Dang, even Bud Grant’s making #DeflateGate jokes now

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Bud Grant might be old school, and he might be old, but he’s certainly got the hang of this social media thing.

Specifically, the former Vikings coach has learned how to troll folks on Twitter.

While promoting his latest garage sale, Grant sent out of photo of some autographed footballs, which appear more probable than not to not be inflated to a range between 12.5 and 13.5 PSI.

A sticky note is attached to one which reads: “These balls are not from New England (Air pump broken 🙁 ).”

So not only is the 88-year-old Grant making #DeflateGate jokes, he also dropped a frowny face at the end of it.

We may have reached the end of the internet, or perhaps a glorious new beginning.

49 responses to “Dang, even Bud Grant’s making #DeflateGate jokes now

  1. My life was enriched by this post. You may have overlooked Sally Jenkins account of frame-gate in the May 21 edition of the Washington Post. Ms Jenkins is a national columnist, based in an NFC city. She has no dog in the fight.

    Her overriding theme is that following the Rice, Peterson and bounty gate cases all being overturned, Goodell embarked on a witch-hunt to repair his reputation. He targeted the Patriots since everybody hates Goliaths.

    However, in true Goodell fashion, the former PR man botched it. He’s hardly out of the woods.

    Note to the NY Jets : you’ve fallen into third place on the Patriots fan’s enemies list behind Public Enemy #1 “Bag Man” Bob Kraft and the Indianapolis Tiny Ponies.

  2. Bud Grant might be old school, and he might be old

    For a guy who’s gonna tank the “social media deal” after his lawn sale, we haven’t seen the obligatory: “GET OFF OF MY LAWN!” tweet.

    Here’s Vote #1 for Mr. Grant keeping his “social media deal” open for all of us youngin’s interpretation and self-reflection.


  3. Bud Grant is still the man, even though he’s about to be character assassinated by a flood of bitter Patriots fans butthurt about their team and fanbase being a national punchline and the fact that nobody takes their team’s achievements seriously due to cheating.

  4. Perhaps the Tom Brady & the Patriots should be compensated for all the incredible entertainment they have provided to the world-over on DeflateGate…?

  5. Ohhhh the Pats fans will go nuts. They’re totally guilt ridden and defensive.

  6. A bit off topic but I didn’t realize Bud Grant was still alive. I also realized recently that Joe Schmidt is still with us, as is Hugh McElhenny and YA Tittle. Younger generations don’t know these guys, let alone that they’re still around, in good health and doing stuff. Of all the NFL’s foibles the greatest is it’s failure to get these guys in the public eye before they’re gone. I wish the NFL would do something like the NBA did with its 50 at 50.

    I don’t care about the content of this article except it makes me happy to know Bud Grant is alive, well, and witty.

  7. Quite the storied career for Mr. Grant. All respect due. But fun fact; if you search “Bud Grant Super Bowl wins” you won’t find any.

    Four rings over here Bud. Enjoy your yard sale.

  8. Bud Grant was a great coach!! The Vikings were amazing back in the 70s when they had an OUTDOOR stadium! That’s what home field advantage is all about! The past years with them playing inside was a joke! Hope they take that advantage for their new stadium. Nothing like lineman facing each other with ice on their facemasks and seeing their breath!

  9. The footballs were autographed by Len Dawson, Bob Griese, Terry Bradshaw and Ken Stabler.

  10. Gotta give Bud credit with the cheap shot. He had some great teams and was a great coach. Go Pack

  11. Patriot fan’s will respond but instead of denying that your franchise is best known for cheating, I would advise that they use Superbowl records as their ammunition.

    The Patriots can at least say they won a Superbowl, ok, maybe not legitimately, but still, they won. Bud Grant took his Vikings to the Superbowl 4 times and consistently chocked each and every time.

  12. Ha, that’s funny. Kraft already tapped out, just ol’ Tommy Asterisk still fighting. And bless those Patriots* fans that continue to embarrass themselves believing in lies. Call people jealous or haters, whatever, deep down you know you don’t believe your favorite team isn’t a bunch of liars and cheaters.

  13. Is he selling his Super Bowl rings, too? Oh, wait
    No, the Cowboys & referees have his from 1975, you know, the one he easily would’ve had if the blatently obvious push off from Pearson on the db would’ve been properly called at the end of the game….that was easy.

  14. I would take Bud Grant and Marv Levy, collectively 0-8 in Super Bowls, over the Patriots crowd any day. Neitehr of those guys ever had to skirt the rules to win.

  15. Go ahead Patriots Fans and discredit Bud Grant and Don Shula as old men saying stupid things, but remember this… every single person who knows about the NFL outside of your ignorant and in denial fan base is absolutely positive you CHEATED! Stop applying your 10th grade high school dropout physics and that Shady Brady “did not need to” excuses. You Cheated!; case closed… the Jokes from Young and Old will continue Forever. It is not a conspiracy, but a fact. Get over it and just admit you love your team and not what they did wrong. Defending immoral behavior is bad for you and your kids (future Pats Fans).

  16. Bud never cheated. That makes him a better man than Belichick or Mr. Bundchen will ever be.

  17. Yeah, bud grant cheated by not letting heaters on the sidelines to make his team tougher. it worked.

  18. Not allowing sideline heaters was not cheating. It was the same for both teams and there was no rule that heaters needed to be provided.

  19. Props to Pats fans who took this in stride, laughed, and remembered they still won.

    Also, props to people showing respect to Bud Grant — a great coach Superbowl or not.

  20. Love the Bud.

    Great coach.
    Down to earth guy.
    Honest as the day is long.
    Does not really joke much, so if HE ribs that Pat’s you know that their rep what ever little they had left is totally down the tubes.


  21. Really impressed by all these great football minds and students of history pointing out Coach Grant’s Superbowl record. Is that all you got? What is this grade school?

  22. He was a great coach. I was a Cowboys fan back then but I can still see that Vikings defensive line standing in the snow and wind of Bloomington Stadium and the voice of Ray Scott, ( the best football TV announcer ever) ‘lets identify that Viking front four, many of whom you already know…’ I miss those days.

  23. The Vikings lost all 4 of their Super Bowl games by double digit spreads. Blow outs, every one of them. So his coaching legacy is certainly suspect at least.

    But hey, at least the guy’s got a sense of humor. A must for any past/present/future Viking. The saddest franchise in the league.

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