Delvin Breaux catching notice in Saints practices

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The Saints picked two cornerbacks in this year’s draft as part of an overhaul to the group that started when they signed Brandon Browner as a free agent, but P.J. Williams and Damian Swann aren’t the only players on the coaching staff’s radar in their first NFL offseason.

There’s also Delvin Breaux, who signed with the Saints in January after playing two years with Hamilton in the Canadian Football League. Breaux landed on that side of the border after a stint in the Arena League jumpstarted a football career that slowed because of a spinal injury that kept him from playing in college. The long road to get to the NFL may pay off for the 27-year-old.

At 6-1 and 196 pounds, Breaux has the kind of size that teams look for at corner and there were several other teams interested in his services before he landed in New Orleans. Breaux says he feels comfortable playing anywhere in the secondary and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan called him a “tremendous” player recently. Veteran cornerback Keenan Lewis gave a similar review of what he’s seen from Breaux thus far this spring.

“You’re definitely going to hear from him. Right now, you know, I’m very impressed at minicamp,” Lewis said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “The guy’s got talent. He just had to go through some of the things he went through. I can promise you that he will definitely be a star in the league this year.”

Browner, Lewis, Williams and Swann are pretty good bets to make the team at corner and Stanley Jean-Baptiste was a second-round pick last year, which may not leave a lot of spots up for grabs at the position. Breaux seems to be on the right track, though, and will be a player to watch as the summer unfolds if he stays on his current path.

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  1. Pronounced, “bro”, I assume? Perfect fit for the Saints if for nothing more than the name alone.

  2. Stanley jean baptiste is a bust , saints are trying to copy seattle with all the big defensive backs and it hasnt worked out for them. People got to understand just because a db is big doesnt mean hes going to be a richard sherman, richard sherman has some crazy talent that if he was 5 foot 10 he would still be elite.

  3. New Orleans is changing the way their corners play. No more of this zone crap. From now on its these big guys who press and jam at the line. This plays in to Baptiste’s wheel house.

  4. I’m gonna go with “Come at me Breaux” as a smidge less racist.

  5. Baptiste was a redshirt guy. That was the plan for him from the start so calling him a bust is absolutely baseless.

    Even without him the Saints should have 3 very physical boundary corners in Lewis/Browner/Breaux, a decent nickel/slot type with Williams and a couple safeties that can cover man-to-man (Bush, Pierre Warren). And Dennis Allen back as secondary coach. They will be mega-improved back there.

  6. Ive watched this dude play. IF he can learn to play on the nfl field which is different yet smaller he will be a monster. This dude is physical and just flat out mean.

  7. DB – if you read this, I am the guy who owned the BBQ spot in Hamilton. So happy that you’re healthy and feeling good.

    I’m a Bucs fan, but I wouldn’t mind if you gotta few picks off Jameis this year. Congrats man, you deserve this!

  8. Its amazing how many Panthers fans are such haters. New Orleans isn’t copying anybody. Everyone builds their team to put themselves in the best possible position to win against the teams in their respected divisions. Having to face off against the likes of White and Jones, Evans and Jackson, Benjamin and now Funches, of course we’re gonna sign and draft big CBs. And by the way if Richard Sherman is that good, he would play both sides and cover the # 1 WR the whole game, which he does NOT. Just because he shuts down Jarrett Boykin and Jordy Nelson doesn’t catch a pass the 2 measly times Sherman is covering him, doesn’t mean he’s elite. I saw T.Y. Hilton and Jarius Wright from Minnesota give Sherman the business all day long. And also saw Old Man Roddy White torch him for a TD in the playoffs.

  9. Panthers fans coming out of the woodwork talking smack about the Saints is laughable. N.O. more playoff wins and a Super Bowl ring……

  10. Panthers fans have a major, MAJOR inferiority complex when it comes to the Saints. They don’t understand why we don’t really consider them a big rival like the Falcons. It’s kind of like the old NFC West. The Saints always got up huge for games against the 49ers but the Niners were kind of apathetic, because deep down everybody knew they were just on a different level of competition.

  11. Want to see Breaux succeed this year! Also hoping he has a guardian angel protecting him from injury.

    This is your year, Delvin and SAINTS fans are believers. Geaux get it.

  12. Delvin Breaux committed to Lsu the same year as Patrick Peterson. I’m not an LSU fan, but my dad has been a high school coach in Louisiana for almost 50 years, and a lot of coaches thought that Breaux was the better signing of the two. Obviously, you can’t say that now since Peterson got to develop for three years in college and has played out his entire rookie contract. Breaux, a New Orleans native, has three or four years of experience in Arena and CFL, so he could be ready for the jump to the NFL.

    If he lives up to the reputation that he had coming out of high school, he will be a pleasant surprise for Saints fans this year.

  13. Panther’s fans now with a little confidence after a mediocre season and beating a team in the playoffs that was down to it it’s fourth string QB? Now try copying the Saints by winning a championship. ….

  14. Both Keenan Lewis and Breaux are New orleans natives. They’ll be a dynamic bayou duo as the Saints defense dominates this season. That and the improved run game means Drew won’t have to throw for 5000 yards to get back to the Super Bowl.

  15. Yes, Panthers fans have the misconception that their team is good. They won 7 games just like the Saints, and beat an Arizona team without a real QB in the playoffs.

  16. While everyone is piling on the panthers, why are you guys so confident in your team this year. You had less than 8 wins and won a division that was one of the worst in history.

  17. Don’t sleep on AFL/CFL. Chris Matthews, the Seahawks first half MVP of the Super Bowl was ex-Iowa Barnstormer and Winnipeg Jet.

  18. Panther trolls above. Must be jealous to feel you have to come to a Saints thread and troll. Getting as bad as viking fans. Can’t help your qb sucks.

  19. Saints fans don’t even consider the Panthers rivals, that’s the funny part.

    They’re just a team we play twice per year that fluked their way to the Super Bowl by having a team full of steroid users.

  20. Probably felt the same way when we beat y’all 28-10 earlier in the season. Remember that game kitty cats ? When Mark Ingram ran all over your so called great D. I don’t understand your point.

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