Chargers, San Diego finally will negotiate potential new stadium

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It’s been a long time coming. Probably too long. And it’s possibly too late.

Next week, the Chargers and San Diego finally will sit down and try to negotiate a deal to build a new football stadium in the town the team has called home since moving from L.A. after an inaugural season in 1960.

As noted by Tom Krasovic of U-T San Diego, the process had never previously gotten to this point in 14-plus years of trying, with a detailed proposal developed and presented for discussion.

But it also could soon be the point of no return for the Chargers and San Diego, if a deal can’t be finalized based on the $1.1 billion stadium plan as a starting point for talks.

The Chargers would contribute $300 million to the new stadium, but rent ($1 million per game; $173 million over 30 years) and other expenses could eventually reach $1 billion. The NFL would separately contribute $200 million to the project.

The deal as structured would, in theory, avoid a public vote for any public money needed to pay for the project.

Next week’s negotiations should reveal fairly quickly whether the Chargers truly want to do a deal in San Diego, or whether they’re intent on moving back to L.A. At the March league meetings in Arizona, an unmistakable sense emerged that the Chargers want out — in part because the team believes it would be a mistake to stay put and watch one or two teams move to Los Angeles.

Maybe the end game for the Chargers entails a two-front negotiation aimed at getting a new stadium in San Diego and limiting the number of teams moving to L.A. to one. If that’s the case, the team’s partner on a proposed stadium in Carson, California could still be the odd man out in L.A., even if the Chargers don’t move there.

55 responses to “Chargers, San Diego finally will negotiate potential new stadium

  1. The Chargers either get their own stadium or play 2nd fiddle to LA’s new team, like the second class JETS.

  2. Nice try Spanos family, but you have to dig deeper into your billionaire pockets than that. And why is the NFL proposing to kick in $200m for the Chargers stadium when they haven’t lifted a finger for some other teams?

  3. Seems weird doesn’t it? If Al Davis were still alive the Raiders would already be in L.A. and no one or nothing would have stopped them.

  4. As a Raider fan I don’t want to pull for a an AFCW rival but I sincerely hope that the Bolts stay in San Diego. I have to admit that this wish is for selfish reasons because it would be insanity for the Raiders to repeat the mistake of moving to Los Angeles. If the Chargers stay in San Diego, then that effectively kills the shared Carson stadium idea so that Son-of-Al will either have to keep the Raiders in Oakland or move to a sane venue (like San Antonio) or (ideally) sell the team.

  5. Git ‘er dun!!

    Longtime AFL fan here doesn’t want to the Bolts to move and shouldn’t!!

  6. No welfare for these disgustingly greedy billionaires. Let the pay for their own stadiums.

  7. Seems like the NFL is using the threat of moving teams to LA to try and force cities to pony up public money for new stadiums. Blackmail is a crime so perhaps the feds should put the cuffs on Goodell.

  8. The Chargers belong in San Diego. There are very few Chargers fans in LA. Give LA the teams they want, the Rams and the Raiders. If LA is such a huge market why did they lose their two teams in the first place?

  9. doesn’t it seem as though these guys have been negotiating a new deal for about 20 years? i love L.A.. !!!

  10. The Chargers will opt for 25% of their fan base rather than stay in SD. They know once they arrive in LA, the residents will accept them with open arms and completely disregard a Rams or Raiders return. And San Diegans while initially unhappy with the move, will trek 100 miles north each way, through hours of SD/OC/LA traffic that is always there on Sundays, because the Chargers know the fans better than they know themselves. Because you know, Chargers fans are more hardcore then Green Bay fans. Never fair weather… :/

  11. Sounds like taxpayer money will provide the majority of the financing needed for a new stadium in San Diego without the taxpayers being allowed to cast a vote either for or against it.

    Sounds fair to me. (insert sarcastic tone here)

  12. Carson is NEVER happening. Repeat. Carson is NEVER happening. Not only won’t it happen, but the mayor of Carson could be in hot water down the road for “redevelopment” funds brought to the site. Illegal now in California.

  13. Enough of the corporate welfare. No municipality should fork over a dime for any pro sports stadium. The city should tell them to pound sand.

  14. I think 2 teams in the L.A. market is too much. I base my opinion on the past. The reason the Rams left was shrinking attendance and fan support, plus the Colliseum needed renovations.
    I know a leopard can’t change it’s spots. I don’t think the fans can support 2 teams much less 1.
    The Chargers staying in S.D. makes better sense.
    The problem with Cali sports franchises and stadiums is the fact Cali is taxing residents so much, they don’t want to pay one more nickel to support billionaires and I can’t blame them.
    At least here n GB we support our team and we paid for Lambeaus renovation with a 1/2% sales tax. It’s all paid off with surplus funds to maintain it for 20 years.

  15. Helping a team pay for a new stadium at this point is a total lose/lose situation for any city, because it’s a MINIMUM of $1 billion to build one with all the required state-of-the-art extras and technology demanded by a team. And in 10 years the team will once again be threatening to leave and demanding a brand new stadium again because the current one is outdated and obsolete. There’s no way a city can amortize the cost of the first one in anything less than 25 years through additional revenue brought in by monster truck rallies, motocross events, boy band concerts and RV shows.

  16. As we learned from the Vikings stadium, even though the team is contributing roughly half of the funding, very little is coming out of the Wilf’s pockets.

    The NFL contribution is counted in their half. Then there are PSLs and naming rights.

    I’m not one of those “no welfare for billionaires” people. I understand what are the benefits of having an NFL team in a city; and at least in Minneapolis, the new stadium will be used over 300 days a year for other events.

    They just need to be a little more honest about “team contributions.”

  17. Maybe somebody is finally realizing that the Chargers would have a hard time securing a strong fan base, even more so if they shared a stadium with the Raiders? Maybe someone is finally realizing that having no NFL team in San Diego is just bad for the NFL? Maybe someone is realizing that San Diego is hands down one of the top 3 places in the United States to host the Superbowl and it is time to bring it back here (I do not want to say the best city, otherwise I would sound biased, but I do not see many other options here, other than maybe Miami)? This does not justify the use of public money, of course. But, these are just pretty obvious issues in my mind. And maybe the Spanos also realize than spending half a billion of relocation fee only, to move to Carson, where they would never ever get as much support as the Raiders (and/or Rams, if they moved nearby) may ultimately not be that profitable of a move.

  18. As a Broncos fan, I hope they stay in San Diego. Nice road game for the the wife and I. Very beautiful city. Very crappy team.

  19. Ok I got to ask who is going to be using the Vikings stadium 300 days a year?

    Madison Square Garden the most famous venue in the country is dark more then 65 days a year.

    Who one earth can fill a stadium in Min 300 days a year?

    Are they going fill it with water freeze it and make more of those great ice fishing spots ?

  20. Chargers belong in San Diego, no two ways about it. I’ve been to a few games there and the fans are GREAT. The stadium however is terrible and they deserve something new. As an outsider maybe this doesn’t make any sense, not sure if there’s any nostalgic connection to Mission Valley, but if there’s any waterfront land they could obtain somewhere near Petco and build there that would be phenomenal.

  21. The Carson plan is great for the NFL’s goal of extorting maximum tax dollars from other cities. But it also means getting the return to L.A. badly wrong.

    The only way Los Angeles will really succeed is with the return of the Rams. And this is still Kroenke’s trump card. If he goes rogue and builds in Inglewood, his team dominates the Southern California market. The Raiders in Carson would retain their hardcore fanbase. And the Chargers in Carson would be out of luck, unable to fill their seats and dependent on fans commuting from San Diego.

    Much better to build in San Diego in the first place.

  22. It would be great, for the Chargers fans, to see a new San Diego stadium built.

    I would not be surprised to see the Rams, only, headed to LA. Davis does not want to be a tenant — he could have done that in Santa Clara. If/when the Raiders move, one of San Antonio, Toronto, St Louis would be the logical candidate to cough up a new/improved stadium and club seat/suite guarantees. London lurks as a dark horse.

  23. Coming from a non-Chargers fan living in San Diego, please keep them here. Build a new stadium. Have a Super Bowl here.

    Put 1 team in LA. Then again, if you give LA 2 teams, there are better odds that at least 1 will be decent, which is good for the bandwagon LA fans.

  24. When they say it isn’t about the money, you know it’s always about the money.
    The joke’s on you, Chargers fans. You can expect higher taxes, higher ticket prices, higher food and drink prices…all to see the mediocre millionaires frolic.

  25. As a Jets fan, I hope they stay….After all, San Diego has been a great place to visit for my JETS during the playoffs the past ten years. First we beat Brees, then we beat Rivers.

    January 8, 2005 – Jets 20 Chargers 17 (OT)
    January 17, 2010 – Jets 17 Chargers 14


  26. More posturing, Chargers were never leaving. NFL just using this as leverage against every city that does not have a Billion Dollar Stadium.

  27. I love the argument that “there are no Chargers fans in L.A.” Lemme ask you a question; how many Houston Oilers fans were there in Nashville before the team moved and became the Titans? How many Baltimore Colts fans were there in Indianapolis before the Colts moved there? These folks became fans of those teams BECAUSE they moved to their home market, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The same would happen in L.A.

  28. The ultimate irony is that the Chargers were magically able to find complete private funding for the alleged new stadium they were going to build in LA. Somehow in San Diego, they’re crying poor and are demanding/ extorting hundreds of millions from the taxpayers of San Diego.

  29. Chargers need to stay in SD. Do not live there but been to games there. Do what the giants did. SD parking lot is huge. Build the new stadium right there the. Wreck the old stadium when done.
    Rams will move to LA and Raiders will be the odd team out

    Mark Davis is going to have to sell the team. To who is anybody’s guess

  30. Stay in San Diego such a wonderful city and the perfect place to host events such as the Super Bowl.

  31. I am from San Diego. My dad has had season tickets since ’77….so obviously I am a Chargers fan.

    What gets under my skin is how all of these billionaires and millionaires hang citie govts, fans, and the like over the fire if they dont get some sort of welfare to build them a new playhouse.

    I will always be a Chargers fan, but I am done with pro sports. I have much better things to do than donate my money to billionaires who continue to keep a “just good enough” product to real us all back in.

    Time to travel the world more, learn more and appreciate things more. The NFL and other sports leagues can eat it.

  32. I’ve missed three “San Diego” Chargers home games in the last 22 years and will not follow the “Los Angeles” Chargers at all.

    Hope the Chargers aren’t banking on keeping current season ticket holders like me.

  33. NFL wants:
    Chargers in SD – awesome for Super bowls
    Rams in LA – Kroenke’s money will make it awesome
    Raiders in OAK – Davis will end up making deal w/SF
    Sorry St. Louis

  34. stew48 says:
    May 28, 2015 9:55 AM

    It sure is great to be a Steeler fan, no worries for us.

    Aside from your starting running back taking a ganja break now and then or Big Ben going out for a few cold ones with the boys.

  35. How much is the relocation fee for a team to move to Los Angeles??????

  36. Chargers ownership has done enough to show the entire lack of loyalty in really wanting to stay in San Diego without spending their own coin for it.

    They’ve pissed off what loyal fan base they had and this coming year will be a shining example of how little financial support they have left from the community.

    If a deal isn’t done before then, they will not be in San Diego ever again and deservedly so.

    As a Chargers supporter I hope they kick rocks and leave town. Television is a much better viewing stage than the ridiculous costs of stadium parking, stadium food, and stadium itself. If you lived in San Diego you’d agree.

  37. The Rams will move to Los Angeles, I believe that’s a done deal.

    The NFL won’t allow 3 teams in Southern California, so if the Chargers get a stadium deal, that puts the Raiders in an interesting spot.

    Mark Davis publicly said he had no interest in St. Louis whatsoever.

    His options look to be as follows:

    Move in with the 49ers in Santa Clara, this option would kill “Raider Nation.” There’d no longer be the “black hole” and home games would be played in a red and gold stadium with a 49ers hall of fame. The Raiders would likely get kicked out regardless as fans would destroy the stadium out of spite.

    Second option would be re-newing AGAIN in Oakland and hoping for a new stadium eventually. Davis already said he wouldn’t renew again.

    Third, the long shot option of San Antonio, Texas.

    Mark Davis is broke by NFL standards, has an elderly mother who technically owns the team. When she passes, he faces a huge tax bill to the state of California for an inheritance tax. Texas has no such tax.

    San Antonio combined with Austin (1 hour drive) combines to makeup the 12th largest MSA and the Raiders would have only one pro team to compete with (Spurs)

    Finally and most importantly, the city of San Antonio has already approved funding to renovate the Alamodome into an “NFL ready” facility and has public support to build a new stadium (in a state that builds $100 million dollar high school stadiums.)

    Personally, I think if the Chargers get their stadium in San Diego and the Rams move to LA, Davis will have no choice but to move to Texas. Oaklands mayor said no tax dollars, and they’re $500 million short.

  38. What will the NFL do when Kroenke kills their ability to extort stadiums out of cities with the threat of moving their team to L.A.

    Good run though the extortion tactic yielded what, a dozen and a half new stadiums.

  39. slvrnblk72 says:

    Chargeless vs Oakland…The Raiders lead 59–50–2.. plus 5 SB appearances to 1 blow out loss..


    And what is the record over the last 10 years. Raiders not relevant for a long long time now and your frustration is there for all to see.

    That’s why you’re reaching into pre-history.

    They close down businesses that are dysfunctional. If you weren’t propped up by the NFL, the Faders would be an empty warehouse now.

  40. San Antonio is perfect for the Raiders, in fact the city and the Mayor would still honor a deal even after he said no.

  41. goingthextramile says:
    May 28, 2015 10:59 AM
    As a Jets fan, I hope they stay….After all, San Diego has been a great place to visit for my JETS during the playoffs the past ten years. First we beat Brees, then we beat Rivers.

    January 8, 2005 – Jets 20 Chargers 17 (OT)
    January 17, 2010 – Jets 17 Chargers 14


    Are they the last wins your team had? Who is your QB again?

    Do the Jets even play in the NFL any more?

  42. Cant wait for the Raiders and Chargers to play each other in their new shared stadium. Raider fans will be in switchblade frenzy claiming the Charger fans are “on their turf!” Am I lying?

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