Robert Kraft had several telling “no comments” in interview

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft broke his silence, during a long conversation with Peter King of in which he defended quarterback Tom Brady and his team following their #DeflateGate punishment.

But there were several other parts of that conversation which were curious for what wasn’t said.

While the anger in his remarks about the Ted Wells Report and Brady’s four-game suspension was clear, Kraft wasn’t always as effusive. King writes that during a 50-minute phone conversation, “There was much Kraft wouldn’t say, and he was at times curt, which is rare for him.”

When asked if he would violate the league’s bylaws and try to take the league to court to overturn the penalties, Kraft replied: “I’m not going to comment on that at this point in time. I’m going to leave it. I won’t say.”

Asked why he suspended without pay John Jastremski and Jim McNally, despite the vigorous defense of their actions and intents in the team’s near-20,000-word rebuttal (The Wells Retort), Kraft refused to comment “for what he claimed were a variety of reasons.”

But perhaps the most ominous sign was when asked if he planned to remain as active in league affairs as he has been (he’s a member of five league committees, including the broadcast committee). To that one, Kraft replied: “I’d rather not get into that for a week or two.”

So while this week’s owners meeting in San Francisco will include discussions of the perpetual Los Angeles project and the all-important two-point conversion, there might be bigger issues percolating under the surface.

219 responses to “Robert Kraft had several telling “no comments” in interview

  1. Nothing Goodell does makes sense until you consider the possibility he hates the NFL and wants to ruin it. Then suddenly everything does.

  2. The no comments means he doesn’t want what he says now used against him out of context in a court of law. It’s all in the hands of the lawyers now.

  3. He should take the Patriots and go create his own professional football league where they can get away with anything they want.

  4. And the drama continues. Serve your time Brady, pay your fine Pats and make plans around the lost draft picks and move on. *Patriots

  5. The appeal has to be done within 10 days of filing. And the NFLPA expects to file suit prior to the appeal. Should be an entertaining week for a normally drab month of May.

  6. Goddell is like the tyrant who stays in power because of the warring underlings can never get together to see that there is a common threat (i.e. the tyrant).

    What other owners — and fans of non-Patriot teams for that matter — cannot see is that if you just allow the NFL to give the Patriots “the death penalty” with flimsy evidence and a kangaroo court, then next it will happen to…wait for it…YOUR team.

    Right now, fans of other teams are downright gleeful that the Patriots are being punished because they “think” they are guilty.

    Well, next time Goddell “thinks” your team is guilty, then without proof when he gives your team the death penalty, you’ll be back on this site whining and moaning about how your team was unfairly treated.

    Bottom line, EVERY fan and EVERY team should be worried about how Goddell has set himself up like a third world dictator who can hire his own investigators, serve as judge, jury, executioner and appellete court.

    Instead, everyone is so provincial and short sited, all they can do is rub their hands and react with glee that the “Patriots got caught”, like a greedy sibling happy that their older brother got grounded.

    Pretty short sided, narrow minded, and pathetic.

    And no, I’m not a Patriots fan. But quite honestly, I’m outraged that you could run and organization like this. No, it’s not “official court” but there even in most work places you would not be allowed to punish someone without some sort of provable evidence…

  7. Well i’m sure there’s another rich owner who can help with league affairs that doesn’t have a black cloud full of asterisks hanging over his head.

  8. Like I said last night, Kraft will NOT appeal, he will not sue and Brady’s appeal amounts to a conciliatory plead for leniency in his suspension.

    This thing is over, it just takes someone who makes millions to make it official. Read the tea leaves, connect the dots or use whatever gets you through the day.

    It’s OVER!

  9. That’s because he’s defending his lying NFL Quarterback. How in the world can you defend someone that lied into your face?

  10. We win. We always win. You lose. You always lose.


  11. Anti-Patriots attack force coming in 3…2….1….

    all your hate is misplaced anger over the past 15 years of brady bill and bob kraft beating your teams over and over…you can shout at the rooftops that brady is forever tainted and throw your asterisks around, but that doesn’t change reality…those that genuinely care about the sport of football wouldn’t want the GOAT suspended for any length of time…but hey I’m not one of those sad sad people..

  12. I’ve always respected Mr.Kraft for his support of non NFL related charities and he has always seemed pretty even handed when dealing with NFL related issues however I have to say I have lost some respect for him now. While I understand his desire to defend his team he should realize that given his past statements it appears he is being whiny and immature now. He should just man up and accept the NFL’s decision like he claimed he would in Feb.

  13. Vote of no confidence coming for Roger. There will be a new commissioner by this time next year. Goodell is subsequently found hiding out in a little cabin up in New Hampshire (recently vacated by a guy named Hiesenberg) where he has switched to his Latin name: Maximus Doophus.

  14. This team makes me sick. It’s funny how many no comments a team that claims to be innocent has. Anyone who is truly innocent would scream to the roof tops how they are innocent. And old Tom Brady has had some many chances to say I am not guilty I did not cheat, but he has yet to do that once.

  15. Let him stew. Years ago when the league penalized the Redskins for being free an easy during free agency during the uncapped year, Kraft was right in there saying it was fair. Let him take his lumps now. I hope Dan Snyder makes a statement that he sees only justice being served…

  16. A lot of readers (mostly haters) really want Brady to take the stand in federal court and surrender texts and emails. I would love to see what Roger the Dodger’s personal messages and directives were to his minions. It wouldn’t be just the plaintiff that could be asked. I can’t believe there was nothing in the report about the misinformation delivered to the Patriots, the daily leaks to the media, or the fired NFL employee stealing footballs.

  17. Sure, no comment to the two employees is, I am trying to figure a way to answer and not implicate shadybrady.

  18. He explained how the Deflator got his nickname. Did he explain the discussion of needles and the stress the Deflator was under?

  19. Rich person caught lying will now use wealth to try to get legal system to overturn an unfavorable decision. What Kraft doesn’t realize is that, outside of the Patriots sycophants, that it won’t change the thinking of other fans who believe the Patriots cheated.

    Should have asked him if he actually believed the Deflator nickname was for weight loss. Because if you don’t buy this ridiculous reason then you believe they were deflating the balls.

  20. These guys are incredible.

    They get caught for cheating, try to lie to cover it up (deflating is loosing weight, and Brady was just offering support by calling him six times after never calling before) and somehow they think they have the right to be outraged.

    Be thankful this isn’t college Robbie. There they actually take away trophies, and have a death penalty for programs like yours who violate the rules multiple times.

    Just ask SMU.

  21. The variety of reasons are the BS and the lies. The head dirt bag in a collection of cheating liars. Take your punishment and shut up.

  22. Here is what else Kraft said.

    “I just get really worked up. To receive the harshest penalty in league history is just not fair. The anger and frustration with this process, to me, it wasn’t fair. If we’re giving all the power to the NFL and the office of the commissioner, this is something that can happen to all 32 teams. We need to have fair and balanced investigating and reporting. But in this [Wells] report, every inference went against us … inferences from ambiguous, circumstantial evidence all went against us. That’s the thing that really bothers me.

  23. I am pretty sure King works for the patriots anyways. He has never written anything negative about them in his life. Brady did not cooperate with the league and the patriots have a history of cheating. Thats why the punishment is what it is. get over it and move on.

  24. All this misplaced outrage against the Pats and we all know they are going to come out on top, again–both on the field and off. Why? Best run organization in the NFL–Best player, best coach, best program, best owner.

    -colts fan

  25. The pushback against the Goodell, Wells, Kensil et al has just begun. Maybe some don’t like the Patriots, that’s understandable. However, there’s no reasonable person who can look at a situation as normal:

    1. The client hires a lawyer,

    2. He, then morphs into an agenda driven special prosecutor, whilst the client

    3. Mean

  26. Definitely sounds like the Patriots were not culpable for anything that happened. #Innocent #PatriotWay

  27. 3. Meanwhile the original client has assumed the duties of judge / jury.

    It’s a modern day lynch mob.

  28. It’s very sad to see Kraft reduced to this — defending a lie and, in so doing, taking the part of the powerful while throwing the weak under the bus. I suspect he knows it’s disgraceful and that this is what’s actually weighing on him. Brady will spend the rest of his life hoping Jastremski and McNally don’t go to the media. He’ll also have the knowledge that he put Kraft in this contemptible position.

    What a disgraceful situation all around. And it’s not going to get better any time soon for the Patriots. I used to think that the head injuries would be the NFL’s undoing; now I think it’ll be the Patriots.

  29. To the average fan, at least this one, there was enough information in the Wells report for me to conclude that there was an effort to circumvent the rules and gain an unfair advantage. It is not credible to believe Tom Brady would withold text messages that would explain or exonerate him and his involvement. We have seen throughout sports when high dollars and Lawyers are involved deny, deny, deny and oops when caught apologize. But only when the evidence is irrefutable. I suspect the other 31 owners are okay with the penalties. The fan wants fair play above all else. Whether the footballs that day we’re within the legal range is not relevant. The action to alter the pressure after they were checked is the issue. We can all but wonder if there was a wink and nod attitude towards this in the Patriots organization. The NFL has to protect the integrity of the league. Unfortunately the Patriots fans are also punished. I say fine Brady 8 game checks and let him play.

  30. Broke his silence? He’s been whining for weeks now… just like the braindead fans.


  31. May this be a lesson for Patriot Hater and your team.

    Work hard get smarter and get better, that is how you dethrone the champs. Not whine and cry like little biaches that they’re not playing fair waaaaaaaah.

    Now in the meantime get on your knees and bow to your masters in Foxboro.

    We’re better than you.

    We’re smarter than you.

    We know more about the game than you.

    We will beat you.

    We will embarrass you.

    Over and over again.

    And you WILL like it.


  32. I think either Kraft or goodell leaves the NFL. I’ll bet in Kraft staying.

  33. Kraft is playing his cards to see if his power can force a reduction in penalty’s. As owner he isn’t going to risk taking the league to court and kill the goose that lay the golden egg.

  34. Kraft helped screwed over the NFLPA and now he hopes that won’t come back to bite him.

    Both your boys cheated, Bob. Maybe it’s time to be a better judge of character.

  35. The pats are coming off a little entitled in my opinion. Why is Kraft doing so much to deny this when its clear as day that something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen. You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, everybody does it but you got caught, take your punishment and move on.

    I don’t understand all this crying when you have a hall of fame, coach and QB and 4 super bowl titles. I’m starting to think Kraft is more upset that the league would dare do this to HIM and HIS team. He isn’t going to be an active part of the NFL that has made him millions over the years because of this? Look up Kraft’s history he was one of the poorest owners when he purchased this team. The Patriots and the NFL have made him richer than ever! Now his going to take them to court? Over a 4 game suspension? Kraft clearly thinks he is more than just and “owner”

  36. I wonder when someone with the Patriots is finally going to act as innocent as they claim to be

  37. Love or hate the Patriots, you have to admit that Robert Kraft is good for football.

    Hopefully he remains as active as he has been, for the sake of the league.

  38. Guilty, guilty, guilty!!! You would think a smart business man like Kraft would let it go. He is embarrassing himself and his team. The Patriot legacy is going to be tarnished for life if they don’t lay off. They still have a chance to save themselves. Patriot fans think winning Super Bowls gives them a free pass to never being the bad guy. Winning doesn’t bring class to any person or team. We respect losers who play by the rules more than cheaters who win. There are too many holes in their story.

  39. Kraft is a bully who is not used to being told he can’t have what he wants.

    Ultimately he will swallow the fact that the Pats are not bigger than the NFL and if he tries to hurt the league, he hurts his own economic self-interest. And if his personal history is any guide, anything nothing gets his attention more than damage to his wallet. His young girlfriend won’t hold it against him if he loses this one.

  40. Sure, show all your cards before the hand begins. The level of insinuation on this site is at an all-time low. And I’m speaking purely as a football fan. Suspension of employees is a personnel matter. Not answering questions related to potential legal action is smart.

  41. I see nothing telling in any of this. It’s a chess match and he is is waiting for the commissioner’s office to move.

    As far as the firing of the two equipment guys, the Patriots was told to do it by the NFL. They are game day employees and firing them today (off season) has no immediate financial impact. Firing them now also puts them in a good position to sue the NFL once the Patriots are cleared.

  42. Kraft is going to find the other owners do not have his back. As much as the league office has not handled this situation well. Kraft and the patriots have made the situation worse. He and the organization are coming across like petulant children. Take a cue from bellichek , the less said the better

  43. Oh wah wah. He’s acting like they vacated the Super Bowl win. Quit complaining and acting like you’re above the rules. The arrogance of this organization trickles down from the top.

  44. No respect for that organization from me and many NFL fans. I mean the guy minutes before the game took all the balls into a room that he said was the bathroom. There was no bathroom in that room, what do you think he was doing in their Pats fans? And you really believe he called himself the Deflator because he was losing weight? And Brady looked like Mark McGwire on Capitol Hill at that press conference where he answered questions about cheating. Just Brady whiny yelling voice and how particular he is about everything – I know it went down the way the report suggests.

  45. they have been cheating for years.finally got caught big punishment was do!!!!

  46. The arrogance of the Patriots’ systematic cheating for the last 14 years is not something that needs comment.

    Move along.

  47. Just like his quarterback, a whiny excuse for a man. Any guy that leaves the pregnant mother of his child for a shiny object I wouldn’t piss on if he was on fire. Your quarterback has no morals, quit defending him.

  48. I hope Kraft walks away from the broadcast committee, which is up for new contract negotiations. Protect your brand first because the NFL won’t. And stick it to the shield and the rest of the owners where it hurts them the most – money – if they don’t back you up.

  49. Since the football world was stunned…

    Asked if Brady told him he was innocent…

    The owner of the scarred New England Patriots paused for a second…

    Peter King and his bromance with all things Patriots is funny in a Harlequin kinda way!

  50. Does every team do something like this? Surely. Unfortunately, the Patriots got caught. When you get caught, you get penalized. When you get caught first and are so high profile, the hammer drops. Simply…they got caught.

    Can we move on and allow the world to keep spinning? Thanks..

  51. The NFL’s handling of this issue has been horrendous. The Well’s report offers nothing but speculation and conjecture. The Patriots response to the whole matter was just plain ridiculous.

  52. I think kraft will decide on legal action and such after going to the meetings and seeing what support he gets from the other owners.

    I think he would prefer to settle things behind closed doors by gaining enough support to pressure Goodell.

    A hint of this is his warning that this could happen to any of the other teams.

    We’ll see

  53. Asked why he suspended without pay John Jastremski and Jim McNally, despite the vigorous defense of their actions and intents in the team’s near-20,000-word rebuttal (The Wells Retort), Kraft refused to comment “for what he claimed were a variety of reasons.”


    You would think that if they were suspended because the league told him to suspend them that Kraft would’ve came out and said that.

    You can’t give the explanation for the term “The Deflator” that the Pats did and not go all in on backing him, can you?

    Even Pats fans have to be shaking their heads at that one.

  54. Bobby got caught!!

    Now I’m taking deflated balls and going home!!

  55. No comment = pleading the 5th = I am guilty, but i dont want to tell on myself.
    Kraft is the scum that has implemented and encouraged cheating within this pathetic organization.
    He brings embarrassment to the league and other owners almost yearly. He has damaged the integrity of the league, the brand of every other franchise, and demolished the trust among millions of fans who believe in fair play.
    The other owners should force him out and sell the team. Bobby Kraft makes Jimmy Haslam look like an All-American Boy Scout.

  56. So he’s pretty clearly going to start a power play that will tear the NFL apart, because his enormous ego demands he be in charge and does what he wants. The ‘little people’ can’t tell him what to do, and he’s willing to leave a smoking crater of wreckage behind in order to get his way. Billionaire thinking. Reminds you of the much larger picture, doesn’t it?

  57. I don’t believe that Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner deserves his job. I defer to the many reasons posted on this site and most vociferously disagree with how he has handled cases in the past and most notably his handling of the Wells Report. I think his salary of 44 million dollars a year is outrageous by any standard for the job he has done. But, please read for yourself the reasoning of Mark Whitten, sports writer in his article of Sept. 2014. The title of the article is “Goodell Doesn’t Deserve His Job”! The irreparable and irresponsible slander done to Tom Brady his career and accomplishments and that of the New England Patriots is more far detrimental to the NFL’s integrity and it’s reputation of fairness, than anything that the Wells Report has proven thus far.

  58. Why is the NFL self-sabotaging itself? A character assassination on its best QB and the owner who saved the league while his wife was dying.

    I don’t get it.

  59. If you are truly innocent then you should have allowed them to interview McNally again. Hiding behind the they already had the text with “deflator” is very suspicious. Also Brady should turn over his texts. And why did you fire JJ and Bird?

  60. Imagine if the Falcons had deflated balls and the Pats had piped in fake crowd noise.

    How much talk would be about causing opposing teams on offense problems with fake decibels.

    How little would most people care about ball inflation?

  61. I’m sure King found some way to spin it in the Pats’ favor…he’s a well-known homer.

  62. Kraft went from a super bowl winning, highly successful owner to a cheat. He will NEVER be able to change that. In his circles he will be always be labeled as dishonest. No wonder he’s pissed. As the Eagles sang, “every point of refuge has its price.”

  63. The Falcons admitted the piped in noise. And it wasn’t their QB that was responsible. When a player circumvents the rules and the integrity of the game is at stake then punishment is deserved.

    When you have cheated before and are constantly bending the rules then people are suspicious. Also your head coach is a horses a** so there is no benefit of the doubt.

    Hiding behind the everyone hates us and the NFL office is against us and everyone cheats because we always win is arrogant and childish. We hate arrogant cheaters.

  64. Based on the gauge Anderson say he used, science explains the deflation. The NFL leaked false psi data and let the false impression stand for months. Based on these two facts, while I think the Patriots are guilty, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

  65. Kraft liked (manipulated) Goodell when he could gain, now he will attack Goodell for not kissing his ring. I expect him to sue as he reminds me so much of another master manipulator, the late Al Davis of the Raiders. Only Mr. Kraft learned not to act like Al and so he hires and supports cheats so his franchise is sucessful

  66. Arthur Blank apologized when his team was caught doing something against league rules. Kraft should do the same. Maybe he would get some of his self-respect back.

  67. Robert Kraft’s message to the league and the world: “This league is not led by principles, the world is not built on integrity.” “If you want to become successful use must not concern yourself with collateral damage.” McNally is of no consequence to me.” The bottom line is, and will always be money.” “It is time for this league and it’s consumers to put their big boy pants on.” “Take it or leave it.” “It’s the way it is.”

  68. Waaaaa..waaaaaaaa…my butt-boy finally punished me! Waaaaaaa.waaaaaaaaaa

  69. I’ve been reading PFT for a decade, and this is the first time I can recall all 10 “Top Commented” stories being about the exact same story.

    And all over .5 PSI and an interpretation of the Natural Gas Law. I hate the off-season.

  70. Kraft ducking out of league affairs… Good luck everyone else! You can leave your policy making up to psychos like tax cheat Jerry Richardson who actually prolonged the NFLPA strike, Dan Snyder who tried to sell beer to fans in the men’s room, or Jim Irsay who hopefully won’t crash his car into the owners meeting. Or better yet how about we hand the reigns over to Jerry Jones for a much needed “not snitching about bribing the head of officials” rule reform?

  71. I wonder what it’s like right now to be a Patriots fan who greatly values integrity. I really do.

    You see, as a young adult, I joined the grassroots movement to bring the Houston Oilers to Nashville. But before that, I had been weaned on the Washington Redskins and had been a die-hard fan for 25 years. And if I’m being totally forthcoming, there something about each of the Redskins’ first two Super Bowl wins that, deep down (but rarely admitted), troubled me.

    In both of those games–the 1983 win over the Dolphins and the 1988 victory over the Broncos–there was a potentially game-changing play that the Redskins didn’t earn or deserve. Remember John Riggins’ 43-yard touchdown run on 4 and 1 that sealed the game against the Dolphins? Well, just one problem. It DIDN’T seal the win. What 99% of football fans don’t remember was that later, with about 2 minutes to go, the Redskins, who only led by 3, were trying to run out the clock and score one more time. As they entered the red zone, John Riggins fumbled the ball as he was going down, a Dolphin recovered the fumble and, with no Redskins near him, had only daylight in front of him. Just one problem, the ref thought Riggins was down and immediately blew the play dead. (No instant replay.) Thus, the Dolphins didn’t win and Riggins went on to win the MVP.

    And the Super Bowl against the Broncos? Well, remember how the Redskins fell behind by 10 points before Doug Williams just exploded with his game-changing performance? While I loved that, I can’t ignore what took place right before Williams kicked into high gear.

    With the Skins down by 10, Williams dropped back to pass on his own side of the field. As he did so, he slipped and his legs spread apart awkwardly as his knee went down without being touched … Due to the self-inflicted pain of his twisting leg and back, Williams let go of the ball right after his first knee touched. It rolled away, and was all Denver’s for the taking. Just one problem. Though William’s wasn’t touched by a defender, the refs blew the play dead as the ball was still rolling away.

    If I’m still troubled by these two plays, I can’t imagine what it’s like for an idealistic Patriots fan right now. For those fans who insist on earning their championships.

  72. Admit it Bob!

    Just admit that it is beneath your championship team to have to play a bunch of wussies every year that don’t belong on the same field as your team. Admit that deep down you’re embarrassed that those other teams don’t want to put in the work and effort to improve but instead cry like little girls that your team cheats and doesn’t play fair!
    WaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA 🙂

  73. That wasn’t Peter King that did the interview.
    Wells investigated and determined it was actually “Norm” from the old sitcom “Cheers” that did the interview. Kraft tried to sneak another one past the shield.

  74. He would have been better served to make EVERYTHING a “No Comment”. As it stands, and as others have pointed out, every time he’s opened his mouth, from demanding an apology from the NFL to his lame defense of the indefensible, he’s come across as nothing more than a petulant, self-entitled bully. The more he tries to mitigate the hole he’s dug the bigger the hole gets. Grow up already. Take your medicine. And move on.

  75. I put some water in the freezer and my two year old accused me of tampering with the water when it came out as an ice cube.

    Actually, at first he told me the water came out as chocolate ice cream…

  76. I’m sure in the ignorant minds of some of these boston blowhards are are envisioning Kraft overthrowing Goodell to become commissioner. After reading this im sure one of those geniuses is already formulating a response on how it could happen if Kraft really wanted it to. #Tainted

  77. My wish is for some day for many of the people who made comments of this story are put in a position of being accused of something they didn’t do. Then I hope the judge tells them that they can go free only if they can point out in the Well’s report where it says that Tom Brady knew the footballs were under inflated and where the science proves it was not cold weather that deflated the balls…

  78. It sucks that he punished the little guys and he believes Brady the millionaire. He doesn’t care about (you) the hard working Patroits fans, he just wants you to keep buying the tickets and merchandise. Do you think he would believe you over Brady?

  79. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet Bobby.
    Wait until Shady is reinstated (provided he hasn’t taken his ball and gone home), and he finds out that he can no longer turn to an official, nod, and draw a flag.
    His “protected” status has been revoked.
    In fact, he’ll never finish another full season.
    Dead man walking.

  80. I knew some lawyers. They all tell me the same thing. When they get someone on the stand who fashions himself an expert in some field, especially a doctor or another lawyer, when presented with a question they don’t know how to say “I don’t know.” They go off in all these intellectually contorted and sometimes incoherent answers and end up getting themselves or the people they represent in trouble. This is what Wells did. If I were Wells and presented with the evidence he’s reporting, I’d answer the question, “Did Tom Brady do this?” with “I don’t know.” But this is a high profile investigation and Wells want to work again, possibly even for the NFL. And spending 100 days and incurring millions of dollars in billable expenses only to come up with “inconclusive” is not going to help his cause. He had to give us that line about preponderance of evidence and more probable than not. Problem with that is there’s a lot of grey area. Is more probable than not 80% or 50.1%.

    I know whenever Accuscore releases a game prediction based on 10,000 simulations in the form of a probability expressed as a %, I’m shocked by how often it’s wrong.

  81. Why should you accept a ludicrous penalty if you’re innocent??
    Wells couldn’t even prove the balls were deflated. His report is the worst case of diarrhoea I’ve ever seen

    Why would Brady hatch an elaborate plan with a minimum wage part time employee that he barely knows to extract 0.3 psi from a ball on a day when the pressure in the ball is gonna be low anyway?

    If the only benefit is fumbling why would Brady care? It would be the running backs!

    And before anyone says that he has small hands – they were big enough to beat the Jets with balls pumped up to 16 psi.

    Really though the sad losers who call out Kraft and Brady should get a life.

  82. I really wanted him to comment on why the Patriots released Chimdi Chekwa.

  83. Wells in spirit: “I feel 99% certain (in the bottom of my heart) that there is a 50.1% chance Brady was generally aware of the alleged scheme to deflate footballs.”

  84. Kraft is not doing anything EVERY one of you wouldn’t also do in his position. You can deny all you want how badly this has been handled by the league, but it has been a train wreck.
    Kraft has been extremely kind and generous since day 1 of buying the team, but you act like you know who he is. And at least he paid for his own stadium instead of having taxpayers pay for it.

  85. To prove defamation against Brady and the Patriots one need only read the replies to this thread. Despite Florio ‘s statement that the facts find in the Patriots favor the lies have already done their job. Mike, time for a banner headline exonerating the Patriots or your column from yesterday will just look like legal cya.

  86. Kraft and Brady need to sue the league and force Goodell out. Wake me up when that happens. This is the biggest joke I have ever seen. Teams have been screwing with football inflation for years as Aaron Rodgers admitted when he said he plays with over-inflated footballs. The NFL never cared until the Patriots were involved. Then they created some bogus rule about PSI inflation that no one even knew about to go after a target everyone hates because they win too much. How pathetic. So ashamed and embarrassed to be an American today.

  87. I am trying 2 tell u guys in the previous post this guy doesn’t believe in integrity or principles! He’s going to keep lying!

  88. tennesseeoilers says:
    May 18, 2015 9:31 AM


    A very interesting, thoughful post – thanks for that. We don’t get much earnest discussion around here.

    I’m not a Patriots fan, but I’m not a hater. I’m a Browns fan. Yeah, I know.

    Having said that, I don’t feel that any of the Pats’ SB victories are tainted. I feel that most of the “cheater” talk is extremely overzealous and misguided. I firmly believe that in a multi-billion-dollar cash cow like the NFL, everyone pushes the envelope of bending rules or “gamesmanship” simply because so much money is at stake.

    It’s like politics – no matter which side we’re on, we should all understand the inherently corrupt nature of politics. It’s just the fact of the matter, like it or not.

    I don’t say any of this to make the argument of “everyone is doing it, therefore it’s OK”. I simply believe that the Patriots haven’t done anything to taint their championships. Others disagree.

    There are aspects of deflategate that are troubling to me. I don’t believe that the Patriots are entirely faultless in all of this, for sure. But I also believe that the NFL could not have handled this worse. They put a target squarely on the Patriots from minute one, and clearly…CLEARLY…the Wells report and whatever conclusions he drew are suspect.

    Put it this way – if Wells used the same evidence to absolve the Patriots there would be plenty of people upset by that conclusion, as well.

    The bottom line is that no one wants the NFL tainted by cheating or by suspect behavior. But it happens. It happens all the time, and not just from the Patriots.

    Fans deserve better, but the whole power structure of the league is too complicated and conflicted to handle things like this to anyone’s satisfaction.

  89. I’ve been a Pats fan since Parcells drafted Bledsoe. The years from Drew’s rookie season to Tom’s 4th Superbowl win have been a great gift to this football fan. If you aren’t a fan of the Patriots, maybe you can envision what it would be like to watch your own team experience a run like the last 20 years in NE. That many winning Sundays WILL make a fan a little irrational in defense of their team.
    To see see 3 Super Bowl wins all dismissed because Bill got caught filming (during a game) the other team’s signals? IT WAS SO DUMB and it’s truly didn’t help that much and yet it tainted our team for the next 7 years.
    I am beyond sad to see the Patriots, Tom Brady and Bob Kraft’s legacy’s ridiculed. I do think Tom asked those guys to make sure his footballs were the way he liked them. I’m not sure if he specified to do it after the referee had inspected them or not. The texts implied ‘the refs screwed them’ with the balls being at 16 for the Jets game. But clearly we were deflating the balls…I couldn’t believe it the morning after the Colts game. Once again, IT WAS JUST SO DUMB and it clearly didn’t affect things that much. (as witnessed by the second half and the Super Bowl.) I guess what I’m trying to say is- YES, the Patriots (Tom Brady) probably knew his guys were deflating the footballs. But if you are willing to toss out the last 15 years of hard work and consistent winning (175-65) because of it- If you dismiss Bob Kraft’s work for the NFL, Belichick’s mind or Brady’s talent? Yeah, I am going to defend my team. And that doesn’t make me ‘blind.’

  90. All those saying “It’s over” are just ignoring the writing on the wall. As the initial furor over the Wells report dies down, and people actually check the facts, more and more are realizing there are huge holes in it, and are finally starting to question it’s reliability. This is far from over.

  91. All you need to know about Kraft was how mad he got at Belicheat not because of cheating with Spygate, but because Belicheat claimed the cheating wasn’t overly helpful.

    I other words, he’s fine with effective cheating, you know, the kind that cuts your fumbles in half in one off season.

  92. Judge to Goodell : The second half of the AFCCG was PATRIOTS 28 to colts 0. Mr. Goodell, Why did you not exonerate the PATRIOTS at that point ???

    Goodell : It backfired on us on the first sting attempt.

    Judge : Mr. Goodell, you leaked false information for two weeks leading up to the SuperBowl, WHY ???

    Goodell : That was our second attempt to undermine the PATRIOTS.

    Judge : Under the highest NFL scrutiny, the PATRIOTS defeated, perhaps, the Best Defense in NFL history – Why did you not exonerate the PATRIOTS at this point.

    Goodell : We were hoping the Seahawks would win (whimper) but that also FAILED.

    Judge : And no exoneration for the PATRIOTS I assume? What did you do next?

    Goodell : I hired Mr. Well$ in a fourth attempt to discredit the PATRIOTS.

    Judge : Mr. Goodell, Why do you feel it necessary to discredit the PATRIOTS.

    Goodell : For NFL Parity & to protect the Sheild – I AM the SHEILD !!!!

    Judge : OK, I’ve heard enough !!! Take Mr. Goodell to the psyche ward and have him thoroughly evaluated.

    Judge : Mr. Well$, you are up next!

  93. When will the other 31 inferior teams and their fans be contracted out of the NFL?

    Enough is ENOUGH.

    We are tired of the league putting up such joke competition against the World Champion Patriots.

    We are tired of little wussies who whine and cry about the World Champions instead of trying to beat the World Champions on the field.. like REAL men.

    We demand better NFL.

    Contract the other 31 teams and their fans. Now. Bring in 31 new teams and let them have their shot.

  94. Have you read the New NFL Law created by Goodell, Vincent & Wells?

    It is called the PATRIOT ACT II and goes as follows:
    Proof of guilt is solely based on “AT LEAST AWARE & PROBABLE” and Scientific Facts/Analysis is NOT APPLICABLE.

    Based on this New Law – Every NFL Team, Coach, Player & Personnel is GUILTY of something because they were “AT LEAST AWARE & PROBABLY DID IT”

    The NFL just amended the PATRIOT ACT II to include the following:

    “Not answering questions from the News Media Circus is Clear Evidence that you are GUILTY of something – Probably !!!”

  95. Spygate wasn’t cheating. The whole thing was the biggest crock in the history of professional sports.

    The rule said – to the letter – that you can’t tape from the sidelines if the information is used in game.

    Bill taped from the sidelines and didn’t use the information in game. Therefore… BY RULE…and by LOGIC…there should be no problem. Oh you mean Bill tweaked the spirit of the rule? That isn’t Bill’s problem…that’s the league’s.

    All intelligent fans knows Patriot Hater isn’t very bright but surely even Patriot Hater isn’t too dense to understand that. Or maybe I’m giving them too much credit. 🙂

  96. all your hate is misplaced anger over the past 15 years of brady bill and bob kraft beating your teams over and over

    My team is the reason your team doesn’t have 2 more SB rings, so I have no anger. But I do believe that if you break the rules, you accept the consequences.

  97. Hey zuzul,

    Stop being apologetic.

    The ball boys measured the footballs after the Refs “Tampered” with them. The Refs VIOLATED Rule 17 by over-inflating the balls beyond the 13.5 psi to as high as 16 psi. This was clearly an intentional act to prompt the ball boys to deflate the footballs back down to NFL approved 12.5 psi – YES, the way Tom Brady wants them.

    This was a Sting Operation by the NFL and it not only FAILED, but has backfired in their face.

    Goodell, Kinsel, Well$ & the NFL has ZERO INTEGRITY.

  98. The Real Scandal can be found on the phones of Goodell, Kinsel, Grigson, Harbaugh, Pagano & Well$.

  99. Yeah, suspend without pay the two poor guys Jastremski and McNally while defending your cheating and extremely wealthy QB who told them to deflate the balls. Its always the little guy that gets dumped on.

  100. The Patriots did not fire the two equipment people, they were suspended without pay. That is a huge difference that 90% of the posters on here can’t comprehend. The league stated that they couldn’t work for the Pats again until the league gave its okay and then they couldn’t have anything to do with the equipment on game days.. You people really need to go to reading comprehension classes but then again you have to have enough intelligence to understand.

  101. Kraft, Enjoy looking in the owners in they eyes at the meeting knowing your team can’t operate within the rules.

    Sorry but not everyone is a blind Pats fan that somehow gives Brady and Bill a pass on everything.

    All the PATS did is cheat to gain an advantage in the AFC Championship game. Not a really big game like the superbowl.

  102. Take a lesson from MIKE FLORIO. He is no friend of the Patriots and someone who I fundamentally disagree with on many things, especially outside of football. Be that as it may, Florio has the decency to report the facts as they are in this case, even when they go against the false media and league narrative as it is being laid out. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY are traits my sometime nemesis FLORIO has, which you don’t possess.

  103. “We didn’t do anything wrong.”
    “We didn’t do anything wrong.”
    “We didn’t do anything wrong.”
    “The two low level guys involved, not our QB of course, have been fired for their actions.”
    “We didn’t do anything wrong.”
    “We didn’t do anything wrong.”
    “We didn’t do anything wrong.”

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

  104. I see a lot of mistakes information in these comments. We won’t hear about the appeal for a while because they have 10 days to set the date for the appeal NOT 10 days to have the appeal. It could be September if they want to. 2nd you can in a lot of states be fired for no reason. It’s called a right to work state like here in Texas. Employer doesn’t have to give you a reason for termination, it’s right there in 5 he paperwork you sign no matter if you flip burgers or flip houses. I said from the start the biggest pile of crap in all of this is the Pats on their own suspended the equipment guys and never since then have they been mentioned in anyway in regards to getting thier jobs back. They can’t throw lol

  105. Why were these two suspended? It’s pretty simple. Because they trashed Brady through out their text messages. People, stop trying to find a smoking gun when there isn’t one.

  106. Brady and the ball guys took a very bad risk and got caught.seems to me Brady most likely told his coach about what was going on because they are so tight.its surprising that after handling the deflated balls on the field of play the referees never noticed how much softer they actually were compared to the Colts balls, the Colts defensive backs noticed right away when they got their hands on the ball. if you cant do the time then dont do the crime,the Pats have been trying to skirt the rules for years.

  107. “Why were these two suspended? It’s pretty simple. Because they trashed Brady through out their text messages. People, stop trying to find a smoking gun when there isn’t one.”

    This is laughable even for a Patriots fan. You fire a guy for a private conversation now? Wow.

  108. A lot of these no-comments sound a lot like, “We don’t comment on pending litigation.”

  109. so let’s see…

    –only the homers are backing the patriots

    –patriots say everyone cheats yet they are the only ones who get caught so are they just that bad at cheating?

    –patriots & brady’s legacy now tainted in the eyes of public opinion & no lawsuit will change that; the damage is done

    enjoy your titles* patriots’ fans cause no one outside of boston cares

    –how did the patriots lose to the giants twice even with them cheating

    — eric mangini..vindicated

  110. New England Patriots,the greatest franchise in the NFL.It’s fun to watch 65% of the fans of the NFL pile up on the Pats/THe Pats will show up for their games and they will win most of them because they r better.

  111. The integrity of the game? That went away when they hired Goodell. He started suspending players who were found innocent in court, suspending players who hit hard, changing rules to further benefit offense. This guy must have wanted to be a cop when he grew up.

  112. Just blow the whole thing up Kraft. Hand it over to the league so it will be the L.A. team.Go out and save a little face.

  113. What is more telling to me is Brady at every voluntary OTA. Here is a QB who cheated and put his team in an unfavorable light who is trying to kiss butt because HE fears what the Patriots may do when they finally quit lying and believe the truth of what happened. Brady cheated, the game attendants cheated, they got caught, now the team is punished because of Brady’s action. Though Kraft and Bellicek may be publicly outraged at the NFL, behind the scenes they have to be madder than mad at Brady. Whether you believe he did it or not (he did it) just the negative attention Brady has brought to his team would be enough for the team, at his age, to move on. Brady has 2 maybe 3 years max if he doesn’t sustain an injury. You know other teams will be head hunting him so chances of him being injured is high. If Patriots cut him loose now because of the negative attention, they are simply doing what they did to Bledsoe. Garrapolo will do well in NE and in two years, people will completely forget Brady.

  114. I think the Pats should sue and collect a couple hundred million.This case is a sham.

  115. Bob Kraft has always had a façade, now we see who he really is! A guy that usually is behind the NFL’s enforcement against rule breaking teams….now mad because his team got caught! Trying to push his weight around…it’s pathetic!

  116. I so love the fact that the Pats* agreed (along with all other NFL teams) to Goodell being the one who decides integrity issues as long as it was against players or other teams but now that they are on the dock, it has suddenly become a ‘fairness’ issue. What a joke. Watching the Pats* scramble after loose ends, red herrings and loop-holes is like watching a convict feverishly researching his case in the prison library.
    Unless Kraft has a stroke, this will never go to court.

  117. whereamiandwhatamidoinghere says: May 18, 2015 11:20 AM

    “Why were these two suspended? It’s pretty simple. Because they trashed Brady through out their text messages. People, stop trying to find a smoking gun when there isn’t one.”
    This is laughable even for a Patriots fan. You fire a guy for a private conversation now? Wow.
    And the pats had to have had known about them long before the day the penalties came down. Why wait if that’s the case?

  118. Half the people who comment on here have to be the biggest morons ever. First off Robert Kraft is one of the nicest owners and well respected owners in the league. If it wasnt for him the lockout would prob still be going on. But im guessing some of you were too young to remember that.

    Second off bob kraft has no connection to Kraft food you morons.

    Third off, if he takes them to court, he isnt going to answer the questions he responded no comment to.

    Take your hater glasses off and see this for what it is

  119. Pretty sure the ball guys were taking shoes and other promotional items from the team.
    I still don’t quite understand what Kraft is the bad guy if you are capable of looking at things objectively.

  120. Kraft: “Tom, you are a schmuck”
    Tom B.: “But I’m innocent Roberto”

  121. Stop the Salem Witch Hunt until all the facts are attained without spin. but do burn the Wells Report instead. That is the real evil entity.

  122. When you punish a player and a time with no Proof . manufacture , and ignore evidence you get sued NFL seems pretty simple #rogermustgo

  123. “Asked why he suspended without pay John Jastremski and Jim McNally, despite the vigorous defense of their actions and intents in the team’s near-20,000-word rebuttal (The Wells Retort), Kraft refused to comment “for what he claimed were a variety of reasons.””

    “variety of reasons”, including they don’t have an answer to that question that can withstand public or legal scrutiny. They are still working on an answer that a Patriots Fan Judge would be compelled to accept.

  124. swineflooo says: May 18, 2015 12:51 PM

    The pats are guilty of being too good for too long.

    And that… is a simple yet correct answer to the question being posed about why Goodell would want to “get” the Patriots and one of the faces of the league..

    The Patriots have not only blown up the idea that dynasties are all about big names and big stars… they’ve also blown up the whole parity thing. There should be no Patriots as we know them today with parity and yet here we are.

    And the league plus the 31 other owners can’t have that now can they.

    Occam’s Razor folks.

  125. Not a Patriots fan. When this story first broke I was pretty certain that deflation probably happened and Brady was probably behind it.

    After all of the subsequent shenanigans coming from the NFL office, rather than convince me that the accusations were true, I’m now convinced that they were not. The entire thing stinks of a witch hunt. The Wells report isn’t worth 5 cents, let alone 5 million dollars. The leaks from the league office are beyond incompetent, they’re despicable. Though his entire tenure has been poor, the last year’s worth of debacles show that Roger Goodell needs to be fired.

  126. What I’d still like to know is…

    WHO leaked the FALSE information about 11 of 12 balls being 2 PSI under

    WHY didn’t the NFL retract that FALSE information?

    I have a feeling Kraft is much closer to finding out the answers to both of these than Patriot Hater would like to think.

    Be afraid…be VERY afraid. You’re not going to like what happens next! 🙂

  127. Goodell was never the man for the job and has ruined my beloved sport.
    Kraft and the Patriots however cheat and deserve what they get. If they didn’t cheat (again) then why do they not cooperate fully? Ya know who don’t fully cooperate? People who are guilty!

  128. NFL- how did #The Big Lie get out?

    Why was it not corrected?

    #The Big Lie = 11 of 12 balls being 2 PSI under

    really: 0 of 11 were 2 under

    yes, zero

  129. The comments about Mac-N-Cheese and other comments I’ve seen related to the food company “Kraft” always make me laugh. Robert Kraft has nothing to do with that company you wanker! Those comments are very telling of the type of idiots we are dealing with on these boards. Please also note that John Jastremski and Jim McNally were suspended indefinitely and cannot be re-hired until the NFL gives the OK. Read and know the facts before you post, or it’s just blind hatred that you’re spewing.

  130. I think Brady is getting a bad deal here, but Patriots fans a reality check. BB and Brady have been a dynasty 4 SB wins in their run is impressive in anyone’s book. The Patriots are NOT dominating the NFL. You had that argument in 2005 when you won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls. Winning the title game this year and the first since 2005 doesn’t make you dominating the league.

    Eight teams have hoisted the Lombardi including the Steelers and Giants who have done it twice since you last won it (and let’s face it Pete Carroll deserve a big assist on this last one).

    Kick back, enjoy your time with Brady and start that Deflator diet before the summer beach time is upon you!

  131. It’s amazing the extent in which Robert Kraft will go to make himself bad in all of this. The more he talks, the worse he sounds. He just can’t handle the fact that his organization will forever have the label of being cheaters attached to it. What a crybaby.

  132. Law of science/reality.
    When you have a hole in the boat and it is in water it will leak.
    In this case the NFL has people leaking information deliberately and that is not true.They should have fixed the leak a long time ago.

  133. Why fire the Ball Boys?

    Easy…Kraft is not worried about the NFL. He is only worried about Patriot Fans. Patriot Fans are irrational and want to use the ball boys as a scapegoat, because they can’t accept that Brady was the ring leader. Kraft fired the Ball Boys because he is playing to Patriot fans.

  134. Patriot Fans refuse to believe the truth about Tom Brady, so they accept the lie from Kraft that some rogue ball boys were involved not Tom Shady.

  135. If you fail to take a breathalyzer when you’re pulled over by a cop, you’re considered drunk.

    If you fail to cooperate with authorities / answer questions during an interview, why would anybody believe you’re innocent? Why not be 100% transparent and get out of this hole you’re in. Unless, of course, you can’t get out…

  136. I think a lot of people here didn’t read what the “no comments” were. Two of the three mentioned were about what his plans were to do regarding the league. Why would he or should he comment on that?

    This article is overdramatizing the “no comments” but people care only about the title. The suspension part is interesting, I admit, but there could be a lot of reasons for it that aren’t the business of the public.

  137. Asked why he suspended without pay John Jastremski and Jim McNally, despite the vigorous defense of their actions and intents in the team’s near-20,000-word rebuttal (The Wells Retort), Kraft refused to comment “for what he claimed were a variety of reasons.”
    Most telling point, imo. How much do you think he ripped into the guys that helped write that ridiculous 200 pg retort? Beside the above fact that they’ve suspended “innocent” employees and the reasoning for the “deflator/losing weight” comments, they are a TOTAL laughing stock. Seriously, these are damning instances that a 4yr old would have noticed before releasing their report.

  138. It’ll be interesting if Kraft and/or Belichick are stripped of any committee assignments this week.

    It’s one thing to disagree with the investigation findings, it’s another to not cooperate with a league investigation when you hold many choice committee positions in the league…

  139. Mr. Kraft. In 2005 you gave one of your SB rings to Russia’s czar Putin, suggesting the reason you did so was because you admired Putin.

    Was that true?

  140. I think the NE Cheaters should be considered for an European franchise, playing all their games in London. One of the better CFL teams could take their place in the NFL. (Personally, I think the CFL and NFL should eventually merge.)

    There is simply no room in Professional sports for a team that will do ANYTHING to win. Eventually, They become an embarrassment to the entire league, and their sport in particular.

    Finally, I think they should get a similar package like the Saints, except a years suspension for Tommy Tuck rule. No more smoke and mirrors.

  141. I have to laugh at some of the comments made on this site…especially the Patriot haters…The reason for my laughter is most of them spout their “knowledge” without doing any research…My favorite…The Mac and Cheese comments…Robert Kraft does NOT own Kraft Foods…He made his money in the paper and box business…

    Please, Get a clue.

  142. swagger52 says: May 18, 2015 3:38 PM

    Patriot Fans refuse to believe the truth about Tom Brady, so they accept the lie from Kraft that some rogue ball boys were involved not Tom Shady.
    And to that what would be in it for them to do so?

  143. New lexicon.

    “A Ted Wells Report.”

    Inflated, pricey, changes testimony, hatchet job, stop confusing me with the facts.

  144. Kraft said Tommy has never lied to him. Also previously said that Aaron Hernandez never lied to him. So there’s that. Perhaps he isn’t quite the judge of character that he thinks he is…

  145. You people are idiots. Brady is guilty because the report says he is yet Kraft is also guilty even though the report says he knew nothing about it?

    You can’t have it both ways. You are just bitter your team can’t beat the Patriots and your bias is showing.

  146. The only fact in the Wells report is the fact that Wells didn’t find any factual evidence showing that the Patriots cheated.

    Stop with the nonsense!!! Brady will not miss any games and the Pats will not lose any draft picks. Just start telling yourself that so you won’t be surprised when that becomes a fact.

    Just because you feel they did something wrong doesn’t make it true. Some of these haters comments show that they are truly supreme idiots. Reminds me of the old lady from that town hall meeting that said she wasn’t going to vote for Obama because he is a terrorist. These supreme idiotic blind haters are in the same category as this woman.

  147. Welll.s report biased:
    #1 Brady might not know McNally (Bruschi didn’t). Maybe he might have known who Bird was or Burt. If he was shown a photo of McNally and then denied knowing who he was, then Brady lied. Was there a member of the Pat’s organization there, is there a recording of the interview?
    #2 Certainly Anderson can report whether or he used a straight gauge needle or a bent one. The logo non logo stuff is a fabrication that is used to provide damning evidence against the Pat’s. We should ask Anderson or McNally.
    What we do know is the Pats’ gauge and Anderson’s gauge showed little discrepancy (two balls had issues). The same is probably true for the Colts’ gauge. This means that two or three gauges were not that far off from each other. Then there is gauge that reads appreciably lower than the gauge used by Anderson which as I have pointed out lines up with the Pats’ and possibly the Colt’s. All data taken by this outlier gauge should be thrown out.
    Then all presure drops are explained by the ideal gas law and McNally could not have let any air out. McNally saw Anderson “tamper” with two balls.He had to check to make sure that the “tampered” balls were not “ruggers”.
    Mr. Wells ignores Walt Anderson’s testimony so he could pursue Roger’s idea of parity

  148. They did cooperate. They reached an agreement with Wells that they each witness would be interviewed once unless and unforseen circumstance arose. That’s what they stuck to. With respect to Brady’s phone, it’s a distraction. Any messages he sent or received from the equipment guys were in Wells’ possession. The false leaks & all the other stuff that Wells/NFL refused to include in the investigation (who leaked, Colts’ history of ball deflation, fact that Colts gave false/inaccurate info about the PSI of intercepted ball, fact that Colts violated Rule 2 by having a gauge on the sidelines) all pointed to bad faith & prejudgment against the Pats. In light of that, Brady would have been crazy to provide them his phone or any of his records.

    The “Pats didn’t cooperate” is just another distraction because they found no evidence of intentional deflation of the balls.

  149. The league can’t win this one. Their ‘proof’ is paper thin. No independent reviewer would conclude what Wells did.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Brady on opening day against the Steelers.

  150. Brady and every other Pats employee answered every question put to them. If the cop had 2 breathlyzer — each producing materially different results and failed to record which one he used with one result being your are not above legal limit & the other one saying you are — the case would be thrown out.

  151. “I took out the ring and showed it to (Putin),” Kraft said this week, per the New York Post. “And he put it on and he goes, ‘I can kill someone with this ring,’ I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.”

    Kraft kept his wits about him and complied with a call from the White House, in which a George W. Bush handler told him: ” ‘It would really be in the best interest of U.S.-Soviet relations if you meant to give the ring as a present.’ “

  152. STILLlolatpatshaters says:
    May 18, 2015 8:24 AM
    May this be a lesson for Patriot Hater and your team.

    Work hard get smarter and get better, that is how you dethrone the champs. Not whine and cry like little biaches that they’re not playing fair waaaaaaaah.

    Now in the meantime get on your knees and bow to your masters in Foxboro.

    We’re better than you.

    We’re smarter than you.

    We know more about the game than you.

    We will beat you.

    We will embarrass you.

    Over and over again.

    And you WILL like it


    …..all from cheating…over and over again. Nobody is embarassed by a cheater. Let us know when you have 6 real Lombardis….


  153. It’s a needlessly complicated case that can be boiled down to the fact that neither Brady nor Kraft have ever outright denied the charges. There’s been tons of talk about the lack of evidence, how the charges were too tough, etc. but nobody has actually claimed their innocent. So, what exactly is the fight over?

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