Sean Payton unveils large picture of Tom Benson at practice facility


At a time when Saints owner Tom Benson faces a bitter family legal challenge to his plan for the franchise after his passing, Saints coach Sean Payton has made it clear that the franchise is firmly behind Tom Benson.

Via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Payton has placed a large photo of Benson celebrating the team’s Super Bowl XLIV championship at the team’s indoor practice facility.

“I mentioned it to [G.M.] Mickey [Loomis] and he thought it was a great idea,” Payton said. “You try to think of things that will send a message or make an impact on our staff, our players seeing something every day, while we practice. We have photos up on the walls of our indoor facility of our Super Bowl game, Steve Gleason’s blocked punt — great team images that have captured what we have built here and what we continue to build.

“The guy that has meant the most to our organization and our success is Mr. Benson. No one deserves that more. It is a simple but important gesture. We could not have had the success that we have enjoyed without Mr. Benson. He has one goal every year, to win a championship for our fans. . . . I think putting that image of him up there reminds us daily of what we are working for.”

Saints quarterback Drew Brees needs no explanation for the move.

“This is a great gesture by coach Payton to honor a man that has played such a big part in not only my success individually but also the success achieved by the organization as whole,” Brees said. “Mr. Benson played an important role in my decision to come to New Orleans and join the Saints and I treasure the relationship I have had with him over the past nine years and look forward to tightening that bond in the years to come.”

As Holder notes, Payton is the favor to Benson, sort of. During Payton’s suspension in 2012, Benson put a giant photo of Payton on the wall of the practice facility with the saying that traces to his mentor, Bill Parcells: “Do Your Job.”

Plenty of Saints players, coaches, and executives have done their jobs pretty well in recent years, taking a team that struggled for decades to find success and making it a consistent contender.

26 responses to “Sean Payton unveils large picture of Tom Benson at practice facility

  1. Of course you did that, he’s your boss and Goodell is your mean principal.

  2. I dont care either way, but Brees’ comments look like they were carefully scripted by a full time staff working non stop for a week.

    Nobody talks like that without rehearsal.

  3. Let me guess, buddy – Vikings fan or Falcons fan?

    This asterisk stuff is really funny; the Saints earned that Lonbardi fair and square. It’s always the fans looking for something to make them feel better that throw that out there…

  4. I don’t see the problem these trolls have with it. Do they forget the current court battle between the old man and his kids? If those ungrateful brats gain control, who knows what could happen to the Saints. The man doesn’t have that long to live anyways, it’d be nice if he knew who supported him at this junction.

  5. Is it the photo version of the owner from Major League or of Fancy from The Toy?

  6. Do they also have Vilmas photos framed where he collected his cash after he got the bounties? Or the d coordinators words on replay in the team facility “kill the head, and the rest will follow”.

  7. Ya always Falcons, Panthers, and Vikings fans crying about the Saints. Do yourselves a favor, go win a Super Bowl then your negative comments might merit some justification.

  8. When asked for a comment about his Coach placing a photo of the Owner at the practice facility – Drew Brees immediately mentions Drew Brees…


  9. LOL !! I was going to say that only Saints fans believe they actually won a Super Bowl but you all watched the game and know they had no right winning that game against Mn. Worst officiated game in league history, it was all planned to give the poor poor Saints and poor poor Brees a Super Bowl. NFL didn’t realize it was going to look so obvious and receive all the back lash. So they suspended the Saints for a year, to try and save face. Call me a crying Viking fan all you want. Anyone with half a brain who watched the game knows who the better team was and really deserved to win. Bonds , Clemens and the Saints!!! ASTERISK !!!!!

  10. So the fact that the Vikings turned the ball over 6 times had nothing to do with it correct ? Or how bout the fact we scored 31 points ? Or how bout the fact your D couldn’t stop Pierre from out muscling your Line for a 1st down ? Or how the fact your undisciplined offense got penalized for 12 men on the field on a game winning drive ? Boo-hoo…. Vikings fans must love Justin Timberlake cause all they do is Cry me a River !!!!

  11. I personally don’t understand for one second the “asterisk” remark … the rule that was allegedly broken was the fact that the defense was paid under the table to get sacks and tackles and the money they were receiving (allegedly) was not reported to the NFL for Godell to tax .. what were the coaches supposed to say? tackle him but do it softly .. hit him but try not to bruise his skin ..? and Good for Peyton , Tom Benson has been a staple to the city of NOLA not only by promoting the Saints but through many economic ventures that bring money to the economy ..

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