Brian Hoyer takes first OTA snaps in Texans QB competition

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The Texans got back to work on Wednesday after canceling Tuesday’s practice because of the flooding in Houston, which meant that the team got its first look at the competitors for the quarterback job in team drills.

Brian Hoyer was the first of those competitors to work with the first team at Wednesday’s practice, which may not wind up meaning much in August or September but is the kind of thing that people obsess over in May as they try to get some idea about what’s going on inside the heads of the coaching staff. Hoyer lived through the same kind of spotlight in Cleveland last year and, as a result, he says he won’t be thrown by the process.

“I’ve been through it before,” Hoyer said, via the Houston Chronicle. “I’m not going to let it affect me and I’ll just be myself and really focus on the things that I can control.”

The only big difference from last year will be the addition of cameras filming the action for Hard Knocks, although that rise in attention may be mitigated by the absence of Johnny Manziel. Ryan Mallett will be Hoyer’s competition this time around and the holdover from 2014 said he felt “ready to go” after recovering from surgery to repair an injured pectoral.

10 responses to “Brian Hoyer takes first OTA snaps in Texans QB competition

  1. If Brian Hoyer wins the competition against Mallett, you can expect the entire season to be about Brian Hoyer.

    If Brian Hoyer loses out to Ryan Mallett, you can expect Brian Hoyer to sit in the corner and pout.

    Because, regardless of “team,” it’s all about Brian Hoyer.

  2. Good for him. I hope he wins the job and is very successful to rub it in the faces of the Browns, who gave him a very raw deal.

  3. Yeah, I thought Hoyer played well overall last season. He still boasts one of the quicker releases in the League and is one of the more natural throwers of the ball…This Happens to QB’s all the time. If you are not a regimes “Guy” you are expendable.

  4. Brain’s song never changes. A backup wanting to be a starter. To bad he isn’t and never will be.

  5. I forget, is this Hoyer’s fifth team in 6 years, or sixth team in 7 years? Yeah, this will go well.

  6. I don’t know why the Texans aren’t just looking for the next Trent Dilfer. All they need is a guy that can hand the ball to Foster and not throw pick sixes. They don’t need to win games by scoring 35+ with that defense.

  7. LOL to all Texan and Hoyer supporters claiming he somehow got a “raw” deal in Cleveland.

    Yeah, that 1 TD and 7 INT’s in his last 4 starts before they yanked his ass was just uncalled for ..

    Go Browns!!

    btw, as another poster said, when he was starting, it was all about his big, new contract he was expecting, and when he wasn’t, he sat in the corner and pouted .. including spouting off in the media. Real team player there ..

  8. Brian Hoyer is a big baby! Everything has to revolve around him or he is unhappy. He is a mediocre quarterback at best. Ryan Mallett will win the competition, no doubt!

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