League to share survey results with St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland

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Now that the NFL’s 32 business partners have seen the information, it’s time to share it with the people trying to throw money and new buildings at them.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the league’s home market studies of St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland were given to owners this week, and will now go to the groups trying to keep the Rams, Chargers and Raiders where they are.

Those marketing surveys in St. Louis included fan questionnaires and focus groups which asked about ticket preferences, PSLs and premium seats, and whether they’d support a different team. Local business leaders were also polled to see the interest in buying luxury suites and premium seating or sponsorships.

The basic studies have been completed,” NFL Los Angeles point-man Eric Grubman said. “The information we’ve gotten, we’ve shared it with the clubs. We’re getting ready to share it with representatives from the markets. We wanted the clubs to be able to digest it before we gave it to the markets.”

St. Louis leaders Dave Peacock and Bob Blitz are expected to share whatever they learn from the league with the public once they know it, but at the moment they haven’t received the package.

Once they have the data, civic leaders can presumably adjust their plan (i.e. try to shake the money tree and see what else might fall out). But Grubman said in each of the markets, he’s gathered there are plenty of people eager to keep the teams.

“I’ve got to tell you, in each of these three markets there is not a time when I’m there that I don’t sense the tremendous support and appreciation of the fans for the team,” Grubman said.

Now they just have to see if those fans are sufficiently committed to doing what it takes to keep the teams, and at what level.

9 responses to “League to share survey results with St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland

  1. Here’s a thought…

    Instead of throwing money at already rich NFL team owners let’s throw some money at our schools, law enforcement, and road repair.

    Can anyone explain why we see nothing wrong with subsidizing a privately owned business that is perfectly capable of paying for its own playpens?

  2. Give LA their Rams back.

    Sell the Raiders to someone in the Bay area who has money to keep them there.

    Let the Chargers go to LA (will be like the Jets. 2nd class citizens).

    Give St Louis and San Diego a promise ring for the next two expansion teams.

  3. What if, despite the desire of fans, a city just can’t afford to build a stadium?
    Looks like Stan Kronke is doing it on his own. Why does there have to be some kind of extortion campaign to force cities to spend hundreds of millions of dollars they don’t have?

  4. I remember getting this survey…….Just do me this favor……ask all individuals who already paid for PSL’s, if they would be willing to pay for them again?

  5. When I was younger, St. Louis had the Cardinals and then they moved to Phoenix and nobody cared. Prediction: the Rams move to L.A. and nobody cares.

  6. This is the type of stuff where Roger Goodell makes his money. He is tenacious about creating value for the owners whenever and wherever he can.

  7. Why should Saint Louis lose out again because of another greedy owner. There’s plenty of support for football though the past 10 years of losing has strained that somewhat. As a fan, I personally don’t care about the fancy stadium these teams nowadays have to play in. As long as everything works and the team is winning, that’s all I ask.

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