Andy Reid claims nothing’s wrong with Eric Fisher


Eric Fisher has gone from first overall pick to second string, but Chiefs coach Andy Reid says there’s nothing to worry about.

Fisher, the top pick in the 2013 NFL draft, has not played well in his first two NFL seasons. So when Fisher worked with the second-string offense at Organized Team Activities on Thursday, that looked like a strong signal that the Chiefs are disappointed with his development.

Reid, however, says he just wanted to see how 2012 third-round pick Donald Stephenson looked running with the first-string offense.

“That’s the only way you can get Donald some reps there,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “We want to make sure we’ve got everybody covered. Actually, Fish has done a very nice job, so I wouldn’t read anything into that. We’re staying consistent.”

Reid is trying to put a positive spin on it, but the reality is, when you spend the first overall pick on a player, you hope he’s so firmly established as a starter by his third year that the idea of him taking second-team reps at OTAs would sound silly. With Fisher, it sounds reasonable. He hasn’t played like the franchise left tackle Kansas City wants him to be.

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  1. As a close friend of the organization I would like to point to the fact that when they drafted Fisher, they knew it was to be a development project. The days leading up to the draft, Joeckel was considered the top lineman. Andy and his team did their due diligence on both prospects and felt the upside potential in Fisher was more valuable than Luke’s plug-and-play value.

  2. Fisher has had a slow start to his career and some local know-it-all talk show hosts have dubbed him at bust, a candidate for replacement, blah, blah, blah.

    Of course, these critics have never played a snap.

    But, this is probably a do-or-die season for Fisher as he has had time to recuperate from lingering torn muscle problems and other relatively minor physical snags. Most of us think he’ll ultimately fulfill his promise.

  3. A developmental project with the first overall pick? I don’t think so!

  4. Hey look! Andy Reid tried to outsmart everyone by taking the small school LT over the obvious top LT in the draft. I’m completely shocked as he never did stupid things when trying to outsmart everyone while in Philadelphia. Cough.GrahamoverThomas.Cough

  5. That was a pretty terrible draft, but still they whiffed on that pick pretty badly. Jacksonville’s tackle hasn’t been much better, so you wonder sometimes what all these people are looking at. It’s like that draft with Jason Smith and Aaron Curry in it. I thought that was a sorry draft too, but I knew both of them couldn’t play, and I don’t pick players for a living. At least in these bad draft years get someone serviceable out of them.

  6. As a close friend to the organization they wish they could go back in a time machine and not pick Fisher.

  7. I gotta do a better job coaching him. Blah blah blah….time’s yours

  8. Obviously Fish has struggled, he’s not the first pick in draft anymore, he’s a guy competing for a starting job

  9. Blitzinc43 – no one takes a Tackle 1st overall thinking he is a development project. The only position you can take a project at number 1 is a QB.

  10. I’m more interested in Fisher’s take on it all. I’m eager to see how he reacts to the challenge. Few things in the NFL are ever a given.

  11. As a close friend of the organization I would like to point out that Andy Reid can eat an entire 55 gallon drum of kippered herring without breaking eye contact or even blinking.

  12. Andy Reid tried to out smart himself and made a terrible draft pick! Waaaahhhhaaaatttt!? He never did that when he took Brandon graham over earl Thomas or drafted Danny friggin Watkins.

  13. As a Die Hard Chiefs Fan, I think PFT and others aren’t giving Fisher a fair critique. Has he been a Top Notch Stud, No. Has been a Terrible Bust, No. He is been a Good player, at times Very Good, at times Not Very Good. He has been Good Enough 95% of the time.

    I’m, glad we have him and not Joeckel. Still Wish we had drafted Sheldon Richardson #1 overall. Cause he is a Mizzou Made Beast.

    I do hope Fisher can reach another level this year and put the doubters to shame. Go Chiefs.

  14. Making a story out of nothing here. Andy said exactly what reality is……”he just wanted to see how 2012 third-round pick Donald Stephenson looked running with the first-string offense” because he is likely to be Fisher’s backup once the regular season gets here. This is OTA’s people. It’s not even freaking June yet. I will bet my wife and kids that Fisher is the starting left tackle come September. No question. However, I will admit that this is a make or break year for him. It’s his first year with an actual offseason where he’s not recovering from one surgery or another.

  15. Was that the draft where a whole bunch of OTs and even a couple of Gs were taken in the top 15 and none of them have turned to be very good? Just goes to show you never really know.

  16. one would think a former o-lineman would be able to see who can play those line positions. they are also usually thought to be the safest pick.

    but andy knows more than anyone. if you don’t believe me, look at his face when someone asks him a question he doesn’t like. he looks at the person as if they are stupid; as if the reporter was the one who picked fisher or watkins, or graham, or mcdougle…

    wait a minute, k.c.; he’ll harumph until the team quits on him like they did in philly.

  17. As a close friend of the organization I’d like to report that Andy Reid’s first pick for breakfast this morning was three Grand Slams from Denny’s, with a side of 4 beer brats with onions.

  18. ditto with an earlier comment. jags are questioning Luke as well. It was either trade out, or take one of the two LTs. honestly seems like fish still might be the better of the two. one year later, and we would have had luck. bummer.

  19. Not a KC fan but it’s OTAs folks. His else is a coach supposed to see what he has in stock for the position. Every team flip flops players unless they have no players to do so or the player in question is among the best in the NFL
    As far as being a busy? Ridiculous, just being drafted and on a roster is a mega success. Just remember one thing. These reporters or experts (cough) have never been on an NFL roster or could even sniff one.

    Fisher most likely will be the starting LT on opening day. He also seems to be a decent human being. Does not beat kids does not lunch ladies out in elevators then says he is sorry. Does not get arrested several times for domestic violence does not pee and moan because he only has 46 mil left on his contract. So on and so on.

    When never played a down of football people knock him the young man stays silent and laughs at them when he looks at his direct deposit receipts :).

  20. fisher didn’t open OTAs with the second team. he took some second team snaps on the third day of OTAs while stephenson got some first team action.

    this literally happened on the same day denver lost their LT for the season, and people are still dumbfounded that the chiefs are giving their swing tackle first team reps. incredible.

  21. As a close friend of the organization I’d like to point out that Andy Reid should start doing commercials for Quaker Oatmeal and raise awareness for “Diabeetus”. Wilford Brimley is getting to old.

  22. Well there is some consolation for the Chiefs fans. Fisher one of the worst LTs in the league but then again if Alex Smith goes down due to Fisher’s malfunctions, their passing offense won’t (couldn’t) get any worse.

  23. Wish we could find a young Willie Roaf. Now there was a roadgrader that could block.

  24. @araidersfan

    When your team gets somewhere close to sniffing the .500 mark, then feel free to criticize our linemen and/or our passing offense. Until then, worry about your own team’s faults. Trust me, they still have plenty.

  25. In my make believe world where I’m not a loser, I’m a close friend of the organization cause Andy Reid once autographed my Star Wars T shirt

  26. I would actually take Reid at his word on this. He doesn’t give you anything in press conferences (except grunting and mea culpas), but he doesn’t typically lie, either.

    –Eagles fan.

  27. Reid’s answer to that question reminds me of a time when TV sideline reporters started running up to college head coaches to ask them some inane question while the coach was walking off the field for halftime. One time this eager beaver, too smart for his own good, smarmy little jerk reporter shoved a mic into Bear Bryant’s face and breathlessly asked why Bear had pulled the starting quarterback out of the game. Bear didn’t even break his stride. He growled in the southern drawl, “I took that boy out of the game so the other boy could go in.” The reporter just stood there looking like a douche. Hilarious.

  28. Never draft a lineman in the top 2 overall spots. How well has that worked out with Eric Fisher, Luke Joekel, Jason Smith, and Jake Long?

  29. When the 2012 college season was over, Joeckl and Lane Johnson were the top linemen in everyone’s book.

    Eric Fisher was a projected late first / early second rounder who became a post-season / pre-draft darling; his stock rose without playing another down because his film looked so good against small school competition and he had great metrics at the combine.

    Two years and change later, it’s pretty clear that the Chiefs thought they saw something in Fisher that wasn’t really there.

    He’ll be a solid member of the rotation, and may someday even become the LT anchor that they want him to be. But that’s not what you expect to get from your first overall pick.

  30. If he’s running with the second string in training camp then we’ll know that there is a problem. Until then, there is no reason not to take Andy at his word. Move along now, nothing to see here.

  31. Development project?

    The Chargers selected Melvin Gordon because they need to start day 1, just like Fisher. If Gordon turns out to be a bust (don’t think he will) I sure hope Charger fans doesn’t come out with some lame bs about him being a development project.

  32. Fish had to spend his first year in the NFL at RT then they moved him back last year. He struggled early on but the second half of the season he was solid. Hey guys Tebow looks great!!! Stop reading into things during OTA’s!!!

  33. Other than Pugh and Richardson, name a 2013 1st round pick that has lived up to his draft position.
    The Chiefs HAD to take somebody because there was no one to trade with to move out of the first pick.

  34. This is just a reflection at how horrible the 2013 Draft was. Go back and take a look, there is barely a handful of players who you’d consider lived up to a 1st round pick

  35. They didn’t have a great decision to go with on that pick. Joeckel, the “best Oline” prospect ever, hasn’t provided a whole lot either.

  36. mancave001 says:
    May 29, 2015 10:43 AM
    I would actually take Reid at his word on this. He doesn’t give you anything in press conferences (except grunting and mea culpas), but he doesn’t typically lie, either.

    –Eagles fan.

    I seem to remember andy saying kolb was his guy on sunday and then saying vick was his guy on monday or tuesday….. andy lied when it was expedient like the rest of the league….

  37. When Sheldon Richardson said that he should have been the top pick in the 2013 draft (he was #13 in a terrible draft), he was actually right. Just look at the top 4 picks: Fisher, Joeckel (hurt most of rookie year, not good 2nd year), Dion Jordan (not good enough to get snaps, full season substance abuse suspension in 2015), Lane Johnson (OK, but PED suspension 2nd year). Between 5 and 12 was Ansah, Mingo, Cooper, Austin, Milliner, Warmack, Fluker, and Hayden). Richardson is a destructive force of nature on the d-line.

  38. Travis Fredrick (media crucified Jerry for that one, Lane Johnson, DJ Fluker, Chance Wormack (Titans guard), and Jockel were other offensive linemen takin in that draft.

    If you were picking a d lineman you could have had Sheldon Richardson or Star L (carolina guy).

    There were some really good players in that draft and some massive whiffs.

  39. redislander10 says:
    May 29, 2015 10:16 AM


    When your team gets somewhere close to sniffing the .500 mark, then feel free to criticize our linemen and/or our passing offense. Until then, worry about your own team’s faults. Trust me, they still have plenty.
    I don’t think that’s going to work. Oakland’s perpetual suckage doesn’t change the fact that Fisher is not good at his job.

  40. Definitely too soon to call Fisher a bust. He played out of position in year one and was recovering from injury in the offseason leading into last season so he pretty much lost the chance to make a major jump year 2. He did still manage to play well in the latter part of last season so that bodes well.

    This season will tell us whether he’s boom or bust. My money’s on boom.

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