Joseph Randle: DeMarco Murray left a lot of meat on the bone last year


The makeup of the Cowboys backfield has been a frequent topic of conversation this offseason with many wondering if the Cowboys’ current mix of backs will be able to replace the league-leading 1,845 rushing yards for DeMarco Murray.

Not everyone was left totally impressed by Murray’s performance, however. Joseph Randle, who backed up Murray last year and hopes for a more prominent role this year, said on Wednesday that he thinks Murray could have had an even bigger year running behind a talented Cowboys offensive line.

“He had a good year last year, and I got to sit back and watch a lot, and I felt like there was a lot of meat left on the bone,” Randle said, via the Dallas Morning News.

Randle has been getting the majority of the first team work at the early OTA practices so he may get a chance to show that he’s more efficient when it comes to removing meat from bone.

That Cowboys line deserves much credit for paving the way for Murray, but Murray was hardly running in space all season. He gained a lot of yards after contact and by making defenders miss tackles, traits that any 2015 Cowboys back are going to have to bring to the table for the Dallas offense to remain as effective as it was last season. We haven’t seen enough of Randle to know how he’d fare on those fronts, but the bar is high.

47 responses to “Joseph Randle: DeMarco Murray left a lot of meat on the bone last year

  1. I like confidence, but man, shut your mouth and prove yourself on the field before you open it again. Not to mention you need to prove that you can get through a season without getting in trouble off the field.

  2. Murray also fumbled in a critical moment of the game vs the packers which would have been a touchdown.

  3. Whistling past the graveyard. The Cowboys made a major error allowing Murray to get away. God forbid they lose their crippled QB for any length of time. As a fan of another East team I will enjoy the free fall of the Dallas Cowboys. There is hope I’m sure there’s more classy women and child beaters coming available. McDonald,Smith is a start but the Vikings said you can’t have Peterson. Americas team has become Americas most wanted.

  4. I read the actual story from the Dallas paper.

    Randle does not come off as bad as this article (and the Rotoworld blurb) indicates.

    He wasn’t badmouthing Demarco.

  5. Easier said than done. Talk to us after the season is over so we can hear your excuses.

  6. Would’ve been cool if randle showed and proved and said nothing. Now he’s going to have fans bringing bare bones skeletons to games if he doesn’t perform early!

  7. should have waited until he too had a great season to talk smack.
    Dude better bring his A game week in and week out now that he is self proclaiming .

  8. He may be right in the fact that Murray lacked break away speed as he reached the second level many times before contact and was still brought down.
    With that said Murray did have a record setting season and thats going to be tough to beat…..but Mr Randle you showed bursts of speed and good vision when given a chance

    Talk is cheap…stay out of trouble and give us 1400 yards, the Oline is tooled for it and cowboy fans will be very happy
    One other item…no fumbles please

  9. Too many times Murray ran through a hole created by the line that a bus could fit through and after 20+ yard run, Murray always seems to get caught or fall on his face.

  10. I prefer when players are quiet, but he is right. Time will tell if Randle is the guy who is capable of getting those yards, but he better be damn sure he can before talking like that.

    “Be known for how you play, not what you say.” – JG

  11. Joseph Randle needs to try to stay out of contact with law enforcement officials before he runs his mouth about Murray’s performance last year. I’m a Cowboys fan but this pinhead needs to keep his mouth shut.

  12. Okay isn’t this the guy who got arrested for shop lifting? Seriously like RG3 this guy doesnt know when let his running do his talking. Just can’t let a chance go in front of a micraphone!!!

  13. Murray left the #1 rated offensive line for the 29th rated one, according to Football Outsiders, who correctly use the adjusted line yards. He got some good money but it was a horrible career decision.

  14. For someone who is only known for stealing cologne from a department store it might be wise for Randle to shut his mouth and let his play do the talking.

  15. LOL. Meanwhile the Eagles dominated their “best on the league” line last year. And now they have Murray, who is suddenly chopped meat to Dallas fans. This is going to be fun.

  16. This guy needs to learn how to keep a low profile. Shut up and play (and keep away from the underwear department)

  17. I like his confidence and I think he’ll be better than what most people think. Murray had a good season last year but it’ll be his last season of 1k yards

  18. I like his confidence and I think he’ll be better than what most people think. Murray had a good season last year but it’ll be his last season of 1k yards

  19. Who’s kidding who here?

    The “Underwear Bandit” will be backing up Peterson from Day 1.

    Isn’t that right Jerry ?!?!?!?!?!?

  20. agreed. Randle hit the whole better than murray did last yr. He avg closed to 7 yards per carry. randle will be a stud this yr while murray starts on the decline in philly. great move by the cowboys to let him walk.

  21. hit the hole.

    let me correct that before all of the english majors from philly come in here and correct me.

  22. Reminds me of that RB that said he was better than Emmit Smith because he had a couple of good games as a backup. Well Emmit left and I can’t even remember the backup RB’s name.

  23. This idiot couldn’t stay out of trouble and now he is implying that the 1845 Murray had could have been much more? What a clown. If he stays out of jail I’m sure he could easily eclipse 2000 yards. Ha, what a joker!

  24. Randle can provide some explosiveness in his ability to break longer runs which he did at times last season.

    But Murray was a physical grinder which effectively wears down defenses as the game goes by and sets up a runner like Randle.

    That’s going to be missed because that’s something Randle can not do as well. What Murray was able to do shouldn’t be taken for granted by anyone, particularly Randle.

  25. Murray was great last year and Im not going to badmoth him. But Im also not going to forget his fumbles or the time he spent injured on the bench in his Cowboys career.

    You Philly fans were all calling him spray tan last year and now you think he is a golden God. We shall see, but I am betting that Jerry made the right choice in letting him go, because when has sinking money into a running back EVER worked? It also helped that Rono could keep a Defense honest. You guys don’t even know who your QB will be and your vet WR is a Riley Cooper? lol

  26. The back-up you’re referring to was Troy Hambrick. And he was trash, as Enmity put it. Interesting fact, after Hambrick got cut by Dallas, he went to Arizona, where he backed up..who? Yep, Emmitt Smith.

  27. Backup running back boys will try to out dumb each other now with comments made.

    JJ: Only the best.

  28. Say what you want about Randle stealing underwear and cologne but he is 100% correct. Murray could have easily broken the rushing record if he quit tipping toeing to the holes and running into the ground.

    Murray is a good back but he’s not great and he’s certainly not a one-cut runner, despite what Chip Kelly says. Look no further than the fumble against Green Bay. If Randle had that carry I have no doubt he would have scored. He has a more explosive first step and he forces the issue at the point of attack. Julius Peppers was blown off the line of scrimmage and no where near the hole but Murray’s pecking style of running gave Peppers enough time to make up distance with his arms thus, allowing him to reach in and strip the ball. As they say, it’s a game of inches.

    Ryan Williams is an explosive guy too. He probably won’t break a lot of long runs, but he’s Marion Barber with more speed and quickness. Look for him to get a lot of carries.

  29. Nothing but idiots on the cowboys. Even Jason Witten is looking like a fool these days, and he’s the only one on that team that is half-respectable.

  30. From the hamburgler……err……I mean cologne and underwear burgler! Look, we all make mistakes. All. But there has never been an excuse for steal freaking cologne. On a NFL salary. Dude truly has some issues.

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