87.5 percent of all draft picks are signed

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On month ago today, the second and third rounds of the 2015 NFL draft unfolded. In that time, 87.5 percent of all 256 draft picks have signed their contract.

That’s 224 total picks signed, sealed, and delivered.

Of the 32 unsigned picks, 10 were taken in round one, with Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota being the highest pick not yet signed. Nine of the 32 unsigned picks were selected by the Rams; they’ll sign the whole class in one fell swoop at the end of the offseason program, after coach Jeff Fisher explains to them what happens to their money.

In past years, Fisher has had an armored car deliver $1 million in cash, so that he could demonstrate how much of the money gets siphoned away by the taxes and agent fees, and so that they’ll understand that those 17 game checks issued during football season must last for all 52 weeks of the year.

11 responses to “87.5 percent of all draft picks are signed

  1. Soooooo…..somewhere above 87% and yet slightly below 88%. This is the kind of reporting accuracy we’ve been missing on other sites!

  2. “87.5 percent of all draft picks are signed”


    And 100 percent of Patriot titles are UNearned, tainted, and obtained fraudulently.

    100 percent of Chiefs Nation is ready for the Chiefs dynasty team to begin dominating the league this year.

    Peter King ranks The Kansas City Chiefs #5 in his Power rankings. By the end of preseason, the entire nation will know the Chiefs are #1.

    Can you say KC 3-Peat?

    Multiple titles for KC over this next decade.


  3. @nathansworldorder the Titans have a history of not signing their draft picks right away. It means nothing, but glad you’re enjoying it.

  4. It would be cool and not at all too much to ask for if Jeff Fisher could do his money-spiel like, you know, sometime in the days after the draft so his draftees aren’t left hanging out to dry for over a month.

  5. And then they line up 44 of those trucks and say “This is how much Roger Goodell gets paid a year to suspend you for no reason.”

  6. I remember years where far fewer picks had been signed by this point. The rookie wage scale has done wonders for this.

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