Colts sign rookie kicker Taylor Pontius

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The Colts, who have had a knack for finding placekicking talent in recent years, have added an offseason rookie understudy to Adam Vinatieri, announcing a deal with North Alabama’s Taylor Pontius on Wednesday.

Pontius hit 11-of-14 field goals in his final collegiate season in 2014, but the fact the Colts signed him after trying him out over the weekend is perhaps most relevant to his professional future. In the past two years, the Colts have signed Brandon McManus and Cody Parkey as rookie backups to the legendary Vinatieri, and both young kickers landed jobs elsewhere, with Parkey a Pro Bowler for Philadelphia in 2014.

For Pontius, the key will be showing enough to draw interest from another club. And teams surely must know that Indianapolis knows scout and teach kickers, even when it is utterly secure at the position with Vinatieri.

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  1. The Eagles scooped up Parkey last year when the Colts cut him and Parky’s cleats are in the hall of fame as most points in a rookie year by a Kicker. Eagles “Lucked” out (yes it is a pun Andrew Luck albeit weak) on that one as Eagles previous kickers had been horrendous (and that is being nice) . Gotta give the Colts credit, they do find good players for specialty positions.

  2. This article is classic example of off season “filler”. What do you mean the Colts are great at scouting kicking talent? They signed a guy who was already a borderline hall of fame kicker and have cut his much more cost efficient/pro bowl and younger potential replacements. Also how can a player as old as Vinatieri have job security?

  3. Mr. Craig the Colts didn’t cut Parkey he was traded to the Eagles for a runningback, who’s name escapes me

  4. greymares says:

    “Mr. Craig the Colts didn’t cut Parkey he was traded to the Eagles for a runningback, who’s name escapes me”

    I stand corrected.

    The running backs name was David Fluellen. And all long I just thought the Eagles were just lucky.. and in some ways they were …

  5. McAfee is probably Vinatieri’s eventual successor, though I am skeptical. Curious to see him hold for his own FGs…. And frankly, the ageless Vinny might hold on long enough so that the 7th year McAfee is too old to take over.
    With a punter who grosses 47, nets 42, and has a 10:1 ratio of inside the 20 to TB punts, I’d leave well enough alone and sign another kicker someday.

  6. Well unless he can stop the run then this is a waste of space. Watch out other teams the Carpetbagging Colts are rats. Colts remember the Pats will run you over and take no prisoners.

  7. The Colts do this almost every year. They usually carry a backup Kicker if not both Kicker / Punter through preseason.

    Vinatieri can only defy the laws of aging for so long so who knows if this is just a Camp/Preseason move or something they are beginning to explore more long term.

    It is still TBD if McAfee will try to pull the Trifecta (Punt / Kickoff / FG), but he has said he wants to. The fans certainly would like to see him get the opportunity post-Vinatieri.

  8. The “trade” of Parkey for Fluellen was not as much a trade as a gesture of friendship.

    Parkey had been waived, but the Eagles (Ryan Grigson’s former employer) called the Colts and asked for a trade so they wouldn’t have to worry about someone higher up the food chain placing a waiver claim on him.

    So, out of friendship, Grigson withdrew the waived status on Parkey (wasn’t official until the end of the business day anyway) and simply traded him to a guy the Eagles were cutting anyway.

    Then the Colts cut Fluellen pretty quickly.

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