Greg Roman says no one’s thinking about cutting EJ Manuel

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A report on Monday indicated that the Bills will cut third-year quarterback EJ Manuel unless they see “serious progress” from a quarterback who was benched four games into last season in favor of Kyle Orton.

On Tuesday, offensive coordinator Greg Roman did his best to throw cold water on such notions. Vic Carucci and Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News report that Roman shot down the idea that the team is already thinking about cutting Manuel and that speculation that the coaching staff has given up on him is the “furthest thing from the truth.”

Roman also said that the quarterback job was open to “anybody” and that he has an idea about who will be No. 1 after offseason work, but wasn’t willing to share his thoughts on that front.

Manuel, who got a vote of support from former Bills great Jim Kelly on NFL Network this week, will be competing with Matt Cassell, Tyrod Taylor and Jeff Tuel for spots on the team’s depth chart this summer. If he winds up fourth best on that list, he may still wind up getting released, but it seems the Bills will actually let things play out for a while before coming to any conclusions about Manuel’s future in Buffalo.

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  1. Admitting it will kill any residual trade value, as will playing him. The obvious answer is to trade for Sanchez and connect him with that impressive stable of WRs. The rest will take care of itself.

  2. The Sanchez trade would be a good idea but I don’t think Philly is trading their insurance policy. I think they should consider Mike Vick as a temporary piece, he’s better than the assembled lot.

  3. Will he win a Super Bowl?
    Will he get to the Hall of Fame?
    Does he have any trade value?
    Can he win the starting job from Cassel?

    It looks like the Bills are stuck with him as a back up QB for this season.

  4. Manuel gets paid whether or not he’s on the the team. His contract is guaranteed. Cutting him doesn’t make sense. Does anyone really believe that he can’t at least win the 3rd QB spot?

  5. Is EJ Manuel getting a fair shot? Was a rookie and got injured. Then benched. I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. But I seems like he’s not getting the chance to be the franchise QB.

  6. I am SOOOOO Glad my Chiefs didn’t draft a qb in the Geno Smith/EJ Manuel draft. Not a good one in the bunch.

  7. Let’s be real and fair instead of simplistic here: everyone, including the Bills’ GM, knew that EJ Manuel was a “project” with flaws in his game that needed to be corrected coming out of college (as was the case with every other QB in his draft class). Unlike Andrew Luck and RGIII (BTW: how’s he doing these days?), he was not ready to look like an elite-level NFL starting QB as a rookie. The only people who expected/expect Manuel to look like anything other than a “project in process” were those (including in the media) who were foolish enough to believe that a player has to play like a star as a rookie simply because he was drafted in the 1st Round or else he is a bust. That, of course, ignores history–especially at the QB position (A.Rodgers sat for 4 yrs., T.Brady for a year, D.Brees was a “bust” in SD, T.Romo sat for quite awhile, E.Manning looked lost as a rookie, etc.).

    The Bills drafted EJ Manuel because he has the size, arm-strength (more important in Buffalo than some other places), smarts and presence that teams look for in a potential franchise QB. They knew there were flaws in his game, but felt that, with time and coaching, he could correct them.

    He didn’t get that time. When K.Kolb, who was signed to mentor EJ, went down with a career-ending injury, Manuel was thrust into the starting lineup as a rookie. And, he performed the way that any rookie “project” could be reasonably expected to perform (better, actually)–he showed some really good flashes, but was inconsistent and had not corrected the flaws in his game. Still, his rookie stats were comparable to a number of rookie QBs who have gone on to be very good or even elite NFL starters.

    The knock on EJ Manuel is that he didn’t show progress at the beginning of his second season and was benched…by a coach who felt he needed to win to protect his job and that of his incompetent offensive assistants. The fact is that many veterans on the offense who had proven their ability to play in previous seasons regressed in their play last season under that coaching staff. Manuel wasn’t the only one, but because he is a QB and a former controversial 1st Round draft pick, “experts” who don’t follow the team closely and a lot of other people have held that against EJ, personally; pointing to that as a sign of his inability to ever correct the flaws in his game sufficiently to even be a serviceable player.

    There is no question that EJ Manuel still has a number of flaws in his game that need to be corrected and that he has to show that has corrected or is well on his way to correcting them or he isn’t going to be in the league much longer–we all know what “NFL” stands for. I honestly don’t know whether Manuel can or will be able to correct those flaws (I hope so, but it’s up to him). What I do know (from over 50 years of watching the NFL, etc.) is that EJ Manuel was not brought along the way that you would want or should bring along a “project” QB prospect that you want to develop into a franchise QB. Part of the problem is on him, but part is also on the situation and coaching that he has gotten.

    Greg Roman and David Lee haven’t even had a chance to see EJ Manuel go against a defense in shorts and t-shirts yet. They can’t tell what he may have learned or didn’t learn sitting behind Kyle Orton most of last season or if his offseason work with a well-known QB “guru” has addressed any of his flaws at all. Nor do they know, beyond the fact that he is a hard-worker, whether he will respond to their coaching of what they want him to do. Why would or should they totally give up on Manuel at this stage? To do so would make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    If the Bills’ new coaching staff doesn’t really know yet what they have in Manuel or where he is at in terms of development, how can I know even if I follow the team closely on a daily basis? And, how can anyone who doesn’t follow the Bills closely presume to know enough to unequivocally proclaim that EJ Manuel is a “bust” who will never get any better at all?

    Manuel has a lot of the tools that NFL teams look for in a franchise QB, but it’s time for him to show that he has developed and corrected the flaws in his game. Will he? We’ll see. But, drawing conclusions at this stage, without seeing him in pads against live opposition under this new coaching staff is ridiculous and mere speculation (albeit with some basis on past performance…but past performance nonetheless).

  8. lifetimebillsfan has it exactly right. EJ’s never been put into a circumstance to develop properly into a starter. This year he definitely has that circumstance, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s capable. Until then, everything else said about him is idle chatter.

  9. Im pretty sure at least 200k Bills fans are thinking about it. He isnt fixable and if he even was this coaching staff cant do it. Cassel and Tuel are both better options. Numbers aside Tuel is a lot farther along then he is.

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