Troy Brown: Robert Kraft surrender OK to avoid “Wrestlemania”

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The men who’ve stood and fought in Robert Kraft’s army were a bit surprised with his decision to surrender yesterday.

And given all the bluster and posturing that preceded Kraft’s admission that he wasn’t going to fight the league’s #DeflateGate penalties, that’s almost understandable.

For longtime Patriots like Troy Brown, it was still something he wasn’t expecting.

“I didn’t anticipate him giving up the fight on that one,” longtime Pats wide receiver Troy Brown told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “I’m not sure if he had enough owners supporting him. I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him, and I didn’t hear what he had to say.

“But it really isn’t a good look for the NFL, going back and forth about the PSI of a football. I think there are so many other great topics they can talk about. But it was turning into Wrestlemania.”

Actually, your average WWE production is much more slick and buttoned-up (and arguably more legitimate, depending on your viewpoint) than the last few weeks of this story. From the 243-page Wells Report and its dubious science to the 20,000-word Wells Retort and Jim McNally’s battle of the bulge, ridiculous has been the starting point for all discussions.

But Brown, who won three Super Bowls for Kraft’s team, was still surprised to see the general stand down.

“He’s the owner. He knows what he’s doing. He knows first-hand. He’s been talking to Roger [Goodell] and the league,” said Brown, who won three Super Bowls with the Pats. “If he feels like it’s going to be a black eye for the league, I guess he’s making the right decision based on the business of the NFL, and not his team in the short run. . . .

“Well, you’ve got to get moving onto other stuff. You’ve got to get people ready to play for those four games [without Tom Brady], unless the suspension is shortened. So, I think it’s really important for them to focus. This team has been very good about that in the past, doing their job and not worry about things they don’t have control over. It’s definitely best to get going earlier, as opposed to later.”

That, as much as anything, was the message Kraft sent yesterday.

150 responses to “Troy Brown: Robert Kraft surrender OK to avoid “Wrestlemania”

  1. What BS, he “surrendered ” because he knew it was in the best interest of his team so more facts was not brought out about the Pats cheating, again.

  2. At least WWE we all know is staged and fake. Bad-dell tries to make you think his actions & investigations are legit, when all they are fraudulent framejobs

  3. Well it goes to show you it’s all about Robert Kraft and not the fans. They take the joy out of winning the SB. The draft already sucked with BB as coach and now we have to listen to all the haters. Thanks BOB. Patriots fans should stay away from opener and purchasing their merchandize imo. Kraft should represent the fans not the owners. NO FANS NO PATRIOTS. Kraft should be booed at the games along with his buddy Goodell. Tell us Bob why people should follow an organization in spite of all the wins is stained in peoples mind? A first and fourth round pick for what?

  4. The only conclusion one can draw from all of this is that NFL owners believe the ends justify the means. They supported a commissioner that led a cadre of NFL officials that lied from day one, acted as a prosecutor under the guise of an “independent investigation”, gerrymandered the science, smeared their brightest star player, and implemented a Draconian punishment for the stated reason that the player and team defended themselves instead of taking their discipline on bended knee. That isn’t paternalistic, is despotic.

    An investigation that Troy Vincent said would take a couple of days took almost four months while the NFL went on a fishing expedition to try to cover up their own actions, not reply to actual wrongdoing. In the end, the NFL came clean on nothing.

    How is that good?

  5. Facts :

    1. The league accused the Patriots of cheating en route to their Lombardi Trophy.

    2. Yesterday Bob Kraft pled ” nolo contendre” to the charge in open court.

    Why hasn’t there been an outcry for the Patriots to be stripped of their championship? Why must America be forced to watch a team who cheated, hoist the championship flag on opening night? Kraft publicly admitted to cheating yesterday.

    Stand up and demand that the Patriots victory in the Super Bowl be vacated and the Seahawks be proclaimed as “legitimate” champions. Send a message to the Krafts and Goodells of the world that ” cheaters never prosper”.

  6. I’m still upset the Patriots have lost the 32nd pick of the 2016 draft. That’s right, 32nd pick.

  7. Tedi Bruschi still cannot be found. He was last observed storming out of ESPN’s Brisol offices, declaring “I’ll be back when the Pats are fully exonerated!” and hasn’t been seen since.

  8. I’m a Packer fan and I have read the report. It is really bothersome to see all the hateful posts about the patriots being cheaters by some…..just what are you reading in the report that I’m missing. Read the report. Read the Patriots novella…lol….my Lord, if this is all it takes to lose a player for 4 games and 2 draft picks and a million dollars, well, good luck to all. Utterly ridiculous investigation. Poorly done.

    I am convinced, due to Kraft’s actions, that it is what’s NOT in the report that made Kraft back down. I now believe we haven’t seen the REAL or ENTIRE report. Because nobody, …nobody, not even the haters, if in your right mind, would find any evidence in the PUBLISHED Wells report that would justify the penalty. IF you’re a hater, read the report.

  9. The reason he stopped? Please!! He bought the franchise in 1994 for $175 million, and now it is worth $2.6 billion. All of the other owners have seen similar growth and profits. Robert the businessman overruled Robert the Patriots fan. It always comes down to money in the end. Now the NFL teams will raise ticket and merchandise prices, more commercial time-outs during the games, to offset this expensive little hiccup. Squeeze a little more out of us, make a little more profit. Disgusts me.

  10. “I didn’t anticipate him giving up the fight on that one,” longtime Pats wide receiver Troy Brown told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “I’m not sure if he had enough owners supporting him. I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him, and I didn’t hear what he had to say.


    Do you really think Goodell’s goes to war with Kraft without making sure the other owners were behind him?

    It was actually surprising that someone involved with the Pats showed some reason in this whole thing, it only took Kraft 2 weeks of dragging the league through the mud before he saw the light.

    Troy though, like a true Patriot homer, made it clear that he thinks the league was in the wrong. How could he not? If Brady and the Pats are tainted, so is he.

  11. Transaction :

    Yesterday the New England Patriots shipped their entire fan base plus one handbasket to hell. In return Patriots owner, Bob Kraft, received 30 pieces of silver. Reached at his corporate office of Scrooge and Marley and asked about the wholesale jettisoning of the very fans who helped him achieve success, Kraft answered ” Bah Humbug”

  12. Maybe because they know what really happened and dont want anymore stuff to get out so they want it to go away. My thinking is how the Patriots always into something and know just getting punished?

  13. Alas Troy Brown , another beneficiary of spygate and everything else that followed

  14. Mr. Kraft is willing to end this due to hi ball boys antics. He loves the nfl and is going to take the hit for it.
    Both parties learned a valuable lesson from this.
    The nfl will be great.

  15. This was the second time Kraft folded rather than fight an orchestrated attack on his own franchise. That he claims he does so for the good of the league is all the more galling since it is the league that is trying to break up the team. I view it as another facet of Goodell’s fixation with parity. Miserable teams like the Colts and Giants can tank seasons or blow up the draft with impunity if it will make them more competitive. Good teams come under more and more scrutiny until you get a farce like the Wells Report and the League suddenly measuring footballs for the first time in recorded history. Under or over inflated balls have probably been used in thousands of games over the decades and it never affected play — until a loser franchise like the Colts needed a reason to explain their latest playoff meltdown. WWE does the same thing with wrestlers that it wants to build up and turn into stars, even if the fans hate them — and sometimes because they hate them. Kraft played along, and it’s sad to see.

  16. Let’s look at some facts.

    The Colts, and their first pick in the draft golden boy quarterbacks that the NFL anointed as the face of the NFL, were embarrassed by the Saints in a super bowl and the Patriots annually in the playoffs. What followed was the two most outrageous discipline actions by the commissioner’s office and his toady and well paid assassin, Ted Wells.

    Don Yee, Tom Brady’s agent, said that the NFL was trying to favor teams. Fans scoffed but do the facts support what Yee said?

    No one can say Goodell has favored the Saints and Patriots. The Saints had the meat of their team and their terrific coach suspended. The Patriots have lost three first round draft picks to Goodell’s “favoritism” and their star quarterback suspended.

    The Wells investigation against the Patriots revealed that the refs were over-inflating the Patriots footballs for a Jets game (no follow up) and let the Colts play with under-inflated balls throughout the AFCCG against the Patriots (while covering up that fact in their leaks to the media).

    The NFL responded to Belichick playing by the rules but using innovating strategies to come back from two 14 point deficits to the Ravens in the playoffs by changing the rules. The NFL had changed the rules to favor the Colts when the Patriots regularly beat the Colts and rolled up super bowl wins.

    We know the NFL took no disciplinary action against the Colts when they intentionally tanked a season to draft Luck (so much for their caring about the “integrity of he game”.

    We also know Goodell and the NFL talk endlessly about parity but the Patriots have made a joke of that philosophy. On an equal playing field Belichick is just going to beat most teams and coaches. Maybe, just maybe, the Patriots real crime in the eyes of Goodell and the other NFL owners is winning.

  17. I didnt see it coming either. If I were Kraft, I dont care how bad a black eye it is. Youre taking a first rounder, a 4th rounder, and a million dollars from me.

    If I dont think there is concrete evidence of wrongdoing (which there isnt) I would fight that.

    But to Kraft, 1 mill is change. Its the first rounder that screws the team.

    Lets home Tom fights the fight. His 4 games are a lot more than the team was fined.

  18. Yes Bob. We heard your message loud and clear… was something along the lines of….Fans!?!?….FANS???…I don’t need no stinking fans!!! He sold out. Doesn’t give a rat’s ass about all of the fans who supported him for years. We have to listen to the rest of the trolls forever poking us about spygate and now this….and it will never end. So we are left to fight for ourselves. By the way, my offer still stands. If you are ever in Connecticut, stop by and kick my dog a few times while you retrieve the knife from my back.

  19. I agree with my all time favorite Patriot, Troy Brown.

    I would add that Kraft’s actions were also good for all of the owners’ bottom line. These guys and ladies are in it to make money. So what if the fan base gets angry? They’ll get over it (sarcasm).

  20. Really puts a bucket of cold water on all this nonsense about lawsuits against the NFL. The NFL owners are a club and these guys have to work together and many of them are friends. In the end, they do what is best for the NFL and its brand and put aside personal issues.

  21. Kraft is very loyal to the league namely the other owners. My guess is there was some polling going on with the NFL owners and Kraft felt the support was not there for him to force the league to more legal proceedings and the crazy back and forth fan arguments. Reluctantly was the word he used and that is believable, and why wouldn’t he me? In the light of the fact that Tom Brady’s legal proceeding are still an ongoing thing, Kraft thought it was in the best interest of the league, to simply let the air out of this huge farce that as kept the Patriots and the NFL in the limelight far too long. Those who have called Kraft names but who really know nothing of this man is a travesty on it own, and is just more reason to end all the hate and slander that has been going on for far too long. Many say Kraft did the right thing and the talk about this should end sooner than later. like maybe yesterday. I’m moving on and so too it would be a good idea if we all did.

  22. Pats fans ignore the fact there is proof Jastremski was called The Deflator, but are on every message board claiming ideal gas law like they knew what it was prior to 2 weeks ago.

  23. “I’m not sure if he had enough owners supporting him. I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him, and I didn’t hear what he had to say.

    But I’m going to comment on it anyway even though I don’t know anything…………says far too many people in ‘Merica today.

    I’m so sick of people forming opinions with no knowledge of what has happened.

  24. Kraft is a coward. That, or he found out that he had been lied to by brady.

    Either way… the patastricks are a laughingstock!

  25. If Kraft made a deal that he would fall on this sword as long as Brady doesn’t have to sit a single game for this then I guess that is okay.

    If Brady has to sit even one game still, then Kraft didn’t do the organization any favors and is dead to me.

  26. I wonder if Kraft accepted a forfeit of a first round draft pick because he doesn’t like them anyway?

    Instead he can use the millions he would have to pay an untested rookie on a proven free agent instead.

    This was just another very clever way Kraft is abusing the rules of the NFL. It’s kind of like Amy Farah Fowler telling Sheldon Cooper that she has been naughty and deserves a spanking.

  27. Kraft finally realized that the uber aggressive approach if making false accusations against others, demands of apologies, etc didn’t quite work out well for the likes of fellow cheaters such as Lance Armstrong, Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez.

  28. Not about PSI anymore. It’s more so not cooperating like the newly reported playboy Bob Kraft said he would do in the first place. Same with Tom.

  29. Sound advice and observation from one of the greatest Patriots and team-players ever, Troy Brown.


    No way Kraft backs down without some deal behind the scenes.

    Watch, Brady’s suspension will be reduced.

  31. What Kraft did was let the LEAGUE continue to smear the team & abandon his fan base for the all mighty dollar…
    I’ve never been more disappointed on an owner of the team I supported than I am with Kraft….
    Kraft did what was best for the wallet & not his fans!!
    How many billions does a guy need???
    He lost my support of 37 years & that’s something I NEVER thought could happen!!!
    I guess there’s always fantasy football

  32. He surrendered because it was his only option. That happens when you are guilty and you have no leverage. The Patriots won 3 SB’s by spying….were caught and then didn’t win another won until this year and they won that one by cheating. All of their SB’s are tainted. Bottom line is Kraft is an owner of a team with a sullied reputation and the way he spoke yesterday confirms that.
    In the end the Patriots are still lucky Belichick didn’t get suspended for at least a year like Sean Payton. Still can’t figure how he escaped all of this…ignorance didn’t work for Payton why does it work for mutiple offender…funny how you haven’t heard a word from him in months.

  33. Interesting comparison Troy. To have a former Pats player compare it to Wrestlemania may bother NE fan base but it’s not too far fetched of an analogy. Spygate (was more than filming from an incorrect spot in one game vs. Jets- insulting to not weigh everything it involved) and Deflategate (IMO came into play in more than just Indy playoff game) tilted outcomes not to a WWE level where league would be behind it ,but somewhere between Gaylord Perry and Lance Armstrong.
    Just like with Spygate where more evidence was destroyed AFTER penalties were announced NFL shared something they had with Kraft about Deflategate that had him quickly back down from his position of ” we will expect an apology/ we did nothing wrong/ we will appeal” mode.

  34. People keep saying Kraft is Goodell’s boss, in fact he is 1/32 of Goodell’s bosses. Old Robert was reminded of that recently. Other NFL bosses who took there punishment like men. Here’s how I think this thing works. A commissioner is put in place mainly to.keep players and organizations in check. Mainly just the players but if an owner breaks rank he is also given the power to set the owner straight. I think Robert got himself in trouble with the other owners 21/32 = Goodell. I also don’t think any deal was made he was told to stand down or get out.

  35. Stings??? How about feels as though the fans have been drawn and quartered by the owner that’s supposed to be such a fan himself. He turned his back on the very people who support his team and him for financial gain. Does Judas come to mind??? I have lost most of the respect that I had for him. I can’t support a quitter and that’s what he did. He basically said “my team cheated” when in fact it didn’t. Disappointment doesn’t even come close to the right feeling.

  36. What’s on Brady’s phone they want to keep hidden?

    Considering this is a team that gave millions to a serial killer, it could be literally anything.

  37. Know what a good NFL commissioner would have done when approached by the Colts about the Patriots under-inflating footballs?

    …he would have said thank you to the Colts, realizing there is a chance that part of the Colts complaint is about gaining some advantage when and if the same teams meet in the playoffs.

    A good commissioner would then go to Kraft and say …”what is this stuff I’m hearing about the Patriots footballs being under-inflated?”

    …”if it continues, I’m going to be forced drop the hammer on you”…got it Mr Kraft?

    THAT would have been the end of it…problem solved.

    But Goodell and his lack of any common sense sets up a sting operation to try to catch the Patriots and now we have a mess.

    How many times does Goodell have to exhibit poor judgement before the owners realize, something is not right with Goodell concerning his lack of common sense.

  38. Geez, I hope I get one of those “a personal message from Robert Kraft” in my inbox explaining to me that his decision was for the good of the game, and to continue to trust him. But he probably won’t mention it was also for the good of his wallet. I wonder what ‘discretionary fund’ was funneled over from the NFL coffers to make this all go away. Everybody expects Brady’s suspension to be reduced. Not good enough!

  39. It’s very obvious to anyone with more than 20 brain cells that some kind of backroom deal has been cut between the league and Kraft. Quite frankly I’m offended that Brown would insult my intelligence by stating that Kraft just backed down. Kraft is a standoffish jerk who would never do such a thing. Look for Brady’s suspension to be reduced to two games.
    What a sham

  40. There was no win to be had in a long fight. You’re still going to be super bowl champions. There’s always going to be a footnote next to the championship whenever it’s written about. And Goodell is still making you billions of dollars to heal your bruised ego. NFL are so blind and uncaring you will lose absolutely no profits from being caught cheating to win a championship. So what point is there really?

  41. One of the most level headed comments I’ve heard on this topic. The evidence was circumstantial but Kraft is a savvy person and didn’t want to deal with the collateral damage. Belichick hoards draft picks and I wouldnt be surprised if somehow he snuck up the draft boards through a trade or something over the next few years. Time to focus on football.

  42. This is hardly “surrender”; this is a change in tactics by a man playing the long game with his business partners and the league. Brady suspension goes from 4 to 2.

  43. He won three tainted*** SB’s with the Pats. I thank Robert Kraft for embracing yet another taint without a fight. Alot of initial “brew ha ha” about fighting it but after he saw that the league would expose the Pats and Brady even worse he backed down. Pats fans got worked up because they thought a fight was coming. HAHAHA

    “I receive the taint”, should be the Pats slogan for 2015.

  44. Brady has appeal rights through the NFLPA, owners don’t have that available to them.

    His only recourse would be to initiate legal proceedings, which could have taken years to resolve as when Al Davis sued the NFL.

    It’s frustrating in the sense that I feel this whole debacle would be exposed for the sham it is in court, but it’s perfectly understandable that Kraft just wants it to be over and done.

    Plus, “best thing for the league” blah blah blah and all that.

  45. Pats had a lot more right to appeal the draft pick than Brady had to appeal his suspention. The organization didn’t know about the scheme. Brady was the ringleader and didn’t cooperate fully. They dragged their feet but more or less cooperated.

  46. Kraft put the needs of his billionaire buddies ahead of those of the fans of his franchise. That kind of disservice to his most vocal supporters will not soon be forgotten.

    Despicable coward.

  47. What a privileged admssion to guilt— Make yourself look like it’s being done for benefit of the league..

    Here’s an idea Mr. Kraft…. Go to your coaches and players and tell them to respect the rules!
    Stop cheating and you won’t have any problems.

    A professional wrestler once said, “You can legally choke an opponent for 4 seconds…but it’s illegal to choke for 5 seconds.”

  48. Translation:

    “We’ve always cheated one way or another and everyone in the organization knows it, so why let the NFL call us on it now?”

    Let me clue you in as to what happened.

    “Sorry Bob but we have much more evidence, damning evidence, but for the good of the shield, I squashed it. However, if we go to court, no one’s risking perjury and when the public and other owners find the truth we’ll be forced to suspend you, Brady and Belichick for a year and give you two strikes.

    Your call.”

  49. Spin it as you want, no one sits back and takes the harsh penalties imposed on them without a fight unless they knew they were going to lose an appeal. Anyone who feels they are right in anything will find a way to get vindication using any method they have available. To roll over and then say that they have to get ready to play without Brady for four games tells me two things. First, the Patriots know what they did. Second, the Patriots know what Brady did. There is no doubt that Brady’s appearance at every single OTA reeks of the employee who knows he is in trouble at work and doesn’t miss any time for an extended period of time to keep the management from having an excuse to call him in. Great Brady or not, the Patriots have no qualms in moving away from great players, as they have done many times in the past, believing it is Bellicek and the system that makes 6th round QBs great. Montana, Unitas, Favre, Manning et. al. are all better than Brady in their prime and they were sent packing in their last few years. Kraft hates negative attention and Brady has brought on the worst attention the Patriots have had since Spygate.

  50. No way those balls were deflated … oops
    No way the Patriots will get in trouble … oops
    No way Tom Brady will be suspended … oops
    No way the Patriots will lose draft picks … oops
    No way Kraft will accept the punishment … oops
    No way Brady’s suspension will stand …

  51. Kraft may have sold Tom Brady down the river for the good of the league. If you have values, do not compromise them. Kraft thought he was right but values his relationship and revered position among the owner group more.

  52. Brady didn’t need a back room deal to beat this… Even if the commish lowers or doesn’t lower the suspension this FARCE of a league investigation would have got completely overturned by a nutral arbitrator or in the courts, of THAT I have no doubt!!!
    Even losing Brady for 4 games could have been overcome but the feeling of abandonment by Kraft is where I struggle
    To Put the dollars in front of his fan base & try to sell how much of a fan he himself supposedly is it what REALLY HURTS…
    I could have lived all day with him fighting this & losing( which I feel he wouldn’t) but to just cave & basically say it’s ok to call us cheaters because I’ll still make millions is total CRAP to true fans!!!!
    I love the TEAM but the owner is a JOKE in my eyes…
    I just wonder what being part of a LEAGUE that is RUN by such an incompitant PUTZ can be so appealing about that you’d allow it to smear your franchise & FANS… Oh wait, MONEY… How many Billions does a guy need before he won’t abandon his fan base for more???

  53. he got a pass to cheat somehow again,only way they win.keep your eye on them…

  54. When are people going to point to the head guy in all of the Pat scandals and realize that either Mr Kraft is fully aware of what is going on during Spygate and this scandal or he is clueless of what is going on in his organization. Understanding that he is a ‘Crafty’ business man, I pick the former. He is fully aware of what goes on in his organization but now he is being portrayed as a guy falling on his sword for the good of the league. I say BS!

  55. Goodell was going to expose what REALLY happened during Spygate and what was on the tapes he destroyed. There was NO logical reason to destroy just hand signals taped during a game. ANY dumb person that believes that was the only thing on those tapes needs to have a checkup from the neck up. Goodell was going to show the Pats for the cheaters they really are!!

  56. “That, as much as anything, was the message Kraft sent yesterday.” Wrong! The message sent was Kraft is a snake, and he knows his fan base and a minority of puppet journalists will blindly follow his own rhetoric despite the most basic principles of logic. There was never a chance of a Patriot appeal and there is no back-door deal to reduce Brady’s suspension. Kraft spent serious money advancing a defense that would have been shredded in the appeals process, and he certainly knew this. And now, like snakes do, he wants that defense to be a fortress for Pats fan while feigning to take the high road in his public statements…..not gonna work! Unfortunately the stink from Spygate and Deflategate will never be removed from their legacy.

  57. Gee I thought the message from yesterday was “we’re guilty, we got caught and I’m throwing Tom Brady under the bus.”

  58. I’m counting on Brady to get this into court and to bury those frauds at the NFL and the incompetent clown they call Commissioner…

    Kraft did what was in his best “business” interest… not what was in the interest of the fan base.

    I’ll have a very hard time supporting this team having backed down in the face of the lynch mob…. many others will as well I’m sure.

  59. Hey Pats fans, Kraft didn’t screw you by admitting guilt, THEY’RE GUILTY.

    He screwed you by fostering an environment where cheating was encouraged and now as Brady draws near the end of his career you’ll never know how much legitimate success this team may have enjoyed.


    Pats = Lance Armstrong

    (As a side note, how’s that fund raising going?

    You have to admit, you guys have sounded like the jilted school girl who refused to believe your boyfriend was cheating until he asked someone else to the prom right in front of you.

    EHL – OH – EHL)

  60. newsletterczar says:
    “..This is hardly “surrender”; this is a change in tactics by a man playing the long game with his business partners and the league…”

    Actually, Kraft backing down the way he did is the very definition of surrender.

  61. Troy,
    It’s gonna be an honor to watch you and Ty in the last installment of The NFL’s Greatest Dynasties tonight on NFL Network. I couldn’t be more proud of our unrivaled success. BTW where to you guys figure Tom “Terrific” will land on The Top 100 Players of 2015? I betting either #1 or #2.

  62. I feel for the Pats fanbase. You guys (and girls) have come here to defend the wall and Kraft pulls the drawbridge up behind your backs, leaving you hanging out to dry. He doesn’t have to deal with all the trolls/haters/asterisk distributors/cheater accusations that fans do. I was trolling you guys pretty hard until a couple days ago and I’m sorry for it now. I can’t describe the nexus of confused emotions I’m experiencing over all of this. I thought, before my about-face, that I would feel smug satisfaction like I did when the punishment was first announced but I’m just baffled instead. Maybe disgusted. I feel like I’ve been a puppet and I’m unsure who was the marionette.

  63. I’m not a Patriots fan.

    But it’s typical that the haters are going to use this as some sort of “evidence” against them. It’s tiring and ridiculous.

    Owners don’t have appeal rights. Taking this thing to court would be a HUGE decision. It’s not just a simple lawsuit. The owners are supposed to just go along with whatever justice the league hands out. Al Davis sued the league and won, but it took years. It’s understandable that Kraft didn’t feel like making that step and tying himself up in legal proceedings for who knows how long.

    I don’t believe that any of the NE SB wins are tainted in the least. Both spygate and deflategate have been overblown, overhyped, hysterical overreactions to minor-at-best, debatable infractions. You can dub them “cheating” all you want if it makes you feel better, but it’s nonsense.

  64. …”if it continues, I’m going to be forced drop the hammer on you”…got it Mr Kraft?

    THAT would have been the end of it…problem solved.


    It obviously didn’t because of Brady’s arrogance. That’s what this is all about. Arrogance. Brady’s got a ton of it and that’s why he’s getting 4 games. Dude needs humbled.

  65. Kraft supposedly caving in to the NFL = Brady’s phone records remain in Brady’s possession. If the NFL reduces the suspension they will have a huge PR issue to deal with, especially with the Ravens and Vikes fans.

  66. Judging by some of the Pats fans comments there seems to be two things going on in Foxborough.

    1) It’s cold. They all have the sniffles.

    2) The wooden bleachers are drying out and are full of splinters. They’re all Butthurt.

  67. Spygate was a joke… this is an even bigger joke. Trolls want you to believe the spygate tapes were destroyed…. WRONG!
    Google it…. Jay Glazer of Fox still has a complete set… just more crap whining from losers…

    Which leads me to this:

    “Lately, in our society, it seems that we have sympathy only for the losers and misfits. Let us also cheer for the doers and the winners.”

    Vince Lombardi

  68. He quit because he knew he was busted. The only reason he carped at all was for rabid Pats fans. I want Bradys phone messages. Then Belichich is gone too. I knrw it would never go to court. Kraft never wanted that. You fans of Pats know this. If not, sue! Demand in court this be addressed. You will get a call from the Pats front office asking (pleading) to stop. I’m just a small town football lawyer, but I declare the Patriots are perfectly illegal. Its all illegal.

  69. newsletterczar says:
    “..This is hardly “surrender”; this is a change in tactics by a man playing the long game with his business partners and the league…”

    ~ Baghdad Bob Kraft

  70. Surrender is what happens when you are defeated. The Patriots are Guilty, he knew the evidence was conclusive and understood fighting it would have worse results than playing the victim card.

  71. Everyone confuses Goodell being a jacka** with him being stupid. He may be the former, but he is not the latter. He played the Patriots, plain and simple. He had more dirt on them, whatever it was, and he timed this right around the owners meeting so he could get Kraft to back down and take his medicine. And he will do the same to Brady, watch. Tom Brady will walk away from this with his tail between his legs, suspension upheld.

    And now, when people look back at Brown and Bruschi and all the other clowns from the Patriot Cirque du Cheat, there will be no honor, no pride, no “dynasty”, just shame.



  72. it still remains the be played out

    Brady has been fully exonerated by the science. The facts actually prove the balls were not deflated. Kraft helped publicize the facts, but realized the sports writers and media across America is too blinded by their hatred of his Patriots. The media wins by creating a hysteria surrounding this non-story, by increasing their ratings and getting the fans of other teams riled up. The other owners love it, as it takes heat of themselves for mismanaging their own teams. From listening to talk radio here in New York city, the radio personalities never read the Wells report and they are ignorant of science. But they know they must appeal to their fan base, which hates the Patriots.

    If I was Brady I would try to get traded to another team. I would not play another game for Kraft, since he caved so quickly. He recently re-negotiated to help Kraft save some cap money. Many teams would take Brady and pay him more than Kraft. I am hoping Philadelphia get him. He would take the the Eagles to a Super Bowl next year. Would be the first QB to win Super Bowls with 2 different teams.

  73. So many people on this site know so very little about NFL football and how the games are won and lost and it has very little to do with air pressure, or filming other teams. Al Davis is the only owner that took the league to court, and it is a long drawn out thing to try to instigate such a proceeding. So many negative points with so little understanding of the game or the legal processes and detours within the league’s legal structure that without a firm understanding most poster don’t have a clue what they are talking about. He did the right thing and that is why what Al Davis did was far beyond the norm. The NFL are the owners of the teams and their players etc. You talk to you fellow owners and others who know what is the best thing to do moving forward. To end this constant squabbling and ridiculous session of non stop arguments about who did what to whom. The Wells Report is not taken seriously but the league and the season ahead are taken very seriously. I don’t pretend to know why everything is done or not but I assume if Brady’s right to take the league to the next legal level was not happening then maybe Robert Kraft would have acted differently but it is so Kraft does not have to worry about Brady at this time. NFL games are won and lost on the field period and in the trenches, and not ever because of what so many ill informed fans seem to think. However many seasons the Patriots have dominated and won Superbowls for their great play will never lesson the pain the fans of other teams feel when their teams cannot rise to that level. To keep singing the childish cheating taunts of childhood to make you point should be a part of the NFL, but in left in the memories of your obvious frustrating childhood. Those tactics are for losers hiding behind their keyboards and their teams loosing ways. Accusing the Patriots or any other team of cheating does not prove a thing and cannot help your team win, but if it makes you feel better that is your problem, not the rest of these readers. None of us kno anything for certain so why make statements that a pure subjective in nature, without admitting that in the first place. Most in the know realize Kraft had very little choice that would not have kept this subject on the agenda for far too long and to the detriment of the league and the season ahead and he chose not to pull an Al Davis. Keep reading and see how many NFL people in the know agree with his decision. It’s more likely than not a majority agree with Robert’s decision.

  74. I agree completely with Troy Brown.

    If the NFL does not continue it’s harsh punishments it is meting out to the cheaters of this league, and I think you all know who I’m referring to, the NFL will have all the credibility of professional wrestling.

  75. Just a quick reminder to anyone saying the first three SBs were tainted – spygate was a violation of a rule put in place in 2006. Those championships were in 2001, 2003, and 2004. All three of those years took place before 2006.

    Ok, carry on.

  76. I hope this whole ugly,stupid episode makes the Pats that much harder to beat,as in an “Us against the world” mentality on the field. I think that if Brady winds up serving the entire 4 games,the Indianapolis Colts are in for a major beatdown when he comes back. I know the world hates them,but they have been my team all my life. This will not change it.

  77. Pssssssssssssssssssssssssss, deflate it. Deflate it real good. -Bird & JJ

  78. Sirius XM Radio saying how mad the Pats are going to be and that they will win the superbowl now etc.. They lost talent, they wont be back to the superbowl, the Pats are going to loose 8 games this year at the least. Bank it. Say good bye to the bad guy.

  79. If they got away with cheating before, they’ll try it again and again.

    Video tapes…. illegal (or shady) substitutions, PSIs….

    People fighting on the Pats side must have forgotten all the other times these guys have been in the news in the offseason for the wrong reasons.

    Belicheat flubs his injury report on a weekly basis.
    Walk the line as long as it gives your team an edge.

    If that’s the NFL you want… keep putting the Pats on a pedestal.

  80. Kraft chose to secure his seat at the Billionaires Club while turning his back on the fans that fill his stadium, and pay over inflated prices for everything because love this team. That was his choice, Boston fans aren’t happy but the other 31 teams are, that is what’s important to him. People call him a great owner, as long as the money flows back into his pockets he’s a great owner. He will pay a price for this with the home town crowd, because sadly we just got an eye opening example of what this franchise will become when Bill and Tom are gone.

  81. @bobbiehank

    I’ll stipulate to all your points. However, you’ll have to explain how / why Mr Self Righteous published the wellsincontext report? why the sanctimonious self serving interview with Peter King? Where’s his ” I’m a fan, just like you” attitude that he’s successfully sold for years.

    If concern for the league was soooo paramount, why didn’t he take his punishment for the good of all concerned on day one?

    # surrender monkey kraft

  82. @mikermiker, that’s an excellent and honest comment you submitted at 9:21am. I even got a chuckle from it. 🙂

    May I add a few more?

    No way the Jets don’t lose draft picks for tampering … oops

    No way the Patriots don’t get an apology … oops.

  83. It’s so funny to read comments on here from “avid” fans.

    Talk to any normal person outside of the dregs of football message boards and everyone understands that spygate was advanced acouting for coaches dumb enough to use the same signals and that deflating a football .5 psi has minimal affect on a 19 game season for the Pats.

    I live outside of NE in the Virginia/DC area where theres tons of fans from all over the country. Not one has ever called the Pats cheaters and in fact they all tell me I dont get to complain about sports since the Boston area has dominated the last decade and half.

    So funny.

  84. It will never tarnish their legacy it didn’t for Pittsburgh Dallas Denver San Francisco on and on haters eat it losers kiss the rings keep on hating your bloody losers

  85. Kraft didn’t blink when filing tampering charges against the Jets…


  86. Normal and rationale thinking fans of the NFL are more than a little perplexed at the absurd reactions of the Patriot fans. Calling Kraft a “surrender monkey” or other ridiculous names just goes to show the levels you were duped by your team. You were taken in by the hyper aggressive defense approach by the Pats, which ended up blowing up in their faces.

    The fact is the non-cooperation and aggressive and insulting defense caused the league and media to come down harder on you and deservedly so. Just admit the wrong doing, the punishment, and move on. Stop with the conspiracy theories and accusing Kraft of “surrendering”.

  87. What does the USA stand for these days?

    Doing whatever it takes to go the easy way.

    Can’t have conflict. Can’t have reality. Everyone must pretend everything is fine until the end comes.

    Well guess what Mr. Kraft, now this fascist crap is set with precedence and will be happening constantly in various forms to everyone in the league.

    This makes things worse, not better.

  88. The more I think about this the more I’d be pissed if I was Tom Brady. He’s probably a better person than I am but if I were him and I saw my team’s owner cut my legs out like he did yesterday I would hold a press conference where I would adamantly express my innocence but “reluctantly” accept my penalty and then proclaim that I will never take another snap as QB of the NEP (written on a napkin) and demand to be traded to the Buffalo Bills for a 1st and 4th round picks. I think Buffalo would do it; it would make them instant Super Bowl contenders and the Patriots have done this before (i.e. Drew Bledsoe). And then watch all those Bills fans who’ve hated Brady drool out of their toothless mouths salivating to get Brady to Buffalo. That would be epic.

  89. Innocent people don’t waive white flags…

    This is the Pats reputation and legacy on the line.

    They wouldn’t surrender unless there is something darker lurking in the shadows.

  90. mjdkid100 says:
    May 20, 2015 10:47 AM
    It’s so funny to read comments on here from “avid” fans.

    Talk to any normal person outside of the dregs of football message boards and everyone understands that spygate was advanced acouting for coaches dumb enough to use the same signals and that deflating a football .5 psi has minimal affect on a 19 game season for the Pats.

    I live outside of NE in the Virginia/DC area where theres tons of fans from all over the country. Not one has ever called the Pats cheaters and in fact they all tell me I dont get to complain about sports since the Boston area has dominated the last decade and half.

    So funny.

    So true. Here’s the breakdown:

    75% of fans mostly forget about this as time passes, whether the Pats did it or not

    20% of fans will enjoy poking Pats fans occasionally with “yea but didn’t they cheat to win?” comments, with mostly humor behind them ultimately knowing the Pats are an all-time great dynasty

    5% of fans are the unreasonable internet commenters who believe every yard gained was the result of evil deceit and malicious tactics.

    I can live with this 5% feeling that way while I watch gorgeous NFL Films clips of Pats dynasty in slow motion on NFL Network every year for all eternity.

  91. Patriots fans are so upset with this move. The last 2 weeks the team has built us up to get ready for a fight, and even though we would have likely lost, the fact is we needed to be able to go down swinging.

  92. All of this was orchestrated the Patriot are in bed with the NFL Commissioner… Everyone knew this was going to be a slap on this wrist… Next team to try something be careful… the NFL will flex on you… Indeed…

  93. To all you turd nuggets that constantly call the Pats cheaters and talk about asterisks … you obviously don’t understand what Spygate really was.

    When NE won their first 3 Super Bowls, videotaping from the sideline was 100% completely legal. How did they cheat to win those? Just ignore the facts and run with the propaganda.

    Prior to the start of the 07 season, the league banned filming the opponents sideline from the field. Filming the opponents sideline is actually still perfectly legal to this day. But in 07 they changed the rule (again, after NE already won 3 championships). Filming must now be done from a location as to not be accessible during the current game.

    Belichick got busted 3 weeks after the rule change. That’s why his defense was that he didn’t view the tapes during the current game. He got caught and deserved the punishment.

    Once again … NE won their first 3 Super Bowls while what they were doing was 100% completely legal. How was that cheating again?

    I challenge ANYBODY do debunk my points. And address the points specifically. Don’t just spout off nonsense. Address my points and tell me how I’m wrong.

  94. Somebody above wrote:

    “When internet trolls win, no one does.”

    Best comment I’ve read in weeks.

  95. To dispel one of the (many) fallacies put forth by Pats-homers…

    Owners *can* appeal. It was known that the Patriots organization had until this Thursday to file an appeal. And when Kraft says “we will not appeal” that’s exactly what he means.

    I wish you trolls would deal with just facts…reading through the chaff of your imaginary arguments is a waste of our time.

  96. He accepted the punishment because he’s smart enough to understand that he couldn’t get it overturned. Goodell’s not going to overturn his own decision on appeal and litigation against the NFL would fail.

    He knows that by accepting the penalty there will be chumps saying that it is an admission of guilt – he clearly admits no such thing.

    The penalty is a complete joke but he is paying for helping to make Goodell untouchable.

  97. So I was reading this article from November of 2012 titled “natural ways to deflate a bloated belly” and I thought to myself, damn this patriots conspiracy is deep.

  98. 6ball says:
    May 20, 2015 6:26 AM

    Why hasn’t there been an outcry for the Patriots to be stripped of their championship? Why must America be forced to watch a team who cheated, hoist the championship flag on opening night?

    Are you really this thick?

    Because if they did, then Kraft wouldn’t be accepting the penalties and then there really would be court case.

    The golden goose is the NFL. And even Kraft doesn’t want to bring it down. Its not good for business if Kraft and the NFL has a drag out in the public eye, it would hurt them both, and I am sure a LOT of crap about the NFL would come out that would turn people off of the sport.

    Kraft is being the good soldier here, that’s it.

  99. The penalty to the team may sound harsh, but is actually a complete joke. Here’s why:

    A million dollars. Sounds like a hell of a lot of money. Bob Kraft is worth about 4.3 billion dollars. A billion is a thousand million. Picture a million dollars stacked up. Now picture 4,300 stacks just like that one. That is what Kraft is worth. The fine is only one of those 4,300 stacks.

    So the fine is 1/4,300 or one forty three hundredth of his fortune. To put it in perspective, a millionaire who has a net worth of just a million dollars, this fine is the equivalent to $232.00. Half your schmucks reading this are probably lucky to have a net worth of $50,000.00. That would be the equivalent to you paying an $11.00 fine.

    Regarding the draft picks …

    Half the players drafted in the first round just 3 or 4 years ago are already out of the league. Chances are that NE’s first round pick next year will be toward the end of the pack. Look back and see how many first round busts there have been. You’ll run out of fingers pretty quick. Then look back and see how many steals came from the second, third and fourth rounds. Plenty.

    So does this really hurt NE? Barely. Now if this penalty was accepted by Kraft in order to eliminate Tom Brady’s suspension … it was the move of the century.

    The internet basher trolls swear they’ve won this one … but the Patriots will win in the end once again.

    And there will be a banner unveiled in Foxboro at some point later this year. Likely the season opener with Brady dressed and ready to kickoff.

    Let the fuming begin!

  100. No troy he sided with his billionaire partners and threw the fans , coach , qb , and every that works for the patriots under the bus when he knows they league is wrong and can prove it . i will not support the pats again until he is no longer owner , what a disgrace .

  101. To all you turd nuggets that constantly call the Pats cheaters and talk about asterisks … you obviously don’t understand what Spygate really was.
    No the problem is that we DO understand spygate, that is the problem.

  102. Robert is about $$. A long drawn out fight would have been bad for the business of ALL owners…by damaging the shield. The simplistic negative posts are hilarious. Just wait, if Brady follows through as an innocent man would–by going through the appeals process with an independent party, possibly even taking it further than that…the narrative will change because he will likely have to supply his texts, possibly his phone. He was absolutley correct in not giving anything on his phone to the clown car that is the NFL at that time.
    If he’s innocent and wants to be exonerated, regardless of what Kraft does, or did, he (Brady) will do what’s necessary…even a legal battle. If he suddenly backs off, takes a reduced penalty, or any penalty…that will look guilty. If I am Brady, I am sitting on a pile of tall cash, and they have no proof of wrongdoing on my part, and theres nothing on my phone, I bury the NFL, and Goodell…in public, in court. I even publicly state I may consider suing the NFL for monetary damages, if he can prove he had some deals that stalled, or tanked because of this circus. Anything short of that out of Tom, looks bad. We will see what he does.

  103. The real beauty here is watching patriots fans go back and forth from betrayal-fueled rage to the same familiar smugness that allows the delusional to see every move as a master stroke of genius, rather than what it is.
    This is not Kraft masterfully maneuvering the league; its Kraft admitting they got caught. If anything is unseen here, it’s stuff the league didn’t want coming to light. Pats fans should just take it and move on.

  104. For all the haters, sucks that your teams didn’t win the superbowl doesn’t it. This was not an admission of guilt but rather a realization on Kraft’s part that you can’t fight city hall especially when it has it in for you and is corrupt.
    Either through appeal or court if necessary Tom Brady will not miss a game to suspension because the league still has not concrete proof for the 4 or 5 million they paid Ted ‘the angry elf’ Wells.

  105. Pete Carroll you should of said that the Patriots hacked your communications and it was them and not you who called a pass instead of a run on that fateful play. Because most of the foolish haters would of believed you.

  106. rcosborne59 says:
    May 20, 2015 12:44 PM

    For all the haters,
    Let’s stop there. I am a hater. A hater of CHEATING! If your favorite team CHEATS then they fall in that category. It is that simple. The Patriots have been caught cheating TWICE. Try and justify the cheating anyway you like, but in the end, it is still cheating…

  107. I guess we’ll never know the truth. We’ll have to learn to live with a set of conflicting reports — the first being for all intents and purposes “inconclusive. “

  108. Are you really this thick?

    Because if they did, then Kraft wouldn’t be accepting the penalties and then there really would be court case.

    The golden goose is the NFL. And even Kraft doesn’t want to bring it down. Its not good for business if Kraft and the NFL has a drag out in the public eye, it would hurt them both, and I am sure a LOT of crap about the NFL would come out that would turn people off of the sport.

    Kraft is being the good soldier here, that’s it.
    Just keep repeating that to yourself…….

  109. If Malcolm Butler didn’t pick that pass off and Seattle scored the TD and went on to win, people would be saying the choice to pass rather than run was the best call in the history of the Super Bowl.

    “Everybody on the planet was expecting Lynch to run the ball. But they passed and scored! Pete Carroll is coach of the year!”

    Funny how when it’s the Patriots, things are different. Instead of saying Seattle choked or that Butler made the greatest play of the Super Bowl era … they say Seattle handed them the win. Amazing.

  110. The Patriots should be flattered by a tent ion of historic proportions. All these fans thinking so often and so hard about a team other than their rooting interest.

  111. The MEDIA has blown this WAY out of proportion IMO.
    Lawyers are profiting on EVERY side here, and there will be no resolution but the media keeps pressuring everyone involved to keep this story going so that they can bury stories that would expose liberal hypocrisy and crimes.

  112. Somehow,everything that’s wrong with the NFL is the fault of the Patriots. That’s what all the haters want you to believe. I’m not defending “Deflategate”,as stupid as it is,but the whole thing is just so ridiculous. The media has been stuck on this story longer than Peterson,Rice and Lewis combined. Oh,and let’s not forget Aaron Hernandez…the Patriots knew he was a murderer when they signed him,right?

  113. Funny how when it’s the Patriots, things are different. Instead of saying Seattle choked or that Butler made the greatest play of the Super Bowl era … they say Seattle handed them the win. Amazing.

    This takes the cake. Not only is this arrogant entitled brat obnoxious now he is trying for the King of Paranoia. Sorry Timmy the world revolves around the sun and not the Cheetos….grow up.

  114. The only victims in this debacle are the Pats’ fans. They have no control over any of this. They just love their team and are defending them. Can’t fault them for that. Even if the Pats did cheat, its still not the fans fault. So I am exonerating the Pats fan base.

  115. The league and fans of 31 teams declared war on the Patriots. This is a war we cannot avoid by turning our backs on it. The only way to end this war is to fight it and win. Kraft has the Pats fan base behind him. He needs to lead us into battle, with real bullets if necessary. It’s been awhile since we had a good Civil War in this country.

  116. Stand up and demand that the Patriots victory in the Super Bowl be vacated and the Seahawks be proclaimed as “legitimate” champions. Send a message to the Krafts and Goodells of the world that ” cheaters never prosper”.

    Really? SeaHawks had their chance and blew it!

  117. The only victims in this debacle are the Pats’ fans

    I disagree. What about the fans of the teams the Patriots cheated against? They won their four Super Bowls by a total of 12 points. What about the fans of the teams they barely beat in the Super Bowls while cheating?

  118. What about the fans of the teams the Patriots cheated against? They won their four Super Bowls by a total of 12 points. What about the fans of the teams they barely beat in the Super Bowls while cheating?

    you only need to win by 1… so the Pat won by 12x the amount necessary to win.

  119. “What about the fans of the teams they barely beat in the Super Bowls while cheating?”


    The Patriots didn’t cheat in any of them. Taping from the sidelines was 100% completely legal when they won those 3 Super Bowls. That is an indisputable fact.

    And how did they cheat in this most recent one versus Seattle?

  120. One team heats balls on the sideline in front of cameras and gets a warning, another is convicted on a couple of vague texts over balls that weren’t actually deflated, and gets hammered. Nice league, Roger the Clown. Clearly, this is “parity” at work.

  121. So let’s sum up the NEW Pats’ fans position.

    Kraft folded despite being innocent because billionaires value, above all else, the money the league generates and a prolonged battle regardless of outcome hurts the shield and the NFL money machine.

    The NFL went after the Pats despite them being innocent because billionaires don’t value money or worry about hurting the NFL money machine and don’t care if they get into a prolonged battle regardless that they are trying to frame an innocent team.

    Makes as much sense as the “deflator” and the magically dropping fumble numbers.

  122. Kraft got told by his 31 equals “We’re tired of your crap. This isn’t Bobby’s World where you get to cheat while the rest of us stand around. Now get up there and make some speech about ‘the good of the League’ so we can salvage some PR out of the turd-burger you’ve served up to America; Brady’s suspension stands; and we’d better not hear another peep out of you when you get back to New England.”

    To which Bobby replied “Yes sir” and did as he was told.

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