Rams’ picks are all unsigned, with financial counseling coming first


Most of this year’s NFL draft picks have already signed their contracts. But none of the Rams’ picks have.

That’s because the Rams’ policy is to give each player financial counseling before anyone signs a contract.

In each of the last two years, the Rams have signed all their picks en masse, after gathering the rookie class together and giving the players a course on financial management. Players are instructed on what the team calls “Financial Planning 101,” with information about how to invest and how not to go broke.

The Rams’ rookies will get signing bonuses of anywhere from $70,000 for seventh-round pick Martin Ifedi, all the way up to more than $8 million for first-round pick Todd Gurley. The Rams want to give those players the money they need to use that money wisely.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement agreed upon in 2011 makes rookie contracts so straightforward that there’s little to negotiate, and little reason not to sign immediately. Except for the reason the Rams have found: Making sure players have some information about how to invest their money before they receive it.

19 responses to “Rams’ picks are all unsigned, with financial counseling coming first

  1. You can bring a horse to water you can’t make them drink. Hopefully some of these rookies will actually listen to the advice.

  2. Finally. A team that cares. Khan! Do this, man! You’re a self-made guy that had nothing and you’re now a billionaire. Let these kids learn! No $55,000 dinners for 22 year olds to pay for unless it’s their wedding.

    I was listening to a successful businessman, both financially & in building companies complain about a $12,000 dinner tab in Boston for a dinner for 10 & all I could think about was Dez Bryant’s tab. Stupid.

  3. Good for the Rams. About time a team looks to the future of its players.
    Now how about teams bring in players whose moral compass wasn’t formed from watching jersey shore and atlanta house wives, or whatever the latest moronic “reality” show is popular now.
    Trying not to sound old here but, lets be honest. These kids definately need to be made aware of financial issues that can arise from “suddenly’ having money. But they also need to realize that reality show behavoir is not the norm. It caters to the worst of a society. Being “gangsta” is not cool its a dead end street.

  4. I know they’ve done this in years past, too, it’s a GREAT idea. Good on them.

  5. Financial wisdom, most need it. Financial envy, in abundance on this site.

  6. Holding onto that money till the last second allows the Rams to collect the interest or investment profit on it for as long as possible. Financial wisdom indeed.

  7. “The Rams want to give those players the money they need to use that money wisely.”

    This is such a dead-end, doubles-back-on-itself, goes-nowhere sentence that I don’t have a clue what it means.

    How could the players possibly make wise use of the money the Rams give them, if the Rams didn’t give them the money?

  8. This gesture by the Rams shows players and fans that they care about the players. I’d be curious to see a few years from now what percentage of Rams/ ex-Rams players went broke opposed to the league average.

    The vast majority of the players had nothing and came from poor broken homes and are now given a winning lottery ticket. There’s pressure to help out family and posses. They don’t know how to handle the pressure and all this money. Learning to say no is very hard. Not everyone had an oil baron father like Manziel.

  9. Tootitan – The article meant to say “The Rams want to give those players the KNOWLEDGE they need to use that money wisely.”

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