Confusion emerges regarding basis for Hardy discipline

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The Greg Hardy appeal hearing has come and gone, and confusion has emerged regarding one of the most important aspects of the case.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hardy and the NFL Players Association contend that the NFL failed to specify during the hearing whether league imposed on Hardy a 10-game suspension under the Personal Conduct Policy in force at the time of the alleged misconduct or under the version that came later in the year, following the Ray Rice debacle. Hardy and the NFLPA also contend that arbitrator Harold Henderson failed to force the NFL to say which version of the policy was used.

In an appearance last month on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, NFL general counsel Jeff Pash seemed to emphasize that the discipline was imposed under the old policy. But he also made it clear that the investigation occurred under the new procedures that were adopted after the Rice case.

The alleged confusion also comes in the wake of an effort by the union to have the NFL deemed to be in contempt of court for failing to comply with the court order issued in the case filed on behalf of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. That motion specifically claims that the league applied the new policy retroactively to Hardy, in defiance of the ruling from Judge David Doty to the contrary in Peterson’s case.

Absent a significant reduction in Hardy’s suspension, a lawsuit is inevitable in his case, too. And Hardy could easily win.

But no one would be able to accuse the NFL of going too soft on off-field misconduct. Given that the Rice situation nearly took down a Commissioner, the NFL will never be accused of going too soft on off-field misconduct ever again.

77 responses to “Confusion emerges regarding basis for Hardy discipline

  1. Hahahahaha

    Aside from a potent offense, now on defense you are gonna have Demarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, Tyrone Crawford, Jeremy Mincy and now Hardy coming after your QB.

    Cowboys are gonna mean business this year.

  2. Of course there is confusion because Goodell and Pash are 2 incompetent idiots. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and both are liars.

    They dont know what they are doing and Henderson is just Goodells mouthpiece and decides what Goodell orders.

    These 3 are the biggest liars and incompetent morons.

    I love how Goodell thinks because someone else is allegedly making the decision that somehow they are doing what he tells them. This guy thinks people cant see right thru his BS.

  3. Goodell is so capricious in every ruling no matter what the circumstance. Brady a ridiculous 4 games for probably telling the ball boys to not let the refs overinflate the balls to 16psi as was done in the Jet game……you have a real bad guy in Hardy who will get 2 games because Goodell once again screwed up the process…..this is the NFL that tells everyone how much integrity they have. This is the NFL you give your hard earned money to……This is the Roger Goodell you love.

  4. The union always wants to have it both ways. I didn’t see them having any issues when the league used the new policy to lessen drug suspensions last year when the violations occurred under the old policy. In two separate cases (3 if you count Ray Rice) the union is complaining about using the new guidelines that are obviously geared to be more practical considering the severity of the infractions and the damage done to the league’s reputation. There would be no issue if these particular guys weren’t social dirt bags. I think Hardy is lucky to be allowed to play at all.

  5. Goodell and the NFL get it wrong and lose big in court one more time, Goddell’s office is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

  6. I’ve been a Cowboys fan for 44 years now, and I hope Hardy has to sit out 10 games. I’m a believer that if he gets to play sooner, Karma will bite us in the ass and we will be worse than last year. I hope that we will improve from last year’s Divisional playoff loss, and like our chances better than if Hardy’s suspension is reduced.

  7. Hardy missed all but 1 game last year and then added 10 more games, so the NFLPA could argue that its excessive punishment given the NFL’s policy. Granted, he did get paid, still though he wasn’t allowed to play. If the NFL was going to really get tough, there doesn’t appear to be anything happening on the Ray McDonald case. They’ve already excused him once, but now that he’s been arrested a few more times, something should be done. So, the NFL policy really doesn’t mean much.

  8. The League Office is a complete joke. Making it up as they go and shooting from the hip to make up for past bad decisions. Absolutely no consistancy and Goodell is most definately not competent for this job.

    He’s a power-drunk meglomaniac who needs to be replaced with someone who can be consistent and rational. Someone as erratic, impulsive and oversensitive as he is has no buisness weilding this much power.

  9. I agree the NFL showed its incompetence in the Ray Rice case. They should have acknowledged that Ray Rice was attacked and struck several times, which caused him to retaliated. At no point did the NFL condone Rice’s actions, but the NFL understands the complexities of the situation.

    The NFL doesn’t approve of men hitting women or women hitting men, and in light of everything that happened, they are letting the court system and social services help resolve the personal issues of Ray Rice and his fiancee.

    The NFL chose, instead, to become a leg humping poodle for United Feminists International, which means the Feminists now own them. This is worse when you realize that Feminists hate football, and will spend the foreseeable future doing everything to destroy it.

  10. If I screwed up at my job as bad a s Goodelle has at his I would have been fired and then immediatly rehired so that they could fire me one more time.

  11. Dictator Goodell just keeps winging it… Sort of reminds me of the scarecrow from Wizard Of Oz… If I ONLY had a BRAIN…

  12. It seems that the NFL just can’t get anything right, from domestic violence, psi, and the Wells Investigation, and now this!

    What an off-season this has been…And there’s more to come…

    IMO, Goodell and his cronies have ruined the NFL.

  13. I thought the NFL said that they imposed discipline under the old policy at 2 games per occurrence.

    The NFL counted 4 different occurrences of domestic abuse/violence during that night and listed each one (at 2 games each for 8 games) and then added 2 more games for failure to cooperate in a truthful and honest way.

    The NFL claimed they found discrepancies in what Hardy testified to in North Carolina court and his representations to the NFL.

    The NFL went so far as to say they had given Hardy 2 chances to correct those misrepresentation to the NFL. That is how I remember the NFL justifying the 10 games.

    Anyway.. this is how I remember it being reported when Hardy’s Suspension was announced.

  14. When does it come time for a guy to just look in the mirror and say: “I’m an. SsS” and sit it out for a while, blow off some steam lifting weights and running through tires to stay in shape or get in better shape, give a few hundred thou to an organization that protects women and get on the right meds to not be a dee K.?

    Not that hard when you’ve got set for life money and you’re setting yourself up to make MORE.

    If he doesn’t..there won’t be many not smiling watching him burn.

  15. Right cuz Hardy was thinkng, “hey, the commissioner is bound by the pre-Ray Rice rules for a few months so I’ll get a shorter suspension, egro it’s totally worth tossing this lady around like a rag doll.”


    Pro-active, retro-active, who cares? The guys an abuser. Punish him under whatever rules you want.

    We’re not talking about companies changing vesting options for retirement plans negotiated with a workers union – the guy beat a woman!

  16. I don’t know why the league bothers trying to explain anything. It just makes Goodell and rest of his crew look like idiots … that’s probably why the NFLPA signd off on it.

  17. He deserves longer than a 10 game suspension for what he did. The NFL is getting out of control with all these Criminal players. Lots of kids look up to them and they need to hold themselves to higher standards. Hardy is a piece of work. Domestic Violence what a big man he is.

  18. The NFL shouldn’t be punishing “off field misconduct” in the first place, please direct your bitching towards the LEGAL SYSTEM.

  19. He’s totally innocent … in Dallas. The rest of the world finds him disgusting.

  20. I think the NFL made their point with the 10 game suspension and they probably aren’t going to fight that hard that he should be punished off of the new policy when he (allegedly) committed the crime during the old policy.

    Although this whole thing they’ve been doing where they suspend someone x amount of games because they know it will be reduced to half that is a pretty childish powerplay.

  21. Confusion emerges over the discipline handed out? I would have never guessed. Another bang up job by Roger Goodell.

  22. Given that the Rice situation nearly took down a Commissioner,

    LOL…you really think people are still buying this tripe? Goodell makes money for the owners. Whatever happened with Ray Rice was not going to change his job status. Wake up.

    As for Hardy, all the NFL has to do is state that the old rules, which were used to set his suspension, do not qualify any set number of games. 2 is “standard”, not the law. If the new policy were being applied, you would have had a different penalty.

  23. The league seems content to be overly harsh and eventually have that stance revoked through litigation. Obviously they dont want to look soft.

    I’d be interested if anyone knows or has views into how persistent abuse of disciplinary powers displayed through overturned rulings could eventually backfire against the nfl office? A weak argument could be the nfls stance is wasting publicly funded resources (eg the court system), but I wonder if maybe the nflpa could use this to build some sort of argument that allows them to dissolve the cba? prove the nfl isn’t a good faith partner?

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  24. Only if the off field misconduct involves hitting a woman. If it involves killing animals or vehicular manslaughter while you are under the influence and probably even sexual assault then the league won’t care much about that.

  25. The main thing, first and foremost, has to be the longterm health of the NFL, that’s the big picture.

    The NFL has a very real problem on it’s hands, people are tired of all the turds in the league and it’s reached a very dangerous point. Some of it is due to the media and living in the information age, but it doesn’t get rid of the problem because perception is reality.

    When in some one else’s boat that springs a leak, you don’t say “I don’t care, it’s not my boat.” If you let the inmates run the asylum, the NFL will be out of business in no time.

    Everyone needs to get together and see the big picture, but the last leader of the NFLPA that saw the big picture was Gene Upshaw, and that was a long time ago.

  26. Greg Hardy is very lucky he is not sitting in a jail cell for 2-4 with what he pulled.

    He literally bought off the witness against him. She never showed up. CASE DISMISSED.

    He should have gotten a year.

  27. Hardy is a piece of garbage no doubt but a couple of questions with the NFL’s “discipline”

    -how is it four separate incidents? It all happened over one night…the law doesn’t charge him with 4 counts of abuse?

    -her statement to the police the day after the incident completely contradicted what was said the night before

    -the main “witness” to the altercation (the victims friend) admitted to being high on coke and weed

    It will get reduced to 6 games…if not by Henderson by the federal courts

  28. I’m just spit-balling here, but maybe Goodell and his lackeys aren’t up for the job? I mean, if I made any one of the many mistakes he and his close associates have made in the last year, I’d be looking for a new career. Instead, he will keep his job and make $40-50M. There’s logic for you.

  29. It must be great to be a girl in Dallas and have to listen to all the fans justifying Hardy. It’s amazing how morals and decency go right out the window when you think this criminal can help your team win. I hope karma bites them hard for this.

  30. Since Hardy was paid but could not play last year, wouldn’t a reasonable solution be that he could play but not get paid this year?

  31. Just another example of Goodell’s incompetence. When he made the cover of Time as the enforcer, I knew he would be trouble.

  32. Confusion emerges regarding basis for Hardy discipline
    SHOCKING !!!!!!!!

  33. All you self righteous chumps tickle me. It makes me and hundreds of millions laugh when you demonize a person when the facts ate he got off due to the woman selling her soul for money. If she didn’t care for justice for herself why should I. Secondly the league is pandering because most people are sheep and allow talking heads to indoctrinate them and when the same talking head is caught up he/she asks for privacy during this process. I sit back giddy waiting for something to happen to self righteous people. I wish I knew a lot of you people personally so I could run around pointing the finger when you guys frailties arise like they do for everyone

  34. Goodell is nothing but a power hungry, power craving, incompetent, stupid egomaniac.

    If anyone had the track record he had for screw ups they would be out on the streets jobless.

  35. Confusion in regards to punishment from the NFL? Under Goodell!?

    I’m shocked. Shocked!

    Well, not really that shocked.

  36. Doesn’t Goodell ever get tired of making stuff up as he goes along? It actually takes quite a talent to handle every single case totally differently. Most people would eventually slip into a pattern eve if by accident, but Rog manages to always do something totally new.

  37. How many instances of fraud will Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam be punished for
    1000….2000….100,000…a million ? Why no outrage from the trolls in this matter ?
    Greg Hardy had all charges against him dropped because they could not be proven before a jury. The fact that Holder did not show up meant nothing. They had her previous statements, interviews, testimony and photographs. They did not go forward because of her ever changing story.

    The mighty NFL is taking one version of her story as gospel and claiming that they know precisely what happened that night. They may eventually look even more foolish and vindictive.

  38. BTW…
    The NFL didn’t even interview Nicole Holder…they could have gotten yet another version of the story.

  39. mississippininerfan says:
    May 29, 2015 11:04 AM

    All you self righteous chumps tickle me. It makes me and hundreds of millions laugh when you demonize a person when the facts ate he got off due to the woman selling her soul for money. If she didn’t care for justice for herself why should I. Secondly the league is pandering because most people are sheep and allow talking heads to indoctrinate them and when the same talking head is caught up he/she asks for privacy during this process. I sit back giddy waiting for something to happen to self righteous people. I wish I knew a lot of you people personally so I could run around pointing the finger when you guys frailties arise like they do for everyone

    This is an example of missing the point while thinking you aren’t.
    It was always about money for her.
    Her friend testified “she said she was going to get Greg to pay her rent tonight.”
    This was a squeeze play. No one has seen the photos of her injuries.

    From the Charlotte Observer-
    ” During his cross-examination of Holder, Fialko accused her of making up her entire story. No man as big as Hardy, he said, could do what she said he did and not leave her seriously injured.

    “You didn’t break a fingernail, did you?” he asked.

    “I did break a fingernail, a toenail, ” she replied.

    “Well, good,” Fialko said sarcastically.”

  40. Lets remember he still roughed up a woman. He put himself in a bad situation. That says enough to me that he shouldn’t even play in the NFL. 1 strike policy instead of giving these guys a second chance and millions of dollars to “HOPE” they don’t hit a woman again. Cheer for the guy Dallas Fans???? If you do, that says a lot about you

  41. riekki says:
    May 29, 2015 12:22 PM

    The NFL didn’t even interview Nicole Holder…they could have gotten yet another version of the story.
    Probably because cokeheads don’t like to be found or keep appointments especially when they have a few bucks to keep their habit going.
    Besides, she already gave 2 different accounts of the story for public record, the next one would probably be embellished to ‘made for TV movie’ status.

  42. @ dropout
    I simply don’t care about a man who abuses women. There is a higher power I submit to that handles all types of wrong. No one on earth has authority to high side on other people as if your crap doesn’t stink. All people fail yet most here won’t compassion in their frailties yet come out all guns blazing for anyone else with their false disdain and beating the drum of the pathetic court of public opinion. I imagine you folks who run with public opinion instead of perspective would have been going around burning up women in Salem just cause someone told you it was so. That’s my point I care nothing about piling on or initiatives to destroy a person who was provoked and in turn settled to make it go away.

  43. It’s funny how folks become the morality police when it comes to athletes and their choices… Yes domestic violence is wrong, but I have common sense to know it happens everyday in the world…athlete or normal citizen…some of these moral police have seen it in their own family, but you’re more outspoken bout a dude you don’t know than a family member… Life is bout making mistakes and learning from them and not repeating…no human is perfect.. But these morality internet police kill me bout judging other folks behavior from a computer….Shut the hell up and worry bout morality in your life….cause I guarantee the ones judging the MOST got the most skeletons in the closet… Hardy sat out all last season n still gets 10 more games…R Rice got 2…Hardy gets 25 with no explanation…that’s why NFLPA is looking for answers…

  44. The fact Hardy’s case was even addressed by the NFL demonstrates the corruption of Goodell. The police, prosecutor (after the trial) and Holder (the woman)’s own defense attorney cite the evidence falls far short of her accusations, yet Goodell appoints a panel of 4 women from DV groups to set his TEN GAME suspension. No one could’ve predicted these women to set some crazy high punishment, talk about a kangaroo court. This is just dirt-ball Roger using the opportunity to manipulate the 2015 outcomes.

    Under Goodell’s justice system his buddies get slaps on the wrist for cheating through 6 Superbowl runs, and teams not favored by Rog to get hammered (Carolina, New Orleans, Minnesota, Dallas) to cover his butt when the public outrage over his behavior brings heat on the league.

    Why does Roger think being NFL commissioner puts him above law enforcement of this country? Did I miss his inauguration as emperor?

    Coincidentally, due to Goodell’s scheduling AND the 10 week Hardy suspension produce a fortunate result for Roger’s friends Bob Kraft and (NEP) John Mara (NYG) neither of their QBs have to face the All-Pro/ Pro Bowl pass rusher (Manning, wk1 &7, Brady, wk5).

    The ONLY two real certainties in Roger’s NFL are; his friends who he has close personal relationships with will receive special treatment, and his refusal to reform NFL officiating to a transparent system ALL FANS can trust.

    Add my voice to earlier posters.

    Goodell’s got to go.

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