Could Tyrod Taylor win the starting job in Buffalo?

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On Tuesday, all four Bills quarterbacks got reps with the first-team offense. By Wednesday, the quartet of guys taking snaps with the starters had been cut to EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel.

But that doesn’t mean Tyrod Taylor is giving up on his chance to win the starting job.

I know what I’m capable of,” Taylor said, via Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News. “It’s my job to prove it to the coaches. I think that they are aware, but as long as I continue to work and continue to impress them each and every day. . . . It’s not my job to call it. I’ll let the coaches decide.”

At a minimum, the man who arrived via free agency after four years with the Ravens could be used in a specialty package. Forcing a defense to prepare for Taylor dilutes the amount of time that can be devoted to preparing to face the base offense under Manuel or Cassel or, in theory, Jeff Tuel.

Or maybe Taylor could win the job outright. Regardless, the sooner the Bills pick a starter and give him all of the first-team reps, the better off the Bills will be. Otherwise, the guy who wins the right to start Week One also will win the privilege of being the first guy benched.

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  1. I think that Bills fans had better hope Tyrod Taylor isn’t their starting QB.

  2. They should have signed Tebow. At least he has shown he can win games when he has a good running game and strong defense.

  3. Being a Ravens fan and having seen Taylor for 4 years in preseason and fill in roles when the Ravens already locked down the division or were winning by a lot, Taylor really is just a clone of another Ravens QB that everyone thought when given the chance would shine, Troy Smith. Look it up, they are almost clones of each other. However, the skillset they both share is not compatible with being an NFL starting QB. Can they fill in here and there, do some running and some (weak) throwing with their short stature, sure, but lets not confuse them with Drew Brees who is a shorter QB but has far more skills than both Smith and Taylor put together. Ryan should go back to the Ravens because all he does is chase them around the league until he finds former Ravens players he can absorb. That’s right, Baltimore didn’t want him.

  4. As a close friend of the organization I would like to comment on my peers’ (in the front office) opinion on the matter. They would like to see E.J. blossom as he can be a long term option at QB already on the roster and would not have to invest for some time in that position. They see Cassel as the guy right now as he has the # of starts tilted in his favor and can run that offense. TT has upside potential, but there are going to be growing pains and they feel this roster is not ready to endure such a process.

  5. Since there is no politics involved, Taylor has a great opportunity and I think he will outplay both Manuel and Cassell. He should be healthy and watching for 4 years should put him where his mental game is on par with his excellent athletic skills.

    During his time in the ACC, he was the best QB and was rivaled only by Russell Wilson. At this time, he is the close to Wilson in dual threat capability. The uninitiated will be surprised at his skills.

    I’m glad to see him get his shot at starting. The Ravens were married to Flacco, but if you will notice, Ozzie kept him around. Taylor to Watkins may become a frequent thing this year.

  6. He’s been in the league 4 years and I never even heard of him until recently. So he was with the Ravens? Was he ever a serious threat to Flacco? If not, how could he be considered starter material? If so, is he possibly the next Brett Favre? These are serious questions.

  7. I first became something of a Tyrod Taylor fan while watching a documentary on the 2011 QB draft class. While the piece focused on folks like Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert, I quickly became intrigued by the Virginia Tech QB presented as the late draft underdog. Since then, I’ve been quick to shift my attention at sports bars when Tyrod has been playing during the pre-season or in blowout relief during the regular season. I’m telling you, this guy has the potential to be a legit starting passer as well as a dangerous runner when plays break down.

    – Titans Fan

  8. Idk…such a weird competition between these guys…you get the feel like you’ve already seen what an EJ Manuel is or what a Matt Cassel is…but we don’t know what Tyrod Taylor is…we know hes the fastest qb in the league…we’ve seen his flashes in preseason games showing he does have flashes of good touch w/ the ball and decision making skills…I just really hope he improves and impressed everyday and earns the job…I certainly wouldn’t hate it if EJ became the guy and broke out of “the shell”, and matt cassel is just the veteran pushing these two so while cassel could end up starting and be the “solid” starter, I think all us bills fans are pulling hard for EJ or Tyrod because theyre both young and athletic guys. Also would end our 15 year search for a face of the franchise. We need a hero behind center and out of the 3 guys we got now Tyrod seems to have the most heroic attributes about him. hes quiet, focused, hard working, and lightning fast…get that arm up to speed Tyrod and get that job !

  9. Really loved Tyrod Taylor at Vtech, always thought he could be a decent NFL QB.. Was really disappointed when the Raven drafted him. I could see him being an alright QB for the Bills.. It has to be him or manual.

  10. Yes I’m a Hokie alum, but Tyrod is a home run hitter at QB and he is going to be the starting QB for the Bills. I continue to say it again and again that he will be the starting QB. FSU QB’s don’t ever do anything in the NFL so Manuel is going to continue riding the pine and holding the clipboard.

  11. I’ve never understood the idea that “making a team prepare” for a special package with a bad QB is somehow gamesmanship.

  12. I think Cassel will start and surprise people if his foot is healthy. He didn’t have much talent to throw to either with the Vikes or with the Chiefs. If the Buffalo line can give him a normal amount of time, he’ll do well.

  13. none of these guys are worthy of being a starting QB. Wishful thinking bills fans are still drinking the koolaid that Ralph left behind.

  14. The sooner the better? Not really. How about you give the competition time until someone actually TAKES the job. Sounds like the most logical. And at the worst… It provides whoever the backup is going to be with more experience with the playbook than if they were already relegated to clipboard duties. Right now they have real incentive to learn as much of it as possible.

  15. Any one of these guys can QB this team to an 8-8, maybe 9-7 finish with the effort that has been put into the team this off season. Bottomline is that none of these guys are an answer to building a winning franchise, and they all know it. If they don’t, then they real do live in fantasyland.
    Personally, I’d stick with a veteran QB, strong protection and time for him to pick his targets. Combined with a powerful run game that chews up yards and the clock.
    With the defense they had last year, they’d cut down alot of scoring. They never really got pounded in more then a game or 2. All the loses were close enough to of been wins with a few modifications.

  16. the most popular man in buffalo / wny right now….cause we know what are gonna get with the other 3 qbs and have not much on taylor….i like the move the bills made getting him vs going with a 3rd round qb in the draft, he’s sat behind flacco and knows how to be an nfl qb, don’t underestimate that, phillip rivers, tony romo, tom brady, aaron rogers, all sat at the beginning of their career and benefited from that, all qbs can’t be like matty ice or luck

    for the bills the best thing that can happen is if ej or tyrod win the job, if cassel wins it, we still have to draft a qb in ’16 or ’17

  17. i’ve always liked taylor and thought he could be decent as a pro. has great mobility and a strong arm, but unfortunately is a little bit small for the position. but, we’ve seen recently that shorter qb’s can be productive in the right situation…brees and wilson are obvious examples. his strong arm and mobility are similar to troy smith, who is a guy i thought never really got a shot in the nfl after being great at osu. if it doesn’t work out for him, i’ll still remember him making one of the most impressive plays i’ve seen in a bowl game at vtech…if you haven’t seen it you should look it up. he scrambles to his left and as he approaches the sideline he jumps/spins around while tip toeing the sideline to square himself and throws an absolute strike for a TD…it’s an awesome display of athleticism, awareness and the ability to keep his eyes up field while the play breaks down

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