Adrian Peterson: I’m trying to secure my future with the Vikings


On Wednesday, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer gave a blunt answer to a question about running back Adrian Peterson’s outlook for the 2015 season.

“He’s got two choices. He can play for us or not play,” Zimmer said.

Peterson is not taking part in the team’s offseason workouts and a report earlier this week indicated the running back wanted to be traded away from the team. Peterson spoke to Josina Anderson of ESPN Wednesday evening and said that wasn’t the case, explaining that his absence is about a desire for security in Minnesota.

“The reason I’m not attending OTAs has nothing to do with wanting to be traded,” Peterson said. “It’s about securing my future with the Vikings. It’s business, not personal and I understand that firsthand. Go Vikings.”

It’s not the first time the subject of Peterson’s contract has come up this month. Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra called for the team to show Peterson “a commitment” to making him a Viking for his entire career.

Peterson is set to make $12.75 million this season and his contract runs through 2017, but none of the $32 million beyond this season is guaranteed so it would be easy for the Vikings to move on at that point. Guaranteeing some of the money would provide some of the security that Peterson says he’s seeking, although there’s been little sign from the Vikings about their willingness to go that route.

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  1. Can someone remind how Peterson being in this predicament is the vikings fault???

  2. Prove what you got and get awarded later on! Not the other way around! Prove you are that much after spending the one year off then be awarded!

  3. Can one of the resident Packers fans help me read that quote please? I forgot to wear my glasses today. All I can make out is “Go Vikings”.

  4. I guess you could call this progress……funny how both sides are working in super-slow motion.

  5. Is he trying to play until he’s 40? If you want guaranteed money but no raise, then maybe….

    but you’re not getting one red cent more than what your current contract is until you prove yourself as an over 30 RB.

    No one will pay you as much as the Vikings currently will so don’t bite the hands that feed. Unless you know your body is breaking down and you won’t make it to finish your deal because of injury, in which case, good luck.

  6. Sure Ben Dogra wants the Vikes to show some commitment to AP. He isn’t making a penny off AP’s current deal. He wasn’t AP’s rep when it was done.
    AP needs to step up and show he is commited to the Vikes first.
    Good for Coach Zimmer to put it like it is. AP is tossing $250,ooo big ones away by not attending. He could have showed his face at Winter Park and donated that money to a Charity. Possibly one that helps abused children.

  7. Wow. Yet another reason not to like this creep? AP needs to just go away.

  8. Give him the guarantee, make it contingent on surviving his probation, no more violations of conduct code, etc…and for God sake move on….

  9. I think the Vikings should guarantee $12.75 million if he makes the team and plays in the first game.

  10. Let me get this straight. AP finally talked. Not the press. Not his agent. Not his dad. But AP himself. And he acknowledged he doesn’t want a trade, but just wants guaranteed money.

    If only someone could have predicted this instead of the press just writing BS. Wait. Many of us did.

    4 years. $20 mil guaranteed. $48 mil contract. I wrote that months ago. I’m sticking to it. He’s not going anywhere.

  11. Just like the Vikings putting him on the commissioners exempt list was “business, not personal.” You can’t have your cake and eat it too AP.

  12. Just re-do his ludicrous contract and than every single person is happy and we can get to work. Guarentee the next 2 years and lower his insane cap hits the next 3 seasons so we can extend Smith, Rhodes, Floyd, and eventually Teddy.

    Just get it done already ahhhhhgggggg!!!!!

  13. The vikings either want him to play and think he is worth the money,


    He is not worth the money and they should cut him.

    The vikings have to make a decision to move forward one way or the other.

    Somehow they always make the wrong decision.

  14. He has a contract in place for the next three years. He wants a show of good will, tell him still has a job with the Vikings. How is that for good will? and as a added bonus, tell him the Vikings will honor the contract that was signed.

  15. It’s a business. It’s a business to the teams. It’s a business to the players (even though fans don’t like it)….he’ll be better this year with last year off then he would have been if he played the entire year. You know it and I know it. Just give him the incentives he missed out on last year and let’s play ball. Year off = fresh, angry, determined, motivated and a better AD. Which will be better? AD after the ACL or AD after a year off?. Better pay that man lol.

  16. Vikings have no incentive to guarantee a single dime when AP is basically on double secret probation and could be suspended indefinitely if Goddell misses his afternoon nap and gets a little cranky. Anything that has a remote whiff of domestic violence will get him a timeout in the corner and make The Vikes look dumber than Da Bears and their MacDonald mishap.

  17. peterson’s representatives have misplayed this whole episode. why this knucklehead was led to think that being charged with felony child abuse is a cause for a raise and apology is beyond me.

    and i’m one who thought the felony charges were overboard.

  18. McKinnon is going to look like the more explosive back in the fall of 2015 anyways. We don’t even know what Adrian has left in the tank besides a layer of rust after a year off. If anything the Vikings should offer him a lower money deal.

  19. In other words, no matter what he says, positive or negative, none of you will be happy……he says he does want a trade. Is that not what you spoiled viking fans have wanted to hear all along???

  20. Dogra is a real p.o.s. imo. Peterson is his only real shot at a big payday. He was fired for trying to steal clients from his previous employer as he was preparing to leave them. There’s nothing wrong with Adrian wanting more of a guarantee, but get a classier agent who isn’t in the process of being blacklisted.

  21. You should have showed up at OTAs and donated the 250,000 bonus to a worthy charity. Show up, show some humility, and the future will take care of itself.

  22. Peterson gets strong armed by the Vikings continually and you might see him channel his inner Randy Moss. Sure he has a lot of money rising on the line. Depending on whether he shows up. Unless there’s an effort clause, the worst they can do is bench him. In which case they’re not benefiting from his services and if you’re not going to benefit from his services, wouldn’t you rather not be paying him? Or they pay him and he goes back to busting his hump. Maybe it doesn’t happen like that if the Vikes stand pat, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  23. I agree with making this move to have AP for the rest of his career but he is making these demands at the wrong time. He should come back and prove himself for a year and the when all is forgotten he can ask for a restructuring of his contract. Poor timing.

  24. Someone needs to tell Peterson he has no leverage here and will only hurt his opportunities in the future…think about what he wants….coming off a yr suspension for child abuse, complained all off season about wanting to be traded even though hes scheduled to be the highest paid running back in the league, now he wants the team he earlier refused to play for to guarantee more yrs on his highest paid rb contract smh he will be lucky to make half that after next yr when the vikings cut his dumb butt……

  25. This is the NFL in 2015. None of the running backs will make 45 million in the next three years. This is a time when running backs make 10 million over three years. He’s lucky he signed his deal when he did the landscape has changed for running backs. Now there second rounders except for 2015. Todays running back is about being a receiver not just a bell cow. Adrian is no receiver. Chances are, he’ll get cut after this season. And guess what, no one is going to sign a 31 year old running back for what he’s making now. There are 31 other teams that will prove that after this season. He’s in for a shock if he thinks there is a bigger pay day out there in the future.

  26. Lifelong Vikes fan. AD all day fan. Dogra hater. Fire your agent, play football for the team that drafted you, and stop acting like a POS. You have nothing to gain other than a bad reputation. You’ve been ill advised. Man up and go to OTA’s so you can earn back the respect from your teammates,, fans, and my two boys that sport your jersey every Sunday you play.

  27. I’ll say this, it sounding more and more like he needed a spanking more than jr. He can pout all he wants. He’s only proving I’m right. Maybe someone should spank him.

  28. Guarantee this next season and have him help out on the cap hit the next two years after that.

  29. If he is looking for security (guaranteed money), and the team means what they say when they say they want him to play his remaining 3 years on his contract, then just rework his current deal to guarantee a portion of each years salary. No raise, he doesn’t deserve that. But just reword the current numbers to guarantee, say, $2 million of each year.

  30. Lol….agents have a job. Dogra is doing his job. I hate the man too…..but he’s doing what’s in the best interest of his client(and himself obviously). The sooner you all realize that, the less you Viking fans will be stressed about all this. Suck it up. Let’s be honest….you don’t care if the Vikas cough up more money as long as AD is on the field and we can extend Harrison and Rhodes. Im not here to hold your hand…..I’m telling it like it is. Give me those thumbs down baby. I haven’t met my quota yet. Truth hurts.

  31. We’ve needed a hard nosed coach for a long time and we got one he basically told AD today you’ve got a contract you’ll play as a Viking this year or we’ll sit you till your worthless we’ve got him for three more years under contract if he doesn’t play to his potential the moneys not guaranteed and he’ll go back home broke its up to him

  32. Personally, I think this guy should be kicked out of the league (like anyone else who beats kids, women, etc.). With that being said, I love how the media is making this a big deal on how he is not at OTA’s. HE NEVER IS!! This is nothing new. Could there be a bigger reason behind it this year, sure. But him not being here in May is not news, it’s normal.

    Again, Skol Vikes!! Go away Peterson, we’re better (and classier) without you!!

  33. What a joke this guy is turning out to be. I have lost all respect for this idiot. He messed up and he is showing now that he learned nothing from his suspension. Wow! The new NFL lol. The NFL is turning in to like R – rated movies and we can’t let our kids watch or get in to the NFL until they get older cuz these guys are not role models like players in the past. Seems like half of them are on parole. Wow and to believe this is the behavior of someone that people will call a hall of famer one day. It’s honestly quite sad. They need to understand how many people look up to them and how many kids want to be them and that they are so lucky to be able to do what they do. Get some zero-tolerance and kick these bums to the street where they belong and restore this game. It’s beginning to get as bad as our police departments and how they are in the news everyday for shooting unarmed people.

  34. “It’s about securing my future with the Vikings. … Go Vikings.”

    Oh, that’s not sarcasm. I imagine, as he said it, him doing the “whoop-dee-do” hand motion.

  35. Shocker!!! Its about the (guaranteed) money….really?….wow!!….worst kept secret….c’mon Ben/Adrian you’re better than this… won’t be skipping paychecks….get over yourselves….

  36. I’d like to know why the Vikings would commit guaranteed money to a player who never shows up for OTAs? Show the hell up, take back the franchise and commit 100%. The Vikes have always come up with the money. Show them where your heart is!

  37. For what its worth, if he’s on the opening day 53 man roster, then his $12.75M salary is fully guaranteed. Keep that in mind when you are throwing out possible contract scenarios…..

  38. If I remember 27 NFL players have fired Dogra…. let AP fire him also making it ironic 28 lol. JJ Watts did it because of the bad PR.. and there’s probably more players that have fired him since

  39. The Vikings owe this guy nothing. He owes them his career. I would suggest he play like there’s no tomorrow. Because if he doesn’t, there isn’t.

  40. Dude! You have 3 more years of contract, and are over 30. If you survive long enough to earn the money already on the table, you will surpass all reasonable expectations. Worry about the rest later. But, we all know you won’t be worth the money left on the table, so stop complaining about it. Just play the game and make us forget about your sins… or go away.

  41. We can finally confirm that AP isn’t mad at the Vikings. He was never mad at the Vikings. Therefore, his return to the Vikings is coming.

  42. He is already the highest paid RB in the league. His $12M salary is guaranteed on week one as long as he is on the roster. Same goes for next year and the last year also. Changing his story just makes him seem to be an even bigger d-bag. Has the highest paid player at his position ever held out? I don’t think Revis even managed that one. He needs to do 3 things. Fire his agent, shut up, and show up to do the job that pays him 12 million dollars. Actually, make that 4 things. He needs to sincerely apologize for everything over the last several months.

  43. This looks like an olive branch to me. Prior to this sort of quote I assumed he wanted out. Now it appears he is saying he will stay.

    This boils down to who will save face. Vikings should throw him a bone and give him some sort of workout bonus if he shows up by a certain date.

    Middle ground is there.

  44. “The Vikings owe this guy nothing. He owes them his career. I would suggest he play like there’s no tomorrow. Because if he doesn’t, there isn’t.”

    How so? You really think he wouldn’t have had the same or better success with a better team? With a better QB to take pressure off of him and a better O-line?

  45. Worthless to stay. When Peyton Manning became available, teams were licking their chops for a chance to get him — and Peyton ended up getting paid. As a premier RB, A.P. would garner the same attention. Retire for 2015 and magically reinstate yourself for 2016. Your accountant will be very pleased, A.P.

  46. Age of some running backs when they retired:

    Terrell Davis: 29
    Eric Dickerson: 33
    Barry Sanders: 30

    I’d say the current contract lets AP retire as a Viking.

    Dogra, go screw yourself.

  47. “As a premier RB, A.P. would garner the same attention. Retire for 2015 and magically reinstate yourself for 2016. Your accountant will be very pleased, A.P.”

    First of all he would be 31 and his days of a premier RB are long over. Just look at history of ALL RB’s. They start their downward trend at 28 on average.

    Second of all, he can’t just retire for a year and unretire. The Vikings would still own his rights for 2 more years. The clock stops on the contract if you retire.

  48. I feel for the guy, It’s hard playing for a team with ZERO Championships! Not to mention a team that has the ugliest jerseys in the league. Not to mention a failed OC and goofy GM and Owner. Not to mention a bust QB with tiny baby hands. Not to mention ZERO (0) Championships!

  49. Now it looks like AP is just trying to feed his “Dog”(ra). His 2015 salary is guaranteed if he shows up to play week 1. So what other reason to ask for a restructure? Answer: To feed his “Dog”! He needs to shoot ol yeller sooner than later, cause eventually he’s gonna get bit! Dogra will leave AP high & dry once he realizes the well has run out of water, then move on to the next “sucker”.

  50. Wallabear- what reality are you living in? AP would still be under contract. They own his rights until the end of the term (2017) even if he retires in your scenario.

    Oddly, I envision this situation like this: the Vikings are holding the stick and now AP is learning what it feels like to be that young defenseless boy. I commend the Vikings for standing their ground and teaching right from wrong but in a non violent way. For some reason, I do not think AP is aware enough to realize it.

  51. “Barry Sanders: 30

    I’d say the current contract lets AP retire as a Viking.”

    Sanders retired in his prime because his team sucked and he saw no chance of winning anything. I’m sure Peterson is probably thinking the same thing if he retires.

  52. Box of rocks > A.P.
    Secure my future my arce. Minny will trade him just to wash their hands of a franchise black eye.

  53. Both Peterson, and especially Dogra, have a weird sense of value. If Peterson has any sense in his head, which is debatable, he’d fire Dogra. But something tells me he’s not that smart.

  54. “Sanders retired in his prime because his team sucked and he saw no chance of winning anything. I’m sure Peterson is probably thinking the same thing if he retires.”
    Ok. So let’s say Sanders had another 3 good years in him. My point still stands.

  55. As a Vikings fan, I say let him sit and sulk this year without any additional money. $13 million is plenty for any professional athlete no matter irregardless of position and age. Peterson has had his chance to handle this civilly like a real businessman, but blew it.

  56. artic19 says:
    May 27, 2015 11:29 PM

    I think he finally realizes it’s his fault that the Packers won the division last year.

    Yeah, the Vikings were 1-5 in the NFC North last year and would have road the AP tidal wave to the post season.

    Delusional and laughable, but that’s why we love you.

  57. I think this is a brilliant PR joint. Make this appear to be about money when AD doesn’t want a thing to do with Minnesota.

    The Vikes don’t look weak like they have a player who absolutely doesn’t want to play for them because of what happened last year.

    A simple move to get AD out of Minnesota and the Vikings the maximum return on his departure.

  58. He’s already the highest paid RB in the game.

    Time to shut your mouth and get your ass to camp.

  59. First quote from AD is he doesn’t want to be traded. Stop with the stories now.

  60. ….. and sanity returns.

    Maybe it finally got through Peterson’s skull that he has zero leverage……

  61. The Vikings should beat him in the testicles….then tell him to show up or shut up….done talking. AP has zero chips to play. He wants guaranteed money but throws 1/4 million away..makes no sense. Trade him to Buffalo like the EAGLES did when Shady made waves…then let them settle who the best back is in Football purgatory

  62. The Vikings could (not should) give some ground here.

    They obviously want Peterson for at least this season, so why wait until week one, and just immediately guarantee his salary for 2015.

    Perhaps they can guarantee Peterson’s salary for 2016 for injury only, that way he has at least some security should he get badly injured. If he isn’t injured and the Vikings move on, then he will be fit enough to sign with a different team and continue to earn.

    The only way the Vikings should extend his current deal, or fully guarantee more money beyond this year, is if Peterson is willing to renegotiate his salary to provide some cap relief for the team after this year – say current salary this year, but ‘only’ $10m in 2016 and again in 2017. Add one further year to the contract for 2018, but guarantee for injury only if still on the team for week one in 2017.

  63. Why would anybody want to play for this awful franchise? Especially since they drafted Bridgewater over Carr, it’s a mistake that will haunt them for years to come

  64. So when your not dressed on Sundays you know it’s just business. It’s also just business that you earn the free money you were paid last season. Also when no one will pay you more than the veterans limit its just business not collusion.

  65. Peterson already has a contract that the other 31 NFL teams wouldn’t even touch with a 10 foot pole. Now he wants the Vikings to guarantee it? How stupid does he think Speilman is?

    Ok, the answer to that lies in his request, he knows the Vikings are desperate as the Packers are not likely to cut a RB anytime soon so his replacement is not coming from Speilman’s favorite way to build a team. He also knows that the vast majority of NFL teams wouldn’t consider signing a known child abuser while a criminal conviction is not only accepted by the Vikings, its a badge of honor. So why not ask for a guarantee?

  66. Yeah, cuz who can live on $12+M a year?
    Maybe he should talk with Latrell Sprewell and asked him how that worked out for him?

  67. Wow, I didn’t realize that AP got paid last year as a punishment for beatin his kid. Like Ma said, “Life Ain’t Fair!”

  68. If the Vikings are honest, they do not expect to pay Peterson’s salary over the next 3 years. The figures are ridiculous even for the top RB in the league, not to mention one that is now 30. Peterson and his agent know this, and even more likely they know no other NFL team would either. So what I do not get in this whole situation is why his agent insists that on more his current contract figures being guaranteed. It just will not happen especially with the amount of money the club has already paid him for his services. Any changes to his contract would require it to benefit both parties, and that would mean that for Peterson to receive more security, he would have to lower his yearly contract figures. For example a 3yr contract worth a total of $22M that has a $17M signing bonus, and contains performance incentives that can increase it another $2M. This would be a win/win if the club believes AP as a couple of good years left in him. Doga has to know that this would likely be a better offer he would receive elsewhere.

  69. This statement by Peterson is nothing more than a public relations move that is the first step in announcing an already agreed upon trade to Dallas.

    This allows the Vikings a way out of a salary cap killing contract with an aging running back and also allows them to “save face” and get Peterson to where he wants to be as well as satisfying his desire for guaranteed money.

    Welcome to the new NFL where absolutely nothing is believable any more.

    Thanks a lot Patri*ts.

  70. I read and re-read AP’s quote, and all I can come up with is “I want to be traded, but if the Vikings give me more money, I’ll stay.”

    My question:

    Where are the locker room leaders? Where are his fellow players?

    I’m thinking some veteran player needs to sit down with and tell him he’s being a ___.

    But I can’t think of any player on the Viking roster that has the veteran leadership to be able to do it. Jared Allen could have.. if he were still with the team. Bridgewater sure isn’t going to.

  71. It should also be pointed out that if AP does play, the media is going to be all over him for “tanking” in order to get out of his contract any time he does not perform to their expectations, so he will be incentivized to play to his utmost, or have his character *further* called into question.

  72. Hey AD: if you really want to secure your future with the Vikings, you might want to 1) stop bad-mouthing the team that paid you millions of dollars for sitting home last year and 2) stop abusing your children. Just a thought.

  73. If he was smart he’d do the following.

    1.) Fire his agent.
    2.) State his agent was and idiot was to blame for all the talk. Tell us (and the media) that he never wanted to leave MN and it was blown out of proportion via his agent and the media.
    3.) Hold a press conference apologizing to everyone in the NFL, saying how you were wrong and clear your conscience.
    4.) Say “SKOL” at the end of the press conference.

    All AD fans will forgive and forget and all will be good.

  74. I bet AD and Dogra decided from day 1 that they would do all they can to drive the Vikes crazy enough so they’d let him go. As a Dallas fan I’d love to have him in big D. Regardless of that. AD and Dogra look absolutely ridiculous and have handled this extremely poorly.

  75. He is one of the best running backs in the NFL. He is under contract. He refuses to come to OTA’s. When asked, he has made statements that he wants a new contract, but is not asking for a trade.

    His name is Matt Forte…

  76. Wow, a RB with off-field issues getting 12 mil is not happy. It seems like he would be showing a great deal of gratitude they want him at all, let alone extremely overpaying.

  77. IF the Vikings plan on AP being there for the next 3 years (or more), then I think reworking his contract and guaranteeing money is a great idea. Notice I didn’t say “give him a raise”.

    They have plenty of cap space for 2015, so reworking the contract now would put more of his salary/signing bonus into the current year, which will save cap room for future years to sign other guys.

    The problem is, most people here don’t have the capability to look forward. You don’t realize that if you’re not moving forward, your team is really moving backwards. You all want to keep saying; “but, but, but…he beat his kid a year and a half ago!”

    NFL teams know how to move on. It’s all business, and it’s the only way to build a winner. Winning cures all.

  78. With or without him, pieces are in place! +4500 in Vegas. Great value bet!

  79. No problem. Offer to restructure his contract for a lower total amount (30 mil over 3 years) with a smaller cap hit and half of it guaranteed and clauses that void the contract for any off the field issues, at the owner’s discretion. And put in a clause that takes away the guaranteed money if Ben Dogra gets a penny of it. See if he goes for that! My guess is that he won’t go for a contract that still makes him the highest paid RB in the league and guarantees half the money!

  80. Anybody that proclaims that he is already making more money than any other RB should stop talking about football together because that is not what is about.

    Read his comment it is about security. Peterson knows that McKinnon is a promising RB. His contract numbers for the next couple years are high but he is only guaranteed about $2m of it. So if Peterson gets hurt this year or his production is down, the Vikings can cut him next year and owe him nothing. He wants the Vikings to show more of a commitment in terms of guarantee.

    Right now, it’s like saying, “I’ll give anybody in this forum $1m in 2 days but only guarantee you $.01. You sign the contract and I rip it up tomorrow before you get the money.” Not much of a commitment.

    You can say what you want about the situation about the kid but AP has given far more to Minnesota. And for fans to turn around all of a sudden and believe that he isn’t the same player, YOU ALL WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HIM BACK! He’s carried Minnesota for years and is good enough to continue doing so for a couple more years. He’s your only hope of making the playoffs in the near future.

  81. I am sometimes amazed at the level of incompetence shown by some posters here. Sometimes. If the Vikings rework his contract to clear cap space for some of their other mediocre “talent” all that does is push the cap hit out further and make it an even bigger hit in the process.

    If the Vikings are dumb enough to do this, Peterson’s cap hit will haunt them for several years after he’s out of the league entirely.

    So… you want them to cripple themselves even further in the future so they can go 9-7 or 10-6 over the next 3 years instead of 7-9 or 8-8? as a Packer fan, all I can say to that is “Yes, please!”

  82. RB’s on the wrong side of 30 do not get guaranteed money.
    You should have thought about that before you took a year off.
    You can play this year or stay home. Period.

  83. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t trade him. If you can get anything for a 30 year-old RB, do it.

  84. What a mess of a franchise. No wonder Zimmer is ranked by NFLN as the 22nd best head coach in the NFL, right behind ex-Packers OC Joe Philbin and well behind McCarthy’s #4 ranking.

  85. Tear up his current contract and give him 4 years 40 million with $20 million guaranteed. He gets more guaranteed money and the Vikes get cap relief over the course of the contract. Unless your plan is to drop him after this season, that is. In that case, someone else will give him a similar contract. He is the best pure runner in football. Tell me the Cardinals, Cowboys, Broncos or Giants wouldn’t pick him up in a heartbeat and I’ll laugh in your face.

  86. So it doesn’t sound like he’s asking for more money, or any other change than guaranteeing the money they already offered him.

    Honestly it’s generally not a smart front office football move, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for AP to ask. He just wants to make sure he won’t be dumped before the contract is over. Basically, the Vikings expect him to honor his contract. He’s asking for them to guarantee they will do the same.

    Again, not considered a smart move contractually, but how much extra motivation might it give to AP to know the Vikes have complete confidence in him and prove they want him to retire a Viking? He’s never been a hold-out nor complained about money or his contract in the past 8 years before this debacle. He’s always given his best on the field regardless of money.

    I won’t say they should or shouldn’t, but what are the possible benefits of an extra-motivated AP?

  87. As I have been saying and others for months. Nothing to see here. AP will be at camp when it’s mandatory. Just like every veteran who skips OTA’s…

  88. I thought his future was already secure with the first contract. My bad. I wish my future was not as secure. But good luck AP

  89. Secure your future?? You’re 30. You’re a Running Back. You have been gone a year. Your future is making it through to the preseason. You just missed out on a quarter of a million dollars. $250,000 bucks to play outside.

    And in other news, the Vikings STILL don’t make the playoffs in 2015.

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