Bills deny reported interest in Ray Rice

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The Bills won’t sign Ray Rice.

That’s the word from Mike Rodak of ESPN, who reports that a Bills source said Sunday that the team is not interested in Rice.

The statement was a response to a Sports Illustrated report that quoted a source as saying Bills coach Rex Ryan would be interested in having Rice on his team.

“Rex Ryan thinks the world of him from their time together in Baltimore [in 2008]. He loves him. He doesn’t like him. He loves him,” the source said.

But just because Ryan liked Rice when they were in Baltimore together, that doesn’t mean Ryan’s team is willing to take the public relations hit that would come with signing the man who became the face of domestic violence in America last year. At this point, it doesn’t look like any team is willing to take that PR hit.

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  1. At this time no team is.

    Wait until a couple weeks before the season starts and somebody will bite.

    It’s even more likely once regular season play begins.

    That being said, I’d prefer any team I was rooting for to stay far away.

  2. There won’t be a come back story here, folks. Rice will never play another snap in the league. Teams would have to do too much PR work for it to happen, and that just won’t happen for an over-the-hill back.

  3. I find it very curious that no team is bringing him into camp.

    The internet mob and the media mob shows how weak teams and corporations are.

    With all the horrible RBs out there, he deserves a look. Hes paid for his misdeed a very substantial price.

    If the Browns were to bring him in, id have zero problems. Id take him over Terrence West, who thinks hes the greatest thing since sliced bread, in a heartbeat.

  4. Man Ray Rice is bad for the game. Give me the guys that lead a mass coordinated cheating operation with an orchestrated cover up. THAT’S what wins superbowls.

  5. A PR hit? The Vikings are welcoming a child abuser back and in the great scheme of things, I would think a child abuser is way worse than a wife beater. Just saying.

  6. The Bills are deep in WRs and RBs and don’t need Rice right now. It may be a different story the second half of the season depending on injuries but even then there would be PR problems if they did sign him.

  7. Baggage is one thing but the truth is Rice had a poor season for the Ravens the last time he played. If he had some 1600 yard 5.2 average year i’m sure many teams will take a chance on him as he ‘deserves a second chance’ (in other words the team doesnt care about whats happened, they know he can still play).

    But Rice was poor the last time he played and the sum of ‘huge PR issues + bad average’ =
    just not worth it

  8. There’s some guy named LeSean McCoy there already that probably 100% negates the need for a woman beating RB with declining skill.

  9. IF he can still play he should be given a chance. He ended up on the national stage “the face of domestic violence in America last year” and because of it was punished much more severely than he would’ve been otherwise.

    Seems to me he’s done his penance, certainly he and his fiance (now wife) have reconciled things.

    Now, the 3ypc thing is a problem, but he’s 28, should have a couple of years left. Ravens O was not great overall in 2013.

  10. I know this will offend a lot of people, Ray to my understanding has done everything the court of law and the NFL has required and more. If Ray worked for say GM on the assembly line would he be allowed to go back to work?
    of course he would.
    I will put this out there. Has the man been humiliated and brought to his knees and well deserved, but he has served his time and deserves a chance to resume his career, maybe 2-3 years left. A team can only hope Ray would be the model citizen, teammate and reach out in the community of the team that would take the opportunity with him. before the unfortunate mistake this is the man he was.
    criticize all you want but he deserves a opportunity

    Bills fans McCoy, and Rice in same backfield along with a bruising runner would create havoc for opposing D.

  11. bills are desperate as anything. Rex will run up the FA bill to the owner, have 2 good years and then get fired. Free agency is no way to build a team in the NFL but ole Rexy seems to be able to talk these owners into doing it anyway

  12. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a cowboy at the start of the season.

  13. philvil41 says:
    Jun 1, 2015 8:10 AM
    The Bills will suck for the 16th year in a row

    9-7 doesn’t suck dude. Just because they don’t play in a division where 7-9 will give them a division title is not their fault.

  14. As a Steelers fan, I had respect for Rice’s abilities. He’d be a good pick-up for any team.
    I don’t get it. The guy did the crime and did the time for it, so to speak. Is his life supposed to stop because of what he did? His wife’s still with him. He’s in a much more intense spotlight. What he did was horrible, but it was yesterday. The guy is not allowed to move on?
    A lot of people playing God on this issue.

  15. The Ravens need a running back and even the great Oz won’t bring him back. What does that tell you?

  16. Guys, there is a difference between what AP did and what Rice did: AP ran for 4.5 ypc his last season, and Rice ran for 3.1 ypc… big difference.

  17. No one is in a hurry to sign this guy not only because of the stigma now attached to him, but perhaps more importantly because he has too many miles on him. He was already starting to decline his last season in Baltimore.

  18. The MEDIA WANTS a team to sign Rice. Why? Simple, because if a team signs Rice, it gives the media yet another reason to rip Roger Goodell for “not doing enough” to “help” players with “problems” such as Rice, plus feminist groups will go berserk about the signing. This all results in MORE stories, articles, webhits, readers, views, etc that generate PROFIT for the media.
    The media can cover it from ALL 3 sides, they can rip the NFL for blackballing Rice b/c he “made a mistake” while at the same time ripping the NFL for allowing him to be signed and being “insensitive to women, and finally from the agent/NFLPA/labor law aspect where Rice would be represented by De Smith and the NFLPA claiming that Rice was unfairly treated and that he has some sort of “right” to work in the NFL.

    IMO Rice should suffer the consequences of his actions. NO second chances.

  19. Give the guy a shot and lets see if 2013 was due to his skill set diminishing or whether it was the crappy front line that Baltimore had that year. He was never ever charged with a crime unlike many of the others who are playing now including that idiot running back from Minnesota. I look for Buffalo to put him on but not til later in the year when there is less time to beat him up and there are a lot of other media headlines to grab the attention of the public. Let him come in quietly and work out and see what he has. I believe in second chances especially when the person in question has done as much as Rice has done to make the situation right. While the other morons from Hardy, to McDonald to Peterson want to blame everyone else, the NFL, and individual teams for what they did and what Rice did was complete counseling, do community work, speak out against domestic violence, speak out against bullying. Everyone else suspended has done the wrong thing and given a blank check where Rice did everything right and is being treated like a pariah. Rice is certainly a better person than Brady ever was.

  20. Thank you Guiness17.
    The O-Line was bad because Caldwell had a horrible blocking scheme that no one on the line was buying into. EVERYONE’s numbers were bad.
    Rice is not done, by a long shot and if Vick can get a second shot – so should Rice.

  21. bchap17 says:
    Jun 1, 2015 10:15 AM
    It’s kind of scary what the court of public opinion can do to a person.
    Ray deserves another chance.

    Very true. Public opinion is very emotional, and tends to lead with the gut.
    Hard to see Vick getting a second chance, and demonizing Ray Rice.

  22. Dear lifeistoughtrustmeimadolphinsfan:

    Wouldnt say they are solved but love the Duke Johnson pick. Hes the only pick the Browns made im excited about.

    But considering how many injuries the Browns get, Id give Ray Rice a look in a heartbeat. If his skills have declined so much, so be it, but it would be foolish for the Browns not to give him a look.

  23. Just curious:

    How does Greg Hardy get signed by the Cowboys, but Ray Rice can’t find a backup role.

    Let’s publish the police report again of what Hardy did compared to the video of Rice. I think the reaction to Hardy would be a lot different than what it’s been.

    Both guys should be out of the NFL along with about 100 other idiots.

  24. not pardoning what Ray did, but 2 players killed someone while driving drunk, and they still signed to teams after doing so. another player was complicit(and obstructed justice) in the murder of someone, and probably perjured themselves, and went on to still play and will be in Canton in a few years. but Ray Rice is a PR problem? ok…makes sense i guess…

  25. nychalla apparently didn’t see the video of Rice hitting a woman. Or nychalla beats his girl and doesn’t think what Ray did was all that bad

  26. There are too many liberal media that already have stories written to condemn whichever team hires Rice. It would be a bad PR move, but Dallas seems to have the ‘nads to weather that storm.

  27. hooterdawg says:
    Jun 1, 2015 1:04 PM
    There are too many liberal media that already have stories written to condemn whichever team hires Rice. It would be a bad PR move, but Dallas seems to have the ‘nads to weather that storm.

    Here we go again with this ‘liberal media’ fantasy. But, it’s true… conservatives are so much more accepting .

  28. jetfanfolife says:
    Jun 1, 2015 12:41 PM
    nychalla apparently didn’t see the video of Rice hitting a woman. Or nychalla beats his girl and doesn’t think what Ray did was all that bad
    jetfanfolife apparently didn’t read where nychella said: “not pardoning what ray rice did.”

    further, he was comparing a man hitting a woman in anger, to a man killing someone due to driving drunk.

    i don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the latter is worse than the first (with respect to penalty)

  29. It’s not about morality, it’s about whether a player’s contribution to a team is worth the fallout or potential bad PR.

    A guy can be a complete POS but, eventually, someone will sign him again if he can really play or somebody’s desperate enough.

    And the league/owners/GMs are typically full of it. They generally pretend to give a damn about right and wrong but it’s mostly lip service to try and look good. And nobody makes a better example of this than Goodell

  30. “Rice is certainly a better person than Brady ever was.”

    Based on what, that maybe he instructed his crew to keep his balls at a certain pressure? And maybe he told them to do something illegal but equally possible that he didn’t.

    That’s worse than casually beating a woman you supposedly love.

    There’s some scary-dumb people out there (Xinellum)

  31. To me, this whole story smells to high heaven.

    It was orchestrated by Rice himself directing his agent to put out a false story, or the agent did it on his own.

    Either way, it’s about poking the bee’s nest to get his name in the news again – because everyone has stopped talking about him.

    Drumming up business, so to speak…..

  32. What? He’s not already under contract in Dallas?

    I agree with the poster who said beating a child is worse, but only because – in this case – the woman was an adult who could’ve chosen to not be with a subhuman, whereas a 4 year old cannot choose to get away. As an act by the aggressor, they are equally horrific.

  33. sinkit5 says:
    Jun 1, 2015 8:39 AM
    I know this will offend a lot of people, Ray to my understanding has done everything the court of law and the NFL has required and more. If Ray worked for say GM on the assembly line would he be allowed to go back to work?
    of course he would.

    And you’re probably right…but…
    1) he would go back to making $ 25 or 30 an hour..or whatever they make at GM…and will have to keep on working until he’s an old man and he can retire…
    2)nobody will pay good money to go see him build a piece of Chevrolet Cruze or a Silverado pick up or any other vehicle..
    The more $$ you get paid and the more you’re in the public eye, the more careful you should be not to screw up in your life.

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