Kraft: I disagree with Goodell, but I accept it and we won’t appeal

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced today that his team will not fight NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to strip the team of a first-round draft pick, a fourth-round draft pick and $1 million as punishment for Deflategate.

In a long statement at the league meeting, Kraft explained that he thinks it’s in the best interests of the league if the Patriots take their medicine, even if they disagree with Goodell’s decision. Here is Kraft’s statement:

“It’s been an emotionally charged couple of weeks as all of you know, and I’ve been considering what my options are. And throughout this whole process there have been two polarizing audiences. At one end of the spectrum we’ve had Patriots fans throughout the country who have been so supportive and really inspirational to us and believing in us. But, also mindful, at the other end of the spectrum, there are fans who feel just the opposite. And what I’ve learned is the ongoing rhetoric continues to galvanize both camps. And I don’t see that changing, and they will never agree.

“But the one thing that we all can agree upon is the entire process has taken way too long. And I don’t think anyone can believe that after four months of the AFC Championship Game, we are still talking about air pressure and the PSI in footballs. I think I made it clear when the report came out that I didn’t think it was fair. There was no hard evidence, and everything was circumstantial. And at the same time, when the discipline came out, I felt it was way over the top. It was unreasonable and unprecedented, in my opinion.

“So I have two options: I can try to end it, or extend it. And I have given a lot of thought to both options. The first thing that came to mind is 21 years ago, I had the privilege of going to a meeting similar to what we have here, in Orlando, and being welcomed in an NFL owners’ meeting. So here’s a fan and a former season ticket holder, living a dream and being welcomed in that room. And I got goosebumps that day. And I vowed at that time that I would do everything I could do to make the New England Patriots an elite team, and hopefully respected throughout the country and at the same time, do what I could do to help the NFL become the most popular sport in America.

“You know, what I’ve learned over the last two decades is that the heart and soul and strength of the NFL is a partnership of 32 teams. And what’s become very clear over those very two decades is at no time should the agenda of one team outweigh the collective good of the full 32. So I have a way of looking at problems that are very strong in my mind, and before I make a final decision, I measure nine times and I cut once. And I think maybe if I had made the decision last week it would be different than it is today.

“But believing in the strength of the partnership, and the 32 teams — we have concentrated the power of adjudication of problems in the office of the commissioner. And although I might disagree with what is decided, I do have respect for the commissioner and believe that he’s doing what he perceives to be in the best interests of the full 32. So in that spirit, I don’t want to continue the rhetoric that’s gone on for the last four months. I’m going to accept, reluctantly, what he has given to us, and not continue this dialogue and rhetoric. And we won’t appeal.

“Now, I know that a lot of Patriot fans are going to be disappointed in that decision. But I hope they trust my judgment and know that I really feel at this point in time that taking this off the agenda, this is the best thing for the New England Patriots, our fans and the NFL. And I hope you all can respect that.

“You know, I would normally take questions, but my desire is truly not to continue the rhetoric, and so I’m going to leave this discussion exactly here. Thank you very much.”

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still plans to appeal his four-game suspension. But Kraft is done fighting.

414 responses to “Kraft: I disagree with Goodell, but I accept it and we won’t appeal

  1. Kraft caved, completely.

    Hopefully Brady will fight his end of the framegate punishment to the end.

    Bob, please sell the team, ASAP. This was worth fighting for.

  2. The fumbling data is accurate. In 2006, Brady lobbied the league to change the rules for pre-game handling of footballs. In 2007 the Patriots named Jim McNally Locker Room Attendant. It’s also the same year he became “the deflator”.

    Patriots (total) fumbles under HC Belichick:
    2000-2006: 1 fumble every 42 touches
    20007-2014: 1 fumble every 74 touches

    Pats have been cheating for years! Pats fans can try to “debunk” this, except they cannot “debunk” fact. The above stats are fact.

  3. Sickening….playing the victim. How pathetic, childish. Good grief….

  4. Translation: In court with all the evidence on the table I’d really look like a fool.

  5. Source: backdoor agreement in place that Goodell removes Brady suspension and issues apology, stating that Wells Report is flawed and did offer any conclusive evidence.

  6. Big Pats fan here who doesn’t quite get Mr. Kraft. I would say the Pats must be guilty or you would have to appeal. This has become a credibility issue for Pats fans. We didn’t do anything wrong but I accept the penalties. Makes no sense!

  7. Translation: “We cheated, we got caught, and I’m throwing Brady under the bus.”

  8. This is a wonderfully scripted Fidel Goodell play that should be on Broadway.

  9. 1) Spygate (Goodell destroys the evidence for Kraft)
    2) Manipulating injury reports
    3) Illegal play substitutions – admitted
    4) Deflated balls
    5) Mysterious communication issues for visitors
    6) Scoreboard showing wrong down at critical time (Cundiff)

    And this is just what we know they have been doing…what else has been going on that we don’t know about? Is there a Patriots fan who seriously wonders why the rest of us consider your organization to be cheaters??? Is there a Patriots fan who cares about winning without cheating? or wonders if the Patriots are even capable of that? Keep finding solace in ridiculous arguments about Ideal Gas Law, and forget about “The Deflator” disappearing with game balls, and all the other circumstantial evidence. you are missing the forest for the trees. you are what you are. own it. fix it, and move on… CHEATERS!!!

  10. The only reason he did this is because he made a deal with Roger. Shady as heck. Brady’s suspension will be cut by two or all together now. Watch.

  11. He said it himself…….And I vowed at that time that I would do everything I could do to make the New England Patriots an elite team

    Spygate, Deflategate, communication issues……

  12. Translation: I don’t want to go to court where the real evidence would be unleashed.

  13. This makes Tom Brady look so bad. Kraft at least had the good sense to accept the punish.

    Brady, who caused this mess in the first place, is still appealing. Says a lot about his lack of character.

  14. this is total garbage……you let all of patriots nation down by accepting this Mr. Kraft…
    sad to see this amazing franchise have to give in a little only because of all of you butthurt losers out there calling for their heads out of jealousy when this entire ordeal was TOTALLY fabricated from the start…pathetic…
    IMO the NFL lost a TON of credibility today…

  15. Translation: Roger had a trump card he played on me at the owners meeting. He knew Belichick was involved again and did my a favor as a friend by keeping him out of this. I will shut my mouth now before I lose my franchise and my 4 Lombardis are taken away.

  16. I understand the integrity, but knowing the Pats are innocent, another word comes to mind. Sap. Kraft has more integrity than I.

  17. Classy move but wrong.

    Either the Wells Report is wrong and should be fought to demonstrate its lack of validity or it is right and should be respected.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  18. The NFL should formally apologize to Kraft, Brady, and the Patriots. This sham has gone on too long.


  19. Wow, didn’t expect this. My respect level for Kraft went up. I take this to mean that he consulted the other 31 Owners, and realized that enough of them support the punishment that it’s not worth fighting it.

    I agree with Kraft, all the evidence is circumstantial. However, considered Kraft just testified against a former player, he should know that circumstantial evidence is sometimes enough to convict.

  20. Translation: I don’t think we would win the appeal. Seriously the Patriots didn’t have much ground to stand on, Brady, that’s a different story, he has a good chance to get things reduced, but the way the CBA is set up teams don’t have much recourse when the NFL punishes them.

  21. I’m a Pit fan, but the penalty was way over the top. Now reduce Brady’s suspension to 1 or 2 games and be done with it!

  22. And I bet this comes after a back room deal was made that Toms suspension will be reduced or removed…

  23. Hafta admit, I am shocked and would have liked to see him fight it.

    I wonder now if Goodell apologizes to Kraft for the early leaks and lenghth of time the process has taken.

  24. What he really meant to say was the evidence is so strong i would look like a bigger idiot than I am if I keep fighting.

  25. You don’t get to be the bigger man by accepting punishment for an infraction you created.

    That’s not how this works Robbie.

    You’re not a stand up guy for taking a judgement that was rendered because you violated the rules (again) and were caught (again).

  26. Wonder what he (Kraft) might say when questioned under oath in connection with Brady’s suit – if Tom has the kahunas to take it that far. Will be interesting.

  27. Something tells me Goodell wants to save face and has promised leniency on Brady in exchange for good standing with Kraft. By save face, I mean he wants to look tough on cheating while going easy on Brady.

  28. What a soft play by Kraft.

    This coming from a die hard Pats fan

    So disappointed that he’s letting Goodell take him behind the woodshed.

  29. Bob, You’re an embarrassment to the team I fully support. You have let me down as an owner of this team. You demand an apology if there was no proof. There is no proof and you just put greed ahead of morals. I have lost respect for you.

  30. Tom Brady is making you look bad enough Mr. Kraft. No need to make it any worse. Wise decision to admit the guilt and take the punishment. #Tomshady should do the same.

  31. Bob Kraft only protected his asset and his son’s inheritance. He wants to be in the elite of the elite of NFL families and he just sold out his team and QB to secure it. Ugh.

    This would be fine if in the end the facts and the science all pointed to guilt. They do not and this entire episode remains ridiculous.

  32. What a pompous, self-centered, egotistical, self-indulgent man and press conference. I can’t believe that he actually had a press conference about that. This could have been done with a simple one sentence press release. What a waste of time. Its official. Robert Kraft is the worst owner in the league.

  33. The trade off will be to reduce the Brady suspension and not curse the Pats to certain early season losses to Dallas, Pitt and Buffalo.

  34. Thank god this guys is a genius and I am a packers fan, guarantee he made a deal with that moron commissioner Brady is their week one thank god because this was the stupidest story ever in any sport.. Anyone who called this Cheating needs there head examined if this is cheating ever QB needs to be suspended

  35. It’s obvious to me, a deal was cut. I could be wrong, but I won’t be shocked if Goodell cuts Brady’s suspension in half, if not altogether. IF, and that’s a big IF – IF this happens, then you KNOW Kraft got assurances Ol’ Rog will go easy on Brady if the team backs down….I guess we’ll know soon.

  36. What was he going to do? Sue and open up all the information and let everyone know what other cheating ways his team is getting away with. I don’t think so.

  37. And in a few years Goodell and his group of failed Jets exs will be back with claims that Patriots cleats are too long or the water has a suspicious pH level. Taking the high road never stops them, it just encourages them. We all know this thread and a million others will fill with people claiming Kraft “admitted it.” I hope Brady takes it to court, however long it takes.

  38. Wait, I thought it was SUPER obvious that Goodell and Wells fabricated the investigation and that there was NO WAY the Pats* were going to lose on appeal. LOL!

  39. Translation: the rest of the owners will not support this challenge, and I don’t want to become the Al Davis of the 21st century.

    But Roger, remember that revenge is best served cold…

  40. By accepting this punishment as was first issued, Mr. Kraft has let down this Patriots fan. No I don’t trust your judgement in this matter,with the accepting two draft picks and the million dollars punishment you have accepted the brand that your team are cheaters forever. The Brady punishment is a totally different issue.

  41. In related news, Roger Goodell took the day off, complaining of aching jaw muscles and a sore throat.

  42. Well then…that’s it, and that’s that. Clearly, Kraft saw he had no other recourse, and this whole thing was just so much posturing. (Maybe it was to try and obfuscate the fact that a lot of folks outside of N.E. feel like the Patriots got off too easy — especially Belichick after the Payton 1 year suspension.)

  43. No real surprise here as a Pats fan. I don’t think anyone thought the Patriots could win an appeal or in court as a team. It would be pointless to drag our feet on that regard.

    This doesn’t mean anything for Brady’s appeal though. He on the other hand, has a very good chance of winning either his appeal or in court.

  44. Robert Kraft said he believes that Roger Goodell is ‘doing what he perceives to be in the best interests of the full 32’ teams, not that what he was doing was right. Interesting.

    I’m a Patriots fan and on one hand I wish Kraft would fight it all the way, but that would make him a pariah and not be in the best interests of the sport as a whole so, on the other hand, reluctantly moving on is probably the best thing to do.

  45. Wen you have no leg to stand on, you don’t appeal…take note Brady, you don’t have a leg to stand on either….CHEATERS!!

  46. Kraft removing all doubt that the Pats did in fact cheat. Not really the high road. More the road that you take when you know you are caught red handed and don’t want to look even more foolish.

  47. Kraft exudes class in everything he says and does. And yes, the haters will disagree with that. But Kraft’s conscience is clear and he is moving on for the good of the league.

  48. This tells me that priority number one for Kraft is to exonerate Brady. I would think, with this climb down to buttress his “authority” (as if he has any), Goodell might find it easier to give in and appoint an independent arbitrator for the Brady case.

    He certainly should. There is no excuse for not doing so other than to protect this sham of a report from scrutiny.

  49. What Kraft meant to say was, “I was wrong. I know I was wrong. I know if we fought this we would lose. So let me stand here and spout some BS so my moronic Pats fans will stand by me, then I’ll leave without answering questions, and stupid Pats fans will still support my cheating organization. Go pats.”

  50. I’m sure part of Kraft’s decision is the *wink* *wink* agreement with Goodell regarding the reduction of Brady’s suspension. Who knows, maybe it’ll be overturned completely.

  51. So theyARE guilty….I feel they are doing this on hopes to get Bradys penalty reduced…. because of some “rogue” ball handlers acting alone “without Brady’s knowledge”

  52. Well, it’s over, call it a day. No, I’m not clairvoyant, but I posted this 2 days ago:

    The dust has settled and the Pats and Brady have lost the PR war. Expect them to stay quiet until they figure out a way to save face and eventually capitulate.

    The NFLPA and Kessler have provided some cover, but now there is no place to hide. This thing is over. Kraft’s not gonna appeal and Brady’s appeal is just a cry for a reduced penalty.

    All parties are figuring out what language is most palpable to the fans and media, who will realize that Brady and Kraft have just been venting. Bottom line, it over.(REMEMBER?)

  53. Sounds like Roger told Kraft during the hug that there is strong evidence against the pats and not to keep fighting it and embarrass yourself even further. Looks like Kraft wisely accepted.

  54. in other words – we are guilty, but we have created sufficient doubt in the minds of our blindly loyal fans…so lets move on before they get hard evidence against us and remove all doubt!

  55. This was never going to see the inside of a courtroom. The Patriots and Tom Brady were never going to subject themselves to discovery rules that might expose the evidence they tried to withhold from the investigation. Everything else surrounding this circus has just been theatrics.

    Now Goodell will reduce Brady’s suspension to two games, everyone will pretend that they won, and we can finally stop talking about it all.

  56. If you guys thought the NFL was shady before then you better get used to it because it’s going to get a whole lot worse now that they are not a public entity.

  57. WOW…there must be more evidence than what was put into the Wells report.

    The NFL does like to hedge their bets and protect their interests.

    Several years ago when I was as Disneyland with my son, we struck up a friendship with a woman and her daughter. Well….long story short…she worked for the NFL. She said there were two things that the NFL forbid ANYONE from talking about. Super Bowl 40 and the NE video tapes that were destroyed. She said it was obvious why they were destroyed so quickly…the evidence was really damning.

  58. Two things are different, or sometimes different in life: reality and perception of reality. In reality, the Patrios may have cheated, may not, but the perception of reality will always be opposite for NE and not NE fans. Kraft is right about that, no matter the actions, results, or consequences, the Patriots will always be the best team ever for some and the greaest cheaters for others.

  59. I am sure it is a bitter pill to swallow for Kraft considering the felony punishment for basically the equivalent of jay walking. But not surprised because he is a big deal in the league and sure he doesn’t want to tear things up by opposing the unjust punishment. Tom Brady on the other hand will take the NFL to the mat and win in the end.

  60. Also known as “we know we cheated and don’t want to further tarnish our already deplorable image. ”

    Pats homers, here’s your fabled leader owning up to cheating. Yet again.


  61. And so, after Kraft and Goodell had their little chat and Goodell said “Mr. Kraft, you ain’t seen all the evidence we have”, Kraft surrendered.

  62. The man has done a lot for the league and I respect that, but this I do not respect!!! I believe that in not seeing this to the end and just accepting his penalties he has turned his back on the fans. Its a gutless move!!! He looks like Goodell’s bitch right now!!!

  63. I like that decision. Too many good topics to talk about than continue to have this news hijack the sports universe.

    I agree with all his points that this all seems way over the top.

    I hope the message in his speech is also used to show the other owners that their commissioner it not doing the right thing for the league in letting items like this drag out.

  64. So basically ” We’ve been cheating for a long time and since that will most likely be revealed we’re going to back off and continue the it’s not fair/we were wronged position because our fans will still blindly support us even though Tom is obviously guilty as hell.”

    Smart move Kraft.

  65. Goodell, Kraft, Brady et al got over.. period. I don’t care what Del Rio, Jim Kelly or whoever says… Brady cheated and probably with Belichick’s knowledge…. and this is the 2nd time we know about… The fine imposed sounds like alot but 4 games isn’t that bad when it should have been a year…. and $1 mil is nothing to a TEAM WHO JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL….. the 1st rounder is the biggest thing… and by the way… why a 1st and a 4th? where did that come from? Seems like an odd combination of picks….. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kraft wrote is own punishment all along….. #PatsConspiracy

  66. I have been a Patriots fan for 50 years. That performance by Kraft was disgusting. The Patriots fans and Tom Brady deserved better. He has left Brady on an island by himself. If I were him, I would ask to be traded. Patriots haters, you are right. Kraft is a weasel.

  67. You can bet that there was a backroom deal behind this i.e., Kraft won’t appeal the team punishment if Goodell reduces the penalties on Brady. If the penalties on Brady aren’t reduced, then that may indicate that he told Kraft that he was more than “generally aware” of some shenanigans involving football air pressure.

  68. Integrity and class. Well spoken. Hopefully the Brady appeal is handled by both parties in a similar manner and we can all get back to FOOTBALL.

  69. Never let personal issues get in the way of making money.

    You think Bob Kraft got rich (other than marrying Myra) by being petty?

    Goodell is great at making the owners money. That’s why he’s the king. They’ll never fire him.

  70. Greatest organization in the greatest sport in the greatest country. God Bless, Mr. Kraft.

    Berkshire Hathaway
    New England Patriots

  71. Kraft taking one for the team, err league. Even though it was a shoddy report at best.

    It’s why he’s the best owner is sports. I don’t like the decision, but I trust him.

    Can we move on now, please?

  72. Not surprising. Kraft would have a long road in court if he chose to fight this. In the long run this is a bit disappointing because I really do think the Wells report is crap, but it probably is the best thing for the team and the NFL.

  73. Look on the bright side, PatriotNation: this is a golden opportunity to see if you have a worthy replacement at the quarterback position when Mr. Brady decided to call it quits…

  74. Disappointed in his decision but it’s his team and obviously the league as a whole means more to him and he doesn’t want it held up as the joke it really is.

  75. It’s all about stopping to make the NFL look like a bunch of idiots of which Kraft is a member.

  76. That takes a lot of humility to disagree with something that has been done to you, know you can fight it, but move on for the greater good of everybody. Pretty impressive.

  77. Kraft….you put making money and taking the heat off your buddy Goodell over clearing your name from this witch hunt.

    You’re dead to me.

  78. Smart man! Too bad you had to look like a complete idiot with that ridiculous 20,000 word manifesto that even a 5 year old wouldn’t believe. That tarnishes your legacy as an owner just as much as the cheating.

  79. From ESPN:


    The Patriots suspended equipment assistant John Jastremski and locker room attendant Jim McNally because the NFL asked the Pats to suspend them prior to discipline being handed down, a league source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. An NFL spokesman denied this report.

  80. Too Bad… I really wanted Kraft to pull an Al Davis… Partnership or no partnership, one group of partners cannot be allowed to run roughshod over another single or group of partners.

  81. So, what is the quid pro quo for that?

    I’m sure we’ll see two sets of comments on the expectation that by not appealing, Brady will not miss any games. That scenario would both excite and appall some fans.

    But no matter what, the clown car is now down one occupant.

  82. Good move by Kraft I think. He’s a huge reason the NFL is as popular as it is and it means a lot to him so he put the NFL first and is ready to put this to bed. He also knows Brady is still appealing his suspension and will probably get a reduced penalty that way. I have a feeling that Kraft and Goodell came to an agreement on all of this and they both want what’s best for the league as a whole and this is Kraft doing his part of the agreement. Putting this to bed from the peer ship’ perspective and taking a lawsuit against the NFL off the table. Now it’s wait and see what Goodell has promised in return, most likely a reduced suspension for Brady. Although I’d rather keep Brady out 4 games and get our draft picks back. I think Garapollo would go 3-1 anyways

  83. But, but, but, I thought Kraft was gonna burn it down.
    I thought he was gonna take his network friends and go home.
    I thought he was gonna destroy Goodell.
    I thought the appeal was so easy an 8 year old could win it.



  84. the polite way of saying ” We’re guilty, we did it, we don’t like the fact we got caught but unlike Tommy Boy we’re going to man up and accept our punishment…now on another note..Bill start looking at the defensive side of the ball for ways to bend the rules a bit”

  85. We didn’t do anything wrong.

    But we’ll accept the punishment.

    I guess when you’re that rich, $1,000,000 is pocket change. Still, this gets weirder and weirder.

  86. what a bunch of garbage.
    He cut some sorta deal w/ Goodell and it will eventually come to light.
    One thing i’ve learned in life is that owners of big business company’s don’t get there by caving in for the “good” of other businesses. There is a reason these people are as successful as they are. And giving in to something they don’t believe is true IS NOT one of them.

    As i’ve said before, if we as fans have to go through all of this and the end result is getting rid of Goodell… then i’m all for it.

  87. Sounds like the other 31 owners made it clear that all teams need to be treated equally. Wise decision Mr Kraft.

  88. As a Pats fan I understand why Kraft took this route, but I don’t like it. The evidence was weak (the most daming evidence came from the guy calling himself the Deflator IN MAY!!, this has nothing to do with football season. Everyone acts like he said this the day of a game.)

  89. Translation:

    “Of course we’re guilty. We want to continue to play the victim card but we don’t want the league looking into our dirty laundry even further. We’re just lucky that we talked Roger out of suspending Belichick.”

  90. Hopefully the Patriots stop the shenanigans so they don’t embarrass the league anymore. Kraft finally realized that he had little support of the other owners and rightfully ended this. In my mind it wasn’t so much the air in a football as the Patriots ongoing attempts to circumvent the rules.

  91. The sooner the two of them break bread the sooner the media stops covering the story and the sooner the sheeple that are NFL fans will move on.

    It’s a billionaires game and we are all just peons. Actually, we’re probably below that…

  92. I’m guessing Mr. Kraft’s change of heart came after he finally read that hysterical rebuttal that was put out.

  93. $1 million and two draft picks and it’s just easier if we don’t fight it?? LOL….BS. There is something else driving his decision to roll over.

  94. Someone console Ted Murph, he might get emotional and ask for a Rivers trade. Ha ha ha!

  95. Seems to me like a deal has been struck – I’m interested to see how Brady’s appeal turns out. Kraft takes his punishment and gets to look like a big man bowing out – I suspect Brady will be released from his punishment, and Goodell gets to look like a neutral arbitrator for once. Both parties get to end the poor press and inquiry immediately.

  96. Which can only leave you to wonder what evidence was left out of the Wells report, but discussed in private. Possibly on a couch at a birthday party.

  97. Damn straight I’m disappointed. This is ridiculous. Kraft is doing this for the greater good, but we’re still going to hear about it forever. We’re also never going to get an explanation for why the NFL sat on their hands and did nothing while the Patriots were tried in the court of public opinion over incorrect numbers. If you’re going to be the owner of a football team, sometimes you have to stop being a businessman for a few minutes and do what’s best for your team’s reputation. Lame.

  98. Well done, Mr. Kraft. My respect for you has reached new heights.

    Follow his lead, Mr. Brady!

  99. He said the same thing when the Wells report was released.

    If he just would’ve stuck with that instead of launching that ridiculous Pats conspiracy website touting “The Deflator” as referring to weight loss among other things his team wouldn’t have been drug through the mud the last 2 weeks.

    That’s on him.

  100. Kraft definitely made an agreement that the Pats will accept the organizational penalties if he lessens the penalties against Brady. Thats why Goodell is hearing the case.

    Just wait and see. Brady will get 2 games or less.

  101. no one cares anymore, everyone who thinks he is guilty still feels that way, who ever thinks he is innocent still feels that way

  102. This only makes sense if Brady’s suspension is completely overturned. Kraft had far less recourse to do anything about the penalty short of filing an un-winnable lawsuit. The league would look horrible if they adjusted it.

    Best thing for both sides to end this would be no suspension for Brady, NFL looks powerful with discipline, and they go forward agreeing to disagree on the findings and let people believe what they want.

  103. Robert Kraft rolls over yet again for Roger Goodell.
    We’ve seen this show before.
    Robert you’d better have a deal in place to eliminate Brady’s suspension because if you don’t you’ve lost all your support in New England.

  104. Mr. Kraft made the best decision, I think Brady made a mistake, and it will not help him, it will make him look like a fool. Bill

  105. Top 5 Greatest Patriots:

    1. Steve Grogan
    2. Willie McGinest
    3. Troy Brown
    4. Adam Vinitieri
    5. Ben Coates

  106. patriots are good because of Belichick and ernie adams. Yes, Brady is great but pats won 11 games with matt cassell who had not started a game since high school. It is the system Belichick and Adams have in place that makes the pats good and they bend and break the rules and find loopholes to win. I dont like that at all and wish they would just win within rules safely but it is what it is and I am not even a pats fan at all. Pats will be good as long as Belichick and Adams are there even when Brady is gone.

  107. I don’t know if they did or not. I think they did mess with the balls but aren’t the only team to do so. I just think if that’s me I’m fighting it til I die

  108. As a Pats fan, I wanted them to “win” this argument… but Kraft is right… the two sides will never agree, and each side can find plenty of reasons to support their beliefs. Hopefully as soon as Brady’s appeal is decided, we can all actually get back to football.

  109. What hppened no Goodell in crafts pocket. Krafts a good owner as is doing a layup for everybody involved. So all you conspiracy idiot haters take your happy pills for today. But this is a layup for Tom Brady to get 0000000000000000000000 games. Wait for it. Here they come

  110. Not buying it. Gotta be a quid pro quo, something Goodell agreed to at the meeting they had. Begin the speculation of what it was…….NOW!

  111. “Greatest organization in the greatest sport in the greatest country. God Bless, Mr. Kraft.”

    When did Mr. Kraft buy the Green Bay Packers? They are the model franchise and historically the greatest in all of sports. The Patriots are just a bunch of cheaters who have only 2 legitimate SB Trophy’s out of 4 that aren’t tainted.

  112. Bob Kraft: “I vowed at that time that I would do everything I could do to make the New England Patriots an elite team”…that’s right…everything I could do, legal or otherwise.

  113. FINALLY a reason to like Bob Kraft. Way to step up little man, now tell Mr. Bunchen to be a man for once and take responsibility for his efforts to manipulate the balls to his liking. Most importantly tell Shady to READ THE RULE BOOK!!!

    Black and Purple!

  114. Who didn’t see this coming? The mitigating factor is Roger Goodell came down hard on three African-American players and he needed to come down hard on a white player. Brady is the sacrificial land. If he reduces the penalty for Brady and the Patriots then he would be charged with racism. Bob Kraft is falling on his sword to help Goodell with his agenda.
    Pure and simple. God Bless America!

  115. So basically if Roger cuts Brady’s suspension to 2 games, Kraft will pay the fine and we can hug it out.

  116. He knows they’re guilty as hell and he knows they’re lucky as hell. Take away a decade of cheating and a decade of that simply terrible division and they distill down to a good (not great) team. That’s all. No more, no less.

  117. WHAT!!!???!
    It’s all good!
    House of Kraft will hopefully make up for it and get us another championship team for Brady before his retirement. By going crazy n next years free agency or something. I really believe he will!
    All that matters is we concentrate on getting TB12 a #5🏆🏆🏆🏆🙏🏆

    Keep defending the wall Pats Nation!
    We r hands down they most LOYAL FANS OF ANY TEAM!


  118. Don’t get it twisted Bobby.
    Bobby Kraft can spin this anyway he wants in order to save face and pretend he cares about the league.
    Facts are he has damaged the league multiple times by cheating. He has damaged the integrity of the league and the brand of the other 31 teams.

    Lets be clear on this. Kraft has no grounds to beat the punishment. It was all huff and puff.
    The other owners are sick of his cheating organization and most likely notified him that they are prepared to force him out of the league if he kept up his ridiculous bluffs and embarrassing excuses.
    Bobby Kraft is on probation with the other owners i am sure. He and his team has been caught cheating multiple times now, and I bet that one more time, the other owners will get rid of him for good.

  119. N-N-N-N-O-O-O

    Why would you allow that ginger dictator push you around? This organization is the best thing that has ever happened to the league and you are going to let him tarnish that?

    I have lost a lot of respect for you Mr. Kraft.

    And to the haters thinking that this is an admission of guilt – get a clue will ya?

  120. Goodell is the most hated man in America. In fact, There are only a couple of dozen people that do like him, and they are all NFl owners.

  121. Kraft made a point to refer to this all as “rhetoric”. Over and over, he used the word.

    Rhetoric, as defined, means roughly that something written or spoken is persuasive or impressive but regarded as lacking sincerity or meaningful content.

    Kraft ended the “rhetoric” with some rhetoric of his own.

  122. This is like when someone gets a parking ticket, and they have some reason on why it’s crap, but in the end you just pay the $30-50 because its not worth fighting, and in the end, you were illegally parked.

    It’s just sad the Organization and the fans will never admit to it, even though everyone else knows they did. Another classless move from a classless organization.

  123. Kraft is protecting the shield at the expense of his franchise…. again. There simply is no proof the Pats or Brady have done anything wrong but the longer this draws on, the worse the shield will look. Kraft isn’t going to cut off his nose to spite his face, just wish he’d been able to man up and get rid of Goodell. In the short term it would hurt the shield as their utter incompetence in this whole saga is staggering but in the long run they’d be ok. The nfl front office needs a bunch of housecleaning. Hopefully this spurs it along

  124. Good for Kraft.

    The Brady suspension is the most ridiculous part of this and it will be reduced and we can all move on and never talk about air pressure in footballs again..until the Jets get caught doing the exact same thing (like they got caught doing in spygate)…and receive no punishment.

  125. So has he taken down his Pats website attacking the Wells report.

    A statement with about 20 allusions to how the decision is ‘wrong’ is a curious interpretation of ‘dropping it’.

    More like ‘I’m not going to sue over this, but I will whine to anyone who will listen for eternity’

  126. As a Patriots fan, I was worried Kraft would ultimatley worry more about what’s best for the league and less of what’s best for his one team.

    That said, I’ve convinced myself that this is a deal Goodell made with Kraft. No way the NFL could back down and still save face/Goodell’s job. The Patriots weren’t going to lose any fans regardless of how things turned out. What leverage did Goodell have to convince Kraft to back down? He is hearing Brady’s appeal.

    My guess is the suspension will be recinded, restoring Brady’s legacy. At worst it will be lowered to 1 or 2 games in return for Kraft backing down. Godell will say that after carefully reviewing the Wells report and the Patriots response he didn’t feel there was enough evidence that TB knew about any tampering.

    That way he looks strong punishing the Pats, the Pats get Brady back sooner, and guilt is taken off TB’s shoulders and placed solely on the team. We’ll find out when the appeal takes place whether I’m correct.

  127. Whether you like the Pats or hate them, you have to respect what Kraft is doing. It’s not easy, nor is it truly what his heart says to do, but for the greater good…

    Much respect.

    Now….we’re on to Lomardi # 5

  128. Hold your head up Kraftie, your delusional fan base has raised 16,280 towards your $1 million fine.

  129. Not a big deal. Many defendants change their plea from not guilty to guilty. Sometimes it just takes a person a little while to come to grips with the fact that they are indeed guilty.

    Or do Pats fans still think he gave up because there is not guilt involved? Think of it this way. If he appeals and loses, his punishment remains the same. Except, the actual full truth would come out. There is absolutely no reason to not appeal…unless you are guilty.

  130. Bobby Kraft, turns his back and leaves Brady hanging in the wind. Speak out so adamantly against all of these but see’s the writing on the wall that they got caught. If that doesn’t convince Boston area fans. Nothing will. Cheaters get no respect.

  131. lol, this news = deal. Brady won’t miss a game. Kraft and Pats take the hit. You honestly think with Goodell hearing Brady’s appeal that he will miss any time now that Kraft has dropped the “rhetoric”?

  132. I don’t understand why they were punished in the first place, the Wells Report pointed the finger at Brady mostly and pretty much said Kraft and Belichick had nothing to do with it.

  133. This is Kraft’s passive-aggressive way of saying “I was wronged, but I’m so honorable that I’ll take the bullet for the greater good of others.”

    What a load of crap. They had the goods on him, and he doesn’t want peculiar evidence on Brady’s phone coming to light — the evidence the Patriots sought to conceal (with their attorney present when the phone was denied).

    And they don’t want the guy who was nicknamed the Deflator — by all concerned — solely because he was just trying to lose a couple of pounds. No, McNally is out.

    All the intelligence-insulting “contentions” of the Patriots will now be buried, because Bob Kraft vehemently protests his innocence, but is begrudgingly willing to fall on the grenade for others.


  134. I would just love to see the Pats go 6-10 and Brady retire at the end of this season. Look, I never disliked the Pats before this. But the lying and self righteousness just beg for me to hate them now.

  135. Pats fans chill out. You can thank Brady for the mess, not Kraft. Kraft couldn’t cut a deal w/Goodell because Brady wouldn’t take whatever deal Kraft could get from Goodell. I’ll bet it was something like 2 game suspension, and Brady doesn’t go to court. Brady wants it all (full exoneration), I wish him the best of luck, but he has backed Kraft into a corner and forced him to take this deal. Kraft knows he and the the other 31 teams will be around a lot longer than Brady, so he is thinking long term. He is also knows Brady brought him 4 titles, and will work to help him behind the scenes. Teams survive scandals much better than individuals. Kraft knows this, and is limiting damage to the NFL (by the pats not fighting this) and hopefully Brady (by allowing him to fight) by having the Pats fall on the sword.

  136. Can you people read? He did not agree at all with the report, the decisions, or the punishments but doesn’t want to fight anymore. He’s not admitting any guilt.
    Why? (wait and see)….

  137. Shame. Money over heart. You have your billions Bob time to stick up for something you believe in. You’ve gone 99 yards and knee on the one.

    Season ticket holders aren’t surprised by this. Kraft can gouge with the best of them.

  138. I have slightly more respect for Kraft than before for understanding the bigger picture taking what he deserves. Brady is on an island by himself now. Time to own up to what you did, take your suspension, and move on.

  139. Anyone following the case with any intelligence knew that the Patriots weren’t going to sue the NFL. They, would in effect, be suing themselves and 31 other teams. It would have done too much damage to everyone. There were also too many constraints against the Patriots in such a case. I understand the decision, and it shows how much class Kraft has. He understood, that even if he won in court, he would never change the minds of the haters- so why bother? I understand his point, but still so wish he had kept up the heat on what a railroad job this was. Now, Tom Brady, who has less constraints than Kraft, can still make the point. And yes, the haters will still hate, but the Wells’ Report needs to be seen for what it is- a fraud. And the fact the Patriots didn’t cheat will be on record someplace even if most of the jealous fans will never accept the fact that the Patriots whooped their teams fair and square.

  140. I think that this was the best way to go. Regardless, of which side you were/are on, this was the prudent thing to do.

    The following was really not damaging the Patriots that much, even there are those who would disagree:

    1) Losing a 1st round pick, which in reality, is a high 2nd round pick given the fact that New England will probably have a good 2015 season.

    2) The same logic applies to a 4th round pick being a high 5th.

    3) In reality a $1,000,000 if nothing to that guy.

    Basically, there would be more damage to the NFL as a whole, than to one team, if this was continued. It just wasn’t worth it.

  141. Kraft needs to start thinking about getting rid of Belichik and his minions if wants his organization to have any credibility in the future.
    Until then his organization will always be viewed as cheating frauds.

  142. Why are people acting surprised, or claiming that this is an admission of guilt?

    It’s been widely reported for a week that the Patriots were highly unlikely to appeal their penalties. They did not stand the same chance of winning as Brady does as an individual.

  143. restoreintegritytonfl says:
    May 19, 2015 1:17 PM
    The fumbling data is accurate. In 2006, Brady lobbied the league to change the rules for pre-game handling of footballs. In 2007 the Patriots named Jim McNally Locker Room Attendant. It’s also the same year he became “the deflator”.

    Patriots (total) fumbles under HC Belichick:
    2000-2006: 1 fumble every 42 touches
    20007-2014: 1 fumble every 74 touches

    Pats have been cheating for years! Pats fans can try to “debunk” this, except they cannot “debunk” fact. The above stats are fact.

    Search for Prof. Lopez, a statistics professor at Skidmore College. He spells out how the Patriots do so well on fumbles and it’s statistical.

    Teams rarely fumble on kneel downs. Patriots lead the league in that over the last 8 years.

    Teams are less likely to fumble when they have the lead, again Patriots lead the league.

    Teams fumble less down by the goal line. (Any guesses who leads that stat?)

    College math or conspiracy theory. Take your pick.

  144. Kraft effectively admitting guilt and realized any court case where they wouldn’t be able to refuse discovery would show much deeper and more pervasive cheating.

    Brady will appeal but won’t take it to court. Goodell will shave suspension because he has his nose up Krafts keister.

    Pats fumbled 1 per 44.5 plays 2003-2006

    Rule change

    Pats fumble 1 per 74 plays 2007-2014

    Look it up

    Serial cheaters now trying to cut a deal

  145. Goodell: “Just accept the punishment this one time Bob and I’ll make sure y’all are back in the AFC Champ game OK?

    Kraft: “I disagree with Goodell, but I accept it and we won’t appeal.”

  146. the one thing this whole deflategate debacle has proven is there are a lot of 40 year old men that need to get a life outside of trolling on the internet and I could personally care less about the PSI of a football.

  147. You know, what I’ve learned over the last two decades is that the heart and soul and strength of the NFL is a partnership of 32 teams. – Robert Kraft

    That is a powerful sentiment, and I agree with every word of it. It is a shame that Brady chose to opt to conspire, mislead, deny, and stonewall when it came to telling the truth to Kraft’s 31 other partners in this matter.

    His reputation is now garbage.

  148. Can you say ‘Quid pro quo’? Expect Brady’s suspension to be reduced.

  149. When your a billionaire your are surrounded by “YES” men. When he arrived at the owners meeting…he was surround by 31 peers. Common sense prevailed.

  150. Per their agreement, Kraft will abide by the decision, and Goodell will turn over to Kraft the pictures of Kraft, Warren Sapp and 4 or 5 hookers.

  151. In summary he accepts the punishment. He will take the draft picks away and Brady will be suspended 1 or 2 games. When the Pats loose with Jimmy, that will be like a showing of the future Pats. Finished after Brady like miami was without Marino, bills without Kelly and the Jets… Well since always.

  152. Very impressive statement by Mr. Kraft.

    I missed the part where he says “we didn’t cheat”.

    Because, you know, that isn’t true.

  153. Not that I agree with Kraft’s decision or his rationale, but I most certainly respect him for it. Let’s face it, Kraft knows business. He’s extremely successful. And he didn’t get there by fighting every little battle.

    In Kraft’s case, the fact is that Goodell has been having a terrible year in terms of PR. But, in terms of bringing in money to the owners, he’s done a terrific job. And since the owners are the ones who hired Goodell, they either have to abide his flaws to let him continue to do what he does best (bring in the money), or you give him the boot. The fact is that no matter what Kraft or Goodell do, there will be those who are pro-Pats and those who are anti-Pats. And they won’t change. So, take your lumps and move on it is!

  154. You fools the Patriots did not cheat. They did nothing. They did not deflate 0.38 psi from a football? It’s laughable. Anderson used the high gauge its obvious!

    This is all about money. The NFL is printing it at our expense. Kraft would have owned NFL in court but why upset the apple card?

    Whether pats are exonerated or not, guilty or not, no matter the outcome of this WWE style drama, the NFL will be printing money for its 32 members

    Apparently the honor of the franchise was not worth fighting for or putting a few cracks in the business partnership. The almighty dollar wins again

  155. On one hand I’ll give Kraft credit that he is not able to lie any longer on the other hand he still wants everyone to think it didn’t really happen.

    What do you have up your sleeve this year New England? Cameras, radio blocking, Deflating, trickery that gets addressed at the next owners meeting?

    It’s the Patriot Way. Bill does not have the talent to compete on an equal field.

  156. Ridiculous. How can anyone trust your judgement when all it takes to change it is a chat with Goodell? I can understand choosing not to sue the league because you’re an owner, and that may hurt NE more than help. But to not even appeal is unforgivable. Kraft came out looking awful today, and Goodell wins the war. It doesn’t matter what the outcome of Brady’s case is now, Kraft undermines it all, and that’s create a thousand times more rhetoric because what if Brady wins? We’ll see nothing but rhetoric, and Kraft will have given the naysayers all of their ammo

  157. The sad thing about this is all of the haters clog up every single thread that involves the Patriots with the same diatribes. Hundreds of comments no matter what the story pertains too. Cheaters this, cheaters that. Are you people 5 years old? Seriously? We are talking about a little air out of footballs that can be proven by science. We are talking about a Wells report based on evidence that is arbitrary. How about Ray Rice suspended for 2 games knocking his wife out? How about ’13 San Diego Chargers caught altering footballs under heating lamps? How about Aaron Rodgers openly admitting with over inflating footballs so the ball can be thrown farther? How about Brad Johnson bribing a ball boy $7500.00 for tampering with footballs during their super bowl win? What about Atlanta Falcons crowd noise debacle? Cleveland Browns illegal text messaging? How about the fact that there are 15 other teams who cheat more than the Patriots do? Want me to continue? The point is this, I am not condoning what the Patriots have done in the past or what they may have or may have not done with “deflategate”. If Brady is guilty then fine, give him the fine that the rule book states as $25k. All I am saying is that this whole debacle is targeting a team who has been winning for the past 15 years and no one likes that. This could’ve been the freaking Jaguars and no one would even sign onto the thread to give their two cents. Besides your bias hate towards one specific team, sit back and really try to justify why you people really hate the Patriots. Disgusting

  158. For all you haters better hope your team doesn’t have the slightest violation because the precedent has been set for severe punishment no matter how itsy bitsy the violation may be. And Goodell and the rest of you back stabbing owners remember revenge is best served cold. By the way Tom Brady will not miss a single game because he won’t give up until he clears his name.

  159. Kraft just let the other 31 and the league off the hook for the good of the league and there is still whining.
    If he had sued, the other 31 fan bases would have called him a scumbag.
    By letting the league off the hook with this, he is still getting called a scumbag.
    You people will never be happy.

  160. The sad part is that nothing has changed in New England. There is a culture of cheating running rampant through the halls of Foxborough yet the only people who have paid for it are two ballboys, as if that will fix over a decade now of transgressions. Heck, McDaniels gets caught spying in Denver on other teams and is immediately welcomed back to New England with open arms. That tells you all you need to know about what kind of organization they run and how little integrity they actually have, starting with Kraft at the top. Can you imagine if someone hired the Enron CEO right after he got caught cooking the books?

  161. My interpretation of this:

    Brady and Kessler are going to lower the Boom on Goodell once and for all, demanding to know WHO in the NFL offices is the one with the clear anti-Patriots bias who continues to leak false information to make Brady and the Patriots look bad

    For the last week we’ve heard that the Patriots suspending McNally etc. was an admission of guilt

    NOW we know that the NFL demanded it – though you’ll STILL have mindless haters ignore the facts just as they continue to do regarding Spygate and the mythical “taped walk through”

    Never try to argue with jealous sports fans – they will just ignore the facts – including the fact that in this case it’s scientifically proven that NO DEFLATION OCCURRED IN THE COLTS GAME

  162. No problem for Krafty’s team – they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to make up for a couple lost draft picks.

  163. Sooooo – if the Patriots deflated the footballs in the Colts game, the big question is…


    Because as has been shown over and over, there was no deflation when they were measured at half time

    So let’s hear from all the haters – HOW DID THE PATRIOTS RE-INFLATE THE BALLS just before the officials checked them?

  164. I’d say with a certainty that this means Brady’s suspension will either be shortened or overturned. Kraft took one for the team and at the same time allowed Goodell to save face so when it comes time to review Brady’s suspension, expect Brady to get off even lighter than he has already.

    When you think about it: Pats get to keep their Championship, Super Bowl, and will likely have Brady available earlier to do it all over again.

    If Brady’s suspension stays at 4 games then I think justice was had. Anything less & Kraft bought his team more wins despite their nefarious ways.

  165. If you had sued then Brady, McNally, Jastremski and even Belichick would be put under oath in a courtroom. Good luck with that one given the penalty for perjury.

  166. Goodell probably agreed to a two game suspension for Brady instead of 4 in exchange for this.

    Classic. Kraft says to his fan-base that the opinions of the other 31 teams outweighs their own.

  167. Unbelievable. Cheatriot fans have to be the most delusional people on the planet or rebounding from very serious mind altering drugs (probably both).

    Your team cheats and has always cheated under belichick. Kraft knows if he takes it to court, all the dirty little secrets get aired and he will be forced to sell in total disgrace.

  168. Kraft has abandoned his QB !!

    Tom godspeed in taking down Goodell’s little empire !

    By the way Rob how does it fell getting nailed by 31 other teams … draft picks, $1M … doesn’t feel good eh. All the other clubs just found a way to reel in the most successful club in the NFL.

    I can’t be more disappointed … that Well’s report is not worth the paper it was printed on and yet you “fold like a cheap suitcase” !!!!

    Why prop Goodell up ? Just stick a fork in him because he’s done, period.

    Just Saying

  169. Very disappointed in Kraft. You disagree but accept it?

    Either the report is correct and you take your punishment or the report is wrong and you fight it. You can’t have it both ways!

    I’m hoping Brady continues to fight till the bitter end, though it’s now “more probable than not” that Kraft is going to toss Brady under the bus.

    If that happens, I hope Brady decides to stick it to Kraft and the NFL by retiring and getting a fat Paycheck from ESPN.

  170. Brady is fighting this one alone.
    The equipment guys are lookin for new jobs.

  171. “… I vowed at that time that I would do everything I could do to make the New England Patriots an elite team, and hopefully respected throughout the country…”

    By accepting a punishment for a sin you did not commit, you are not pursuing national respect for the Patriots, but national disdain.

    If you are innocent, then fight.

    On the other hand, if you are guilty, then it is too late to ensure national respect. You’ve forfeited that right.

  172. Did anyone really think he was going all Al Davis? This was to be expected. Now Brady is another matter. He will go to court and bring his cell phone and his legal team will require that everyone else brings theirs.

  173. Thank you Bob Kraft for coming to your senses.

    I expect, though that Kraft got something in return -an assurance from Goodell that Brady’s punishment will be ameliorated to some extent if Brady has some compromise in him

    Now he has to go to the Golden Boy

  174. Good choice Bob. You have better things to worry about like finding some more of this lame white collared shirts and fixing your crooked teeth.

  175. To those with bad memories, Goodell already said he would cut it to 2 games if he was given the phone, the emails, etc.

    Still, any # of games will still look bad on Brady’s record. He will still continue his appeal, even though he looks like yellow snow right now, and probably still will be even if he wins.

  176. Kraft is playing suck up to Goodell, because if Goodell lost his job over this, and he might have if it went as far as going to court, Kraft would lose his money making buddy. Goodell, with Kraft’s direction, has made the NFL more money than ever. Without Kraft, Goodell is garbage as a commissioner, and without Goodell, Kraft looses the opportunity to double his money.

  177. I ask all the Pats fans to stop going to the game, stop buying the jerseys, don’t spend another penny on Patriots as a protest of Kraft’s statement. Please spread this message as much as you can.

  178. The worse part of it is that 44 mil a year Goodell isn’t forced out. The NFL is a clueless, bumbling mess and he’s pretty much to blame.

  179. As a diehard Pats fan I will first say that I very much respect Mr. Kraft….that being said, I ABSOLUTLY DISPISE HIS DECISION NOT CHALLANGE THE RULING!!!!!
    I ABSOLUTLY BELIEVE THE PATRIOTS DID NOTHING WRONG BASED ON ALL THE REPORTS….AS A FAN I CANT DEFEND THEM TO ALL THE PEOPE THAT CALL THEM CHEATERS……thanks Mr. Kraft you lost a fan of over 37 years….I WILL NOT DEFEND THEM TO ANYONE & could care less what Brady does or does not do or if he’s even suspended anymore….


  180. Brady hiding is phone because Ernie Adams/BB know that through the numbers game, fumbling less gives an advantage…..prob incriminating texts are what’s left in this case with Shady.

  181. Something’s fishy!!! There must have been a back room deal between Kraft & Goodell. Maybe Kraft will receive some compensation from all owners for not filing an appeal. I dunno

  182. Power rankings out: Roger Goodell+ NFL Integrity + 31 owners>Robert Kraft & Tom Brady.

    The message is clear: One owner can’t just throw his weight around to get what he wants, no matter who much he whines.

  183. Goodell likely informed Kraft that the penalties could’ve been far worse and showed him the supporting evidence. So Kraft wisely shut up. Brady’s appeal is a separate issue that likely gets upheld with no reduction due to Brady’s whining.

  184. Agree with the comments about Kraft’s statement, following the behind the curtain meetings, meaning one thing. Brady’s suspension is going to be rescinded. He doesn’t miss a game. Goodell, upon a further and deeper review with additional counsel, concludes that the Wells Report is not that conclusive. Perhaps Brady is fined for not cooperating with the process, but I doubt he would accept that. I think he’s completely absolved.

    Goodell concludes the whole thing by coming out strongly announcing how the NFL will control the game day balls, ensure proper inflation {perhaps re-inflation at the half}, better calibrated gauges, balls in the custody of NFL employees all game day, etc. Teams get to request their psi preference, i.e. 12.5 psi for Brady, 13.5psi for Rogers.

    Absolutely no way at all that Kraft stands down without the deal being cut for Brady. I do think that Kraft cares about the NFL, and he also knows Tom Brady like a son. Brady has lawyered up big time. He has deep pockets to fight this. He has a rich, beautiful, smart and emotional wife. And he will fight, unless the NFL backs down.

    BTW, Kraft did not admit to a single thing. He strongly disagrees with the entire thing, in every way, and still firmly states that. He stated that he wants to step back, and not fight it any more. Doesn’t want to spend the money, or the energy, and feels that prolonging this is bad for the NFL, the other owners, the Patriots, etc.

    The NFL is already spinning that there was no Brady deal cut. That is pure BS. Goodell needs a few days to flex his muscles on this. Then he changes course on Brady. Perhaps he rescinds the deal without the appeal even taking place?

    The deal’s been cut. There’s never been conclusive evidence that Brady did a thing other than tell his clubhouse guys that he wants the balls at 12.5psi, and that he’d snap if they were ever at 16psi again.

    Business is business, and powerful guys cut deals all the time. They also make public statements with all sorts of end games in mind. Kraft is dumb like a fox, and being as contrite as he was in that press conference was very calculated.

    Kraft admitted zero, professed his love of the game, respect for the other 31 teams, and above all respect for the need to be governed by the commissioner. Disagree with the whole thing, respect the league, respect the commissioners office. Strong move to de-facto support Goodell.

    Clearly he’ll be paid back. I would assume that the other powerful owners are also checking in with Goodell to voice that Brady should be set free on this thing. Kraft delivered. Even the ardent haters among owners {and I’m not sure if any really hate Kraft} are pleased that this isn’t going to court.

    And….yeah….this saves further embarrassment of that $5 Million open ended “impartial investigation”, and Goodell’s decision to spend on it. There can’t be a single owner who is pleased with that mess, or impressed with Ted Wells.

    I think that Goodell structured this all along so that by hearing Brady’s appeal, he could roll over, if in fact Kraft agreed to the organizational penalties, and delivered on that piece as he has.
    Goodell looks powerful, and in charge, regardless of how whether he folds on Brady.

    Soon to will be over….I hope.

  185. I am sure glad that I am a fan of the greatest team in the history of the NFL with the NFL’s mecca of a stadium. It also makes me happy knowing that none of the league leading 13 championships are tainted by institutional cheating that has gone on for over a decade.

    The Patriots dirty ways just further cement the legacy of the Green Bay Packers, who exemplify and epitomize everything that is good in the NFL.

  186. A million bucks is a drop in the bucket for an NFL owner. What they’re really pissed about is losing the 1st round draft choice. It will be interesting for fans to see how good the Patriots really are, without Brady for 4 games.

  187. themikegun says:
    May 19, 2015 1:51 PM

    restoreintegritytonfl says:
    May 19, 2015 1:17 PM

    This fumble meme has to die. It is complete garbage.

    The Pats employees only supply the ball boys for HOME games. They could not have used underinflated balls during AWAY games because they don’t have access to the balls once the ref checks them. (Assuming that all Refs are doing their job and the PSI are legal at the start of games.) What is the fumble rate for home games vs away games since 2006? And only include offensive fumbles (not defensive or special teams, those are different balls) when doing the comparison with other teams.

    Anyway, I am disappointed in Kraft. He should have fought this all the way.

  188. “The worse part of it is that 44 mil a year Goodell isn’t forced out. The NFL is a clueless, bumbling mess and he’s pretty much to blame.”

    Actually…just the opposite. The NFL has become more popular under Goodell and has mad A TON more money under his watch. He’s also done a lot to protect the integrity of the game and player accountability for conduct off the field.

    He only seems like a bad commissioner if you are the fan of a team that is always busted for cheating or have a bunch of players getting in trouble off the field.

  189. Told everyone from the start. Now only if little tommie will stand up and be a MAN. LOL!! Like THAT will ever happen.

  190. Translation: We’re guilty, but we need some way to get out of this without admitting it.

  191. Kraft should be sweating bullets that somebody like Morgan & Morgan Attys @ Law (for th’ people!) don’t hire some REAL investigators in hot pur$uit of a cla$$ action suit on behalf of all the people of all the cities that should have been ho$$$ting X # of home playoff games that deflated balls (allegedly) $$$eeded them out of!

  192. Search for Prof. Lopez, a statistics professor at Skidmore College. He spells out how the Patriots do so well on fumbles and it’s statistical.

    Teams rarely fumble on kneel downs. Patriots lead the league in that over the last 8 years.

    Teams are less likely to fumble when they have the lead, again Patriots lead the league.

    Teams fumble less down by the goal line. (Any guesses who leads that stat?)

    College math or conspiracy theory. Take your pick.

    Do you mean the same Prof Skidmore who admitted he was a life long Pats fan? Not that anyone related to the Pats would lie.

    So what you’re saying is prior to the rule change the Pats didn’t kneel, have the lead or were near the goal line?

    Then suddenly in one off season all that changed because the same Pats team with the same coach and QB went from 1 fumble in every 44 possessions prior to the rule change to 1 per 74 plays after the rule change.

    Yes that makes sense more so than deflated balls leading to halving fumbles; especially is a pats fan wants us to believe so.

  193. if Kraft traded this for a firing of Mike Kensil and some of the other cronies in the NFL offices, it would be worth it.

    I think kraft has too much of a blind spot for Goodell. Goodell is a idiot and heres hope the next scandal gets him booted. its long overdue. The NFL Commish has done an incredible job of getting almost everyone to hate him.

  194. all4patriots says:
    May 19, 2015 1:16 PM
    Kraft caved, completely.

    Hopefully Brady will fight his end of the framegate punishment to the end.

    Bob, please sell the team, ASAP. This was worth fighting for.

    There’s nothing more to add, well said. I’m going to go have a good cry now.

  195. Translation:

    We are guilty and we know it. So it is in the best interest of ourselves to try to slink away from this mess and try to fool people into thinking that we are being magnanimous about the whole thing.

  196. Kraft knew for certain he was going to lose any appeal so he tried to make himself look good by recinding his threat of appeal,what a guy.

  197. Brady will get a chance to rest up for the long season by missing the first four games. Chances are they could win two of those four. Brady is getting older and the season is too long. This actually works in his favor. Brady will be peaking late in the season when the other QBs are getting burned out and injured.

  198. Still blows me away how many Pats fans think this is some sort of frame job. Neither Brady nor Kraft has ever denied the charges. If they were innocent wouldn’t they have said that at some point?

  199. Count on Tom dismantling the league this year including week 1 against the steelers!!!

    Kiss the rings!!!!

    Drive to 5!!!!!!

  200. The cheating organization leader had no other choice. It’s a way of saying guilty without admitting guilt verbally.

  201. Kraft makes the same money whether the Pats win or lose. Why bother fighting for the team?

  202. To all the idiots on this thread – you can’t understand it I know but…..

    That’s called the high road. Maybe someday you will understand the principle of it. Probably not….

    I hope you will.


  204. If you think your team has not had a minor discretion like this that went unpunished in the past then you are dreaming. The uppity 49’er fans who think this validates their team over the Patriots how about Jerry ‘STICKY FINGERS’ Rice. That was a violation that helps with ball handling which is the same. The Chargers and their sticky towel to help receivers just as bad. I could go on and on. The bottom line is you are no cleaner than any other teams. But hate the PATS while we continue to win.

  205. All this nonsense about what a “class” organization the Patriots are can now stop. The Patriots have now been penalized publicly by the NFL twice in the last 8 years for cheating, and recently had a former player convicted of murder.

  206. Overheard at the owners meetin, where the guys were playing splash games in the hotel pool filled with shiny $100 bills: “Lighten’ up, Bob, we’re all in this together!”

  207. I don’t know anymore than anyone else here but I respect Mr. Kraft’s decision (as he requested). As for Brady, he’s a spoiled brat who cheated, got caught, lied about it, cost his team draft picks and money. Regardless of the appeal outcome, his legacy is ruined. He will be remembered as a great player who cheated. Period!

  208. I don’t know any owner that would let the NFL take away a million dollars and two draft picks and not even appeal it, if they were innocent. Your reasoning is BS Kraft. You would fight this no matter the cost if you were not guilty.
    Maybe Goodell told him he can keep his team for a million bucks and a couple draft picks instead of making him sell the team.

  209. Unfortunately…this is not surprising. Kraft didn’t have the support to take down Goodell. Would have been great but… that day is coming.

    That is ok. Save this for a rainy day.

    Brady himself of course will go all the way to fight this and he will win. 🙂

  210. Kraft wanted to teach Goodell a lesson, but in the end it was the other owners who taught Kraft a lesson … in complicity.

  211. In other words, I am pretending to be innocent but 31 other owners aren’t buying into my BS. For all you Patriots fans make sure you understand that the Brady appeal will go forward but those punishments will stick just as the Patriots punishments will stick. Face it, they got caught cheating and as much as they are pretending they didn’t, everyone, including 31 other owners, know they did and therefore the NFL isn’t changing a thing just as I have said all along.

  212. Best thing he could have done. He should have said that the day the Wells report came out but better late than never. He deserves a little credit for doing the right thing (this time). Granted, I am 100% certain it was the result of Goodell showing him a laundry list of incriminating evidence against the Patriots’ personnel, Brady, Belicheat & Kraft himself. Brady would be smart to follow suit. Currently he just looks like the spoiled brat on the playground screaming his head off because someone else got to play QB. He’s guilty & everyone knows it. All the PR jockeying is just an attempt to save face & loose less money. But it won’t change what the rest of America, outside of N.E., thinks of him going forward.

  213. Anyone who thinks the stats on Patriot fumbles are “proof” that they’ve been deflating the footballs is an idiot and probably never played the game. Being able to squeeze the football approximately 1 mm (all other factors being equal) is NOT going to make that much of a difference in players’ ability to hold onto the ball. Anyone who follows the Patriots can tell you why they don’t fumble: (1) it is a BIG point of emphasis with the coaching staff, so players are especially mindful of the importance of ball security; (2) if you fumble the ball, you don’t play! Ask Steven Ridley what fumbling does to your playing time on the Patriots.

  214. I love how naive the haters are.They are all happy saying this proves it!Now when the 2nd part of the back door deal hits and Brady wins his appeal they will turn again and cry and moan.

  215. guess he finally realized Brady had lied to him and the rest America and is simply cutting his losses…

  216. Whatever was cut out of that report has to be damning evidence!

    …or a side deal?

  217. There are Patriots fans and there are Tom Brady fan-boys. We Patriots fans are ready to move on from deflategate but Brady groupies will continue to whine about it. The team will be around long after Brady and Belichick. I get the feeling Mr. Kraft realizes this will likely be Brady’s final year with the Patriots and it is just not worth the trouble getting into huge battle with the NFL. What’s at stake is Brady’s reputation and his off season records but they have nothing to do with the team.

  218. “we did not do anything wrong but here’s a million dollars plus some draft picks”

  219. What about the two “little guys” that lost their jobs for either:
    1) Doing nothing; or
    2) Doing what Brady wanted?

    No one with a brain believes these guys deflated balls on their own and to a level they decided. So what about their lives for either doing nothing or following the explicit instructions of ole Tommy Boy?


  220. Being a Pat “hater”. I give Kraft credit for what he did. I would, contrary to most, like to see Brady for the whole season so you whiners have no excuses.

  221. I get being a faithful fan, really, I do. But watching most Patriot fans trying to spin the “we was framed!” or “we didn’t do anything wrong” angle has been most amusing.

    And pathetic.

    But mostly amusing!

  222. I find it truly enlightening to find so many Pats “fans” crying over this. Your owner just put the welfare of the whole league over his own team, something most of you apparently can not understand. This would certainly drag on into training camp, and possibly into next season, only making it worse for the Pats AND the NFL.

    This encapsulates what is wrong in this country right now…far too many people looking out for their own selfish needs, at the expense of others, instead of what is best for the whole country.

  223. qdog112 says:
    May 17, 2015 11:11 PM
    The dust has settled and the Pats and Brady have lost the PR war. Expect them to stay quiet until they figure out a way to save face and eventually capitulate.

    The NFLPA and Kessler have provided some cover, but now there is no place to hide. This thing is over. Kraft’s not gonna appeal and Brady’s appeal is just a cry for a reduced penalty.

    All parties are figuring out what language is most palpable to the fans and media, who will realize that Brady and Kraft have just been venting. Bottom line, it over.

  224. As the Patriots are one of the few teams I like, this saddens me.

    Basically, by rolling over, they will be perpetually labeled as cheaters or quitters.

    The report was garbage (as an investigator I am qualified to render an opinion). The action taken based on a garbage investigation was worse.

    I suppose the NFL is all about the dollars and no consideration is paid for various American Values (like honor, morals, bravery, courage, truth, justice, etc). I suppose it is simply a reflection of the new USA and it’s citizens.

    Still a fan, still will go for them, but will no longer defend them. If you are not willing to fight for what is right, you are just as guilty as as those that have wronged you…

    Sad day when the Patriots failed to live up to their namesake…

  225. Hey Robert, it’s very easy. Turn the page by ending the culture of corruption and cheating in New England.

  226. Roger: ” Bobby thanks for having me over to your estate. The caviar is awesome. So how about we shove all the over cheating stuff under the rug and you just eat this one?”

    Kraft:”Sounds good Roger Dodger, now let’s head back out to the pool and drink some more mojitos and have a good laugh about all this!”

  227. Guess he likes serving on those NFL committees with owners he doesn’t have to avert his eyes from.

    He’s right about one thing, Pats fans will never accept the outcome.

  228. You know, Bluejay89, when you put it this way “The Patriots … recently had a former player convicted of murder.” It almost sounds kind of petty.

    A more accurate way to look at it is the convicted murderer killed one man, shot another in the face, and is accused of having killed two more in three separate incidents over two years while still a Patriot.

    Not like he was a former player who went off the rails after leaving the roster. He led a double life as a gangster murderer for a couple years while also a Pat. Amazing how (and if) all this went on undetected.

  229. This is for the ridiculous Pats fans- there will be no NFL apology, because Kraft’s actions confirm guilt. If there’s a deal to reduce Brady’s suspension (it can’t be eliminated-he did not cooperate), all it does is aid the Pats short term. The fact remains that Brady will be punished for cheating, whether it’s for 1, 2, 3, or 4 games. He’s still guilty and that, along with spygate, will be his and the Pats legacy, FOREVER.

  230. I find it funny that people who dislike the Patriots were yelling about Kraft being a hypocrite because he might not accept his punishment as he said he would. Now he has accepted his punishment and everyone is shouting guilty of tampering with footballs and the only reason he’d do this is because the NFL has much more on the Patriots cheating in other ways. Take off your tin hats and take a deep breath. Kraft is not doing this as any admission of guilt on deflate gate or any other outlandish conspiracy theory that so many believe. He is taking the long view. He did not say he agreed with the findings of the Wells report, nor did he back away from any of the claims made in the Patriots response. So why did he do it? First he is one of 32 owners. Those other owners are his business partners and suing the NFL would be cutting off his nose to spite his face. There is no advantage in it. Al Davis was an outcast among owners as a result of suing the league. Kraft saw that and learned from it. The key advantage this gives Kraft is that he maintains his place on league committees including the one regarding the commissioner’s pay. I believe he will use what was done to him as a way of shaping up the league’s punishment system. The next time Goodell’s office messes up, Kraft is not going to have his back like he did before. He has more sway with Goodell’s other 31 bosses by staying in the clan than by being ostracized because of suing. Perhaps the commissioner will be on a very short leash as a result of this action.

  231. The Golden Boy Tom doesn’t tell the truth. He lies to his owner, to the commish, to NFL and to his fans.

    Very sad when you think about his legacy. Wow, the golden boy turns into the golden shower.

  232. It seems that Kraft go it right. He did not want to join Al Davis as the only owners to sue all the other owners. Davis lost out on that in the long run. Kraft got screwed here and the Patriots are innocent but it would have been worse if he went nuclear.
    He was right about the haters. It would not matter what the outcome was they would be hating. The Pats fans have to understand that the franchise would have lost more even if Kraft was vindicated in the end. He would have created a huge rift within the ownership.
    I believe that when the Pats win this year, at least through to the SB, and teams like the Colts continue to complain and look for other things to take the Pats down then Kraft will go nuclear. He will not tolerate any more of this crap.
    Brady will take this to the end and win. That will vindicate the Patriots through an actual court case where both sides have to present their case before judgment is rendered.

    The NFL has to change the way they go about investigating and handing out judgments. Florio got it right with one of his articles yesterday. This system is a kangaroo court.
    The Pats will kick butt this year. Sorry Haters. I believe the Patriots will have the last laugh here.

  233. If the criteria for Kraft, and the other 31 owners, is doing things for the “betterment of the league”… than how is the ass clown Goodell still the commissioner?
    Everything he has done the last 3-4 years had been WRONG and to the detriment to the league!
    HEY KRAFT, stop being a blowhard and spewing garbage and start living up to what you say. Fire the guy who’s killing your league.

  234. PhD says:
    May 19, 2015 2:16 PM

    The worse part of it is that 44 mil a year Goodell isn’t forced out. The NFL is a clueless, bumbling mess and he’s pretty much to blame

    A bumbling mess? Looks to me if anyone making a mess it has been Brady and Kraft. Don’t be bitter because you got caught. Goodell did his job if you ask me. You mess with the integrity of the game you should be punished.

    As far as the rest like Hardy, Peterson, Rice, etc all the more power to Goodell to rid the league of miscreants.

  235. There Bob Kraft goes being the classiest owner in sports again. Putting the greater good above his feelings. Al Davis would have burned the league to the ground over something this stupid and meaningless. Bob just steps aside and takes the ridiculous loss of a first round pick – I don’t agree that was the appropriate action but typical classy Bob Kraft.

    I find it funny people think Belichick is the biggest cheater ever but guys like Bill Walsh (the 49ers often made their opponents headsets mysteriously not work over 25 years ago), Jimmy Johnson (digging through the visiting teams trash from the hotel they were staying at), Pat Bowlen/Eddie DeBartolo (lying about salary cap to sign more players to win Super Bowls) The Chargers (stickum), Panthers (illegally heating footballs on the sideline), Aaron Rodgers (over inflating footballs, HELLO McFly!?) and a glut of others is just met with silence. If you’re going to rail about cheating, then rail about cheating. If you’re going to rail against the Patriots then do that. Just don’t do it with a holier than thou attitude because more than likely your favorite team are cheaters too.

  236. This was the saddest and most pathetic display of cowardice anyone has ever witnessed. Kraft revealed himself to be a spineless jellyfish. I was never one who chimed in with the chorus of “cheater” . Robert Kraft will, by me, be forever thought of as a COWARD.

  237. Kraft’s cowardice disgusts me and makes me question my support for his franchise. His chances for success are immaterial, sometimes the only thing that matters is standing up for what is right.

  238. Will somebody please tell him those blue shirts with white collars went out of style 25 years ago?

  239. steelercrazy says:
    May 19, 2015 1:25 PM

    Sounds like Roger told Kraft during the hug that there is strong evidence against the pats and not to keep fighting it and embarrass yourself even further. Looks like Kraft wisely accepted.
    If they had any real evidence, the League office would have leaked it by now.

  240. Pats fans are completely shell shocked. They’ve blindly supported Brady, Belichick, and Kraft 100% through all the angry denials, Ted Cruz-esque “scientists”, vehement demands for apologies, insulting our intelligence, etc. They libeled the Colts, the GM, and their ball boy by making wild and completely unfounded accusations. Now the rug has been pulled out from under them when their owner basically admitted defeat under a disastrous face-saving denial.

    Ask Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez how those angry denials worked. The league came down harder because of their ridiculous stance.

  241. So all that rhetoric, email responses to Wells report, getting the Pats fans riled up and in your corner and then this?

    Sorry Kraft but you sold out your fans and your QB for your seats on the various committees and thirst for more money, bottom line.

    All over something such as Tom telling these guys to make sure the balls are on the lower end of the acceptable range, even if that means getting the balls after the refs check them just to be sure they are on the low end. And it turns into this complete farce.

    WWE has already patented this story…Face goes out and defends himself against a stack team of Heels. Crowd gets behind the Face only to see the Face make a Heel turn.

  242. Like we’ve been saying. They don’t want to go to court because then the proof would come out and it’s much bigger than anyone realized. Years and years of cheating, and I’m sure there’s more that hasn’t been found out yet.

  243. Whether you agree with the suspension or not the footballs were deflated for a reason. That being the case then Brady knew about that or why do it at all. They always back someone until it is shown otherwise. Even Hernandez said he was innocent to the team. Yeah right. Common sense tells you that for whatever reason it was known by someone to do this thing as take the air out of the footballs. That is the whole point here. It was done for a purpose known to them and others. All the balls were in the same condition which would be impossible unless someone took the time to cheat (by the rules). The outcome of the game makes no difference, period. This organization just keeps on trucking and looking for grey areas to take advantage of. If no one knows then too bad. Well now we know. Not saying other teams do not do such things. Just saying they got caught red-handed and now paying the price. A high one at that.

  244. Pats fans, what this means is that he’s admitting they cheated and he didn’t have a chance of winning an appeal. All that posturing before now, was just that. Time for you guys to just admit as much as well. He didn’t let Roger off the hook. He knew he was going to do this all along because he knew they were guilty. Get over it and move on. Cheaters.

  245. So I guess Kraft admitted guilt by not fighting the NFL’s punishment of the team. If that’s the case, how can Brady plea innocence? Are we to believe that two Patriots employees took it upon themselves to deflate the footballs without Brady knowing about it. If you do then I have a beautiful bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

  246. Why would he appeal it it was a slap on the wrist. They should’ve gotten more

  247. bobman2 says:
    May 19, 2015 3:43 PM
    “…A more accurate way to look at it is the convicted murderer killed one man, shot another in the face, and is accused of having killed two more in three separate incidents over two years while still a Patriot.

    Not like he was a former player who went off the rails after leaving the roster. He led a double life as a gangster murderer for a couple years while also a Pat. Amazing how (and if) all this went on undetected…”
    So you’re saying that the Pat’s should have been able to solve these crimes while the local, state police and Boston police couldn’t?

  248. kraft crapped the bed and backed down like a blow hard coward . Al Davis would have never ever backed down from Goodell. the patsies showed their true colors . YELLOW !

  249. kraft has now joined the level of Judas in selling out his team, fans and pats nation for the almighty buck!!!

  250. There are rules in every game and sport. Some seem trivial, but never the less they are rules. In golf, you move your a ball a fraction of an inch – penalty. If you forget to sign your card – penalty or disqualification. Neither of these would probably affect the outcome of the match or tournament.

  251. Can we put a plaque in the hall of fame honoring Mangini and Grigson? Without their work, people might still actually respect the Patriots.

  252. I wonder why. I would say since “they did nothing wrong” supposedly then why would you take “the highest penalty ever given”? Since contradictory to me. Either they made a deal to reduce Brady’s suspension or they were worried about further evidence.

    If Goodell lowers Brady’s suspension we will know what was said in the meeting. The only way his suspension should be lowered is if he turns over his phone and proves his innocence. At that point if Brady is indeed innocent, Goodell would have to overturned the penalties handed out to the organization too.

  253. Wow! I couldn’t agree with him more. It is time to put this behind us and move on. I just gained a lot more respect for Mr. Kraft and I’m a Seahawks fan.
    Hopefully Mr. Brady takes Mr. Kraft’s lead and just man up and move on.

  254. Mr Lee, tell Florio, we’ll start the apologizing with him, and then have him explain why he keeps defending this scumbag organization.

  255. I surrender too Robert; I realized you are a member of the Owner’s Club first before you are a Patriots. I am no longer a fan. I don’t have to buy your Pats gear anymore or care watch the Pats games. I guess what everyone was saying about this team was right all along!

  256. The winner here is Ted wells. Goes home with 5mil and doesn’t have to explain why his report is full of slanderous crapola that a 4-yr-old could see through.

  257. I don’t understand where he admitted to cheating in that statement. And if it was because it somehow implies that the league has more dirt, why is Brady still fighting? I guess common sense took a vacation for the haters. So much for stopping the rhetoric, eh Kraft. It’s louder than ever, and it sounds like you look weak and guilty, not like some great diplomat that was so selfless that he decided to end the fighting despite being right. You’ve essentially undercut Brady’s entire effort to restore his integrity, because any reduction in his punishment now looks like a product of back-channelling and not because anyone agrees with your original position. And you look like a moron on top of everything else, because of all the effort you’ve put into stating your position just to eventually fold. That speech is literally the worst possible thing you could’ve done for your team and your fans. If you choose not to appeal, don’t say anything. Don’t give some heartfelt trash about how the league comes first, about how Goodell is incredible because we know that’s trash. Send out a small press release explaining the real reasons: it really hurts your long term standing with the owners; you have league bylaws in place preventing you from suing; and the appeals process for team punishment would be a waste of time due to the process essentially being you having to grovel for Goodells mercy. And at the very least, throw Tom Brady a bone. Explain in better detail your position of the events in question and help out the guy responsible for getting you to your goal of making NE an elite franchise. What you did today was disgusting Robert Kraft

  258. Goodell: “Psst.. Robert… We did you a favor, we really have much more on you than just this.”


    Yet another person who did not read the Wells Report. If you did, then you’d know that the idea of there being other more incriminating evidence would be absurd. It’s absurd because the Wells Report doesn’t have any single conclusion. It’s not like the league had a surplus, if the league indeed actually had some evidence then the entire exercise of the Wells Report was pointless because they didn’t find anything. They turned in some out of context texts from last May, and junk science from a firm that once argued that cigarettes and cancer was a coincidence. That is the Wells Report.

  259. The report was garbage (as an investigator I am qualified to render an opinion). The action taken based on a garbage investigation was worse.

    Well as a LEAD investigator I am qualified to render a better opinion, that the Pats are serial Cheaters….

  260. tommythehaus says:
    May 19, 2015 1:19 PM

    this is total garbage……you let all of patriots nation down by accepting this Mr. Kraft…
    sad to see this amazing franchise have to give in a little only because of all of you butthurt losers out there calling for their heads out of jealousy when this entire ordeal was TOTALLY fabricated from the start…pathetic…
    IMO the NFL lost a TON of credibility today…

    Not yet. the NFL will lose a ton of credibility when Brady’s suspension goes down to two games.

  261. A) You care more about making money than principle, because you are part of the Owner’s Club before you are the owner of the Patriots
    B) You don’t really care about the fans
    C) You know you are guilty
    D) All of the above

  262. Who accepts a penalty of a 1st round pick and a million dollar fine if your innocent?

  263. So all you cheater fans, who are you going to pick with the Colts pick you said you were gonna get! Lmao Biggest cheating franchise in nfl history and every fan outside if NE knows this is the tip of the iceberg from the Belicheat regime. We’re not haters, we believe in sportsmanship and the cheaters can’t even pronounce the word!

  264. I applaud Kraft for posting his rebuttal to the Wells report in a timely manner, and standing behind Brady.

    it is clear Kraft believes Brady is innocence of the accusations, not sure why he decided not to appeal the team penalty , since the Wells report itself exonerated Kraft, Belichick and even David Schoenfeld (the head Equipment manager and boss of Jastremski)

    Seems un-American to penalize the innocent, yet the NFL decided to penalize an owner and coach who were found innocent of any potential tampering by the Wells report.

  265. The comments here show the best reason for fighting this punishment. Too many people interpret it as a sign of guilt. But all it is is a sign that Kraft didn’t think he could win, and that violating the by laws might open the door to worse sanctions against the Patriots.

    BTW, the Wells report is crap, the Exponent report is farcical, and people who think that fumble rates “prove” that the Patriots were cheating obviously don’t know anything about either how statistics work or how people draw inferences in science.

    The Wells report is flawed. The “suspicious fumble rate” argument is simply inane. It’s comically bad. It’s not remotely rigorous, as statistical arguments go. Exponent is rigorous, it’s just flawed because they make dubious assumptions about when the gauging actually happened and dismiss the possibility that the Patriots’ footballs were gauged several minutes before the Colts’ footballs were. Given that there is no disagreement the the Pats’ balls were tested first, that the Pats balls were reinflated and gauged, and that the officials “ran out of time” which is why they didn’t test all the Colts’ balls, this seems very questionable.

  266. “Yet another person who did not read the Wells report…”

    If you think then science in the report was junk science you may have read it but you certainly did not comprehend what you read. But then again, you think the dude called himself the “deflater” because he was trying to drop weight, so I am guessing you are not a Mensa member. It’s so easy for lawyers to befuddle people who don’t have a clue as to the subject matter.

  267. But…kudos to Kraft. Of course someone may have actually explained to him the science behind this and he realized he was screwed.

  268. Everyone wants to feel special. Everyone wants to have faith in others. Everyone wants to believe in fairytales, happy endings and have all bad interactions with others explained. It is easier to sit in denial with your delusions and pray God will intervene, not realizing he has. He gave you commonsense and intuition, but you didn’t like how it made you feel. This is what true mental illness really is: Following your gut instinct through hell because you want to prove you are right, either to yourself or others. You sacrifice choosing to do right, in order to avoid pain. However, you don’t realize that you have been in pain for a really long time and believed this was how happiness felt.”
    ― Shannon L. Alder

    Now its Tom’s turn face the music. Congrats Mr. Kraft. The AFC east will be fun this year.

  269. How magnamnimous of Goodell’s BFF Kraft to ‘accept’ punishment. I said a week ago this slap on the wrist punishment, and feigned indignation was phony.

    Politicians have been pulling this misdirection for decades if not centuries, AND Goodell IS the son of a politician.

    Do you think Sean Payton wouldn’t have accepted the zero punishment based on ‘I had no idea’ excuse that Belichick just used, but hey Rog doesn’t sleep over at Tom Benson’s house or vacation with his family.

    How about all the Saints players who were suspended 16 games?

    Do you think Authur Blank wouldn’t add a first round pick to the Falcons recent punishment to get a SB trophy? no less add two more first rounders for a TOTAL OF FOUR SB trophies?

    Oh yes, no owner would ‘accept’ that ‘harsh punishment’.

    Please, some of us have eyes AND a brain.

    The only solution to restore a game that fan’s can believe is legit:

    Fire Goodell. Vacate or give tainted SBs to the cheated opponents with a public apology IN THEIR STADIUM. Force the sale of Patriots along with a lifetime ban of Bob Kraft, strike Brady from NFL record books.

    Plus MEANINGFULLY reform NFL officiating, not just put some Goodell puppet on TV to make excuses for the inexcusably bad officiating we endure all season long year after year.

    If you believe Donald Sterling was guilty of damaging the integrity of the NBA, Kraft deserves at least as much damage or more than him, Goodell, and Brady. Time for all 3 to go.

    The N.E. fans don’t even believe this bad theater is legit, otherwise why try to smear the other 31 teams unless you KNOW your club is guilty but value trash-talking is more important than honesty, decency, and sportsmanship.

    Anybody who thinks of the accomplishments of another man as if it were something THEY themselves achieved got some pretty sketchy guidance growing up.

  270. BTW Pats fans attempting to smear the other 31 clubs is the defense equivalent of Aaron Hernandez telling a jury, “But, but, but Ted Bundy murdered people.”

    Are you people really this morally bankrupt? Over a frigging game? On public display in front of children? Really disgusting.

    If your club is genuinely innocent why does your FO, head coach and player lie to buy time, destroy evidence, and then confess once they have a cozy deal in place by Goodell, a KNOWN close friend of your owner.

    Wrongfully accused innocent people fight to bring the truth to light, lie, hide/ destroy evidence and insist on a transparent judge to bring facts to light, they don’t call on their buddy to meet them for a casual midnight stroll… with a shovel and garbage bags.

  271. Correction;

    Wrongfully accused innocent people fight to bring the truth to light, THEY DON’T lie, hide/ destroy evidence. They insist on a transparent judge to bring facts to light, and willing provide the evidence which will exonerate them.

    They ALSO don’t put on a phony show of horrible acting innocent while calling their buddy to meet them for a casual midnight stroll… with a shovel and garbage bags.

    The NFL looks less and less real than pro wrestling every frigging year.

  272. Spygate
    Scoreboard manipulation against Ravens
    Illegal substitutions against Ravens.
    False injury reports
    Deflating footballs

    Patriots will cheat again-Book it!

  273. Patsfan here

    Haters – we’re still NFL champs.

    We still won the Super Bowl, and, although it was admittedly a squeaker at 45-7, we still won the AFC championship game.

    I have a bit of an upset tummy, so I decided to skip reading all of your quips and posts and other garbage


    You bring the whine (get it?) and we’ll bring the cheese


  274. An honest Pats fan…admits guilt and has no remorse…gotta love that!! Sure we cheated and got caught…but…SCOREBOARD!!! Can’t really argue with that logic. NASCAR logic…if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

    A lot better than the Pats fans trying to pee down your leg and try and tell you it is raining.

  275. “Seems un-American to penalize the innocent, yet the NFL decided to penalize an owner and coach who were found innocent of any potential tampering by the Wells report.”

    Pretty sure that is what rich McKay and the Falcons said when he was suspended for 3 months and the Falcons penalized a draft pick for the pumped in crowd noise in Atlanta. They had nothing to do with it and had no knowledge of it, but got hammered anyway. And they should have. Just like in the Navy, where the CO is accountable for the actions of the crew. Ship runs aground while the skipper is sleeping at 3 am….too bad. He gets relieved. Same here.

  276. Mr. Kraft, you do realize that deflategate never happened:
    #1 If you throw out the outlier gauge, the pressures were in line with pressures mandated by the ideal gas law. If the ball’s were deflated by anybody the pressures would be much lower than those recorded.
    #2 McNally probably checked Walt Anderson’s deflation of two balls.
    Is checking the pressure equivalent to tampering?

  277. Kraft:” I disagree with Goodell, but I accept it and we won’t appeal” Only the words he uses about how much he respects and likes Goodell send more shivers down the spines of Pats fans.

  278. Patriots fans have nothing to worry about. Kraft has not lost his mind, his will nor his gamesmanship. He just plays at a different level than the rest of us.
    Watch a Texas Hold’Em professional or a Chess master at work. They make their opponents moves for them without them even knowing it until after they have declared their all-in or hear check-mate. That is what Mr. Kraft is doing here. Sit back and admire folks. Its a work of beauty. And what makes it so interesting to watch is not only is Mr. Kraft planning a single opponents moves 3, 4 or 5 moves ahead, but he is doing it three dimensionally by playing multiple opponents simultaneously. Who is he playing you ask? Well at least Goodell, the rest of the NFL executives wrapped together, the other 31 NFL team owners wrapped together, the NFL legal team wrapped together, Wells and his team, legions of the Goodell media PR machine, opposing team fans (primarily the Patriot haters), just to name a few. I may not be giving some listed above their due by stating they are “wrapped together”. To me individuals in those groups don’t warrant seperate mention because they don’t merit such a distinction.
    Of course there will also be some necessary SHORT TERM collatteral damage ie Patriots fans, supporters, believers, some members of the media and I include myself in this group of collateral damage. We will be shocked, disappointed, bewildered, betrayed not realizing the end game has not been completed. But rather it is just the beginning of the end. And what a masterful end it will be. This will really be an exhibition of shock and awe. I think I can begin to feel the early rumblings begin. And at its culmination, the Shield will surely have been protected and NFL football will be fun again. We all win. Thank you Mr. Kraft.

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