actually lost the super bowl. How angry the fans would be.

    But all that anger is saved for 31 other lesser thans.

  4. The Hoody is going with d-linemen as corners and taking full advantage of the 5 yard contact rule. No wide receiver will get past 5 yards without taking a beating.

  5. “Chimdi Chekwa? What was he, a Wookie?”

    jimmyt, that was one of the best comments ever on this site. lolololol!!!!!

  6. jroc19 says:
    May 18, 2015 8:57 AM

    I see Bill is embracing the classic, no-corner style defense. Bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off.

    How can you have a “No corner” Defense. That would be impossible.. Who is going to cover the WRS? You expect a linerbacker to cover a WR??
    It does not matter who Patriots have on defense as long as they can be “trusted” Patriots defense has the opponents offensive audibles before each game.. It’s so easy to play for Patriots.. You know what the other team is going to do every play.. It’s like playing MADDEN against your friend but he shows you his controller before every play selection

  7. Anyone know what pages in the rule book covers defense? I want to try to figure out which one Belicheck is going to circumvent.
    On the other hand, prehaps he is planning on Brady playing as the sole person in the secondary and utilizing ten defensive linemen. He can handle it. Right pats fans?

  8. The Patriots are going to play the entire season without any cornerbacks.

    Then Baltimore will complain, and the NFL will change the rule next year.

  9. Baltimorons…you have to be kidding!? You say he didn’t want to play for an organization with no class or respect for the game? Look that up in the dictionary and the Baltimore Ravens pop up. Are you kidding me? Ray the murdering ranting lunatic! Ray the elevator operator (poor wife) ! I’m sure she didn’t like sleeping on the elevator floor. Al the crap going on in Baltimore and you comment on the Patriots? Man, cocaine must be a glorious thing because you have to be on drugs.

  10. Chekwa was the go between for Brady and the ball boy.

    Obviously he had to go so the Patri*ts could continue their lie, deny, deflect DeflateGate defense strategy.

  11. boomerst3, but its fair to turn a blind eye to drafting a mass murderer and an owner who invites Floyd Mayweather, a notorious repeat woman abuser, to his suite and other parties?

    Pot, meet kettle. Get off your high horse. Patriots can’t say anything about class or respect. And if you look hard enough, you can find dirt on 31 other teams as well.

  12. Not Chekbakwa! How will the dark seth lord mind meld him into their only good option at corner now?

  13. Bring him back to Oakland Reggie… We need depth! He seemed to have gotten muscled up last year too..

  14. I cannot believe they let Chimdi walk, I was sure he would be Revis’ replacement. Probably get picked up by buffalo or the jets now, and come back to haunt them.

  15. @silvernblacksabbath

    Really? I dont recall Chekwa at corner even pissing there to mark his territory. He sucked. It isnt even training season, and there are still DBs on the market and being shed by other teams. Patience. Cant hold onto mediocrity to fill a hole anymore as we have finally passed the cap/draft threshold from hell, and can find new people. Chekwa played corner like a Wal-Mart greeter.

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