Chargers won’t discuss new contract with Eric Weddle

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The San Diego Chargers have no intentions of discussing a new contract for safety Eric Weddle prior to the start of the upcoming season.

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Weddle’s agent, David Canter, said the team informed him there would be no discussions on a new deal with the team this year.

“He’ll be excited about playing this year and then hit free agency,” Canter said.

Weddle has been absent from Chargers offseason activities in hopes of leveraging a new contract as he enters the final year of the five-year, $40 million contract he signed in July 2011. Weddle has spent his entire eight-year career with the Chargers. He was selected to three Pro Bowl teams and twice named a first-team All-Pro selection during his tenure in San Diego.

While his interception total was down a season ago, Weddle is still playing at a high level. Weddle started all 16 games for the Chargers and racked up 114 tackles on the year with two forced fumbles and an interception.

Weddle is set to make $7.5 million in the final year of his deal in San Diego.

46 responses to “Chargers won’t discuss new contract with Eric Weddle

  1. Get to work Weddle! Figure this out next year when your contract is up bud..

  2. As someone who does not get to watch many Chargers game (NFC North Fan), Weddle is fun to watch. Last year vs Denver he was everywhere. Hard nose player.

  3. Best safety in the NFL according to PFF!

    The #2 safety, Harrison Smith, is about to sign a new deal with the Vikings. The Chargers would be smart to sign him now before he asks for more than Harrison gets.

  4. Eric Weddle constantly throws his body into ball carriers ALL THE TIME.

    He’s worth every penny and this is just another example of San Diego ownership going cheap on good players that will eventually leave and probably become champions elsewhere.

    People don’t realize how amazing he’s been for the Chargers, as a Charger fan I do know and that’s why I’ll wish him well when he leaves for greener pastures after being disrespected by a team that should be looking to secure him.

    Typical cheap Chargers management. My team sucks but at least our weather is nice.

  5. Can’t say I blame him, I mean who would want to play for that organization

  6. You know, decent NFL safeties are pretty hard to come by these days. In fact I would argue that after QB, it is the most undersupplied position in the entire league. If the Chargers let him walk, he still may not get paid what he wants but he won’t be unemployed for long, either.

  7. Chargers have one of the worst owners in the league. So cheap.. not playing for the Chargers was the best move Eli Manning ever made.

  8. Weddle demanded a new contract last season as well…right before the draft. This with 2 yrs left at $8M a yr. (context)

    The act got old quick last off-season, and it’s gotten old this one as well. Growing tired of the $8M man, complaining about money…when he might want to show up like the other Vets for the OTA’s, and lead by example.
    Personally, I am hoping that his agent is the prick…and that Weddle is just along for the ride. A solid player, but when the Safety starts asking for $10/yr…it might be time to draft a Thumper CB in the 3rd and teach him how to play safety.

  9. @ctiggs
    You should stop talking since you never seem to know what your talking about
    Besides.. Everyone has it better then you, especially this offseason

  10. Live up to your contract, then see what your worth. May work out better for him this year if he doesn’t take plays off, loaf etc. Dude has skills, but overrated.

  11. He’s gone. No way THE BEST SAFETY IN FOOTBALL resigns with a team who jerks him around. Hell have 30 other suitors as the Seahakws are full at safety

  12. I remember when he signed that deal. I knew of him and thought of him as a pretty good safety, but I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of money”. I think, at the time, it was one of the largest safety contracts ever. I know he’s been a great safety, and they’d be smart to extend him at least a couple of years, but I notice that he’s 30, and it makes me think that this is the ugly side of getting older in the NFL. Hopefully for him, he plays out the contract, and gets to dictate his terms as a free agent next season. There are secondaries out there (Redskins, for sure) that are starved for talent.

  13. JaminJake says:
    Jun 1, 2015 5:37 PM
    He’s gone. No way THE BEST SAFETY IN FOOTBALL resigns with a team who jerks him around. Hell have 30 other suitors as the Seahakws are full at safety

    Somewhere Earl Thomas just giggled at this comment.

  14. The best safeties are in New England. Come to think about it, everything is better where we are.

  15. Poor guy. He’ll only make 150 times the national average salary this year. Is it any wonder the fans sometimes hate the players?

  16. “The best safeties are in New England. Come to think about it, everything is better where we are.”

    Just the cheating.

  17. Take the 20$ million or so you clear from this contract and enjoy the rest of your life not having to work. I have no sympathy that you aren’t getting a new deal.

  18. Weddle has Buffalo connections. He may want to play for the new dynasty in the NFL. Come join the fun! Beats the cheats!

  19. He is a player you pay. Hands down best player on defense, hard worker, and never complains. Hope he leaves if thats how shady the Chargers want to be. Hope rivers leaves too. I think hed be much better with a team that has a shot. And other pieces to the puzzle.

  20. raidernation210 says:
    Jun 1, 2015 5:20 PM
    Can’t say I blame him, I mean who would want to play for that organization

    Really. Everyone would like to do whatever you do for a living than play in the NFL for the Chargers.

  21. Weddle is a really good player. The Chargers havent been truly relevant since Dan Fouts was their QB w Kellen Winslow.

    Yes i think they got blown out in a SB since Dan Fouts, but they have had a ton of talent with nothing to show for it. Their talent and drafting recently leave a little bit to be desired.

    Coaching and management seem to be the recent problems

  22. Ya know it’s going to be interesting to see where he lands next year. Will he go where the high $ are or will he go to a SB contender for less $? I’m pretty sure SD would love to have him back but at a bargain. I see both sides. SD has decided to put their extension $ into Luiget and Rivers. I wish Weddle well. Great player for SD for years and a leader of the defense.

  23. He’s getting old, the Chargers are smart not to overpay a guy who will soon be declining.
    In fact, since they are going to let him walk anyway, they should trade him and get a draft pick that can help them out long term.

  24. patsrbetter says:
    Jun 1, 2015 5:50 PM
    The best safeties are in New England. Come to think about it, everything is better where we are.


    Yeah, Boston is a real peaceful city to visit. Nothing bad ever happens, right?

  25. raidernation210 says:

    Can’t say I blame him, I mean who would want to play for that organization


    Every Raiders player who is tired of being in a dumpster fire for this whole century so far?

  26. Weddle stinks. $7.5 million? He will be lucky if the entire worth of his next deal is worth the last year of this one. Overpaid, overrated, flat out done.

  27. He got his big pay day already a few years ago… While he is a great safety he is overrated, he’ll make plays but will take terrible angles and make diving attempts to tackle that have fallen short many times. He should just collect his check this year and if he feels he is worth more after the season he’s free to leave. Just a bad look for him, and I’m a bolts fan so Iv watched enough to know

  28. May he follow the footsteps of Rodney Harrison and leave that worthless organization.

  29. “Pats should trade for him we could send a second round pick in next years draft”

    How about a straight up trade: Pats get Weddle, and the Chargers get 2 equipment guys and a security/surveillance guy.

  30. Yo Tom! Ur team has had a revolving door at SS and FS for years! U have had “fall to the ground” McCree, Clinton Hart, Gregory, Gilcrest, oh and ur very own Bob Sanders( one game) just to name a few. The only constant was Eric Weddle and he has played his ass off for this organization. Yes he got truck a couple of times, but at least he throws his body around and he’s in the play! You better think twice about letting him go bcz I don’t kno who u will put back there…..Who Jalel Adai? He’s pretty good but I see CtE in his future esply w the coaching and medical staff u have ( let the poor bastard stay in the game after he was clearly hurt). I love my chargers but Ya’ll way of thinking is just Raider like! Sign Eric!

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