Patriots plan to join Saints at Greenbrier for three days of practice

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The Saints are coming back to West Virginia. And this year, they’ll have company.

Per multiple sources, the Patriots intend to join the Saints for three days of practices at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.

The practices will occur prior to the August 22 preseason game between the two teams in New Orleans. The Patriots will travel to West Virginia, the two teams will practice there, and then both teams will travel to Louisiana for the game.

The Saints held three weeks of training camp at the Greenbrier in 2014, providing them an environment with lower temperatures and humidity.

In West Virginia, the two teams will practice at a first-class facility that the Greenbrier built in a fairly short period of time. The Cardinals are considering spending the week practicing there between October games at Detroit and Pennsylvania.

95 responses to “Patriots plan to join Saints at Greenbrier for three days of practice

  1. Maybe they can discuss various ways to deal with getting booted from the league for a time period. Except in the Pats case they are getting let off the hook for making a mockery of the game because they have no integrity. #tainted

  2. Now, just how many ‘intelligent’ posters will include the words Cheaters, Belicheat, or Deflate (in all forms)? I’ll take the over.

  3. Belichick and Payton have lots of things to talk about regarding Goodell’s future that they don’t want committed to cell phones. Lots of things.

  4. I don’t understand why more teams don’t do joint practices. It provides a perfect training ground outside of the comfort of playing against your own teammates all the time. A level of competition that you might not get just playing your own team. Plus the added bonus of playing against a different offense/defense scheme. I’m sure it’s kept basic, but just the change of opposing players/schemes will help highlight were one has become comfortable against the same group all off-season.

    Makes sense, really, yet every year, it’s headline news when the Patriots and Saints/Eagles/whomever do it.

  5. Hopefully the Pats don’t plan on taping Saints’ practices in case they meet in the Super Bowl

  6. I stayed there years ago. An excellent resort with a great golf course next to the mountains. The accommodations were better than first class.

    I would like to see the Patriots and Saints in Super Bowl 50. Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Two Hall of Fame head coaches. The two teams most unfairly persecuted by Goodell.

    poetic justice.

  7. The Jets should deflate their balls. They would probably win 5 Titles…BLAAAHHAA

  8. Somehow BB will find a way to utilize the enormous Cold War bunker that lies beneath the resort.

  9. Love this. Once again The Greatest QB In NFL History preparing diligently for his Title defense. Whether it be Week 1 or Week 5 I cannot wait for Tom “Terrific” to rip the leauge up this year with newfound zeal! Then where will you turn?

  10. I’m really disappointed in the quality of these “cheater” jokes.
    America is on the decline and the lack of creativity is beginning to show in the form of less effective trolling.

  11. Awesome ! the two most crooked franchises in NFL history.
    They should hold the workouts at rikers island.

  12. Anyone think a trade might occur after practice is over? N.E. has a history of scouting other teams they practice. The Talib experiment is the most recent. N.E. needs a running back…Nola has 4 serviceable ones. It would make sense. This is just an assumption but I would not be surprised if it occurred.

  13. hard to believe people post the same lame ‘jokes’ again and again, but, I guess, what else are they supposed to do?

    anyways, where’s that guy that keeps posting about fumble rates…..I’m still waiting for him to explain why the Patriots fumble less on the road, where McNally hasn’t been and their opponents handle the balls between the official’s locker room and the field.

  14. Patriots *

    * World Champions, winners of more Super Bowls than any other NFL team in the last 25 years, winners of more games this century than any other team, home of the GOAT QB, Coach, and paragon of excellence in the modern day NFL

    Yep I think that covers it. 🙂

  15. Fellow Pats Fans,

    Take joy in the fact that uninformed haters post on articles such as this. Really goes to show that they hate us cause they ain’t us. And have nothing better to do.

  16. I don’t mind people taking shots at the Patriots. After all, jealousy is inherently ugly but it is understandable. Nobody likes to know that their team is not able to be as successful as the NFL’s model 21st century franchise.

    I’d just like to impose a rule that everyone who takes a shot also mentions who their own favorite team is. That way their hypocrisy in terms of what is or is not cheating can be exposed.

  17. Hopefully they realize that the air pressure in the balls will need to be adjusted for altitude and that the CBA limits the amount of contact in the preseason because Roger Goodell is going to have Ted Wells pretending to be a water boy at these practices.

  18. Belichick just keeps adding depth at key positions. One area of concern was inside linebacker with both Mayo and Hightower coming back from injuries. Belichick added two guys (Spikes and Fletcher) at or near the veteran minimum that both know his system. Spikes had left the patriots a year ago with some foolish comments that most felt meant he would not be welcomed back. Fletcher left hoping for more playing time and a larger role in Tampa. Belichick, of course, is thick skinned and did what was best for the team and resigned both guys.

  19. I love how all the commenters think what a great job and what an outstanding person Roger Goodell is… you all are great judges of character and integrity….as is ESPN who still refuses to call out Mortenson…. Irsay the pill popper, and of course the other ex Jet kensil, the architect of the sting… should all be very proud to protect what you all believe in…..MY TEAM STINKS AND I MUST COME UP WITH SOME REASON WHY I CANNOT COMPETE

  20. I wonder if the “Deflator” is going to be there.

    He’s going…but he aint comin’ back…

  21. I can understand your embarrassment Pats fans but deal with it. Your owner and coach have accepted it and soon Brady will accept it and serve his full suspension. The cheating legacy is carved in stone and will never go away because the Pats will inevitably get caught cheating again.

  22. 4 lombardi trophies is just going to bring out the haters!

    When you’ve been whooping all 31 teams for over 15 years straight – folks aint gonna like you.

    Personally, it all brings a big smile to my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    IBBWT (in Bill Belichick we trust)

  23. I’d give anything to hear the convo between Payton and Belichick. It might be pure football (offense vs defense), movie reviews, or “OK Bill, I have to ask: how the hell did you avoid punishment under the ‘ignorance is no excuse’ dictum?”

    Regardless, it would be an educational conversation.

  24. At this point, deflategate has become so comical that I actually embrace it as a Patriots fan. It just adds to the tin foil hat mentality of loser fanbases who want to convince themselves that hand signals that were in plain view to 80,000 people in a stadium and 0.5 PSI in a football are the reasons why the Patriots have been crushing their dreams for the last 14 years.


  25. Love it! I love all the comments from the ones with the “loser” mentality. It’s so pathetic that that’s all you have. Year in and year out your sh*tty team tries to win and they can’t. You sit there and I don’t blame you, you get upset and that’s understandable. So you rationale is to think the Patriots success has been based on “deflated” footballs. I see, that’s makes you feel better. So, just keep on hating w/ your comments in hopes that “Oh, just let us win one time” “Please, don’t let me down again”. Don’t worry, your team will shatter your hopes, again and up here we’ll be looking forward to another winning season. Be well and better luck next year.

  26. Haters can’t let the what at worse is a minor violation with a little air that met nothing or at best was nothing done at all. Frankly bring on the hate as the Lombardi trophy still belongs to Pats. I’ll take the slings and arrows for winning championships. Like all your teams are completely clean. If you really believe that then that knock on your door is the Easter Bunny.

  27. So comical all the predictable anti Patriot comments. Sound like a bunch of scorned women. What’s the matter did you one day think your average team had a chance of beaten the studs then Brady and Belichick crushed your pipe dreams?

    Face it… you would take Brady or Belichick in a New York second. Hypocrites. Wells made 40 million from the concussion suit… how did you think he was going to rule in the gas law suit? Goodell butters his bread… what would you do?

  28. The Jets are so bad they even get turned down by their own practice squad.

  29. Saints not practicing with the Texans because they dont want to be on >>>> #HARDKNOCKS is why the Pats are coming to Greenbriar WV..I will be there this year…

  30. (:26) (Shotgun) R.Wilson pass short right intended for R.Lockette INTERCEPTED by M.Butler at NE -1. M.Butler to NE 2 for 3 yards



  31. Some people are just upset cause their favorite team hasn’t won a Super Bowl so they feel the need to have to nit pick about great teams and their success.

  32. …Tagliabue rescinded all punishment in 2012 because NOT ONE PLAYER WAS KNOCKED OUT in the 3 year so-called bounty era with the exception of Reggie Bush and he played for the Saints lol…. Actually the Saints has the 2nd fewest opponent injuries in that time frame and comments to the contrary are just typical haters..

  33. steelcurtainn says:
    May 28, 2015 11:07 AM

    I wonder if the “Deflator” is going to be there

    I heard that Doctor HGH is making a guess appearance and Mike Tomlin is giving lessons on how to trip players

  34. To the Jets fans that keep ragging on Brady let me remind you that the best Jets player ever, who had to leave to win a super bowl with the Patriots said of Brady, and I quote:

    “The best ever, period.”

    And if you don’t understand the context, he was saying Brady was the best player ever and compared him to Michael Jordan.

  35. I wonder if they’ll bring in Aaron Rodgers and his over-inflated footballs so he and Brady will both have something in common. They both know the PSI inflation rule is bogus and they and every other QB in the NFL pushes this rule. The NFL doesn’t really care what QBs do with regards to ball inflation except when the Patriots are involved. Then it becomes a federal crime. What a joke. Goodell must go now.

  36. Eli owns nothing. He benefited from good defenses and circus catches. Yes, he was on good teams, but he had no business being a Giant in the first place. I can’t think of anything that damages parity and the integrity of the game more than refusing to go to the team that earned your draft rights. In that way the last 2 super bowl titles won by both the Giants and the Broncos were unearned

  37. Two GREAT franchises practicing together. We will see them tee of against one another in the Superbowl and the rest of you whiners about deflate gate and the bounty “scandal” can cry in your soup!

  38. Pats fans like ampats and lolatpatshaters have been making unfounded accusations about other teams and players for years. Now all of a sudden they’re all whining how it’s so unfair because people are doing it to THEIR guy.

    Tsk tsk.

    It’s like that game back in 2008 when Tom Brady avoided the whooping that should’ve been his — but instead he let his understudy absorb the beating from the Steelers. Another “tsk tsk” moment.

  39. 5 Super Bowl championships between them over the past 15 years. Two winning franchises, making each other better. Let the whiners whine! A possible preview of Super Bowl 50!

  40. Great . . . Goodell’s “Sinner Bowl”. I wonder if the two teams will agree to put a bounty on those deflated balls?

  41. A Steelers fan thinking NE wasn’t a Pollard cheap shot away from another ring. I knew it fellas, the trolls aren’t JUST bitter they have a keen sense of humor too.

  42. A Public Service Announcement:

    Seahawks did not “give” the Patriots the SB. They were leading by 10 points. Patriots fought back, scored two TDs and took the lead. Seahawks never lead again.

    They had a chance to take the lead, and if so likely would win…..but failed to do so.

    A team gives away a win when they have the lead and then cough it up. Not what happened here. There was no scoring after the interception….Pats had the lead and kept it. Period.

  43. Goodell is the Sinner = SLANDEROUS ONE

    The Saints last season = aints.


    CHEATERS = All the haters intellect in one word.

  44. 46namredyps11 says:
    May 28, 2015 3:20 PM
    A Steelers fan thinking NE wasn’t a Pollard cheap shot away from another ring. I knew it fellas, the trolls aren’t JUST bitter they have a keen sense of humor too.

    You Pats fans living in your cute little fantasy world are SO adorable. Let’s see, Tommy DID play in 2007 and 2009, and did the Patriots win a “ring” then? Uh, no. So what makes you think 2008 would have been any different?

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