Chargers owner says he still wants to stay in San Diego


The Chargers have looked into sharing a stadium with the Raiders in Carson. They’ve bought land. They have Carmen Policy working on the behalf of the stadium they might move into.

But team chairman Dean Spanos keeps saying he wants to stay in San Diego, even though he hadn’t seen the mayor’s advisory group’s proposal prior to leaving the owners meetings yesterday.

“I think they submitted some sort of framework of a potential financing plan,” Spanos told Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego. “That’s what we’re going to take a look at this week . . . I’ve always said, and I maintain the fact we want to stay in San Diego. We’re committed to keep trying to see if there is a viable solution. It has now come down to a financing plan, so I am anxious to see what the city puts forth.”

Spanos said he was going to look at the plan when he returned, and he may have already.  But the clock is ticking, especially with momentum building to have a team in Los Angeles by 2016.

Owners heard proposals from both L.A. stadium groups, as well as from potential movers the Chargers, Rams and Raiders.

“I know what the San Diego market is all about,’ Spanos said. “I’ve been there for 31 years. It’s a great market. This is all going to come down to: Can we find a viable solution from a financing perspective?”

That’s not even a thinly veiled threat, for a guy with all the cards, and the possibility of a new stadium for a team that has been looking for one for years.

28 responses to “Chargers owner says he still wants to stay in San Diego

  1. Would the league really put two teams from the same division in the same city and same stadium? That doesn’t seem to make any sense but that is today’s NFL.

  2. All the sports talk radio in San Diego are almost saying that it is a forgone conclusion that the Chargers are leaving even with the new plan coming out from the city task force.

    With that said, I really believe it’s not about the money with Mr. Spanos. He will stay in San Diego if the terms are favorable.

    The city government and mayor needs to worry less about political cover and make an honest effort to get this deal done.

    The mayor is talking about puting it to a public vote when we don’t have time for that. Jed York made the most accurate comment on the San Diego situation. It’s the 4th qtr with two minutes to go and San Diego is behind. Time to make some plays.

  3. This longtime SD fan and resident figures they are gone. The city is just too dysfunctional to get a stadium done and Spanos will get a better deal in LA. I see the Raiders staying, though, and think it will be the Rams and Chargers back in LA.

  4. Raiders and Chargers seem to be using LA as a bargaining chip whereas the Rams seem to genuinely want to move there. I’d want the team that wants to be there.

  5. it is such a simple financial plan… these so called ‘geniuses’ only know to use other peoples money for wealth… the stadium should have a shopping center attached to it with bars on top. Add a casino for betting and tax revenue.. There is NO reason why anyone/politician should be asking the people for money like the McDonalds people begging for a raise. … Approach Apple if they would like to ‘show and tell’ gadgets at the stadium as a ‘tech’ internet current event.

  6. The Spanos’s have always wanted to stay in San Diego. For well over 10 years they have tried to get a disfunctional city and county to come together and present a viable plan for financing. The threat to LA, and better leadership in SD, has made it a prority to for SD to get a plan together NOW that will work for SD and the Chargers. They have the framework in place, and now negotiations can finally begin. The NFL does not want to leave the SD market. They really want SD to have a Super bowl caliber stadium and to eventually market the NFL south of the border. They want the Kroenke money to inverst in the LA market. It will get done in SD, then the Rams will move to LA.

  7. Other billionaire owners like Robert Kraft, Stephen Ross, Arthur Blank and the Wilfs spend their money to build/upgrade their stadiums, but fellow billionaire, Spanos wants the San Diego taxpayers to build his. The proposed move to Los Angeles is an old ploy to pressure the local government to get him a decent new stadium in San Diego. Mark Davis wants a new stadium too. Spanos and Davis are hustlers and Commissioner Goodell approves of this shakedown.

  8. “I want to stay in San Diego, but only if the city gives me $1 billion”

  9. The city, for once, is smart enough to not cave into wasteful spending that won’t pay for itself.

    Let the billionaire pay for it himself…i mean, all he did was inherit the money anyway. San Diego will be just fine with only 1 major sports team.

    -long time SD native

  10. Thsi just in from Mr. Spanos: “If Inglewood or Carson buy me a new mansion and pays relocation to one of those fine cities, my position is subject to change”.

  11. Dean has always wanted to stay in San Diego. It’s the city and the stadium issue that keep this issue from going forward. #sad!

  12. It will be a sad day when the San Diego Chargers are no longer THE San Diego Chargers. I will always remember them being THE best of the AFL. I will also miss watching the Chargers in Qualcomm stadium on TV with the vivid blue sky & all the NFL team flags hanging from the top of the stadium. Bummer.

  13. So if the owner pays for the stadium than they don’t need to pay taxes to the city for the land or event fees right?Oh no that’s right the city will expect fees and taxes to be able to hold events there as well.If the city wants a new stadium they can pitch in too

  14. By city dysfunction, what is really meant is the city’s refusal to pay for half or most of the $1B that it will cost to keep the Spanos family from moving the Chargers.

    He’s free to leave, it’s his team.
    He’s only loyal to money and if he can make significantly more money through PSL’s and SB’s in paid-for-by-taxpayers then by all means GTFO of San Diego. Plenty of people can’t afford to live here already and you’re not obligated to stay for the sake of my entertainment.

    This statement just reiterates “I want to stay in San Diego if you build me a new stadium”

  15. If you want to stay in San Diego, then the solution is very simple. Build your own damned workplace. Why should the public pay for your place of work, especially one that already exists? Oh, it’s old and you want gold plated railing? Do what everyone else does and get a loan? You certainly have the collateral. Or, as a multibillionaire of a billion dollar team in a league worth tens of billions of dollars, you could re-build your own lavish palace.

    I’m an LA homeowner and taxpayer. I refuse to pay even one cent towards the new stadiums in Carson or Inglewood or downtown LA.

  16. Mr. Gantt, if you think Spanos is holding “all the cards,” then you really don’t have much familiarity with the situation. His position is about as weak as it could be, and he knows it.

  17. I don’t know what to think about, he was saying he need the report for the meeting and then they give him the report before the meeting and he says he will read it when gets back to San Diego??? So why did he make such a big deal about needing it and then not read it???? I guess you don’t have to have a report when you are not going to use the dam thing.. Bye Bye Chargers have fun in Carson. I hope your 25% fan base will support the team for 2 years in a High School field while they build your Raider Palace…

  18. There are people in here who would double cross their own family over much less money… but, are all about “doing the right thing”.. telling Dean how he should spend the money his family EARNED.

    I may not agree with what he does, but I’ll be damned if I am going to tell a successful man to come out of pocket to commit to “saving” a city (that is trash-talking him non-stop), that has been as entitled to have this football team as San Diego has. I don’t put my hand in another man’s wallet. San Diego fans have shown the most lack-luster support (you have seen it at games)… and only put it’s best dress on after the team has one foot out the door.

    At least Dean has kept quiet, and maintained the same stance since this started… while everyone else (inluding the team’s franchise QB!!!) runs their mouth. That’s because he’s a 31 year businessman..and I can actually appreciate that, even if I disagree with some of his moves.

    The Chargers are most likely staying. But, if the SD public thinks that they aren’t paying for ANY of this… they have another thing coming. This is a smaller market, with AWFUL media representation…just awful…and, will have to throw down some cash if it wants an NFL team to stay. SD has neglected this football team so much… that they are thinking of sharing a stadium with the friggin’ RAIDERS… built on a landfill!!!! Think about that…. cuz that’s real talk.

  19. This is sooooo simple Deano. For the first time EVER the city and county of San Diego want the Chargers to stay bad enough that they have proposed a plan. And from why I can tell, a pretty darn good one at that. You have cried for years for something to get done and now it is happening yet at every turn you and your talking boy Fabiani are giving your loyal San Diego fan base the middle finger. You wanna stay? Really? Announce that the Carson project is dead and that you are working overtime to make San Diego your continued home.

  20. I thought in the NFL bylaws, it stated that a team was obligated to stay in their present market; only if all options to obtain a new stadium are exhausted, can a team relocate.
    The city of SD has just proposed a plan. If the plan is viable and meets NFL stadium requirements, the Spanos, per NFL rules, are required to accept the proposal.

  21. As a Charger fan i am disgruntled and frustrated. There is something in the air here in San Diego. There is no drive. No willingness or hunger to push for progress. Especially when it comes to sports. The owners are cheap and want the city to pay for everything. And the city itself was never interested in paying any money. The weather is amazing and the city is beautiful. So people arent really inclined to sit in a stadium when they can just be at the beach. Season ticket holders where giving their tickets away at times. And the stadium would have more of the opposing team in the stands than our own. I think we should build a multipupose soccer field for the growing mexican population. And let the team go to LA. Because neither the owners, city council or fans have the guts to break their lazy habits.

  22. L.A. Rams (NFL will make sure one team succeeds before authorizing two, sensible low risk approach)

    S.D. Chargers (new stadium)

    St. Louis Raiders (new stadium and team. The raiders should have cut a deal with the Niners.)

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