Adrian Peterson: Players need “same power” NFL clubs hold in contracts


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, in the midst of a dispute with Minnesota, used his verified Twitter account Thursday to vent about teams being able to void contracts while players are bound to those same deals.

Here are Peterson’s thoughts on the subject, which were published one day after he told ESPN his absence from Minnesota’s offseason program was “about securing my future” in Minnesota:

“I love people who think they know it all! Smh, Research how many NFL teams hasn’t honored a player’s contract & learn something.

“Question for the people, is a contract two sided or one?

“Ok great two sided! Well why when one party decides . . . Mr. ? we wan’t you to take a pay cut now or better yet flat out release you!

“There’s never no talk about honoring a contract!

“I know hundreds of player’s that wished their team would’ve HONORED the contract! But instead got threw to the side like like trash.

“A lill crazy how one side has so much power that they can do as they please when it come to the contract! But when the other-side (player’s)  . . . Feels for whatever reason! Family, Change of scenery or simply – what they feels just might work best for them! Those same laws don’t apply!

“It’s all about honoring you’re contract! Sounds like free will is being a lil challenged to me!

“All I’m saying as a Minnesota Viking player! WE need the same power to do as all 32 teams do we they feel, under contract or not!

“It’s time for a change! Then again I’m grateful because at the end of the day, I know some of those same guys that wish a team held on!”

Peterson has three years left on his current contract. He is set to make $12.75 million in salary in 2015, $14.75 million in 2016 and $17.75 million in 2017. However, the salaries are not guaranteed.

The Vikings have insisted they will not trade Peterson. On Wednesday, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said the 30-year-old tailback would play for Minnesota or not at all.

Peterson spent most of last season on the exempt/commissioner’s permission list after being charged with felony child abuse. He eventually pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault.

167 responses to “Adrian Peterson: Players need “same power” NFL clubs hold in contracts

  1. Sounds like slavery j/k

    Odell thinks AP should get more money.

    Brees wants an explanation on what Peterson’s talking about.

    Someone’s wanting an apology as McCarty is kicking from the 6 inch line

    Did I do it right PFT?

  2. Quit beating your children…. Shut up…. Play ball…. Collect 12.75 million dollars.

  3. Hey, Adrian. Kids shouldn’t be whipped in the testicles with a tree branch.

    Shut your mouth and be happy you still have a job playing football.

  4. As a Vikings fan… AP is such a headache. Not worth the headache he’s putting this team through. This guy isn’t as big as the team, no player should ever be.

  5. Send a private email to D smith and NFLPA. Stop whining in public and go smoke another bong to take away the pain from all the pressure your under.

    Or how about this, stop beating your kids, get to work and make sure that the Vikings aren’t asking you to restructure next year or be cut to the land of Ray Rice.

  6. The NFL is your boss. They have more control over the contract, same as every other industry in this world. Just because you are on tv and make millions of isn’t going to change that. The NFL will go along just fine with Adrian Peterson.

  7. The Vikings are historically the worst team in the history of the NFL.

    Last I checked, they were 5th best and thats included the last 10 years where they had 3-5-6 win seasons etc.

  8. But did you get all the money that the team guaranteed? If so, the team lived up to their end of the deal. You owe them the three more years you agreed to in exchange for that money.

  9. It’s business…blame your agent for not getting you a shorter deal to allow you some flexibility on the back end and an opportunity to test the market at 30 or enjoy the ridiculous about of money you’re still going to make as the highest paid RB in the NFL

  10. This guys needs to shut up and disappear.

    I’m sure the owners would be happy to give up certain things if the players then got 0 guaranteed money and 0 signing bonuses.

    Its not enough this greedy, child beating pig is going to make about 13 mil this year and made millions last year while not playing, he somehow thinks he’s entitle to more ? Disgusting.

  11. What would happen of he starts fumbling a lot? If a player doesn’t want to be there, why force him? Just think of all the money they could use for other positions. If he wants out so bad trade him to Cleveland or Oakland. Or some other AFC team that is not a contender.

  12. Any NFL player has the right to negotiate for a fully guaranteed contract. They’re likely to take less money to do it, but it can happen. The main reason later years of NFL contracts have such huge salaries on them is because teams know they can get out of those contracts at any time with a lesser dead money hit, if the player is no longer worth the deal. Change the contract to a full guarantee and their offer will be less.

    Your choice, Adrian.

  13. 1st..your getting paid to play a game! 2nd.. you signed the contract show some manhood and honor your agreement, if the team breaks it then it comes back on them not you. 3rd and most importantly…no sympathy here for you AP…try getting out a getting a real job and then get busted abusing your kid and see what happens!!!

  14. Its supply and demand Adrian. There are only 32 NFL teams and there are thousands of people willing to take the minimum pay of an NFL player. Clearly if you weren’t a pro athlete you’d be a master of the custodial arts.

    Tiki is flabbergasted.

  15. I completely agree. Teams can cut you at anytime, with little impact. The only money that matters is guaranteed money!

  16. Peterson should take his complaints up with his Players Union. And who in their right mind beats their kid, gets suspended for almost a year, and has the gaul to say they want to renegotiate for more money? That is not just egotistical, that is psychotic behavior.

  17. Okay I’m a VIking fan but I’ll be the first to say this. If I were talking to Peterson I would say the following.

    Adrian, isn’t kind of like the situation between you and your 4 year old child? You had all the power?? Maybe your 4 year old son should had the same power as you.

    The organization is your employee. That would be like me going to the owner of the company I work for and saying, I need to have the same power as you. The more this guy says, the more dumb he sounds.

  18. hes right. If the Vikes are so committed to him as they claim, why not guarantee him more $? Sounds like they’re ready to cut him after this year no matter what numbers he puts up. Good for AP standing up for what’s right. I hope he holds out. He’s better than a 1 yr $12M contract.

  19. Great point. Extend the child abuser that was suspended all season cause he wants a raise.

    Smh. Idiot

  20. He signed a contract now he wants out because he screwed up?

    A contract is binding unless there is language that you can possibly “wiggle” your way out. But AP, you caused this, not the Vikings.

    He’s an idiot, had he not beat his kid, there would be no issue, grow up and suck it up, you’re a turd!

    Just go away now!

  21. I’m not really the grammar nazi type, but I have to ask…. Are those tweets in english?

  22. Peterson is 100% correct. The NFL is the only major sport in America where player contracts are not guaranteed. But that is the union’s fault not the Vikings. Every time the CBA gets negotiated the NFLPA argues peanuts like percentages while they NEVER demand guaranteed contracts. And that is why we have stupid holdout scenarios every year that the other major sports don’t. The holdout is literally the only leverage a player has, while a team can cut them at any time. Peterson is correct, but his agent is going about this the wrong way, and ultimately the players need to hold their union to task for allowing this.

  23. Either DeMaurice Smith is getting kickbacks from the owners or he’s the worst negotiating lawyer that ever walked the planet.

    Everyone will bad mouth the player like they always do but Peterson is right.

    The owners can keep players locked into the contracts if they are performing, but can easily cut bait if they are not performing….. not saying that’s a horrible thing from a fan standpoint ….. but comparing it to other sports i can see why the players don’t like it.

  24. I feel for you adrian, must be tough to get how how many million guaranteed for siging your name to a contract? then having to suffer through playing for 13 million a season. that contract was so one sided it paid you how many million NOT to play last season? how much of the contract are you going to give back if you do not play the way you did to earn the contract? what happens if you get hurt after signing that contract? oh that’s right you get to keep the signing bonus and your salary don’t you? shut up and play and stop beating your kids.

  25. I might be more sympathetic to this idea if it didn’t come from someone who beats his kids bloody with a tree branch.

  26. AP, your making 12.5 Million $$$, nobody feels bad for you, nobody! Come back and dominate the NFC North, show the world your the best running back ever!

  27. You have power don’t sign a contract, but if you do honor it.

    I’m sure you are qualified to do many other things so you could always quit football and get a job in the real world. After a year or two of that let’s chat about how unfair life in the NFL is.

  28. There is one simple response to his complaints: You are the employee and they are the employer. Yes, you have the right to negotiate a contract and say whether you agree with it or not, but in the end, they are the ones with hundreds millions of dollars and you are the one without a job or not satisfied with the job you have. It’s a job just like any other.

  29. Uh, No Doy!

    That’s how NFL contracts work and that is why your agent negotiates a sizable signing bonus.

    Adrian, even most of the NFL’s casual fans understand this, now grab your crayons and go back to coloring.

  30. Is it Twitter’s word count capacity that makes people sound stupid, or is it just the people ARE stupid. I mean, you have to TRY to put an apostrophe in the word “wan’t”.

    C’mon man! You are under contract. You weren’t required to sign said contract. Your free will exists only within the confines of the contract that YOU signed. Now shut up and be thankful your making $13 million this year.

  31. Adrian, lets get it straight.
    You will either play for the leagues most inept, embarrassing and pathetic team this year….OR YOU WILL NOT PLAY AT ALL.
    You will get paid to play for the clown franchise Vikings………OR YOU WILL NOT GET PAID AT ALL.
    You should be blessed and grateful that the classless Viking franchise lets you in its doors, you should be in prison.
    You whine like a 4 year old child.
    Goodell is beating you down, like you did that kid.
    Now accept it

  32. You can Quit if you are that upset AP. The highest paid player in the league at his position want’s more money and control. This is after beating his child bloody and getting paid an entire years salary for playing one game last year. Idiot.

  33. Hey, AP, take it up with De Smith at your next NFLPA meeting. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

  34. “I completely agree. Teams can cut you at anytime, with little impact. The only money that matters is guaranteed money!”

    Right, and if the team pays a signing bonus and cuts the player after 1 season on a 5 year contract does he have to return 80% of that signing bonus ?

    No, he gets to keep it. Players can’t have it both ways. They can’t expect huge signing bonuses and guaranteed money if they want guaranteed contracts.

    Not to mention guaranteed contracts ruined MLB. I haven’t been able to watch it for a long long time because outside of the boredom factor, I was disgusted at seeing player after player who had performed well immediately start sucking once he got the big, guaranteed contract.

  35. If the players were to hold out until the owners caved, they likely could have all the power they wanted. Unfortunately the players will always cave first. Billionaires can easily out last millionaires who are (generally) poor at managing their money and have limited earning potential elsewhere.

  36. Perhaps 5 year old kids should have the same power as their parents too, eh AD?

    Someone hand his kid a weapon.

  37. Imagine signing a contract for your job that says we’ll pay you $60k per year, but we only guaranteed $10k. That’s what these NFL contracts are, big promise with little commitment on the owners part. And you can’t even look for another job…they hold your rights. Whether you like him or not, he’s right.

  38. It’s getting harder and harder to like this guy….even a little bit.

    Maybe he should purchase his own team, build his own stadium, negotiate his own television contract, and learn to run his own business.

    Then, after all that, he can give the players all the leverage he chooses.

    But until then…….please shut up. He’s trying to shame the Vikings into guaranteed money. I hope they don’t cave.

  39. Getting really tired of hearing rich athletes complain they arent getting enough money. It could worse you ingrates. Try working 9-5.

  40. The real question is then why do they sign contracts at all? If they are not guaranteed then what are the contracts really worth, other than a big paycheck for the players agent. Make all NFL teams guarantee all contracts and make all NFL players take a pay cut if they do not produce. Make all the contracts based on performance, with a base salary and incentives instead of making dollar signs that will never be given. Get rid of all the agents that take a cut and the players will get more. I still think this is more about Peterson’s agent wanting money than it is Peterson.

  41. AP – Players provide a service, that is why the teams have more control. They are receiving the service and paying for it.

    Most of the players told to take a cut or leave are the ones that haven’t lived up to their billing.

    Part of the reason players have that issue as well, is that they want to have these big flashy numbers for their total contract knowing full well they won’t get it all. Maybe just maybe if they took a smaller total amount but with everything guaranteed, then they wouldn’t cry like little babies. How often do we hear the total contract and actual contract numbers?

  42. One question Peterson, do you think it’s fair that you beat a child put your team in a terrible spot had to take a year away from the game while getting paid , and now you are trying to derail yet another season running your mouth when what you need to do is get to work?

  43. Will Peterson be the most hated player (by the fans) in the Hall of Fame when he gets in?

  44. None of the other tactic worked, now he is trying to PR his way out of MINN.

    All teams do ask players to take cuts as they get older and are not as good as used to be or risk being cut. Yet it is not fair.

    The Vikings do a fair amount of paying players their full contract even when they probably should not
    examples BIG EXAMPLES
    Jared Allen
    Adrian Peterson

  45. This is the same guy who once compared playing in the NFL to slavery. At $13 million per year, I don’t see the economic equivalency to slaves who weren’t even paid in legal tender but what the heck, I didn’t major in basket weaving at the University of Oklahoma either.

    For those that think that Peterson is an idiot, you have to understand that he plays in a market where the fan base thinks every year is going to end in the Superbowl, every draft pick is going to be a consensus All Pro and every QB taken in the first round is not a bust. In other words, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

  46. I agree they need guaranteed contracts. But the reason why the NFLPA doesn’t argue for that is that the NFL owners want the rest of the pie in exchange for “giving up” the “non-guaranteed contracts” bargaining chip.

    If the NFLPA truly wanted it and held out for it, my guess is that we’d have a strike causing everybody to miss an entire year of football. Is it worth that?

    I don’t know the answer to that question, maybe someone else does.

  47. That’s the way it is, Adrian, and you’re not in a position to change it right now. Maybe if you wouldn’t have beaten your kid last year and got suspended for the whole season while collecting your paycheck for most of it, and instead would have been a good citizen, rushed for 1,500 yards, and led the team to the playoffs, you could ask the team to give you more guaranteed money and they might be willing to do it.

  48. He’s the one trying to alter the contract. But yeah, leaguewide the practice is to backload contracts and cut the player before the money kicks in.

  49. One problem there AP… The contracts are honored. If they weren’t honored they’d been in breach. The clubs exercise their contractual rights to terminate the contract. Maybe you should muster up the testicular fortitude to stand up and fight and not agree to a CBA that allows for this… Maybe? I doubt it

  50. I’m confused about this. he is talking about honoring his contract and how organizations don’t do that. is he not the one honoring his contract right now? the Vikings are willing to pay him his contract they never asked him to take less money. what the hell is he talking about?

  51. Peterson should spend more time studying law and grammar and less time doing drugs and beating children.

  52. His 2015 salary is pretty much guaranteed because he isn’t going to be cut. If he has a great season, his 2016 salary is pretty much guaranteed. Sounds to me like he’s planning on having a bad season.

  53. Hey dummy…who’s paying who here? The ones who write the checks are the ones who have the power.

    BTW, IIRC, AP was the one who whined during the strike about being “slaves”. What an idiot. What “slave” out there has a $12.5M contract? The guy is an absolute embarrassment.

  54. AP….You try out for the team with a contract signed. then you make the team.

    You perform up to the contract…. great both sides win

    However now and then…Players get pissed and want more because they performed up to the contract or slightly more.

    Owners decide if your still good enough to play if not hence you get cut. Why should you get paid if you get cut or suspended?

    this isn’t baseball, where you get paid before you play and even if you don’t live up to the contract in baseball you still get paid…don’t like the NFL way…. go play baseball.

  55. Other sports systems suck… As a Philly fan i can tell you, having guaranteed contracts has killed 3 of the 4 teams in my city… The Flyers are still stuck playing a guy who hasn’t played in 4 years because he has a contract. The Phillies have guys that suck, AND can’t be played because of an over powerful union getting them 10-5 rights… what ever the hell that is, so that can’t even be traded to help make the team better.. And the Sixers have been bad for a decade because the in the NBA the only way to win is to get one of the 4 great players.. and if you don’t have them then you suck and have to over pay mediocre talent that your stuck with….

    The common theme in all three of these sports is one bad choice, one bad signing, one bad injury and the real loser is the fans.. Fans of a team that has no chance of being good for years… Its terrible..

    Now in the NFL we have true parody.. Sure some teams do it better, the Pats and Steelers come to mind.. But at least if your team does something dumb you as a fan are not screwed for years. that team can in one offseason become a contender.. It happens ALL the time. Except for in Cleveland but i am think that team is cursed.

    Just as an aside, is the guy who is th ehighest paid player at his position on a team who kept him paid after he beat a child with stick in his sack so bad the child bleed, the guy to be making this point ??? It would seem to me the NFL has bent over backwords for this bum.. Talk about integrity of the game… this guy has done 50 times more to hurt that than Brady ever did. Just shut up AP. Shut up. I never say things like this, but, Here’s to someone blowing your knee out in the preaseason right before your money becomes guaranteed.. Loser

  56. You have a union to back you up so quit your crying. That’s way better a situation than most of us have.

  57. If you want more money guaranteed, you need to take a cut in overall pay. You have to give something to get something.

    Unless you’re placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, in which case you get something while giving nothing.

  58. Dear Adrian,

    I agree. The contracts should be two sided. They should be fully guarenteed, regardless of any shoddy performanceDear Adrian,

    So, you want the contracts should be two sided. You are saying the contracts should be fully guaranteed, regardless of any shoddy performance that any person in the contract years has, regardless of how they did before the contract (for example, Albert Haynesworth).

    Fine, let’s do it your way. BUT, you only get under a couple of conditions: first, NO signing bonuses for the entire contract. AND, contracts amounts are capped by position in relationship to the salary cap. Quarterbacks, for example, would all make the same, say, 1/16th of the cap.

    Sound fair? No? Then live with the money you have now and stop whining.

  59. Then just quit AP, and go get a normal job like the rest of us. You think the politics are bad in the NFL? Guess what, we deal with it at our workplaces too. The difference is that most of us don’t get paid millions to play a game. This guy needs a serious reality check.

  60. Free advice for those “hundreds” of NFL players he refers to: read the language of the contract you sign, or hire an agent to explain the details to you and ask you if you agree to those terms or if not having guaranteed money in the back end of the contract is a sticking point. I understand AP wanting some guaranteed money but damn, he really picked an awful time to try to negotiate. I’m pretty sure the team wasn’t thrilled with paying for a full season and only getting 1 game last year but they are still willing to pay 12 mil for the coming season. Nobody feels sorry for a guy in that situation. The longer he keeps this up he’s gonna start to lose whatever supporters he still has. I thought the NFL went overboard with the discipline but AP is killing me with this delusional crap.

  61. theuglitruth says:
    May 28, 2015 5:31 PM

    Imagine signing a contract for your job that says we’ll pay you $60k per year, but we only guaranteed $10k. That’s what these NFL contracts are, big promise with little commitment on the owners part. And you can’t even look for another job…they hold your rights. Whether you like him or not, he’s right.

    As long as they hold your rights, they owe you the full amount of the contract. It’s not like they’re paying you less than they promised while not letting you look for another job. If they don’t want to pay Peterson the full amount, they cut him and he becomes a free agent.

  62. The really sad truth is, if you make contractual terms truly 50/50 the NFL will die the same sad death baseball is dying. Its also why Basketball isn’t even more popular. I hate having to be on the owners side here, but when you let individual player contracts destroy a team’s salary cap, or let dumb owners and injuries manipulate your team’s future, your league suffers and interest dies. I feel bad for the players but it is what it is.

  63. Obviously, he did not major in English. Wow, I need to get rid of my kids’ Peterson jerseys. Where was his agent when he signed his contract? Maybe he was in Costa Rica spending his commission. I hope Zimmer sits him for the year. “Sorry, Adrian. You won’t be travelling with the team this week… or next week… or”

  64. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    May 28, 2015 5:27 PM

    At some point you just have to feel bad for vike fans. This is the best player on their team

    I think you must be commenting on a story from 2012. He’s still a good player but I would give him up long before I would give up Teddy Bridgewater, Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr, Xavier Rhodes, Everson Griffen, Sharrif Floyd, and probably three or four rookies.

  65. So, in summary: A multi-millionaire getting paid more than most people will make in their lifetimes to play a meaningless game is upset because his employer wants to keep paying him huge sums of money to play in the fashion that he is contractually bound to do despite his atrocious behavior toward his child that created a scandal for the organization.

    That sound you hear is the world’s tiniest violin not even being taken out of its case.

  66. But come on AP, if the club could not cut players contacts than they wouldn’t be able to sign you at the money you are making. Most players get cut to use the money to sign other players. If they couldn’t do that free agents would get screwed asking with every fan’s favorite team.

  67. That’s a lot of nerve to talk about honoring a contract- when he just got paid $12m+ for doing nothing last year, letting his team and fans down big time, and costing the team sponsorships, etc., etc.

  68. “Mr. Peterson, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on the internet is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  69. theuglitruth says: May 28, 2015 5:31 PM

    Imagine signing a contract for your job that says we’ll pay you $60k per year, but we only guaranteed $10k. That’s what these NFL contracts are, big promise with little commitment on the owners part. And you can’t even look for another job…they hold your rights. Whether you like him or not, he’s right.


    That’s not true. If you have a $60K job, the only guarantee you’re getting out of it is the 80 hours you put in the previous 2 weeks when you get your check. Nothing is guaranteed after that. Not all, but most companies operate on an “at-will” arrangement, and could terminate you at any time for any reason. So take your 2 weeks check and be quiet.

  70. I think Peterson should take control of his own destiny by sitting out (the entire season) if need be and sign with the Cowboys next season if it comes down to that…just who do the Vikings think they are anyway? And Zimmer needs to be mindful of how he approaches a situation cause in the end he’ll be the one looking for a job when Adrian will be continuing his career as an NFL football player.
    I don’t get how one minute a team didn’t want to have anything to do with him when all of his legal issues were a problem (the team even allowed the influence of the governor to cause them to make the decision to not let him play last season) and then want to hold on to him like he’s a “raggedy Andy doll” like kids playing tug of war!
    Just let the guy go where he’s happy doing what he loves and spend his last days in the NFL in his homestate of the Great State of Texas

  71. nobody is forcing you to play football or sign any contract. you can easily go out and get a normal job and work 8 hours a day your round.

  72. I read the first article where AP beat his kid. From there I only read the headlines but I can sum it up just fine:

    1. AP beats kid.
    2. Public hates him.
    3. Vikings don’t agree with AP beating kid.
    4. AP feels betrayed and wants to play elsewhere.
    5. Vikings say “uh no, we had an agreement that you signed off on.”
    6. AP cries about his agreement.

    Whether AP is right or wrong about the owners having more power than the players, it doesn’t change how he is portrayed.

    There are better ways to go about getting things done.

    Or, you know, just face the facts and grow up rather than having your PR people speak your wrongdoings for you.

  73. Don’t think its about the contract, its as if he is daring them to cut him. Wasn’t he paid last year to deal with his legal problems and the Vikings are doing their part to honor their side of the deal this year. AD wants out and for the life of me I don’t understand why they didn’t cut or trade him before the draft. He isn’t worth his contract, no RB is, and he is just a distraction. The smart move is to save the $13M in cap space and to have gotten rid of him. Minnesota needs a new face and there where a bunch of good backs in this draft not to mention they ran the ball pretty well last year. Well here is to a circus in Minnesota once again.

  74. So what you’re trying to say is that you’re very upset that you haven’t any leverage to negotiate more money or your way out of MN? What changed? Was there a significant event that caused you to think differently?

  75. Seems to me the Vikings paid J Allen a kings ransom during his last year of his contract $15 million if I am not wrong. Just play and what happens happens. You’re still $12 million richer.

  76. the people advising this dude should be sued for malfeasance.

    additionally, they should have explained to peterson that the guaranteed money (usually paid in advance at contract signing) is the consideration that ownership pays to ensure the non-guaranteed nature of most nfl contracts.

    given the tweets, however, it appears dude is dumb as a doorknob and whatever explanation that might have been offered was either ignored or not understood.

  77. That’s what they agreed to in collective bargaining so he should take the issue up with the NFLPA

  78. …and on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Matt Forte – who doesn’t beat his kids, and isn’t a huge headcase for his team – quietly showing up for work despite also wanting a fresh contract with more guaranteed money.

    Interesting how that works, right AP?


  79. He signed on the dotted line, for quite a bit of money, with no one forced him to. Now show up and play ball. I would show up and be a hitting dummy for the hardest meanest hitter in the league for an eighteenth of one of his game checks

  80. That’s probably the most idiotic and asinine thing I’ve read since Floyd Mayweather described his $12.5 million, seven fight, deal with HBO as ‘a slave contract’.

    I should be so lucky if I could be paid millions of dollars to do nothing.

  81. Guaranteed player contract can’t work with a salary cap system…and that system’s not going away anytime soon. If contracts were guaranteed, you’d have the same salary mess they have with MLB.

  82. So I guess AP wants to be the head of the NFLPA now?

    The guy can’t even handle his own problems, yet attempts to speak on behalf of all players.

    Does AP have a psychologist? I am truly worried about his mental state.

  83. If they are not going to trade you, and they are not going to release you, then your salary is guaranteed.

  84. Adrian Peterson Cap Hit Ranking for ALL RB’s since 2011:

    2011 = #1
    2012 = #1
    2013 = #1
    2014 = #1
    2015 = #1
    2016 = #1
    2017 = #1

    Adrian Peterson is the highest cap hit RB in the league for the duration of his contract.
    – No trade value
    – Acting like an idiot on social media
    – Abusing a child
    – Getting paid while not playing
    – Wrong side of 30
    – Already had a torn ACL

  85. Memo to DeMaurice Smith:

    You hold all the cards. Your players are the NFL and why the NFL makes so much money. A monkey could handle the negotiations for the NFL and it could run on auto pilot.

    You have the best players in the world. Tell Goodell to shove it. Tell them its time to re-do or all my players wont report, therefore you have no league.

    No one will pay to watch scabs play. How you botched this is beyond me.

    Time to send Goodell and these corrupt owners a message.

  86. Talk to your union — this is all part of the collective bargaining agreement.

  87. I love all the ownership supporters. You clowns are sincerely hilarious. This is what you agreed to blah blah blah.

    Goodell has agreed to plenty and has violated every single thing he is supposed to do.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    When the players dont agree to anything next contract if not before, be prepared to watch scabs because that is what you will watch. There is no way in hell the players are going to agree to anything not in their favor next time.

  88. Well, AD, the people at the top of each team are called owners and employers. They are multibillionaires and you are not.

  89. Imagine the chaos if players could just walk away from their contracts and sign with someone else. We would never know who was on what team from one day to the next.

  90. Idiotic meanderings of an addled brain. Good grief, did he really think any of this made sense? That college education is really paying off!

  91. I don’t agree that the players should get the same power as the owners. However, I agree with him about the guaranteed contracts in the CBA. For him specifically I don’t care. To any individual athlete in the NFL, they could’ve chosen to play another sport that guaranteed contracts. They’re safer and guaranteed. If I was the Vikings then I would just cut AP for the constant whining about nothing. Man up.

  92. What an idiot (on so many levels).

    First, none of his statements or actions have in any way helped his cause; in fact, they’ve likely undermined a good portion of the public sympathy/support he may have had.

    Second, he created this situation yet clearly he’s taken no ownership of any of his actions. Instead he has blamed everyone else from day 1, and continues to live in his delusional fantasy world where he’s been victimized … by the police, the D.A., the Vikings, the NFLPA, etc.

    Third, is he even capable of putting together a coherent, semi-grammatically correct sentence? Good god … I want his grade and middle school transcripts — no way he passed basic English/Grammar.

    Fourth, whether the NFL’s contracts are one-sided or not, you’re being paid millions of dollars despite having no college degree nor even a satisfactory grasp of the English language. Guess what, Adrian, most of the workforce in this country works under similar conditions for far less than what you’re making. Don’t like it — quit football and get a “regular” job. Given your skill set, that almost certainly will be mopping floors or working a drive thru window. And see how it works out when you inform them you’re not coming to work because they didn’t publicly support you during your child abuse trial or because you want more money.

  93. AP can sit out. He’s become a disgrace for the franchise. Bridgewater is the face of the franchise going forward.

  94. Remember , this is the same fool who calls making millions of dollars to play football “slavery”.

  95. The players have short careers — they want cash now — and that’s the mandate of the union.

    The owners take a longer term view — they want to build value in their teams and the league.

    That’s why the CBA looks the way it does.

    And why I do not believe it will change much.

  96. It’s like this @AdrianPeterson are they signing your contract ? your signing theirs ! i’ve never seen an NFL contract but i’m confident there is rescission clause. study contract, some of this is about a meeting of the minds. you would have signed under direction of your agent, that you read the contract and you understand it. generally, both or just (one) party may claim a meeting of the minds did not take place. a rescission clause, besides other things, resets everything to a point where none of it ever happened. the problem is with your agent nit the NFL. if your agent claims he read this contract and understand it, he lying!
    slayerwulfe cave

  97. NFL owners make $125-285 million dollars annually.
    This is with no injury risk. There is also really no finacnial risk either because of the cap and TV contracts.
    Peterson may not be the best icon for this, but he is shining a light on the fact that there is a pay differential that is unjust in business.
    The boss in the 50s made 3-5X the median income of the workers, where now the boss makes in excess of 580X the median wage.
    Even if Adrian makes 12 million this year, Wilf ( who by the way is a convicted felon ) will make around 195 million as the owner.
    Not saying what is right, but unless you are a boss yourself, realize that the system of distributing wealth is heavily skewed against the worker.
    As Adrian is approaching 30, he should due what Lynch did and ask for an additional 5-7 million this year. if he can afford to hold out, they will likely cave. it’a all about leverage; see Carson Palmer, John Hannah, and Larry Csonka to see how a player can win. Read about Howard Slusher and how he helped push things to a fairer ground in the 70s.

  98. Owners are supposed to make more than the players…..because they are the …..(guess what)……”owners”. Peterson signed his contract…then whipped his young child with a switch and now is crying about his contract….

    On a side note, did he graduate from Oklahoma?

  99. Contracts are two sides…remember, you, the player, are agreeing to the terms of the contract.

    If it doesn’t have language in it allowing you to leave without penalty, etc, then guess what. That’s your fault…not the teams.


  100. First, I do not feel the least bit sorry for him.

    Second, having said that, he has a good point. Teams in other leagues must abide by the contract they sign, why not the NFL? Makes sense to me and it would make teams think twice about what they spend.

  101. My goodness……this child abuser needs to be thrown out of football. The Vikings shouldn’t have to pay him a penny! Rice is out of football for hitting a grown woman that spit in his face (which I do not condone)….but this clown can cut, bruise and make a defenseless TODDLER bleed with a switch, and he is still in the game???? The press should be crucifying him.

  102. I guess he wants to see it as the tail wagging the dog

    AP….you want control…..BUY A TEAM and then lets see how fast your tune changes.

    If you were the owner would you pay you after everything you did?

    Neither would I

  103. Good logic. Same moron logic that Daunte Culpepper used to destroy his career. Here’s your long term commitment: Dont act like a dumbass and they’ll probably pay you. If not maybe just try and live off the one two or three years of 10plus million dollars they already paid you. After you make that one time no one wants to hear from you. You’re not the NFL’s partner, they’re your employer. Or you can go to free agency and get a third of that. I feel bad for his agent, trying to explain deals to him must be mind numbing

  104. Someone needs to educate what a Contract means, it was written in that they can part and drop you if they want. Have an issue? Don’t sign it! Guess what, that 32 mil signing bonus says you cant complain. You signed it, you live with it.

  105. No, you don’t need as much power as the owners. If they pay you big bucks, and you flop, they’re out millions. And you are released, and get to keep a good bit of that. Saying you deserve as much power is like any layperson walking up to their boss, slapping him in the face, and not expecting repercussions.

  106. Peterson is now just trying to be a pain in the butt, hoping the team cuts him. But, why cut him and let him be free (when they will probably still take a cap hit)? Adrian caused ALL of this. He needs to shut up and play or retire.

  107. Not the brighest bulb, should have his 4 year old proofread his tweets.
    What I cannot understand is why he wants
    to get out of his contract. If he still plays at a high level he will get at least 2 more years at $27.5 million. If he gets traded tomorrow and gets his guaranteed contract he wants so bad, wouldn’t you assume he would get much less?
    Suppose given his spelling and overall stupidity he doesn’t think it out. Just hoping Jerrah breaks down and offers a first. Or a lineman. Or a case of beer at this point, think I speak for majority of Viking fans in saying Adrian is an idiot and needs to go. And stop talking please, just digging the hole deeper


    YOUR AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Um, owners at all of the businesses people work for that are successful make a Ship load of more money than even their best employees. Can we retire this lame excuse?

  110. He’s setting the rights of unions everywhere back to middle-ages status. Congratulations.

  111. Hey AP, last time I checked, YOU were the one that signed that contract agreeing to the terms. Shut up, put up, and do your job you’re paid millions to do

  112. He wants them to trade him but is doing everything possible to totally destroy his trade value. Bright guy.

  113. His comments just proves how stupid he is……….you will be paid on performance so shut up and do your job and you will get paid………….

  114. Jerry and his Cowgirl group triggered AP into this stooper… Why again didn’t our great commissioner penalize the Cowgirls for tampering ?

    Minnesota Vikings have handled this mess with class. Honoring a contract — please explain yourself!
    If he does not understand how the system works then he is a fool.

    But he did accomplish one thing he wanted — Real Viking Fans want him to retire today!

    Back away from the terminal Cowboy fan, you do not have enough #1 picks…

  115. well…AP is kind of right, unfortunately he’s not the best one to be bringing up unfairness at this particular point. the owners can terminate a contract at any point, so why shouldn’t the players be able to as well? well…the owners have a responsibility to field a team that will be watched by thousands at a stadium and millions at home, they can’t just have a bunch of people terminating their contracts because the head coach hurt some feelings or whatever other excuse they might come up with. at the same time I think they should get some option to leave if they are not happy. if you aren’t happy at your job, you have the right to quit and work for a competitor. maybe put a restriction on the number of players in a given year that could quit a team, and they forfeit any salary above half of what they were scheduled to make? I don’t know…I’m guessing the owners and nflpa don’t know either and that’s why there is no provision for such things.

  116. gomybirdsgo says:
    May 28, 2015 5:40 PM

    Other sports systems suck… As a Philly fan i can tell you,


    I’m a Philly guy and guaranteed contracts didn’t kill our teams. BAD MANAGEMENT KILLED OUR TEAMS! Ownership of all our teams is absolutely abysmal at the moment.

    Flyers are ran by Ed Snider, Hockeys’ Al Davis at this point. They go through a carousal of coaches, goalies & players who (almost) all have a lot more success after they leave. Guaranteed contracts didn’t make the Flyers fire the most successful coach they had, two seasons removed from a stanley cup appearance, THREE GAMES into the new season to hire a new that was just fired a few weeks ago; said coach then went to the Nashville Predators and immediately went back to the playoffs. Guaranteed contracts didn’t make the decision of the to Flyers trade off Jeff Carter & Mike Richards, one who was their leading scorer and the other their defacto captain, so they could bring in Ilya Bryzgalov who they would then buy his contract out TWO YEARS LATER. Guaranteed contracts also didn’t make the wonderful decision to trade away Sergie Bobrovsky, after having a disappointing SECOND YEAR of his NHL career, to the Blue Jackets only from him to rebound that year and become a First Team All-Star and win the Vezina Trophy.

    Flyers management made all of those decisions and the only thing that hasn’t changed is Flyers management. Now you can take all those failures and apply them to the rest of Philadelphia’s teams. Ruben Amaro Jr. keeping all his old guys while trading away all the young talent, or trading for young talent then immediately trading them away(Hunter Pence). The Phillies won a WS before he was GM. Then lost a WS when he was GM, then lost the NLCS, then lost in the first….the Phillies became systematically worse every year under Ruben. In fact in the history of the Phillies that his over a hundred years. OVER A HUNDRED YEARS! They have two championships.

    As for the Sixers. Six head coaches in the last decade. Trade all their young talent away for draft picks. Trade those even younger drafted guys away for more draft picks. Tankaelphia. And when they were good had a star player in Iverson who they put little talent around. Sixers suck.

  117. Uh Adrian the guy you SHOULD BE upset with is…YOUR AGENT! (And the guy in the mirror who DIDN’T have his own lawyer look his contract over and advise him on it BEFORE he signed it. IF (as it is obvious that you DO) you have a problem with clauses and provisions IN that contract… you SHOULD have ironed those out BEFORE YOU SIGNED IT!
    Guess what, just like us poor folks who DON’T get paid millions and can’t AFFORD to have a lawyer look over EVERY contract WE sign (as you CAN and SHOULD HAVE) once you DO sign it, you are bound BY LAW to live up to it!
    Now, stop WHINING and play football for TONS of money. And STOP expecting those of us who won’t get that much in our lifetimes to feel sorry for poor STUPID little you!

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