Adrian Peterson takes aim at the NFLPA


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson isn’t happy. The good news is he’s finally admitting it. The bad news is that it’s still not clear who or what he’s not happy with.

After months of leaks and comments from folks close to Peterson but not Peterson suggesting that he’s not happy with the Vikings because of how the team reacted to Peterson’s off-field issue last year, Peterson made it clear on Wednesday night that he’s not happy with a contract that provides him no further guaranteed money. On Thursday, Peterson broadened his attack to encompass the entire system.

On Thursday night, Peterson took specific aim at the NFL Players Association.

“To clarify,” Peterson said on Twitter, “since analysts & everyone else have the answers as to what place in MY Heart this ‘rant‘ came from, this is not against the Vikings. I am just frustrated that our union did not get guaranteed contracts for its players. NFL players deserve guaranteed contracts like Our NBA and MLB brothers. Owners have the right to release players, at will, without honoring their contracts. However, players do not have the luxury of saying that they want out of their contract. And I won’t even get into the franchise tag convo.”

I’m a huge Adrian Peterson fan. I always have been. But I’m definitely not a fan of this new tactic.

Peterson believes he has in some way been wronged, by someone, over the past nine months. Still, a shotgun attack on a system that has made him a very rich man and that has the Vikings ready to pay a 30-year-old running back $12.75 million this year makes little sense.

Four years ago, he could have insisted on a fully-guaranteed contract. Or he could have insisted on a shorter-term deal, which would have allowed him to get a fresh start elsewhere. Instead, with full awareness of a system that was reiterated by a Collective Bargaining Agreement signed not long before he signed his latest contract, Peterson made a seven-year commitment, knowing that the commitment would only go both ways as long as his employer wanted it to.

Peterson made that commitment after comparing pro football to “modern-day slavery.” So he went in with eyes and ears open as to what the NFL is (or as to what he thinks it is), he signed a long-term contract, he willingly and voluntarily took a $12 million signing bonus, he earned more than $35 million over four years at a position that has become largely interchangeable in recent seasons, and he’ll get another $12.75 million this year by simply showing up for work.

It’s unclear whether Peterson is willing to not play this year or to retire if the Vikings don’t guarantee his contract beyond 2015 or if they won’t trade him. It’s possible he simply needed to vent, as he makes his way from anger to bargaining then denial, depression, and finally acceptance.

Regardless, he’s not going to find much sympathy here, or pretty much anywhere.

228 responses to “Adrian Peterson takes aim at the NFLPA

  1. Everything happens for a reason.

    Sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.

  2. On one hand, I agree with him that its kind of B.S. that the teams can walk away from a contract and the players can’t do the same. On the other hand, the team is the one writing the checks. Also, after a season where he played only one game but got paid for the season, and the fact that this seasons contract becomes guaranteed on the on the first game of the season (a deal most players don’t get) really gives him no place to complain.

  3. Good for him, i been saying the same thing. Once they start guaranteeing players contracts will be the time they start respecting players and taking care of them.

  4. Dude got paid all last year after beating the crap out of a child and is complaining about not being treated fairly??? I hope not all football players are this dumb. This fool is lucky he’s still allowed to play. Hopefully he has a horrible year and drifts off with Ray rice into the “oh yea, that dude that beat his wife, I mean child” category….I have more respect for my turds I flush down the toliet than I do for AP.

  5. The Vikings weren’t paying for him for his intellectual prowess.

    Should we expect anymore from someone who thinks it’s okay to do what he did to his boy?

  6. Dude is lucky he’s still a free man, and not behind bars where he should be. I understand his argument about players being able to terminate the contract as easily as the team, but the arguement is void, coming from an admitted child abuser. Until a proper voice takes the platform, the message will never be heard.

  7. “Owners have the right to release players, at will, without honoring their contracts. However, players do not have the luxury of saying that they want out of their contract.”
    Sure they do. Nobody’s making you stay in that contract. Just retire and go to work for a car dealership somewhere.

  8. Whatever he is crying about that’s on him, but all I know is that he will be playing in purple and playing with a vengeance this promising season! Go Vikings!

  9. As someone posted earlier, he needs a drug test.

    He is coming off in very bad light. Maybe a mental health check up. Something is not right.

  10. Could care less about his issues… If he shuts up, shows up. & performs he’ll get excellent money next year no matter where he plays!!!
    Total non issue in my eyes

  11. The NFL is the only league that has it right. I’m sure all sport leagues would love to have non guaranteed contracts. Just like in the real world, if you don’t perform you won’t have a job. Guaranteed contracts are no good. Especially long term ones. Sorry AP. No sympathy here.

  12. It’s almost like he’s being…… abused…… or something.
    Poor guy. Only $50 million for 5 years from this contract. No wonder he is angry at the world.

  13. Again proof the man has a couple crazy bones in him. Nflpa just repped him well, and guarteeing money to a character concern is stupid. The end.

  14. Dude mutilated the genitals of a 4 year old with a switch. He’s lucky he’s not in jail. To whine about a contract he’s stuck in is ridiculous. Get over yourself AP.

  15. Whether or not Peterson is making $12.75 million or not is irrelevant. He’s absolutely when he says that NFL players deserve guarantee contracts. Once you factor in the high frequency of injuries + Baseball players getting paid $300 million to throw and hit a ball, he’s absolutely right.

  16. Am I missing something here? AP has pocketed just over 71 million from his contract so far…scheduled to make another 12.75 m this year..14.75 next year and 16.75 the next…he’s not getting cut this year,,and it’s highly unlikely in 2016…so that’s over 30m in the next two years,,what kind of guarantee is this guy looking for that will get him better money than that??

  17. But he is right about one thing: the NFLPA needs to take a stand against unguaranteed contracts. No other sport has them.

  18. You are the problem take care of your kids, stop having kids you do not know you have. Until you man up shut up.

  19. “The bad news is that it’s still not clear who or what he’s not happy with.”

    I bet even he doesn’t know. Because he’s proven himself these last 12 months to be dumber than a stump.

  20. The guys an idiot. If the contract were guaranteed they would have paid you less you dumb ass. How one sided was your beating of your defenseless kid.

  21. This guy is spitting into the wind.
    He’s certainly no Curt Flood. Perhaps he should retire right now and take a position with the NFLPA and fight to make the changes he thinks should happen. But, no. he won’t do that. He’s just looking around for someone to blame for his own stupidity.

  22. Peterson realized that since he’s not going to win a championship with the Vikings before he retires, he mine as well try to at least squeeze every last penny from his overpaid salary out of them.

    I guess he’ll find out if money can buy happiness or not.

  23. You want the right to get out of a contract so bad, have it written in as an option you can exercise. The price might be it costs you to buy out (just like it costs teams dead money against the cap to “not honor a contract”). If you feel that strongly about that right and didn’t refuse to sign your deal if you didn’t get it, then shut up about it.

  24. So he wants to walk away from a contract that no one else would dare sign him to under the present circumstances.

    I’m guessing AP does not stand for “astute professional”.

  25. He’s digging a hole with the shovel his Agent handed him.
    12.75 million, I believe he’s the highest paid Running back in the league this year, and he got free money last season. Shut up and play football.

  26. Completely agree. When players sign a contract they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. The Vikings are one of the better teams at actually honoring deals and taking care of players.
    When Jared Allen was past his prime and still making a boat load of cash the Vikings knew what he had done for the franchise and honored his deal.
    Adrian needs a new agent and needs to realize that playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right.

  27. He did a really good job staying rather under the radar for much of his career, and looked like a superstar when he bounced back from the ACL.

    But, now, with all the kids by so many mothers, one of them dying without even hardly knowing him, Adrian whipping another, and all the other issues with his agent and wife, he is starting to look like an idiot. He made a boatload of money last season for pretty much not playing, and now whines about contracts. How about giving back the money you didn’t earn last season?

  28. Not a Vikings fan, but prior to his incidents of the last year I did admire Peterson for his athletic ability, and no doubt he still has it. But I do not admire him as a man, admit your faults, honor your commitments and play the damn game.

    The Vikings did not force you to sign your current contract. Guaranteed contracts have ruined baseball, basketball and hockey. As someone else stated 1 or 2 bad contracts and the best a team can hope for is mediocrity. And the owners are not investing millions for the goal of mediocrity. And we as fans are not spending our hard earned money for mediocrity either. We want the best teams to meet on a game by game basis. That is what makes the game so much fun to watch.

    As far as Adrian saying that players ‘live up to their side of the contract’, how many times have we seen a player threaten and than sit out if their current contract is not redone.

    I have a contract with my employer for far, far less money than you Adrian. My contract is show up and do my job and my employer gives me a paycheck. I work 40 hours a week, 50 weeks out of the year. At anytime my employer can reassign me to different duties and hours. At anytime my employer can replace me without providing me with a reason, other than they think the new guy can do my job better.
    The way I see it, your employer was damn fair to you last season, you collected your entire paycheck and only played in 1 regular season game. You must be really ignorant to not realize that is a commitment by the Vikings to you.
    Your fan base is polarized, some support you and some are holding you accountable for your actions. As you continue with your prima donna attitude you are slowly but surely turning your fanbase further and further against you.

    Want to remedy your current situation?

    1. Admit your faults, you and only you a responsible for your reputation as a player, as a father and as a man. Suck it up buttercup and admit you were wrong.
    2. Stop with the insane comments, better to be thought of as a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
    3. Honor your current contract to the best of your abilities and demonstrate to the Vikings your value to the ‘TEAM’.

  29. zThe only thing he needs to take aim at is his own mugshot in the mirror, because:

    HE agreed to the contract that he now detests
    HE is the one who committed the crime that he was charged with
    HE is the one who hired his agent that negotiated that contract (and is now doing him zero favors in trying to acquire a trade).

    The Vikings owe him NOTHING. He signed the contract, he agreed to the terms.

    Mike Zimmer put it perfectly: He can either play or not play.

    But hey Adrian, you want to know what real suffering is like? Go to a Fisher House and spend some time with our Wounded Warriors, or to a homeless shelter with people just hoping to stay out of the rain and get a hot meal.

    Until then, shut your piehole and check your bank account. Pretty sure you have millions of dollars on that balance.

  30. I watched AD get drafted and cheered. I’ve been a huge fan since. It’s embarrassing to see him degrade to the position that he is in now. The Vikings have a lot of things going in the right direction except for AD. For the love of God AD, please get our act together and bring this franchise back to the playoffs!!!

  31. Idiot. I’m a Packer fan and the Vikings did everything right with him.

    The NFLPA is a bunch of clowns, run by the biggest clown, but the contracts are set up right.

  32. He is playing the only card gthat he has and will continue to do so until Dallas or Minnesota blinks. It’s all speculation but here’s what is going on… I’m now convinced that there is a stand off between Dallas and Minnesota… and the Cowboys let Demarco Murray go to get Adrian Peterson. They thought the price was going to be lower than it was. They made it look like they moved on with McFadden. Minnesota is playing extremely hard to get, but essentially it is a stand-off. Jerry Jones is giddy about the thought of this opportunity. He will blink… it will happen… if Adrian thought he was really going back to Minnesota, his mouth would be shut and they would already know he is coming. This is just the next ploy from his agent to soften the Vikings demands so Dallas can get what they want and Adrian can get what he wants. I wonder what would happen if the Vikings asked him to the negotiating table to talk. Would he really go? Sure, but his demands would be ridiculous. He is already a Cowboy. This is all just about how much they will give the Vikings when all is said and done.

    So long Pardner.

  33. Just retire already if it’s so bad and go play real estate agent.

    – Life-long Vikings Fan

  34. Remember you’re working for a boss and that boss is the Vikings not the choker Packers. You can act that way if it’s the Packers. You’ve earn millions whay now do you want. I wish I can replace you and take that money any time. Go to work and quit calling in pretending to be sick. You got a job to do.

  35. Remember you’re working for a boss and that boss is the Vikings not the choker Packers. You can act that way if it’s the Packers. You’ve earn millions what else do you want? I wish I can replace you and take that money any time. Go to work and quit calling in pretending to be sick. You got a job to do.

  36. Very well said, Florio! I’m not as big of a fan as you seem to be, but overall, good perspective. He was amazing on the field. Off the field, he has often been around problems of his own creation. It’s not exactly like his child beating was the first time this kind of problem was in his life. Regardless of the “hard life” stories that have largely justified most of these problems, I cannot accept that he deserves no blame or condemnation. The fact he genuinely thinks that HE is the victim in this situation just makes it worse for him. A man that creates this much hardship in life around him while profiting beyond most common mans’ dreams is hardly worthy of pity when he can’t see past blaming everyone else for his own problems.

    The league’s disciplinary process us broken and needs to be fixed. But AP is NOT the poster child for that argument. He should be grateful the team is willing to pay him so much.

    Come back after a year of dominant football, then we can talk about exploitation, AP.

  37. I am so sick of this guy, I wish he would retire and go hide under a rock. I go to work everyday with a sore back, sore feet, etc. and make a fraction of what this guy makes but I’m not out there crying like a spoiled brat. Get over yourself , Peterson! You make me sick!

  38. $12.75 million for showing up to work, even if he can’t play the game anymore is disrespect?! Most Americans will not make that much in their lifetime. If you make $100,000/year (qualifies you as rich), it will take 127 years to make what AP will earn playing a game for the next 8 months. GFY AP!

  39. Love to watch Peterson play, but I am getting increasingly annoyed at listening to him and his advocates portraying him as a victim. He is a professional athlete and signed a contract like every other player in the league knowing its terms. When you know you will meet or exceed expectations guarantees don’t mean much. As you age or miss a significant amount of playing time doubts begin to set in for both the player and team management. Adrian and only Adrian put himself in the position he is in today. Don’t expect the team to reward you putting it in an awkward situation. They are honoring the commitments both side made when the contract was signed. You honor yours. Play to your capabilities and you will be rewarded FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE ON THE FIELD. End of story.

  40. The Adrian Peterson saga is a gift that keeps on giving.

    Unless you are sick of it – then it sucks.

  41. Dude must be high, or he’s developed some other serious issues since he last played. Regardless, it appears his playing days are over. After doing whatever he does, perhaps he’ll run for a position within the NFLPA. Of course he won’t get that either but…

    After all these recent illiterate rants, I think I’d rather listen to his daddy’s drivel instead!

  42. We need to sign Bradshaw fast ! If spielman goes into this year without a insurance policy for sling blade we are in trouble . McKinnon is fresh off back surgery and Asiata is well Asiata . Skol Vikes

  43. I retract my last post. I just finished reading his Twitter rant. Cut this POS now!!! I don’t care anymore! You want to play for the Cowboys at a third the salary? Go for it!!!

  44. I think I speak for most of the Vikings fan base when I say we are not to happy you either with all the games your playing or planting seeds in your agents & fathers heads to speak for you.

    Listen The Vikings Franchise stuck by you think and thin through this whole mess even lost major sponsors to keep you on the team until Roger Godell stepped in and deactivated you.
    You had full fan support witch now is now fading faster every day with all the hoopla.

    he Vikings gave you a great lump some in a contract you signed for so many years now it’s time to be a man and honor it. You kept saying you wanted out of Minnesota pre-draft to get traded and we didn’t trade you, my guess either teams couldn’t afford you by the cap , or we asked to much or more likely just want to keep you. The fact is once the draft came and gone your agent said ok now you proved you wanted to keep AP now prove you want him their for the long haul and pay him!! ? Who wants to pay a 30 year old rb with hard miles on him and already under contract for the next few year? If the Vikings pay him anymore money to a player that says he don’t want play for us is just crazy.

  45. As the saying goes…..

    “You’re either part of the problem,or part of the solution”

  46. Despite all the money he makes, I’m wondering if he hasn’t blown through it all because he sure acts like someone who needs money.

  47. Spoiled little whiny cry baby. Every “problem” you have, you created yourself. You had a chance to be a hallmark one of a kind HOF player. Instead you will remembered as the cry baby little B that you really are. Congratulations.

  48. Dear Mr. Peterson, you have played your entire career for one team and have made a lasting impression in a community that for the most part loves you. You will be forgiven in time for your mistakes. A real man takes responsibility for his actions. A real man has a long-view of things and looks at more than just money or perceived wrongs. Mr. Peterson, someone needs to come along side you and show you what it means to be a man. Honor the contract that you signed. Play the game the way it was meant to be played. Win a Super Bowl for a franchise that is getting better every year and enter the HOF with honor. Mr. Peterson, put down your phone and get to work!

  49. Um…..whaaaa? What’s his problem? Sounds like he hates everyone. Poor guy, he’s acting like he was hit with a switch by someone bigger and stronger than himself without anyone to defend him. What a tool. Keep him in Minny!

  50. Tomorrow, I expect Peterson to rant about the city changing his garbage day from Friday to Thursday.

    “Friday is the day I discipline the kids and as part of their punishment I make them take out the garbage. Now that the city is doing the garbage pickups on Thursday, my kids don’t have the weekend to heal up.”

    Life is so unfair to Peterson and no one cares.

  51. Used to be a huge fan of AP.

    Starting to lose a lot for respect for him and to dislike him.

    (Maybe it’s a dumb comment but that is how I am starting to feel.)

  52. Used to be a huge fan of AP.

    Starting to lose a lot of respect for him and to dislike him.

    (Maybe it’s a dumb comment but that is how I am starting to feel.)

  53. He is an idiot. The teams do honor the contracts. The players sign with the knowledge that they can be cut for performance behavior or even monetary issues. That is the main reason that they insist on bonus money up front that the teams can spread over the caps for the length of the deal. Each player understands that after the guarantees are paid, each year is on a performance basis with team desires the final factor for continuing each year. No player has ever given any money back to the team when they underperformed or when they were injured and the team didn’t get the players service for that year. Peterson seems like he may be losing control. Better hide the kids.

  54. The most irritating thing about this is that his stages of grief appear to be all related to only himself. How many Vikings fans would still love him if only he’d just said: “sorry my bad”? Yet, he continues to make it worse. Do not underestimate the schadenfreude qualities of pissed off Minnesotans. Fans may not mind playing hardball when character like this is on display. He could sit his Hall of Fame a$$ on the bench for a couple of more years and never have a chance to be the best. The best did not behave like this.

  55. As he should… The NFLPA needed to do a better job when they had the chance because this current CBA is nowhere near fair. It was rushed because the players wanted to get paid and couldn’t wait to cash those checks. Just too anxious for the bling-bling. If they had any patience, the could have collectively bargained for something fairer which would have given a player like AP the leverage he needed in this situation. The players run the league, if they want to put the brakes on this current NFL freight train that’s obviously out of control, they need to stand together.

  56. Adrian Peterson failed to ever truly show remorse or even an understanding of how he was responsible for the actions that created his situation.

    Now that he’s managed to not face any significant legal discipline and was able to get his suspension overturned, he’s pointed the finger at everyone but himself.

  57. What a buffoon. He has made so much money from the Vikings and he still is complaining?
    Here us what I don’t understand about athletes. They are employees. Nothing more. Spare me the nonsensical argument that owners make money off them so they are more than employees. It’s a business. Business owners have achieved owner status because they are good business men.
    Athletes have the ability to run, pass, catch, block and tackle and do it at warp speed. Great. We’ll pay you millions of dollars for this skill. But here’s the catch. When you can no longer perform then you shouldn’t be paid. It is no different than if you’re an electrician, lawyer, assembly line worker or school teacher. If you cannot perform then you shouldn’t be paid. There is someone out there that can do your job better than you. Businesses are going to go what’s best for the business. It’s called capitalism.

  58. What is this guy 10 years old? He beats a 4 year old to the point that he needs medical attention, then tries to play the victim? Just go away. Retire if you are so oppressed. Nobody wants to listen to you or your agent anymore.

  59. Adrian Peterson is the devil. He’s an evil man. It’s not the Vikings fault It’s not the commissioner’s fault. It’s not the NFLPA’s fault. He doesn’t get it and he never will. I just hope he’s never allowed to be alone with a child again. This dude will end up in prison. Probably for murder.

  60. If they are not happy with deal, why did they just re-elected DeMaurice Smith for another term then? Quit blaming the Vike’s and quit blaming the union. Take ownership of your actions.

  61. Well said Mike! He put himself in this position, no one else did. He failed to mention it was the wupping of his kid that started this whole mess and he still accepted the 13 million they paid him last year with no regrets.

    How can he blame someone else? Its typical of his generation, it’s always someone else’s fault!

  62. What he is saying is, I want out of my contract, but there is nothing I can do about it. But my team can terminate my contract when they want. Not rocket science.

  63. He seems to be unconsciously deflecting from his original act, as if by being mad at the NFL, or the union, he is absolved of every doing anything wrong in the first place.

    That is a really scary psychology.

    I wonder if he even now realizes why people were upset about hitting his son?

  64. It may appear that Minnesota holds all the cards in this situation, but that’s not necessarily the case.

    A ‘hamstring injury’ here, a ‘knee sprain’ there, and the next thing you know it’s Christmas and Adrian is 12 million bucks richer, and the Vikings are in 3rd place in the division.

    The wise thing might be to attempt to trade him for maybe even a lowly fifth round draft choice – just to move him to a team with cap room … and use that 12 million bucks to offer longer term contracts to a couple two or three rising stars.

    No need to throw good money after bad for no apparent reason … but the front office usually isn’t that smart.

  65. Well written.

    Do some of these things need to be addressed. Maybe.
    The NFL remains one of the most competitive of the major sports because of the cap. The only way to have fully guaranteed contracts is to eliminate the cap and that would mean that 3-5 teams would rule the NFL cause of the $$$ and the rest would be constant underdogs.

    AP being the self appointed spokesmen for change is like a multimillionaire model speaking out against Victoria Secret making sex object out of women and 1/2 her money came from there. Or like strip miner owner speaking out against strip mining only after they have made their millions.

    AP speaking out like this almost makes you want to feel sorry for his agent. Almost.

    AP wanted to get traded and didn’t. AP did not exactly help trade matters either by not lowering his price much.
    Vikings know that at the moment they are better with him than without him.

    Actually all of AP rant can be summed up in one word.


  66. Comparing modern day football contracts with slavery was, and still remains the single dumbest statement ever made by a professional athlete……. and there have been some beauties.

  67. Enough already, Adrian. You made a mistake. You are not the victim regardless of what your agent or hanger-ons tell you. Hopefully you’ve learned from your mistake and are now a better father as a result, which is the most important thing. Now it’s time to show some humility, apologize, and focus on getting your career back on track. Your deal will pay you more money that most of us will make in a lifetime. You don’t get the fresh start in the new city. Get over it already. If you’re that bothered by it, then retire from the NFL and you can live and work wherever you choose. No one in the real world feels sorry for you. You are doing more damage to your legacy and it’s a damn shame. Ditch the sleazy agent who is just trying to cash in. Wake up and come back to reality.

  68. LoL because he knows he is on the downward side of his career and is probably going to be cut next season and he will probably have a sub par season this year and no one will really be interested in paying him in the top tier. Well he was the one that messed up last year and he is showing he is a real piece of work coming back to his team like this

  69. So let me get this straight. He got paid 2-3 times what any other RB got paid last year for NOT playing due to his torture of one his several children. Now he is complaining about getting paid $15 million($12.5 mil salary, $2.5 bonus money)? At an age where every other RB in history has started to fade? At an age where the 2 best RB’s in history retired? I almost wish he could hit the open market. And be shocked when no one offers him a deal for more than $5 million, and for no longer than 2 years.

  70. Cry me a river Peterson. If you don’t like it you can walk away. You have made more than enough money to retire. Florio is right, you won’t find any sympathy here. I would welcome this “modern day slavery” for the amount of money you have made.

  71. AP is simply frustrated at the situation. His agent [Dogra] conned him into believing he could get AP more guaranteed money, and the Vikings simply called their bluff.

  72. Mr. Peterson needs to brush up on what a contract is.

    Or, run his off and earn 12 million US dollars in the next 9 months.

    I wonder what percentage of the world population would be willing to run as hard as they could for 9 months, with risk of bodily injury, for 12 million US dollars. I would.

  73. OMG the ignorance! Again, all NFL clubs always abide by the contracts. Always. You signed a contract with some money guaranteed, some was not. You signed. If you wanted all guaranteed money, I’m sure they would have given it to you.

    It would have been a lot less, of course.

    If they don’t live up to the contract, then sue them. You will lose.

    You have personal legal representation. You have a union behind you. And you still complain. What more do you want?

  74. Step 1. Apologize.
    Step 2. Show contrition.
    Step 3. Donate some $$$ to a children’s charity.
    Step 4. Act like you made a mistake and are owning up to it.
    Step 5. Work hard to regain trust of fans.
    Um, nope. Instead, act like YOU are the victim, YOU were wronged by the team, and disrespected by them paying you to NOT play last year. And now they are going to pay you AGAIN after you act a fool, and you cry about your contract. You signed a front-loaded, 3 year guaranteed contract with the last 4 years as a “keep performing, you’ll keep getting paid well”. Sounds about right. Quit comparing the NFL to the NBA, roster sizes are hugely different, and even THEY have to worry about 1 or 2 bad contracts all the time. Can you imagine on a 53 man roster? Between underperforming players and injuries? Pfft! Whole thing explodes within 3, 4 years.

  75. Poor guy. I’d love to have a job where I can feloniously abuse my child, get arrested, get paid for the whole year without working, still have my job the following year and have tens of millions of guaranteed money in the bank. How can people work under such conditions.

  76. My guess now is that Peterson is going to burn every bridge to get out of minny. He has no logical reasoning for wanting out of minny, so now he is just going to act like a crazy man.

  77. I’m also an Adrian Peterson fan. But his unintelligent rants and the previous comments by his mediocre agent (who, by the way, should still be doing the talking for Adrian…it’s obvious now why Peterson had remained silent), really lead me to think Adrian’s suspension probably shouldn’t have been lifted. This guy believes the fault lies with everyone else, the owners, the Union, the analysts and everyone but himself. This is Adrian’s fault, brought about entirely by his actions alone. He needs to man up and take responsibility. Show the team he wants to be a Viking and maybe donate a portion of this years guaranteed money or last years gift of a salary to abused children. The situation will resolve itself if that happened. Big if.

  78. he signed it, he should live with it.

    its not like he wasnt the best at his position when he signed the contract so he had all the leverage in the world….just like Revis did this offseason.

    if Adrian wants to be mad at anyone it should be himself for not getting a fully guaranteed deal then, but he wanted the bigger dollars and sold his security away for that.

    he should man up, and honor his deal instead of being a whiny child…he made his bed, he has no one to blame but himself if he pissed in it

  79. He wasn’t complaining when collecting $12 million before while others were making the minimum salary were getting cut around the league around him. Selfish.

  80. He’s unhappy because he’s gonna need ALOT of money when he does retire in child support with his kids out of wedlock. This man is mentally from another galaxy! He’s waaaaaaaay out there and on top of it, he’s got an agent that’s blurring his reality which he already does a prestine job by himself. Toxic combo right there!

  81. I’m glad he finally stopped talking about how it’s the Vikings fault. I don’t want the NFL to become the police. I just want so see him take it to the house 16-20 times this year.

  82. Good call on this one, Mike. He was in a prime position to work this out years ago. That’s the beauty of contracts. There is literally a timeline of events right in front of you. You read it, you sign it. He KNEW that this was the time where the “guarantees” went away. The pay system in the NFL is not broken. These players don’t want to assume ANY of the financial risk anymore and they still want to be “equal” partners with the owners. Welcome to the real world, boys. Now strap on your helmet and get to work, Adrian. Methinks your mommy went a lil too light on the switch, crybaby.

  83. This guy needs to stop the everyone owes me act he’s putting up. He committed a crime which he has shown little empathy toward and wants everyone to bow down to him. There can be no gaurenteed contracts because of guys like this. Salary caps. Injuries. Overpaid players. If anything ap should take a pay cut and sit on the sidelines as a backup for a season or two and hope he’s not washed up by the time he gets another shot at starting. No one owes this guy. Just another crappy father that can’t see past his own lifestyle.

  84. People seem to forget that NFL players get guaranteed money through signing bonuses and other bonuses. That is part of their pay. The reason the players don’t get fully guaranteed contracts is because of those bonuses. The reason the players have those types of contracts is because that is what they wanted. No doubt they wanted it so they could get a lot of money up front. With fully guaranteed contracts they would only get money throughout the season as they worked rather than a large sum up front and then the rest throughout the season. The player keeps the bonuses no matter what once he earns them unless he would retire or do something off the field that keeps him from playing. There are guarantees in NFL contracts, it’s not like the owner can take everything away. The owner always has to live up to the agreed principals of the contracts. It would be illegal for him not to. At different points of the contract the person with the most leverage will change. Sometimes the player has the leverage because of guaranteed money that the owner still owes him or because the player is too good to let go. The owner has the leverage when the player’s contract has little to no guarantees left in it or when the player is no longer good enough to get a better contract elsewhere. It comes down to this, if the player is good enough, he will get his money. If the player isn’t, he won’t get his money

  85. Evidentially he believes he should be paid while being suspended.
    Players should have insurance ” guaranteed money” so they can get paid in full while suspended. Maybe some sort of Obama plan???
    Please retire.
    I for one am done with you..

  86. This milk is too warm. This orange juice has too much pulp in it. These toasts are soggy. My bacon is flat. Wah, I’m Adrian Peterson…look at me, now give me money!!!! Wahhhh!

  87. Am I the only one that tends to agree with AP on the guarantees of contracts? There is something unfair when compared to other sports. Given the injury risk being so high a non guaranteed contract means absolutely nothing and teams have no risk in cutting the player they “committed” to. I personally think the contracts should be 80-100% gauranteed but not as “inflated.” NFLPA did a terrible job with the CBA. Just my 2 cents.

  88. Someone that he respects needs to sit him down and tell him to shut the eff up. He’s simply not a very intelligent or self aware man and he comes across that way as soon as he opens his mouth. Frankly he’s lucky the Vikings haven’t decided to cut his 13 million dollar salary this year after all his shenanigans. He is making 5 million more than the next closest running back. As soon as he plays a down this year his 13 million is guaranteed so I’m not really sure what he is whining about.

  89. Those who say contracts are one sided (suggesting one side has to honor it and the other doesn’t) are wrong. Both sides have to honor the actual words and clauses.

    Players probably could get fully guaranteed contracts if they were willing to accept less money. Is there anyone who doesn’t think Minnesota would give a Fully Guaranteed 4 million a year, five year contract to Adrian? Players, not wrongly, instead “bet on themselves” and take the bigger money with the risk that they can get cut and make zero.

    The point is that the contract has provisions that are negotiated up front. BOTH sides have to live with the deal as written. There are no ONE sided contracts, only contracts.

  90. At this point he should hold out….it’s his only play in the “Vikings must experience pain” strategy Dogra has talked him into.

    I know he has not publicly asked for more money; just fully guarantee his existing contract. It’s tilting at windmills. No one in the NFL has a fully guaranteed contract.

    My question is why did he not try to be the best employee possible, do the OTA’s, work charity events, and promote the Vikings and the NFL BEFORE asking for the contract guarantee. Those are positive, helpful things that his employer may value and agree deserving of a reward.

    The agents and NFLPA only use one tactic; deny service and be a nuisance. They are not creatively trying to create solutions that benefit the player AND the team.

  91. Clearly he’s not happy that he is being essntially forced to honor his contract for a team he no longer wants to play for, meanwhile, said team can release him at any moment and not have pay him.

  92. He needs to shut up and play out his contract, no one put him in the position he’s in except himself, lost so much respect for him, just shut up and play, Whip It Good

  93. As a close friend to some who work in the NFLPA office, I can say without remorse that my peers their are thoroughly disappointed in this accusation. The NFLPA pushed for guaranteed contracts but the owners pushed back. A lot of players could not afford being out of the game for a whole season and had to get something agreed on to prevent that. Perhaps they will have more ammunition in future for this fully guaranteed push. It is not like my peers avoided the topic/don’t want such a clause as it is indeed best for most of the NFL players.

  94. This guy is looking for a reason to whine. You don’t beat a kid with a stick and expect the whole world to come to your defense. Shut up and play for your $12 million or just go the heck away.

  95. Yo Adrian, give the Vikings a reason to want to give you guaranteed money. Show you’re still capable of being an elite athlete. Make the Vikings want to make you retire with them. Like they wouldn’t want you to if you weren’t the slightest bit productive. Just show up and get to work already. The outbursts by your agent and your rants won’t help a thing. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  96. While I have no sympathy for Peterson, I do agree with this argument. He is just the wrong guy at the wrong time to make this point… and the slavery comparison makes it a joke.

    The NFLPA needs to find a really good player who had a career ending type of injury (knee or concussion) to use as their lead in this argument. I think its ridiculous when fans ask players to honor their contract, and granted it shouldn’t be a twitter rant it is clear that owners have all of the leverage.

    Fans need to realize that the players are not the reason ticket sales are skyrocketing, or why there are $10 beers in stadiums. Owners are making a lot of money. Robert Kraft bought the Patriots in 1995 for $175 million. He did a lot of great things for the Patriots and made some great decisions but he now has a franchise worth an estimated $2.6 billion. The NFL is printing money right now… they can afford to honor their contracts.

  97. He’s being a little scattershot with his accusations, and he did agree to the current contract. I agree with those points.

    But his point about the lack of guaranteed contracts is spot on. It makes the NFL a mercenary league, but the fans still expect loyalty from the players. It’s a dichotomous situation that often puts the players at a disadvantage. Sure, they are making lots of money, but that’s just because the NFL makes lots of money. The system still stinks.

  98. Modern Day Slavery….. Only Peterson has a choice in the matter.

    Quit and walk away to the freedom of paying for those 6 children born out of wedlock. I am sure the mothers will all be very understanding of your needs to unshackle yourself from the horrors of your paid slavery and will gratefully accept all the financial assistance you will provide with no ready source of income, no skills and the mental aptitude of a pond rock.

  99. The guy is a complete moron. If he wants guaranteed contracts then he better tell all his fellow players to quit bitching for raises after a year or two into a deal. I am sure though he does not think that and that feels players would still be in their right to bitch and moan. Idiots like him want it both ways and they are so clueless to how reality works since they’ve never actually had real jobs.

    Amazing how anyone can still be a fan of this guy after all the stupid things he’s said and done over the last few years.

  100. Ray Rice sits at home, waiting for the phone to ring for a momentary lapse of judgement, while this child abuser insists upon special treatment. He wants the Vikings to kiss his butt and the NFLPA to void their contract with the league because he somehow thinks that he is worth more than $12.75 million for one year (not counting the 15 games he got paid for but did not play). The Vikings should cut him 5 minutes before the start of the season and let him find a new job with all the teams having their rosters set and unable to make $13 mil in cap room.

  101. coming from a vikes fan here…hey AP, how about you go out and earn your money like every other hard working schmo out in the world. every time this clown opens his yap, he confirms why his agent should do the talking. he obviously doesn’t realize that he sounds like an uneducated idiot.

  102. Wait. What?

    YOU signed the contract 3 years ago. YOU knew what was going to come out of it. YOU then decided to become a PR nightmare and whip your kid. YOU didn’t play last year. YOU are 30 years old. YOU are going to make almost $13 million next year.

    Good luck, AP. Good luck.

  103. Is Adrian bi-polar? I’m being serious. I have a member of my family circle who is, and when they are off their meds, or in a bad way, they lash out like this with frivolous and untrue rants. They blame others for their screw-ups, and sincerely believe that they do no wrong even know the problems they are dealing with are 100% their own making= Adrian to a T.

  104. I was once a huge AP fan, I thought he was the epitome of how a player should be on and off the field. But after this past year, I am seriously wondering if he has brain trauma, because what he is saying and doing makes absolutely no sense. Play up or shut up AP.

    ~Longtime Vikings fan

  105. I like it. I feel they should get guaranteed contracts so when they announce a contract , its really that contract and media doesnt have to come back and explain “well its really a 3 year deal worth….”

  106. Adrian Peterson is a child abuser. I have no pity for him. He has been made a very rich man and has acted like an ass during most of his career.
    He needs to shut up and feel lucky he is still allowed the opportunity to play a game for multi millions of dollars.

  107. He wants to play elsewhere. He is trying to manipulate his employer into an agreement that accommodates his personal desires. He complains that he lacks freedom of movement. He is using the media to shame his employer, in an effort to accomplish his personal goals. The team holds all the cards and he must conform to the tenets of his in-place contractual agreement. He has threatened to retire if he doesn’t get his way.

    Who knew Brett Favre, err……..Adrian Peterson, would resort to such measures?

    He should be thankful stupidity isn’t painful.

  108. So sick of this guy. He’s so out of touch with reality that he thinks he can wage a war in the court of public opinion and find sympathy among the masses that will never even earn a fraction of his paycheck.

    So sorry you’ve been wronged AP – even though your lack of self-control cost your team any chance at making the playoffs while you sat at home, still collecting your millions. Clearly you deserve so much more.

  109. Dogra is likely behind his “rant”. Again, ill advised and ill educated decisions. Somebody should tell him… I’m happy the Vikes put their foot down.

  110. Honestly though I’ve always found it very strange that teams can just cancel contracts at any time even though players can’t.

    Yeah in the real world your boss can fire you. But they legally need to have a good reason, otherwise it’s called “Wrongful Termination” which is a valid court case. If a player shows up to work every day and gives his best in any other industry in America you have no legal grounds to fire that employee. Sure teams need to be ultra-competitive, but I think they should just be smarter with their contracts and stop making up fake numbers and amounts of years.

    As for AP, yeah he knew full well what he was signing, or he should have anyway. I get wanting your contract guaranteed, but how would sitting out be the solution when you want a team to make sure you stay?

  111. One day– Adrian Peterson will look back at this and realize how ridiculous HE has been.

    A team (the Vikings) appear willing to pay you (a 30 year-old who plead guilty of crime related to child abuse—was suspended by the league for 15/16th of the season– to which you were STILL paid a handsome salary)— almost $13 Million…. To run a football!

    Believe me Adrian— the majority of Americans don’t care about YOUR problems and would likely trade places with you in a second.

    Get over yourself and away from that crazy Agent of yours.

  112. Someone really needs to sit this guy down, and explain exactly why he was shunned by the league. He is really not clear on the fact that this whole thing is HIS fault. So far, he seems to blame everyone BUT himself, and he is looking more clueless by the day now. Seriously, when Budweiser doesn’t want to be associated with the NFL over the actions of a certain player, that is a huge hint that the certain player did something seriously wrong. How is he the only one that doesn’t understand that?

  113. Adrian when you signed the $100 million deal is was one sided for the first 3 years, in your favor btw. When you had the switch that was one sided. STOP whining and play football, believe it or not that is all we care about as fans not your rich people problems. Play or retire but get out of the news unless it is “AP reports to OTS’s to join TEAMates!”

  114. I wonder if AP realizes just how much less money he would have earned in his career if the NFL actually had fully guaranteed contracts for everyone on a 53 man roster.

    The other 3 major sports have guaranteed contracts because (a) they have much smaller rosters (b) they play many, many, many more regular season AND playoff games and (c) they have players unions with far greater solidarity than the NFLPA, mostly because the disparity between the top earners and their respective average league salaries are not nearly as large.

    What he really means is that he thinks superstars like him should have guaranteed contracts. I really don’t think he’s going to carry the torch for the guy making the veteran’s minimum.

  115. Peterson continues to shoot himself in the foot. What the hell is wrong with him? Someone needs to sit this man down and explain reality to him.

  116. I am an Adrian Peterson football fan.

    I am not a fan of his ignorant and middle-school method of speaking about his displeasure.

    I wish I could have signed an “unfair” 7 year, 90 million $$ contaract4 years ago, with 12 mil. signing bonus.

    Adrian will be paid almost $13 mil. this year, and if he is himself for the next two years, he will collect another $30 mil. over those two remaining years…..a total of $45 mil. over the next 3 years.

    You have played past your “guarantees” Adrian.

    Nobody put a gun to your head making accept the largest $$$ contract to an RB in NFL history. The reality is, due to your freakish ability, you will probably be able to finish your contract by not being cut by the Vikes later.

    All you are doing is making YOU look small. 99% of the fans look at your stance as sour grapes.

    You would have been better off apologizing to the team and fans after your child abuse charges.

    Redeem what was left of your reputation, and many fans would forgive and move on, assuming you were truly sorry, and showed signs of better parenting habits.

    Now, you just look like a complete, ungrateful fool.

  117. Guess what people, team owners and players are not equals.

    When on owner pays hundreds of $millions for a team, he’s risking hundreds of $millions. That doesn’t even include possible other money to cover expenses.

    The fact he took the risk and it paid off doesn’t entitle the players to that money. I didn’t see them putting up hundreds of $millions.

    Contracts ARE guaranteed – it’s called the signing bonus and the guaranteed part of the contract. The players get that regardless and if he craps out other than under certain circumstances the owner takes a bath.

    You want guaranteed? Fine. It’s a guaranteed signing bonus and no other possible money over the contract.

    Fair enough?

  118. listening to adrian peterson explain this is like having a fourth grader try to explain nuclear fission.

    except of course for the fact than nfl contracts are nowhere near as complex as fission, and adrian peterson is nowhere near as smart as many fourth graders.

  119. LOL he was in the league when the last strike happened. he agreed to the CBA. he could’ve spoke up then. he only can be mad at himself and the other vets that are still in the league

  120. It is hard to help people with low IQs. This guys is clueless. He should be banned from football, Walmart, Yellowstone, etc.

  121. profootball13 says:
    May 29, 2015 7:41 AM

    Am I the only one that thinks the Vikings ought to sit this dirt bag and watch him squirm??

    Nope. I’ve been saying this for a while. If Peterson does show up and Zimmer sits him, I will gain huge respect for Zimmer and the Vikings organization. They paid him millions to sit home, why not pay him millions to sit on the bench and send a very strong message.

  122. Let’s see if I have this straight:

    1) The Vikings and Peterson signed a contract.
    2) The contract had guaranteed money as well as non-guaranteed money.
    3) Both Peterson and his agent knew this, with eyes wide open, and signed it anyway, knowing how that contract functioned.

    Consider this:
    1) The guaranteed money has just ran out.
    2) He was on the exempt list and was subsequently reinstated.

    1) This really had nothing to do with all that went on with the beating of his child, the media, the fans and the contact with the Vikings about trades, etc. from his side of things

  123. Something from a different perspective, but not quite the same happened in MLB, many, many years ago. It is not the same, but the NFLPA in their own way, messed things up.

    Whether you are old enough to remember this or not, here it is. BTW, Peterson has taken it to a “new” level.

    Here goes:

    Back in the ’60s or ’70’s there was a player for the St. Louis Cardinals. called Curt Flood.
    Also, all MLB contracts included what was called a reserve clause. There was no free agency. The team retained your rights even when your contract expired. But they had all the control for trades, releases, cuts, etc.. Flood took MLB to court have the reserve clause removed from all MLB contracts. Of course he got blackballed for this.

    The NFLPA from the guaranteed money point of view in the CBA, sc@rewed themselves over. They should have insisted with the guaranteed money, but they blew it. They gave away that power to the NFL.

  124. And I used to think AP was a pretty stand up guy. He sure hasn’t done himself many favors the past couple of years.

  125. AP’s simply saying what many footballers and fans have known for a long time. The players are at the mercy of the NFLPA and the team owners. The contracts are one-sided, in favor of the owners/league. That’s just wrong.

    The solution is simple though: The NFL needs competition. Competition is the only real solution to ensuring that players (the people we pay to see) get the most money possible.

  126. admiral174 says:
    May 28, 2015 9:28 PM

    The Vikings weren’t paying for him for his intellectual prowess.

    Should we expect anymore from someone who thinks it’s okay to do what he did to his boy?


    Not to condone his parenting techniques, byt what he did to his son was what was done to him as a boy.

    In this way, the cycle of abuse passes from generation to generation, until it is discovered.

    Hopefully, the cycle of abuse in AP’s family will end with him.

  127. As a diehard Vikings fan, it’s hard for me to say ENOUGH OF THIS LOSER. He’s making more money than any back in the league and even got full pay last year…for playing ONE game!!! What?

    I trust Coach Zim, but they’re better off without him.

    Please Minnesota, cut this cancer loose and move on. I don’t care how well he (might) play, it’s spoiled, entitled people like this that steals my enthusiasm for the game and my favorite team. No respect AP. None.

  128. Am I missing something or was he extremely happy when he signed that contract 4 years ago? If he didn’t like it all he had to do is not put a pen in his hand. It’s that simple.

    The Vikings are honoring the contract HE and his agent at the time agreed to. I understand “the owner has the power” issue however, don’t they deserve that right? Aren’t they the ones that spent millions of dollars to own that right?

  129. Difference between NBA, MLB, and the NFL, are huge and the reason for the difference in contracts. MLB does not have a cap. NBA has a different cap structure, and does not have to worry about career ending injuries as does the NFL. If NFL players want guaranteed contracts, what will happen is they will all become short term contracts, which will then not offer security that players are looking for. One reason why players hate the franchise tags, and desire the long term contracts that offer the greater guaranteed money.

  130. He changed his tune real quick… I’m sure his attorney had to step in and write the latest responses for him… L.D. Peterson!

  131. Here is a quote taken from the USA Today back when AP signed his contract. The date was 9/11/11. By the way for those of you saying Dogra wasn’t his agent when he signed the contract so he wants to make some money out of it are wrong. This article makes it clear Dogra was the Agent at the time of the signing. I didn’t know this either.

    “Peterson released a statement through the Vikings’ official Twitter feed Saturday saying, “Today is an incredible day. Minnesota’s where I want to be and I’m excited to continue playing for you.”

    Those words tell me he was happy with the contract he agreed to sign. If he had an issue with the non-guaranteed money he and Dogra should have obtained further “commitment” at that time. I’ve never seen anyone complain when they are by far the highest paid player at their position. If he plays hard and earns it, the Vikings will keep him thus making the rest of his contract guaranteed. Shut up and play!

  132. Baseball – yawn- 7th inning stretch for a reason. Every year just let the big spenders in the largest markets compete and win it every year,

    basketball- it’s probably now the only sport where yesterday teams would beat the current teams because of guaranteed contracts…….i just wonder how much better basketball would be if you could actually cut guys who can’t make free throws.

    No thank you AP. You can head on the the NBA, or MLB. I watch the NFL because every draft they are looking to better the team by looking to replace you, and every camp you have to earn the job….fact is your days are numbered, and you know it.

  133. If he needs the money, then he should have showed-up to voluntary OTA and collected his $250,000 workout bonus.

    I find it crazy how these guys will shrug-off those types of bonuses and then go into the next season, holding out in order to get more money….

    Then 5 years after their playing days, they’re broke and signing autographs at Wal-Mart for $15.

  134. I’m amazed at how little some of you know about contracts and how they work. As you’ve pointed out, MLB contracts are vastly different. Ever notice how the sticking point in MLB contracts is almost always about the years? Ever notice how many of those longer contracts in MLB become absolute back-breakers? If those back breaking numbers were up against a hard cap, those teams would be in the dumpster for all those years.

    NFL teams are willing to shell out much more up front to NOT be saddled with long-term guarantees. It allows the teams to use up cap space now, saving cap space for later.

    If NFL teams fully guaranteed long-term contracts they’d be ruined in short order. Guys get injured. Oftentimes, they suffer career-ending injuries mid-contract. The smart teams don’t end up with those guys counting against their cap for several more years by paying the players much more money up front.

    The fans that understand this are usually fans of the teams that consistently put a winning team on the field and that the fans that don’t understand this are usually fans of teams that rarely put a winning team on the field. Coincidence? Not likely.

  135. It sounds to me like he doesn’t just want to leave, he wants to go somewhere specific, and now.

  136. To sum up:
    1. Totally unaccountable for the actions that got him into trouble meaning there’s a high chance for another incident.
    2. Can’t get along with the front office who is handing him huge checks.
    3. Now, also doesn’t like his fellow players.

    Sound like a guy you’re hoping your team trades for?

  137. This entire story has become hilariously sad.

    Adrian is mad he doesn’t have a guaranteed contract and won’t get paid to just sit at home watching football on tv like the rest of us.

    Minnesota would like nothing more than to give him every penny of his contract. But, that payment comes with performance on the field with his legs, not in the media with his mouth.

    And just how sure is Mr. CrazyTalk that the Cowboys will still want him after all of these latest ramblings?

    I’m pretty sure Ray McDonald has seen the football field for the last time because of off field stupidity. Is Peterson inching closer to that same destiny? I believe so.

  138. Just so you know Vikes fans…I’m with you on this one. The Vikings do not deserve what this guy is dishing out, especially after paying him last year for doing nothing, essentially. THAT was his guaranteed money.

  139. If he cant get comfort from people one way, he attacks someone else. He needs to look in the mirror and cuss
    that person out.

  140. The more I read this guy, the more I am convinced he was born and raised-in Wisconsin, or the primary influence(s) in his young life HAD to be people who were from Wisconsin. The sheer idiocy in some of these rants can only originate from there.

  141. Vikings Fan since 1969

    Retire Please…. go ahead and walk away from 13 million…oh by the way he called the Vikings owners “slave owners” the last time he forced a contract!

  142. The Vikings are laughing at him. They can’t trade him and the more he spouts off the stupider he looks. The Vikes would LOVE for him to retire, does anyone want to see this kid beater play?

  143. Um, slaves didn’t get paid dummy. Shut your illiterate self up and honor the $86m contract you signed or never play again until you are 33.

    Money doesn’t cure inherent ignorance.


  144. ymca2014 says:
    May 28, 2015 9:43 PM

    Adrian is really lashing out! Really wants to leave.


    That is why he ended his rant with Go Vikings.

  145. Packers as Cheeses:

    Aaron Rodgers – Cheddar/Extra Sharp–> Slightly aged but simply the best cheese out there. Most popular cheese in world.

    Randall Cobb – American Cheese–> What else can I say? Jack of all trades. Insert on any sandwich and enjoy.

    Jordy Nelson – White Cheddar–> Wait, what? This cheese is white and still tastes as good as colored cheddar? Yum!

    Eddie Lacy – Pepper Jack–> Don’t make the mistake thinking you can eat this cheese for an entire game, your backside will be sore!

    Julius Peppers – Bleu Cheese–> A cheese believed by many to be too old to try, but contrary to popular belief….it tastes phenomenal.

    Letroy Guion – Brie–> Has 24 grams of fat in just a 3oz serving. Fattening cheese, what to you expect, he hails from the land of 10,000…..

    Clay Matthews – Swiss Cheese–> Despite not being surrounded by a ton of talent, this cheese is not the weakness. The most important ingredient on Mushroom and Swiss Burger.

    Brett Favre, Greg Jennings, Brandon Bostick, Ryan Longwell, etc. – Mold–> That ugly purple friend that must be cut off so you can enjoy your cheese. Its days of being a desirable condiment has long since past. Discard immediately!

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