Extra points may change today


By the end of the day today, the NFL could have a new extra point rule.

The owners are meeting today and will hear proposals for changing the current extra point format. Although it’s possible that they won’t vote until tomorrow — and also possible that they’ll end up deciding not to change extra points at all — there’s a good chance that before they adjourn this evening, the NFL will have a new extra point rule for the 2015 season.

These are the three proposals on the table:

Competition Committee proposal: Allow a team scoring a touchdown to either kick for one point with the ball snapped at the 15-yard line or go for two points with the ball snapped at the 2-yard line. The defense would have the opportunity to score two points by returning a blocked kick, fumble or interception to the opposite end zone.

Eagles proposal: Same as the Competition Committee proposal except the snap for two-point conversions would be moved to the 1-yard line.

Patriots proposal: Same as the Competition Committee proposal except the defense would not be able to score.

PFT Planet, tell us which rule you prefer.

114 responses to “Extra points may change today

  1. Put it on the 1.

    Going for 2 should be the default position rather than an extra point kick (unless the kick has to be done by someone on the field when the TD was scored — in which case, kick away!)

  2. I say keep it the same, but add the opportunity for the defense to return blocks/turnovers for two points.

    I think that is a big fundamental flaw in NFL football extra points. There should not be any plays in which the defense does not have the same opportunity to score as the offense.

  3. The Patriots and their disgrace of a franchise should have no say at any meetings concerning the rules of our game.

  4. There’s fine print in the Pats’ proposal that states that they get a point as well…so avoid that at all costs.

  5. I don’t like New England’s proposal…got to be something shady in there, if they thought of it.

    The 15 yard line thing is not going to affect Dome teams when they’re in a dome much, but in December on the road when the weather is terrible, I think you’ll see more teams go for two rather than attempt a 32 yard PAT.

  6. People care about this at around the same level we care about the league going international. How about addressing some of the real, tangible problems rather than just making changes for change’s sake?

  7. more probable than not, Joe Montana knew all about Rice’s favorite Rolling Stones album; “Sticky Fingers”.

    can’t ya hear me knockin?

  8. What happens if you get a bad snap on an extra point? Right now, the holder or kicker can attempt to run it in for two points. Now they have to go in from the 15? What about a fake. Right now they can fake an extra point and run or throw it in for 2. Sounds like a dumb proposal to me.

    Instead, if you feel you must change extra points…. why not make them all drop kicks? A team could choose to go for 2 or drop kick for 1.

  9. Seriously, the NFL is losing me.

    While we’re at it let’s make FGs from 40-49 yards worth 4 points and 50+ worth 5. And if the offense scores TD on a 50+ yard play give them 10 points. It’s gonna be the arena league soon.

    This is just nonsense.

  10. Goodell is hellbent on tinkering with every single aspect of the NFL. When it’s all said and done, the NFL is gonna be the Arena League. *sigh*

  11. How about running it in from the 2-yard-line for one point, the 5-yard-line for two points, and allowing the defense to score on a fumble or interception?

  12. The Eagles proposal is very different than the Patriots/NFL in that it makes it a running play. After all, what coach won’t from the 1-yard line when it really means something? 🙂

  13. My only concern of moving the kick back and allowing defensive scoring is what can happen in end-game scenarios. It happens very often that a team scores a touchdown to take the lead (or expand the lead) late in the game often times allowing the opposing team only one possession left. If the scoring team goes up by 4 points or 9 points, the best strategy now becomes to take a knee on the extra point try. No need to try to expand lead to 5 or 10, when it risks going to 2 or 7 (in this scenario). And that to me seems lame (not to mention messes with betting lines). For that reason, Patriots way is the best compromise.

  14. Pats don’t want the team to have an opportunity to score? In other words, they want an advamtage? LOL they cant help themselves.

  15. Kick the extra point just like always but dont go to commercial afterwards, kick the dam ball off and have a kick return!!!

    Thats football.

    Extra points should be easy – its not about kickers – a TD is 7!

  16. How brutal would one of these changes be for the fans to have games decided by a missed Xp?

    Manning with an 80 play 9 minute fourth quarter comeback! Oh wait, the kicker missed a 15 yard xp…game over.

  17. The competition committee proposal removes the possibility of a fake PAT kick, as the team’s field position will give away their intentions.

    Because of this, we should not adopt any system that has two separate field positions.

  18. These Patriot jokes are hilarious. Where do you guys perform your stand-up? I’ll have to get a group together to go check it out.

    Only issue with the defense scoring I see is that it would put some teams in the position of kneeling down rather than risking a play being returned. But that doesn’t seem like a reason to not adopt the first proposal.

  19. Patriots are understandably terrified that the defense might run a blocked kick, fumble, or interception down the field and discover that the ball had been illegally deflated.

  20. the eagles proposal will have teams lining up their fattest load in the backfield — i’d rather see automatic kicks than refrigerator perry

  21. I’d like to keep it the same as it is, a regular one point field goal kick or the 2 point conversion as it has been. However, add a 3 point conversion by a field goal attempt at the 35 yard line. If the kicker misses the 52 yard field goal attempt, the opposing team receives the ball at the 40 yard line.

  22. Just keep it the way it is. The same with baseball (a pitch clock?), quit appeasing fans that lack the attention span…

  23. Patriots don’t want the defense to score, because they know once they start using properly inflated footballs, they will be fumbling at the same rate as the rest of league and sissy boy will be throwing picks out the ying yang.

  24. Keep it the way it is.

    If they move the free kick to the 15, it’ll take away the surprise element when going for fake kicks. The defense will now know a team is going for 2 points.

  25. puttiing on the 1 is shortsighted by the NFL AS USUAL. if the offense Lines up for 2, the defense is free to commit whatever penalties they want to defend it. What’s the risk? Half the distance?

  26. “The defense would have the opportunity to score two points by returning a blocked kick, fumble or interception to the opposite end zone.”

    Wow so now a returned botched kick is only worth 2 points not a TD ? Don’t like that at all.

  27. I propose that all rules be rolled back to 1975 – when football was played by MEN…..

    Scrap all this slow move toward flag football….


  28. i10east says:
    May 19, 2015 9:31 AM
    Goodell is hellbent on tinkering with every single aspect of the NFL. When it’s all said and done, the NFL is gonna be the Arena League. *sigh*

    Judging by the poll, so are 70% of football fans

  29. Changing this is a very, very bad idea. Allowing the defense to score is an even worse idea. This isn’t college football. Extra points are supposed to be almost automatic.

    You don’t see baseball messing with the basics, moving back the pitcher’s mound, modifying the ball and strike counts, modifying the strike zone, or making foul balls with two strikes count as strike three, and the like, to “make things more interesting”.

  30. Led by Harbaugh and Pagano, the other 31 teams will all unite and vote whatever makes it harder for the Patriots.

    You know, in true NFL fashion, since the integrity of the game is of utmost importance. Like when the NFL made the Patriots switch to articial grass in the middle of the season. Or made rules changes to stop New England’s defense from mugging Indy’s WRs. Or when Harbaugh and Co whined and cried about the substitution rules.

  31. Colts proposal: a 38 point PAT try. That way they can compete with the World Champions 🙂

  32. They missed the obvious solution. Make TD’s worth seven points and allow teams to go for an extra point from the two yard line at their discretion. If they make it, it is worth one. If they do not, minus one. The net effect keeps the two point conversion but speeds up the game by eliminating the automatic one point kicks. It would speed up the game and have no effect on overall scoring or offensive strategy. Too simple I guess.

  33. There is no Jets proposal because you have to be able to score a touchdown first.

  34. People actually prefer putting the 2-pt conversion at the 2 instead of the 1? Don’t you people like excitement?

  35. I don’t think the defense should be allowed to score points after just giving up a touchdown. I would be in favor of a combination of the Eagles and Patriots proposal (2 point conversion from the 1 with no opportunity for defensive points on a failure) or just make a touchdown worth 7 points and get rid of the extra play. I hate how choppy the game gets with a commercial after a touchdown and then another commercial after the extra point.

  36. Just say no to all these proposals, though allowing the defense to score on a missed PAT has some merit. Just move the line of scrimmage for the PAT back to the five-yard-line, move the hash marks five yards toward the sidelines, and give the defense the option of having the ball placed for the PAT anywhere between the hash marks. The element of surprise–faking the kick and going for two–needs to remain in the PAT. That is the main reason I don’t like any of the current proposals.

  37. “You don’t see baseball messing with the basics”

    Every sport tinkers, and you obviously didn’t hear about Commissioner Manfred’s ideas on how to improve the sport when he succeeded Selig.

  38. Where’s the Colts proposal that when they’re playing the Pats a Colts TD is 21 points with a 6 point PAT, and that Colts field goals are worth 12 points ?

    That’s the only way they stand even a tiny chance of beating the Pats.

    If you can’t beat em, whine cry and pretend they’re cheating.

  39. The rule change I’d like to see is to move the kickoff back to the 30 yard line, so there won’t be so many touchbacks.

  40. For the sake of round numbers, can they just snap it from the 13?

    How about widening the Hash Marks on FGs?

  41. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. So move the ball back and let the kickers decide the outcome? Who’s brilliant idea was this? If I changed anything, I would eliminate the extra point completely. I would rather see the players determine the outcome, than some 98 pound kicker.

  42. Such a stupid rule. A surprise 2-point is a fun play. Ain’t happening from the 15, though.

  43. The only way I’m okay with changing the spot on the extra point is if going for two moves to the same place. Leave the element of surprise in for fakes, because that’s about all there is to have any sort of excitement on a PAT.

    I also think that with the rule changes aiming to make the game focus more on passing, moving a two point conversion out the 15 would make teams more likely to go for it because they would be able to better spread out the defense and give receivers room to work.

  44. NFL wants more excitement. Nothing more exciting than a 32 yarder 1 point play to keep me out of the fridge/bathroom/checking FB!

    How about fixing the most disappointing play out there- the stupid Automatic Touchback? Now watching a little sprite wearing a tiny shoe kick a ball 75 yards to the back stop makes a thrill go up my leg like none other! Mix in another skinny dude catching the 72 yard one’s and dropping to a knee, and you have yourself some action!!!

  45. I like the ideas for change, but I do think it’d be a shame to eliminate the potential for a surprise 2 point conversion attempt. Nobody would try that from 15 yards out. And nobody would kick for 1 point if they only need 1 yard for 2 points.

  46. The Patriots proposal is based on the fact that a properly inflated ball will increase the liklihood of them fumbling and the chance of a defensive return…

  47. Rule changes are an example of where the league is going… Too many new rules and too many people with too much money breeds corruption at the highest levels. If London, England gets a team it won’t be the NFL – National Football League, it will need to be the IFL – International Football League.

  48. Keep the rules the same, but move the uprights from their current 18′ 6” apart, to 12′ apart. Makes both extra point kicks and FG attempts more of an adventure.

  49. How many pages will be added to the rulebook as a result of an unnecessary change. Is the NFL attempting to morph into the Arena league or CFL in scoring? The NFL has the single greatest sport in the world, but it wants to look like its 2nd cousins…I don’t get it?

  50. The PAT was always meant to be a formality, or 99% formality. Not exciting, give players a breather, go to commercial, refrigerator, whatever.

    If you are going to alter that idea then you open up a whole range of possibilities, none of which will please everyone.

    The PATS proposal won’t get voted in because of the current climate. The Eagle’s proposal won’t get voted in because it’s too player specific.

    It’s going to be left alone or Committee proposal.

    If they change it, the new boring Refrigerator Play becomes the touchback, and they will get pressure (baha) to change THAT rule. (again)

    I think they will keep the current rule. Besides, they will be working on Ball Handling by Officials stuff for a while.

  51. perfect solution, makekickers kick blindfolded with their feet tied behind their back and have Brady deflate the balls to two pounds of air. is that sufficiently hard enough. stupid morons, leave the game alone. Tricks are for kids not NFL kickers.

  52. I like the Eagles proposal because it challenges the coaches. A 32 yard extra point isn’t a give me and neither is scoring from the one yard line. Obviously you pick up an extra point going for it from the one and that is becomes the dilemma.

  53. True to their nature of bending the rules as far as possible, if passed, the Patriots will become experts at kicking the PAT attempt at the defensive line, having the ball bounce off their helmets, then catching it and running it in for 2 points.

  54. You can’t allow the defense to score on an extra-point attempt! If a team goes up by 1 on a TD with no time left on the clock or just a few seconds, then they will refuse to even attempt the extra-point. Otherwise they are risking losing the game on a score by the defense on a blocked kick!

  55. Patriots just drafted one of the best long snappers to ever come out of college and have a marquis kicker in Gostkowski. Advantage Patriots.

    Of course they proposed and if the rest of the league is dumb enough to approve it, they’ll find a way to call them cheaters on this a few years down the road.

  56. The biggest problem I see is the game is going to extend out even more with all these scrum, did the nose of the ball cross the line, video replay from 40000 angles.

    While I’m not immediately opposed to some of the changes, dragging the game out while talking heads are analyzing the various arms, legs and shadows of a pileup makes me want to stop watching. We already have an overengineering of this nonsense during normal play.

  57. They should just make a rule where the season is cancelled and the Lombardi trophy is given to the Patriots again. Its going to be a bloodletting, week after week ….. SUPERBOWL CHAMPS !!!

  58. I think the kicker should have to run from goal post to goal post with the defense shooting him with tshirt cannons. If he makes it he gets 1 point. That’d be exciting!!!!!

    Or maybe behind each end zone they can set up an American Gladiator arena and a spin the wheel to see what event they have to do for an extra point. Obstacle course while being shot with tennis balls? Trying to knock each other off pedestals? Wow, that would be exciting!!!!!

  59. Whats wrong with the way it is now to go for 2 points? Why do they want a change?

  60. I sure am glad the NFL has nothing better to spend its time on. Can’t wait for the 8-5 and 15-11 game scores.

  61. “Manning with an 80 play 9 minute fourth quarter comeback! Oh wait, the kicker missed a 15 yard xp…game over.”

    And once that happens a time or two for popular teams, that will be the catalyst the league needs to say “see, look, this is causing problems, we need to just get rid of the kicking game all together”

    Sadly, this is probably part of their plan to justify it all.

    I hope it happens to them in a Superbowl.

  62. I’ve always hated the standard extra-point kick from the 2. Sometimes they don’t even show it on TV since it’s made well over 99% of the time. I love the 15 yard line proposal but think the 1 yard line is too close for the conversions.

  63. If the make it a 30 yd xp imagine the kicker is hurt the punter is trying to fill in. Huge disadvantage for a team with a backup or rookie QB. Not only is it really difficult to score they only get 6pt per TD other team gets 8
    Leave things alone there could be all sorts of unintended consequences

  64. Doesn’t the whole thing about allowing the defense an opportunity to score on extra points undermine the whole player safety thing? Think about it. You could now have the defense going all out on extra points and 2 point conversions and potentially create a 100 yard melee the other way.

  65. why encourage going for 2 points if you move kickoffs back to the 35 to avoid injury???

  66. First, just leave it be.

    Second, if you must change anything, keep the ball at the 2 yard line, but make 2 point conversion tries mandatory. No extra point at all.

  67. chargers = 55 straight seasons without winning anything that matters
    Raiders = 14 losing seasons in row. 14 soul wrenching, kick in the face, losing seasons. 1….2…..>>>>>>>>>>…..14 seasons. Do you realize how pathetic that sounds?

    Btw, aren’t you in charge of the tarp this year? Better get it ready.

  68. Stupidest damn idea the stupid NFL brass have come up with yet. If you hate the extra point that much, just get rid of it and make all TDs 7 points, with the option to go for an additional point from the 2 yard line. All 3 of these proposals are total crap.

  69. Since the owners are go-ho on making the NFL almost unrecognizable , heres my idea. Keep the same distance…IF the kicker can hit the left or right goal post , you get 3 points, regardless if it bounces back into the field of play. IF you can bounce it off the left or right upright and it goes through..you get 6 point!.. Yeah !! lets mess up a great American game ! Idiots.

  70. how about like rugby ..where ever u cross the goaline that is where u kick from…..2 pts stay the same…..could be some crazy angle kicks from normal extra point distance

  71. The NFL wants to keep the extra point because they want the commercial time. They still have to pay advertisers. But nobody knows that because their fools who don’t know business. The fact is that a td should be scored 7 points and if they choose to go for 2 and convert they get 1 additional point. If they fail they lose a point. EASY! Any other idea is just plain dumb.

  72. THIS…THIS is why Goodell gets booed by the fans every draft day.

  73. So does this mean no fake plays? Can’t really line up PAT style and have the holder pass it in for two anymore. It doesn’t happen often but it sure is exciting when it does.

  74. Its broken. Kickers are now 2nd most important player on team. Every measure should be made in order to get them off the field/limit their impact. FGs now only 2 points, safeties 3 or 4 points.

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