Doug Whaley: All our quarterbacks are on equal footing


Last week, Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman denied a report that the Bills were thinking about parting ways with third-year quarterback EJ Manuel before the start of the 2015 season.

General Manager Doug Whaley was on the same page during an appearance on The Jim Rome Show. Whaley called the report “just someone trying to get something stirred” during the offseason and said that the team remains excited about Manuel’s future in the NFL. That excitement wasn’t enough to stop the team from acquiring Matt Cassel and it isn’t enough to lift Manuel ahead of Tyrod Taylor or Jeff Tuel in the pecking order at this point in the offseason, however.

“I look for him to come in and compete and try to take the job,” Whaley said. “Everybody has got an equal footing. It’s a clean slate for all four of our quarterbacks. We’re not tied to anybody. We just want the best man to start. It’s exciting for us.”

The Bills may not be making any plans to cut Manuel at this point and there isn’t much reason for them to be in that mode. If all four quarterbacks really are on equal footing, though, then Manuel can end up fourth on the depth chart at the end of August and leave the Bills with a decision to make.

17 responses to “Doug Whaley: All our quarterbacks are on equal footing

  1. I look for him to come in and compete and try to take the job,” Whaley said. “Everybody has got an equal footing. It’s a clean slate for all four of our quarterbacks. We’re not tied to anybody. We just want the best man to start. It’s exciting for us.”
    This is the quote of the week. I didn’t know Whaley was running for office. Oh wait Sexy rexy is his fearless leader. The man who said he had 3 starting QBs in new york…….too funny…..Good luck bills fans your gonna need it.

  2. Why not leave that quarterback alone already? He’s in a great quarterback situation with potential to make big things happen. Quarterbacking personalities will be his largest challenge for the Bills but E.J. seems to have his head screwed on straight enough to handle it. Two many little ‘go getters’ in a coaching staff adds frustration too, I’m sure, but oh well, he will have to learn how to kick some cooks out of the kitchen.

  3. Sad when buffalo can only muster 3 responses…god or bad. No one cares about this dead franchise. That being said Whaley is a cool dude.

  4. If EJ doesn’t win the competition they might as well cut and run but I don’t think Jeff Tuel will make the roster.

  5. I believe that a healthy Matt Cassell remains the best choice for the Bills to win with at this time.
    With all the talent on that roster, Cassell is a fairly decent veteran who has proven that he can he can win in that situation. He should give a decent account of himself until such time as the Bills can acquire a true franchise QB.

  6. I think would be best for the franchise if EJ or Tyrod win the job. They could both be exiting to watch and are young. Another old retread like Cassel would just be depressing. Haven’t they had enough of these type of guys in the past. Holcomb, Fitz, Orton….. The list goes on forever, since the 1990s. I’m sure Joetoronto has signed posters of all of them hanging on his bedroom walls, that guy is just obsessed with the Bills.

  7. Let’s all agree that the QB is only as good as his offensive line. With 2 new OG’s, Richie Incognito and John Miller set to start, this is a much improved offensive line! And if we also consider the upgrades at the RB and TE positions, along with another year of experience for a young WR corps, this offense is going to be dangerous no matter who wins the QB competition.

    I think EJ Manuel will win the competition with Tyrod Taylor as the back up, coming in for special packages for 2 point conversions and GL opportunities. Matt Cassel will be the 3rd stringer/emergency QB.

    Manuel is a more intelligent version of Colin Kaepernick. He just needs more confidence to trust what he sees in the defense and to pull the trigger. With an improved OL and more offensive weapons, Manuel will have more time to make his progressions and move the ball down the field.

    Can’t wait for this season!


  8. If Tyrod is on an equal footing with your other QBs, look for a very long season. The guy has thrown about 25 passes in the last 4 years, and they weren’t very pretty. He had some running plays, but they were all in garbage time. He never even looked good in preseason. Throwing millions at this guy was just plain stupid. He is nice to his mother, though.

  9. Why do they continue to waste reps on Jeff Tuel!? Dude is the worst qb I’ve ever seen!

  10. Whaley is a terrible GM. He should of drafted Petty if he wanted to instill any sort of competition and excitement into a pretty mediocre collection of Qbs. Cassel will the starter just like Orton was last season, decent veteran Qb who can manage the game. Tyrod Taylor sucks, cracks me up when bills fans think he can be their starter- sorry but a QB who can only make a read on one side of the field or take off running doesn’t work in the NFL. Manuel seems like a decent guy but the fact they invested a 1st round pick in him two seasons ago and now he is in a qb competition doesn’t bode well for the Bills. Look for Hackenberg, Cook or Goff to be drafted by the Bills next year when a new Gm takes over for whaley

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