Bills claim quarterback Matt Simms off waivers from Jets

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The Bills decided to freshen up their four-headed quarterback competition, by grabbing a guy from their own division.

According to Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange, the Bills claimed former Jets quarterback Matt Simms off waivers.

Simms was released yesterday, as the writing was on the wall for him with the Jets when Bryce Petty was drafted. But now he lands with former head coach Rex Ryan and quarterbacks coach David Lee, which can’t hurt his chances.

To make room for Simms on the roster, the Bills got rid of Jeff Tuel, who was rotating among Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel and Tyrod Taylor.

While Simms might not change the bottom line for the Bills, he at least adds more competition at the bottom of the depth chart

41 responses to “Bills claim quarterback Matt Simms off waivers from Jets

  1. Simms they are trading one Tuel for another tool……neither of which will make the regular season roster…..

    Just cause your daddy was talented doesn’t mean you are…..

  2. I love the move. I actually predicted this would happen yesterday once the Jets released him. Speaking of released, so glad we got rid of Jeff Tuel! Looked like a 12 yr old boy holding a clipboard.

  3. This actually sounds like Rex wanted to play Simms as Jets QB but had pressure from above to stay with Geno and Vick.

  4. Matt Cassel will be starter, with Manuel as backup. Geno Smith will be starting for the Jets, and Brandon Marshall is going to make Geno shine. Let’s hope Chan Gailey (OC) will call a lot of downfield plays for Marshall and Geno to hitch up on 🙂

  5. As a close friend of the organization (my son plays for the Buffalo Billies in Pop Warner), I can say that the Bills made this move cuz Rex heard Simms has good feet.

  6. joetoronto says:
    May 29, 2015 5:52 PM
    Wrecks Ryan and the Buffalo Bills, a match made in heaven.

    My God man.


    ________________________________________________joetoronto and Canada with no NFL team…… A match made in heaven. My God man! SMH at this no NFL team troll!

  7. Rex: “Hey Simms glad yer here – you got any inside info on the whatchamacallit? You know, the thing with the other thing?”

    Simms: “Uhh…the offense?”

    Rex: “Yeah that kinda stuff! With the ball and the moving it and stuff!”

    Simms: “*sigh* Stick to defense, coach. You’re almost good at that…”

  8. All you guys bashing Rex let’s see where you are in January when you’re forced to watch them in the playoffs and in later in February the Super Bowl.

  9. If you’re Jeff Tuel, and you see this is who they got rid of you for, it’s time to consider a change of profession.

    Although, it is Buffalo.

  10. Not really big news here, doubt either Simms or Tuel are roster material. The exiting news is Joetoronto has another jersey to buy, make room in that closet joe! That guy is soooo obsessed with everything buffalo! Go Bills.

  11. Chris Simms will win the starting job, will suffer a season ending injury and his back up will miraculously lead the Bills to a very unlikely Super Bowl victory. The Bills will then go on to win 4 straight Super Bowls!

  12. Matt Simms will win the starting job, will suffer a season ending injury and his back up will miraculously lead the Bills to a very unlikely Super Bowl victory. The Bills will then go on to win 4 straight Super Bowls!

  13. Let me get this straight.

    R Ryan, a head coach with a reputation of failing to adequately develop young QB talent, was the Jets coach last year with 3 QBs: Geno Smith (QBR 77.5), Vick (QBR 68.3) and this junior Simms (QBR 53.6) as a third stringer.
    Neither Vick nor Smith did much of anything, which seems to indicate Simms is even worse.
    Yet the Bills claim him off waivers? Did they think there was some sort of demand out there for his services?

    My take is this: R Ryan has publicly stated that Tuel was last among the four Bills QBs, and many of Ryan’s statements seem to indicate he was never giving Tuel any significant chance to be a Bills QB. I bet Tuel had a conversation with the coaching staff and, at the end of that meeting stated he wished they would release him so that he could hope another team would give him a better chance. Since the Bills wanted four QBs during this practice time of the year they waited until one was available that they were comfortable with and “boom” Jeff Tuel’s wish was granted.

    Now let’s see if Jacksonville (where Tuel’s former HC Marrone & OC Nate Hackett are) or some other team picks him up. If none do then it’s time to head north of the border.

  14. milkmandanimal says:
    May 29, 2015 6:03 PM
    I was taking a drink and literally spit-taked and got my shirt wet. How many third-string QBs does one franchise need?
    was reading this this morning and as i had milk and white castle thought, what a tool.

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