Dez Bryant does the smart thing by showing up


It’s become a given that a player saddled with the franchise tag won’t show up for any workouts or practices until he signs a long-term deal or accepts his one-year franchise tender. But it may not be the smart thing to do — especially if the tagged player plans to work out on his own.

As Broncos G.M. John Elway pointed out several weeks back when venting regarding the absence of receiver Demaryius Thomas, unsigned franchise players who get injured while working out on their own get nothing. Unsigned franchise players who show up pursuant to a letter agreement that guarantees their franchise tender if they tear an ACL or pop out an Achilles who get injured get full pay.

So unless staying away was going to squeeze more money out of the team’s coffers (it wasn’t), why not continue to get ready to have a big season while working out with the team? For Bryant, the best play would be to take the $12.8 million this year, do it again next year at a 20-percent raise ($15.36 million), and then hit the market in 2017 — because there’s no way the Cowboys would pay him $22.11 million under a third franchise tag.

More franchise-tagged players need to consider the wisdom of Bryant’s move. And more will do what Bryant did the minute that one of them suffers a serious injury while unsigned and while working out at the local YMCA.

10 responses to “Dez Bryant does the smart thing by showing up

  1. Very risky business doing anything at teams practice without being under contract. Freak accidents happen everyday. Let’s get a deal done Jerry and Stephen!
    -Cowboys Nation.

  2. If you have confidence in yourself, you will get paid eventually! Earning $28M in two years then signing a big contract is not a bad way to go.

  3. Franchise Dez for two years and cut him loose….Dallas was smart not to over pay for Murray and it’s smart not to over pay for a receiver…spend your money on the offensive and defensive lines where the games are won…

  4. Dez sure seems like he’s matured into a different person than the one that was banned from a mall a few years back. Good for him.

  5. There’s no question (to me) that Dez is growing up and starting to run his career like a business. While I don’t think he’s worth the franchise tag money, the Cowboys simply can’t figure it out. The pay too much for the wrong players and let the good players go. This is what happens when you don’t have a true GM.

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