No developments yet in Mariota talks


The Titans and quarterback Marcus Mariota had intended to commence contract negotiations this week. If they did, they didn’t get very far.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no developments are expected this week.

Mariota is the only pick taken in the top seven who has not yet signed. Because the first overall pick in the draft (quarterback Jameis Winston) signed a deal that includes offset language for the fully-guaranteed four-year deal and the third overall pick (linebacker Dante Fowler Jr.) agreed to a contract that has no offset language (allowing Fowler to get paid twice, if he gets cut), the question of whether Mariota’s language will include offset language could become a major sticking point.

Otherwise, the deal could be done very quickly, especially since the ceiling has been set by Winston and the floor by Fowler.

27 responses to “No developments yet in Mariota talks

  1. Only going to hurt Mariota. I respect Winston for agreeing to his deal because he’s not foreseeing being with any other team, and doesn’t plan on getting cut, so the offset language is moot for him. Marcus, on the other hand, may realize his skills might not translate to the NFL/Titans and would be trying to double dip in order to secure a solid future regardless of how he plays.. If I’m taken with the 1st or 2nd overall pick, I’m only worrying about helping the team who drafted me get better, and if I don’t, I didn’t do my job, and therefore shouldn’t be paid twice.

    But that’s just me. It’s amazing the money that’s thrown at players in hopes they will develop. This gives players a huge incentive to slack off because they are going to get paid anyway.

  2. so both sides dont believe in themselves…mariota in his talent and the titans in mariotas talent…great pic titans….see you in the top five of the draft again next year…

  3. Same ole Titans. All the money spent on hype and PR and they now play hardball?

    Mariota should catch the next plane back to Hawaii.

  4. We’re not seeing a very early case of drafter’s remorse, are we? You’d think this would’ve been sorted by now, doesn’t even sound like the Titans have even begun seriously talking to Mariota yet.

  5. hope you all are aware that Mariota doesn’t take a practice field until the middle of July so not exactly sure how this really affects anything other then a contract hasn’t been signed like 11 other first round rookies

  6. Come on, Florio! The issue isn’t offset language, it’s guaranteed money. Fowler likely didn’t have offset language because he didn’t get a fully guaranteed contract. If they fully guarantee his contract, he would be unlikely to get offset language if the 1st overall pick didn’t.

  7. When was the last time a high draft pick held out? … Exactly.

    Relax, folks.

  8. It’s a bad look when the QB that everyone banged on because he was immature, and a kucklehead (Winston) had his deal signed within a day or two of being drafted, and the QB that was supposed to be everything anyone could ever want off the field, still hasn’t signed. Winston comes out looking like he didn’t care about the contract, he is confident in himself, while Mariota appears to be wanting to make sure he gets paid in case he fails.
    Seems like failure is already in his thoughts, while Winston just wants a helmet and a ball, and everyone to just watch what he can do.

  9. bdywrks
    May 22, 2015, 23:43 ‘ CDT
    Come on, Florio! The issue isn’t offset language, it’s guaranteed money. Fowler likely didn’t have offset language because he didn’t get a fully guaranteed contract. If they fully guarantee his contract, he would be unlikely to get offset language if the 1st overall pick didn’t.


    All high 1st round draft pick contracts are fully guaranteed.

  10. Titansense: why would he not be taking the field until July? Didn’t he already have rookie minicamp? Was he on the field?

  11. So the team with no identity or stars is playing contract games with the new face of their franchise? It’s slotted Titans, you could do his contract in 45 minutes…c’mon

  12. Why wouldn’t he sign. he’s suppose to be the face of the franchise.
    Right now he’s nothing except a QB. Who knows if he will be any good. He might be a bust, then what?

  13. Actually there have not been many holdouts under the new CBA. The top picks are basically slotted. And it is absolutely about the offset language. I wouldn’t call this a holdout just yet but it’s funny how the other top picks are signed. Same old Titans indeed.

  14. It doesn’t show a lot of confidence when you whine over what will happen if you get cut.

  15. Not sure all this Mariota-shaming is fair. Winston knew he was being drafted by the Bucs. Mariota was rumored to be in line to be traded away by the Titans – not drafted by them. Think Titans and their new quarterback are still getting to know each other. In this scenario, caution is a good thing.

  16. Prediction: Zach Mettenberger will go on to have a more successful career than Marcus Mariota (or Marcus Mary Auto if you’re the commish).

  17. Winston signed within hours of being drafted, not days. The very first comment when he was introduced was that his contract was already signed. Winston says he’s motivated to be great not money. I’d this had been Winston, people would be bashing him to no end. Since it’s Mariota, its just business.

  18. The Titans are known to not sign their top draftees until closer to July camp, as real fans you should know this! Also it is up to the Titans to begin the process, not Mariota, and his agent will do the negotiations. The last thing Marcus is thinking about is his contract, that’s not what he’s about at all. Winston signed his contract immediately because that’s the way the Bucs do things & he needed the money. Marcus already has 4 endorsements, so that is not an issue for him. Not sure why so many ppl want to criticize him, but he is a great person & QB and you’re going to be very happy come September.

  19. Mariota and the Titans will work this out soon and this non story will die.
    If anyone took the time to research MM, you will find a high character, hard working, helluva NFL QB, capable of making correct read and he throws it on a rope with repetitive accuracy.
    He will take the Titans to heights not seen since Steve McNair.
    This kid is special and he is destined for greatness.
    You guys in Tennessee got a great QB.

  20. Look, everyone is gonna be spectacle about the whole ordeal. come on he is a QB drafted very high that is unproven in the NFL. Media tends to get into the way too and blow things up. This could be nothing… then again this could be the beginning of the end for mariota in tennessee. Im an eagles fan so i have to stay optimistic about him. Will it happen? probably not but chip has shown to be unpredictable and he could possibly jump out of the shadows and give tennesse an offer they cant refuse. but we will see.

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