Report: Patriots meet with cornerback Tarell Brown


The Patriots have reportedly huddled once again with one of the top remaining unsigned cornerbacks.

Tarell Brown, a 14-game starter for the Raiders in 2014, met with New England on Tuesday, Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston reported. The Patriots also visited with Brown in March, Reiss reported.

The 30-year-old Brown would provide a dose of experience at a position where the Patriots have undergone serious turnover, with Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner exiting in free agency and Kyle Arrington released. The Patriots also parted ways with ex-Raiders cornerback Chimdi Chekwa on Monday.

A ninth-year pro, Brown (5-11, 190) was a three-season starter for San Francisco before moving on to Oakland last season. He notched 55 tackles and defended four passes for the Raiders.

Logan Ryan, Malcolm Butler, Bradley Fletcher, Robert McClain and rookie Darryl Roberts are among the Patriots’ cornerback options currently on the roster.

34 responses to “Report: Patriots meet with cornerback Tarell Brown

  1. Thank god. Oh don’t get me wrong, he isn’t all that good anymore… but if we pick him up at least we can dress enough corners to take the field on Sundays…. SMH

  2. Yikes! It’s between them and the raiders for worst corners in the league!

  3. 4 super bowls by a combined total of 12pts, while cheating the whole way. Bravo Patsy fan. What a joke.

  4. Is he willing to sell out the New England fan base in order to pocket a half dollar? If so, Bob (Cowardly Lion) Kraft has a position for you.

    Kraft = Jafar = Vile Betrayer

  5. Chekwa was signed and released before Brown’s phone rang. Brown is better, but has a tricky foot. Both were released by the Raiders. That has to factor in somewhere.

  6. The Pats will miss Arrington in the slot but Belichick refuses to pay a premium for guys. McCourty was an exception which says a lot about Bill’s opinion of him.

  7. Kraft really did the one thing the Pats fan base never wanted to see. Him kiss Goodell’s butt. I was ashamed today to hear he will accept a penalty thanks Mr Kraft for giving all the haters the fuel they needed to call the Pats cheaters this only looks like an admission of guilt

  8. William loves ex-Raiders.

    The patsies are the modern day Raiders, except the Raiders cheated the right way- with late hits, stickum and plenty of personal fouls.

    Al should’ve hired William when he interviewed him 15 some odd years ago.

    The hoody was born to coach the Raiders.

    It would’ve been beautiful.

  9. Tarell Brown did so much standing and watching on the field that even Ryan Tannehill looked like he was worth $95 million in London.

  10. Obviously larrydavidstern doesn’t understand the cheating ability of Bill Belichick…….obviously. It’s realy easy to see if your not a patriot fan if you watch their games.

  11. thecloudofdust says: May 19, 2015 8:27 PM

    4 super bowls by a combined total of 12pts, while cheating the whole way. Bravo Patsy fan. What a joke.


    Yeah, I know…what the margin of victory was in the biggest game of the year is usually the champion’s focus, and they’re depressed after the game… All close victories shouldn’t count because it’s so easy to win the Super Bowl…

  12. Thanks for the legacy of cheating. Tom Brady and Kraft are going to cry under all the millions they make because of your hash tag remark and your little asterisks you type on this website. Wait for it…. Losers

  13. I love the gate. The funny thing is that even though Tom Brady is not always going to be there. Belicheck will and will continue to win superbowls and will still have hateful jealous envious feeling after you witness it. You know it’s true haters. The truth hurts. No matter what you say whether pats cheat or not we still experience winning super bowls. Lmao

  14. Pats met with Brown?
    This is an outrage.
    Tampering!- Put Ted Wells on the

  15. When we want originality, we just check on how the Pats are cheating *this* season…

  16. First of all these haters only see the pats are cheating. How about the 4 undefeated balls in the colts possession? That pats kicked Seattle’s ass in the superbowl with balls that were legally inflated. You people hate the Pats because your teams are a bunch of losers. Another thing there is bigger cheaters in the Nfl then the Pats. For example, Steelers, GiantsRedskins etc… do ur research haters.

  17. Dear Tarell,

    Unless you are very comfortable with cheating to win… run, do not walk to the nearest exit.

    The Deflator

  18. my guess judging from the people left on roster is McCourty goes back to cb with Chung at safety….just a guess cause there arent alot of options . Glad we dont play for 4 monthes

  19. There I was thinking BB was planning a 1-man secondary -or should that be tertiary? (i.e. no matter where they are on the field, put 10 at scrimmage and just have Butler on the goal line). Then again, with an injury or two that’s probably plan B anyways…

  20. First question of the interview:

    Are you willing to, a how should I put this, bend the rules at every opportunity in order to achieve a competitive advantage?

    Because to work for the Pats cheating is a damn pre-requisite.

  21. All the antiPats stuff is awesome. Shows you are all rattled again. Can you imagine your low life organizations winning 4. Doubtful. Deflate gate was to make you all feel good about your teams. Pats cheated otherwise we had them. Colts. Joke. Ravens joke. My favorites are Dolphins, Jets and Steelers. Dan with knocking up his cleaning lady. Broadway and Suzie on Sunday night football and the Rapist in Pittsburgh. And Brady may have deflated a ball????

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