Ray McDonald is arrested yet again

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If the Bears hadn’t already cut defensive lineman Ray McDonald, they’d be doing so tonight.

According to Katie Nelson of the San Jose Mercury News, McDonald was arrested Wednesday by Santa Clara, California police. McDonald allegedly violated a restraining order.

The restraining order, issued after McDonald’s Monday arrest, required him to stay away from the residence of his ex-fiancée.While his past incidents allow for a certain degree of gray area regarding the things that did and didn’t happen, it’ll be much harder for McDonald to claim innocence if he violated the fairly bright line of returning to premises from which he was ordered to stay away.

The 49ers cut McDonald after a pair of allegations against him last year. The Bears gave him another chance, but they promptly cut him after the Monday arrest for domestic violence and child endangerment.

121 responses to “Ray McDonald is arrested yet again

  1. Fidel Goodell: “No one in this office, to my knowledge, saw the Ray Rice video tape and/or know who Ray Mcdonald is.”

  2. ummm… Doesn’t he own the residence in question??? HOW DOES SHE GET A RETRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIS PROPERTY????? LIBERALS! BARF!

  3. He’s not done yet. Since he won’t ever play in the NFL again he will have plenty of free time for extra curricular activities.

  4. No downward spiral with this guy. It’s a straight line to rock bottom at this point.

  5. It could be worse. He could have known a guy who may have taken took .6 lbs. of pressure out of a football….so Ray should be back after a one week suspension.

  6. Dude, you are so double extra fired, I’m not joking.
    Get arrested again and you will be triple fired, I dare you.

  7. magnumpimustache says:
    May 27, 2015 9:14 PM
    Behind the fall of every great man is a woman.


    There is nothing great about this tool … he is the epitome of the word “loser” …

  8. At this point it really seems this whole thing is going to end up very ugly. He needs to be locked up for everybody’s good, before something tragic happens.

  9. If Ray was NOT cut by da Bears on Monday he would NOT have violated the restraining today. EVER THOUGHT OF THAT LITTLE THING KNOWN AS CORRELATION VERSUS CAUSATION? ❓

    ( It’s da Bears fault.)

  10. when you look up idiot in the dictionary you see a picture of Ray McDonald smiling. seriously, what is he thinking!!?? you are given a second chance, keep away from the wrong side of the law.

  11. I feel for the guy to be honest. Kinda seems like a witch hunt. The evidence hasn’t really indicated he’s done anything terribly wrong. Dude just needs to get out of town and start over…..and probably stop drinking as it seems like it keeps putting him in difficult spots.

  12. I’m sure somewhere the Bengals are getting blamed for this guy as well. I mean, he was teammates with Justin Smith who was once a Bengal…

  13. Now that his football career is over, soon Ray will be working at McDonalds.

  14. I thought in a previous story he either owned the place or was paying the rent and was trying to get her to leave….. Now he violates a restraining order keeping from a place he owns/rents…
    He should have gotten a LAWYER!!!!!

  15. ummm… Doesn’t he own the residence in question??? HOW DOES SHE GET A RETRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIS PROPERTY????? LIBERALS! BARF!

    Wow..just wow

  16. He is nothing but trash. He should not be allowed to have the right to play football again in the NFL. Everyone came down hard on Ray Rice but he is a saint compared to this piece of trash. Don’t get me wrong I do not condone what Ray Rice did but I think the league needs to come down hard on McDonald because he has squandered his chance several times. He deserves no more chances period. If another team signs him then they should be penalized for signing a continued domestic violence offender. Roger Goodell time to step up.

  17. This is sad… I am rather sorry to say that this series of actions usually precede a murder. I fear for the life of the woman and child.

  18. Wow… Don’t even know what to say.. .

    This guy really needs a handler or something. It’s a little late now, but either his agent or Da Bears should have hired someone to hang out with this guy and help him make the right decisions.

  19. His career is over and that woman is in serious danger. This guy probably supported a whole bunch of people who will blame her for ending the gravy train. This will not end well.

  20. Why would ANY team sign this guy with the luggage he had going in. Guess if he’d let a little air out of the ball and they paid 4 or 5 million to investigate such a minor issue then he would of already been suspended. Imagine if the commissioner and his underlings were able to handle investigations internally and dole out a fair punishment instead of having to justify an expensive investigation with overly harsh penalties. They could devote that money to social causes that would give them great goodwill.
    Like battered women and abused children. How misguided is this commissioner. But when you take on the big dog then all the sudden 31 other teams fans think this guy is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  21. The home or apt in question, is his. He pays the bills and the lease is in his name.

    How does a woman with no legal right to anything of his, have the ability to keep him from the home he pays for? Maybe she should move to her moms house, and give up the luxurious apartment she now lives in? Why stay somewhere and expect a ‘ dangerous’ individual to support her?

  22. Hard to feel bad for a guy who is accused of violence against women, but this dude’s life is obviously unraveling and he is clearly not handling it very well. If there is anyone out there that loves him, that person should go find him and sit on him for a few days. Otherwise something seriously bad is likely to happen.

  23. Not an Urban Meyer fan, but Meyer inherited this guy. Meyer’s first year there was McDonald’s last year in Gainesville.

  24. Wow. I hope to see a outrageous amount of articles on this guy after all this given the amount there were on Greg Hardy. Oh wait Dallas isn’t interested in him so that won’t happen. Either Seattle or Denver will sign him next and all we’ll hear about is how great they are and how they’re building or maintaining a SB contender.

  25. She took his place. That’s what they do. Now he gets to sit and stew about it for the next couple months in a jumpsuit. The legal process is painfully slow in these matters. Someone should have told him patience is the only solution. Now it’s 10 times worse for him.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  26. It’s not a (civil) restraining order. It’s a criminal stay away order automatically issued after any arrest that is flagged as a domestic violence incident.

  27. thefatlazygamer says:
    May 27, 2015 9:13 PM

    Do the right thing Rog and just ban this guy forever.


    No worries, no team will ever sign him again…..

  28. Amended:

    It’s not a (civil) restraining order. It’s a criminal stay away order automatically issued after any arrest that is flagged as a domestic violence incident. It applies to a person, not an address.

  29. Whether you agree it was right or not that he was told to stay away — it was a court order. You don’t just ignore them because you don’t like them. He didn’t like it, he could have hired a lawyer and gotten it changed. Instead he decided to act like nothing happened. Well, he found out the hard way that judges mean what they say.

  30. Mcdonald has been arrested 2 times in less than 3 days and believe it or not, he is still able to sign a new contract with another team if that team wanted to….the NFL and Mr. Goodell has failed to put him on an indefinite suspension or an exempt list, so they blame teams for signing these type of guys ? Goodell should’ve suspended him on Monday based on his priors. Amazing how the NFL allows this to happen.

  31. Wonder if Frank Clark of the Seahawks is pushing for pump em up Pete to sign this guy, since they have so much in common

  32. “Doesn’t he own the residence in question??? HOW DOES SHE GET A RETRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIS PROPERTY????? LIBERALS! BARF!”

    Has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. If she’s legally the resident she has rights that a landlord can’t violate, whether or not it was an ex. And her rights include getting a retraining order against a landlord that assaulted her and their baby.

  33. So what is the evidence of this “assault” that he supposedly perpetrated on this woman while she was holding a baby? All it probably was was him grabbing her by the shoulders or something.

    Then she makes some bogus 911 call and we only hear HER side of the story – no evidence of this assault, no evidence of the door he supposedly broke down, etc.

    Now he comes back to the premises in violation of the restraining order but it doesn’t mean he’s some kind of monster.

    Apparently this is a very common case of baby mama drama – many men all across the country go through this kind of experience and don’t get publicly burnt at the stake for it.

  34. I appreciate NFL news, but let’s stop revisiting this guy. He’s been released, no longer on any roster, and as long as no other team picks him up, I’ll be content to never hear about him again.

  35. Regardless of the stupid comparisons, Brady is still going to get 4 games.

    As for the woman being in an apartment he’s paying for, it might be part of child support for all we know.

  36. He just bought himself a one way ticket to Dallas courtsey of Jerry and the Cowboys. He and the other wife beater can hold hands and skip down the hallway together knowing that Jerrah will always protect them.

  37. So he doesn’t get locked up until he hurts this woman or worse the kid. Put his butt in jail the restraining orders seem to be a joke.

  38. Reset the arrest counter! Per the Pacman Jones Rule, “any arrest, regardless of the number or length of time between arrests, shall be considered a new arrest provided: 1. the arrestee was released from physical custody from previous arrest and 2. the new arrest is not related to the NFL Commissioner’s Exempt List”

    Please reset the arrest counter.

  39. These NE rubes seem to show up in every thread and water down the conversation with tears. So annoying. No I don’t want to be you, my team would have to take a huge step backwards to get there.

  40. You can’t fix stupid and that is what all of this is. Stupid is as stupid does. Total waste of talent.

  41. Where is the NFLPA and De Smith? Isn’t the NFL Players UNION supposed to protect their clients?

    While the media blames Roger Goodell, the NFL, and the team, they completely ignore the NFLPA and what the union does NOT do for the players. What do the players pay union dues for if the union won’t do ANYTHING for the players except tell them to blame the NFL for everything.

  42. McCaskey liked him because he “paid his own way” to the interview at Halas Hall. For a cheap clod like McCaskey, I guess that trumps everything else.

    And Virginia remains “pissed off.”

  43. Why not right? You’ve gone this far Ray. You’ve torpedoed your career. You’ve ensured you’ll never play another down of pro football again. What’s one more arrest? In for a penny, in for a pound.

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