Gary Kubiak sees NFL teams signing two-point specialists

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Does the NFL’s new rule moving extra point kicks back 13 yards make much of a difference to how teams assemble their rosters?

It does according to Broncos coach Gary Kubiak, who sees NFL teams signing players specifically for their ability to score on two-point conversions.

“I think there [are] going to be two-point specialists from the standpoint of how you go about doing it. Coaching, those are things that you work on,” Kubiak said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today. “You probably practice those things during camp. It’s not very much and, all of a sudden, it becomes part of the game. That’s a big part of practice. It’s going to change the way you go about doing things. I know that.”

The player most often named as a potential two-point specialist is Tim Tebow, whose presence on the Eagles’ roster has some thinking that Chip Kelly must have some two-point conversion tricks up his sleeve. But if Tebow had some great ability to score consistently from the 2-yard line, why was he out of the NFL for the last two years? The ability to score on two-point conversions and goal line plays has always been valuable in football. Moving the extra point back doesn’t make it much more valuable than it already was.

If the Eagles’ proposal to move two-point conversions up to the 1-yard line had passed, that would have caused a significant change: Some teams would have started to go for two as the “default” position, and those teams would have assembled their rosters with that plan in mind. But the reality is, a 33-yard extra point kick isn’t much harder for an NFL kicker than a 20-yard kick, and so teams aren’t going to go for two much more this year than they did last year. Those two-point conversion specialists may be coming to the NFL eventually, but only if the extra point rules change more in the future.

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  1. Tim Tebow is a two point specialist? When he beat the Steelers, he was a six point specialist.

  2. I believe Kubiak is wrong. Two point conversions, is merely a goal line play. Why should teams waste roster spots for a play that should already be in your playbook?

    I can see lessor teams try gimmick plays with gimmick players, but the successful teams will not carve out a niche for players who otherwise wouldn’t make the team.

  3. Just more proof that Chip Kelly is ahead of the league. Tebow may or may not be the answer but Chip was on top of it 6mos. Ahead of everybody else. ICWT.

  4. Like Marshawn Lynch. You’d have to be crazy not to give him the ball from the two yard line.

  5. But if Tebow had some great ability to score consistently from the 2-yard line, why was he out of the NFL for the last two years?

    This is an idiotic comment. Tebow’s always been incredible inside the 5. His not being the the league was about uncertainty about his ability to be a starting QB, and the circus that made it hard to bring him in as a backup. Clearly he is a rosterable QB talent wise. You don’t get picked in the first round if you don’t. Maybe he was a reach pick, sure, but someone else would have taken him in the first 3 rounds even if Denver had passed. He was projected in round 2, it’s not like he had a UDFA grade. So there’s no disputing he has the talent to be on an NFL roster, in at least a reserve role. The reason he was not in football for two years, were all politics and not football. Anyone who’s head isn’t up their rear end knows that.

    If we throw out Tebow’s 2012 stint in New York, where the use of Tebow made no sense, and we was asked to bulk up so much he lost quickness …

    He’s got 9 TDs on 11 rushes inside the 10. That’s crazy awesome. He was 5 for 5 in 2010, his rookie year and 4 for 6 in 2011 when he made his playoff run. Anyone who thinks that’s a fluke has probably never watched College Football in his life. It’s always been what Tebow does. The man is an unstoppable force of nature when his team gets down close.

    Beast Mode 11 TDs on 29 attempts inside the 10.
    DeMarco Marry 10 TDs on 29 attempts inside the 10.
    How about the best rushing QB in the NFL?

    Russell Wilson 9 attempts 4 TDs.

    A bigger running QB

    Cam Newton 11 attempts 4 TD.

    His goal to go numbers are truly astounding, and it’s something usually even his critics don’t deny.

    Chip Kelly had trouble converting goal to go opportunities. His starting QB is made of glass … this is the stuff specialty packages are made of.

  6. Pretty sure this is much to do about nothing. They went from a 99.8% success rate to a 92.5% sucess rate.

    But it’s the offseason and you can only talk about Brady so much…

  7. shotgun formation , kapernek, wilkson, romo, newton can run in easily…….or direct snap to running back, a la Kevin Faulk SB TD or anything the Pats want to do in a Situational Play Call.

  8. Pretty sure no team is dumb enough to do that. No team is going to consume a roster spot for a guy who might see the field three to four times in a year.

    Here’s an idea – use the guys you already have on the roster and the plays in the playbook you call when you need to gain two yards.

  9. Pretty sure if you decrease the chances of hitting an extra point while keeping the two point conversion the same, then people who do help out the two point try DO become more valuable.

  10. Moving the 2 pt to the One would make it nearly as automatic as the 20 Yard XP. Simply QB sneak through the pile. You have to reeeeeallly suck for that to not work (see Ravens OL, 2013 Season).

    However, from the One, common sense (not Carroll Sense) would dictate plowing through the line for the score, WB/RB/FB/Whoever. Doesn’t all of that head banging lead to League of Shadows CTE? All those concussions are why The Goodell turned the Kick Off into the Bathroom Break/Fridge Trip/Check FB play, right?

  11. Or… Maybe he means teams go back to caring about carrying a true Full Back?

  12. Now I get why the Raiders signed Trent Richardson. He’s guaranteed to get you 2 yards per carry…

  13. Kelly signed tebow as a bet that eagles 2 pt conversion from ONE YARD LINE proposal would go through. it did not. Kelly bet wrong.

    question now is there still use for tebow ? if Bradford doesn’t play due to injury, I could see tebow challenging sanchez as backup starter. sanchez underwhelmed last yr.

  14. Let me get this straight. Most teams carry 4-5 running backs, some of which are short yardage. But in addition thereto, you need an additional back trained for two yard pick ups??? What next, a Specialist 2 Yard Assistant Coach?

  15. canetic says:
    May 25, 2015 7:50 AM
    Like Marshawn Lynch. You’d have to be crazy not to give him the ball from the two yard line.

    ===== His coach doesn’t believe anyone on his team can score consistantly from the two. Oh wait Marshawn scores consistantly from the two. Now you know why the Jets and Patriots let him go…..

  16. I think I’d rather have 6 point specialists on my team but that’s just me.

  17. it not jut one guy it’s many look Cam Newton doesn’t try goal line all the time Tolbert is our short yards Back & Stewart was before that & with the tall WR’s & TE’s
    but to be honest alot has to do with the OC & is he smart enough to call the right plays & is the OL a run blocking

  18. He’s right, it’s different than goaline because you only have one shot at it unlike most goaline plays. Vick, Tebow, Tyrod Taylor, Jonathan football and the like have a little more value now. Don’t believe me just watch.

  19. They have two point specialists: a starting TE, a starting RB, two – four WR, and a QB, some o-lineman…. etc…

  20. You might be able to spare the roster spot if you’ve got a healthy experienced team.

    But part of the reason Tebow was so good inside 10 was that he’d make a few throws (not many but a few) to get down there and teams didn’t know if he’d pass or run.

    Now if he comes on as a specialist for 2 point conversions then you are definitely going run first and asking him to complete plays when he hasn’t got NFL starting experience and comfort with the offense to make the throws.

    I actually think being a left hander gives him some advantage in specialist type plays as he sees the field a little different and has a different look at the pass rush etc. But I’m still much more worried about Russ Wilson or Cam Newton going for 2 than Tebow. Yet alone Rodgers or Brady.

  21. I think if it had moved to the one. We would have seen a resurgence of the FB. And it would be treated as going for it on 4th down. With a threat of a QB sneak.

  22. As a Raider fan, what I find puzzling is why he wasn’t in the league the last couple of years. In his 2nd year he had been named the starter mid-season. With a few game under his belt he comes into Oakland and in the first half, he gets stymied by his own offensive scheme (pocket pocket pocket). The donks are down two TDs. I’m drinking beers, eating nachos and taking in the scene. The second half Tebow was unleashed. The Raiders could do nothing to contain him. The donks ran all over us. All because of Tebow. Clearly this is a problem for an OC, because why do you need one if the coach is on the field. It was an amazing performance. True he was an ugly passer, and could not throw the ball (but there are many others in the league who are also questionable QBs who seem to get a pass).

    If he’s improved his passing like we have heard, he could be a monster in the backfield in Philly. Use him as a place holder, 2nd back, etc.

  23. Drop the place kick for the extra point. Go to the drop kick – last successful attempt was in 2006 by Doug Flutie when he was back-up QB for New England. Seems it would put a little suspense into the extra point attempt and probably cause more teams to go for the two point attempt.

  24. Sounds a lot to me like use of an “expendable” QB of whom you’re okay taking unacceptable risks. You know, like one who never did/never will make a roster spot normally but you carry him for this purpose alone. In fact, you also keep one on the practice squad and promote him when the first one goes out week 1, 2, or 3, etc. Personally, I think you focus on all the right things, keep a strong kicker on the team, and still only go for two when you have to.

  25. If you need a backup quarterback that will push the starter to be his best….
    Take a small risk and kick the tires on Vince Young.. See if he would be willing to help… He wouldn’t cost a lot…. His career won/loss record is 31-19… He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler with playoff experience and was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and this guy WINS…. There is a big difference between Perception and Reality.
    Bring in Vince Young and judge his talents for yourself….

  26. This reminds me of a couple of years ago when everyone was braying that the rule banning running backs from leading with their heads was going to ruin football… and it’s pretty much never been called… there will be no more two point tries this year than any other year, the net result of this idiotic rule change is that kickers are MORE important than ever, not less.

  27. Put the 2-point specialist in. Gee, who do you think is going to get the ball and who do you think defenses are going to key in on?

  28. The league wants to get rid of the extra point and this must be just be a step to get there. For this year and the possible next few it will be horrible to see a team loose because of a missed extra point on a windy day. Just make them go for 2 already.

  29. if the stat above is true and the average from 33 yards is 92% instead of 99%, after nearly ten percent touchdowns the team will be looking for a way to regain the missed PAT.

    this will increase the importance of the two point attempt, and may prompt some coach who thinks differently than the rest to calculate its better to try for two as a default.

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