Kaepernick makes weird remark about Houston flooding

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At times, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has come off as sort of a goofball. Some thought that his public persona reflected the influence of former coach Jim Harbaugh, who came off as sort of a goofball more frequently.

Now that Harbaugh is gone, the question is whether Kaepernick will still come off as sort of a goofball at times. Today, the answer is yes.

Via Samer Kalaf of Deadspin, Kaepernick used a photo of the flooding in Houston as the backdrop for this message: “I warned you the #7tormsComing,” with a #Houston hashtag.

Kaepernick then regained his senses and deleted the Instagram version of the message. But he didn’t get rid of the corresponding Twitter entry. And then he added, “No disrespect intended! Prayers up!”

And then Kaepernick applied the foam to the faux pas with a shirtless photo of himself and this kernel of random inspiration: “Just livin! #WhoDoYouLove #IDontGetTired.”

The trio of messages likely makes many 49ers fans long for the days of Kaepernick showing up on Twitter wearing a Dolphins hat. And it possibly makes some 49ers fans long for the days when he won’t be wearing a 49ers helmet.

102 responses to “Kaepernick makes weird remark about Houston flooding

  1. I am now thrilled that Sam Bradford is the quarterback of my favorite football team!

  2. “…makes some 49ers fans long for the days when he won’t be wearing a 49ers helmet.”

    Please don’t speak for us. Troll.

  3. This guy is my least favorite athlete in all of pro sports, but I am a Packers fan.

  4. asimonetti88 says:
    May 26, 2015 6:11 PM

    Florio’s running out of things to hate on the Niners for if this is what it’s coming to.

    Uhhh…. what? Florio’s doing his best to try to spin this FOR Kaepernick.

    “Oh, he’s just being a goofball!”

    There are many worse words than “goofball” that could (and should) be used about Kaepernick here.

  5. “And it possibly makes some 49ers fans long for the days when he won’t be wearing a 49ers helmet.”

    Seriously? I mean really? Amazing to me the change in tone on all things 49ers from this site these days.

  6. The guy’s a moron. They do stupid stuff. It’s not really news anymore. Now if he suddenly tweeted about quantum physics … then it’s headlines. But don’t hold your breath.

  7. I wish he would just stay off social media. Dumb just plain stupid dumb. Why give the media anything negative to say about you.

  8. First off, PFTPoet, I NEVER thought I would give you a thumbs up for any of your posts! I just did….that made me literally laugh out loud!

    Secondly, what the hell does this idiot mean with the original post anyway? I guess I’m an old fart (and if you think I’m lying, walk on my lawn….I dare ya’!!!) who just doesn’t understand the young, rich, entitled, self-absorbed idiot athletes these days…..

  9. This was clearly a lapse in judgement by Kap, who is one of many professional athletes to make an ill-advised comment via social media, followed by a futile attempt to make it go away. He’s not exactly guilty of the worst thing in the world, and he shouldn’t be crucified for it, but at the same time one can only scratch their head as to how Kaepernick could have possibly thought such a comment was reasonable.

    It’s situations and incidents like these that make me feel that a young QB like Marcus Mariota (who has spurned social media entirely) is truly a breath of fresh air in this league. Nobody is perfect, but you can bet (with near certainty) that Mariota won’t be finding himself in such a situation any time soon. His ability to play the most important position in football is obviously of utmost importance, but Mariota’s high character and propensity for carrying himself in a respectable manner, while positively influencing those around him at all times…these things count almost as much as what takes place in the field of play. There’s a lot of money being invested into NFL football players, QBs especially, and Mariota likely won’t be making his employers regret bringing him aboard any time soon. He’s a very safe bet in terms of him staying on the proper, positive path during the course of his career.

  10. I had to thumbs up Poet’s post also. I may have to put my head in the oven.

    Now about these hashtags… do they even do anything on here or do they only really apply to Twitter and Facebook?

  11. Albert Einstein didn’t play football. I don’t live and die with every remark some random player makes. If you’re reading his twitter stuff you probably need to get a life. If you have the idle time to sit around reading Kaepernick’s twitter, get your butt down to Texas and help out the flood victims (if you care so much). Otherwise, you’re just as dumb as you think he is.

  12. Sort of a goofball isn’t in my vocabulary. However, my R rated version isn’t appropriate for forums. I thought I was the only one that noticed…

  13. “I had to thumbs up Poet’s post also. I may have to put my head in the oven.”

    I’m sure Teddy Bridgewater would save you.

  14. LOL. I just love how this San Quentin ink idiot is undefeated vs. the Packers, yet Aaron Rodgers is the one with two MVP’s and a Super Bowl ring.


    Packer fans worldwide

  15. Possibly the first time anyone has cared enough to talk smack to the Texans.

  16. “cobrala2 says:
    May 26, 2015 6:11 PM
    I am now thrilled that Sam Bradford is the quarterback of my favorite football team!”

    So are we,
    Rest of the NFC East

  17. Well, now he’s got a complete goofball coaching the team, too. This dynamic should make for some gloriously awkward moments this year, on the field and in front of the press.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, San Fran. The football-hell the Niners are going to be in for at least this year should be immensely entertaining!

  18. I’ll take goofball messages anyday over arrests! The problem is the world today.. have to double or even triple check what is said. The guy used the backdrop of a storm for a message. Clearly he didn’t think it through because of what these floods have done and are doing but seriously what 25 26 year old really does. Give the guy a break. People not just on this site but in most comment sections act like the are perfect Angels. Question how many here donate money and or time to sick kids like this guy does? Some of you guys won’t even cough up loose change for homeless on a corner. Get off your high horse already

  19. Not saying he is a bad person or the worst of them all, just saying there is that split second where he has to think before he hits send.

  20. I’m starting to think that the word “weird” is superfluous when discussing Kaepernick. Just make the headline read “Kaepernick makes comment”, and most of us can just safely assume that whatever he said was weird.

  21. OK, many on here have posted he’s an idiot…

    There are idiots in all walks of life… What did this idiot do last season?

    20th out of 33 qualified QB’s in QB rating… uh, that’s in the bottom half…

    24th out of 33 in completion percentage… uh, that’s in the bottom third…

    25th in passing yards per game… yep, bottom third…

    22nd in yards per attempt… bottom half…

    Wait, wait, wait folks…

    I found something Kaepernick was near the top at, for a QB stat.

    Colin took the 2nd MOST sacks in the league last year…

    52 times he was taken down… in 478 pass attempts…

    Slow footed Big Ben took 608 pass attempts and only went down 33 times…

  22. tonebones says:
    May 26, 2015 6:27 PM

    Albert Einstein didn’t play football. I don’t live and die with every remark some random player makes. If you’re reading his twitter stuff you probably need to get a life. If you have the idle time to sit around reading Kaepernick’s twitter, get your butt down to Texas and help out the flood victims (if you care so much). Otherwise, you’re just as dumb as you think he is.


    What a stupid Kaepernick-esque comment

  23. What’s the big deal.

    After reading the story I notice all the comments and still don’t know why.

  24. Yeah, when people have lost homes, cars, and some lives, it’s best not to make any sort of comment that can be misconstrued as insensitive.

    It’s not as if we in California aren’t prone to natural disasters or anything. Plus all the water we need went to Texas and Oklahoma.

  25. Seahawk fans want Kaepernick to remain the San Francisco QB, the same way the Allies wanted Colonel Klink to remain the Stalag 13 kommandant.

  26. You’re kidding me. These idiot Santa Clara fans who can’t think for themselves, worship the ground this overrated clown walks on. Remember how they defended McDonald like he was their own flesh and blood? This won’t bother them at all as long as he flexes for them.

  27. Goodell needs to step in and suspend him 4 games, fine the 49ers a million bucks and take away their 1st and 4th round draft picks to send a message that he’s a real tough guy that won’t tolerate this type of behavior.

  28. Yo go KAP! MVP next year and it’s ok he doesn’t watch the news. Too busy getting ready for next year. By the way we hope it keeps raining so it Washington the entire state of redneck hillbillies off the map. Texas you’re a mess and had nothing to do with rain!

  29. Sure, he is no where near the top of the QB class in his short career, but he wasn’t trying to be malicious in his first tweet (although not in the best of taste), his second tweet was faith-based, and his last was a selfie…

    Nothing to see here folks, move along. I’m certainly not “longing for the days when he won’t be wearing a 49ers helmet” over 3 social media messages. Really? With all the crap players are doing nowadays getting into trouble, and people want to villify him over this???

  30. I remember when there was some debate about who was the better QB out of the NFC West…kaep or wilson.

    That lasted a good 15 minutes.


    Enjoy, Santa Clara. Don’t worry you can draft a new QB in the next few years while you’re picking top 5, or Blaine Gabbert can save you.

  31. You cannot be in the public’s eye and be that out of touch with common sense.
    Um, Pelosi, Reid, Shultz, Boxer, Cummings, Schumer, Axelrod, Clinton, Warren, and last but not least, ovomit. They seem to work it just fine without any.

  32. Start him week 1. Pull him week 2 Suspend him for a year and then pay him and then request a trade via your agent. Then say u still want out. Oh and dont show for otas

    – a sadder vikings fan

  33. What a complete idiot to say that. Have some mercy on those poor people right now. Completely classless.

  34. An infant in an adult’s body. I suggest the Niners, keep all tech devices away from him, like a little kid with an iPad.

  35. This guy is in love with a full-length mirror.

    That tells you all you need to know about him.

  36. Who in their right mind would want this idiot representing your team and city? This will be his last year as a starter in the NFL! If he lasts that long!

  37. There is a lot of hate here to Kap. I just can’t imagine my life under this scope of stupid.

  38. Keep hating but last time I checked he was number 4 in jersey sales so someone must love him or maybe Niner nation is just so huge! Kap will shut up all the rednecks in Texas this year as he leads Niners to Super Bowl on our turf. Texas hillbillies you are not welcome here or anywhere in Cal.

  39. Live in Houston – Dealt with flooding today – Don’t care about an idiot athlete on social media.

    For the record, those living near the San Andreas fault (it’s not just a movie) should be careful about natural disaster smack.

  40. All that’s missing is the neck tattoo.

    Too bad he didn’t deflate a football — then he’d be in real trouble.

  41. Apparently, he was trying to top K2 for stupid self-reference. Mission accomplished.

  42. Exact reason why I don’t have a twitter, facebook, instagram, or myspace account. I don’t feel like posting stuff, only to then delete it for stupidity. Why post it in the first place???

  43. If the 7storm he is referring to is a mediocre qb who is unable to make touch passes, throw the ball as hard as he can, is inaccurate, makes a single read and then takes off running because he isn’t an effective pocket passer than I guess he is referring to himself.

    The 49ers are going to miss haurbaugh

  44. Long time 49ers fan here. Watched Montana and Young carry the team to championships and conduct themselves like professionals and leaders. Even Jeff Garcia acted the part. Let’s not forget Alex Smith, consummate professional. I’ll be the first to say that Kaepernick is an embarrassment to the Bay Area. Maybe I’m just out of touch with this millenial generation, but this guy seems like he is a immature little boy trapped in a man’s body. I’m pretty embarrassed to root for the team these last couple of years with all the off the field stuff happening with our players. After this offseason in which it seems like all the high character guys that I loved left or retired, I’m pretty ready to step back. It seems that the kind of people supporting the team at this point are a bunch of apologist bandwagoners who don’t understand that they are just as bad as the players getting arrested with their stupid rationalizations. Look, it’s simple, you either conduct yourself like a good person or like an idiot. Kaep has proven himself to be immature at the very least, and he’s already had multiple chances. I’m done rooting for the guy.

  45. I feel bad for 9ers fans. Been a tough offseason. Their QB is dumb as a post. Hopefully, they can sever ties w/ him next year, and rebuild. The quick collapse of this team is the most under covered story of the year. What a shame.

  46. Completely aside from the inappropriateness, he made this comment about a preseason game. Who talks trash about the first preseason game?

  47. Goofball? I’ve seen football and that isn’t goofball. That’s straight up ignorant dumba–ity. Someone take this fool’s wifi away.

  48. I’m not a whiners fan and don’t see a problem with it. He was obviously referencing their first preseason game against Houston. If he didn’t have ill intent, then most of the stupidity here comes from the people believing that he did.

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