Gronk: People act like dancing is breaking the law

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is healthy this offseason for the first time in several years, something he called, via, an “amazing feeling” while at his football camp over the weekend.

The lack of rehab leaves Gronkowski free to pursue other amazing feelings in this year’s edition of the Summer of Gronk, something that he tells Lindsay Silberman of DuJour Magazine will be partially fueled by his preferred beverage of vodka and water. Gronkowski likes the drink “because it gets you hydrated and drunk at the same time,” which is a good mix for someone who has approached the party circuit with the same zeal as a collision with a defensive back over the middle.

That approach has drawn criticism at times, but Gronkowski doesn’t think it’s a big deal as long as it doesn’t get in the way of work.

“There’s definitely a time to party and a time to focus on work, but you need to let loose a little bit so that you can go back on Monday feeling refreshed and motivated to work hard again,” Gronkowski said. “People act like dancing is breaking the law and partying is a crime. Everyone thinks I’m in trouble 24/7, but what have I really done besides dance?”

The profile covers ground familiar to anyone who has followed Gronkowski’s career, but those that have will still find the piece worth a look for an accompanying video. At various points, Gronkowski is seen shirtless chatting with a reporter in a pool while holding a dog; dressed like a gladiator; reading a book with a look on his face that suggests he’s not actually reading the book; and floating in the ocean on a raft with a slew of bikini-clad models.

In other words, it’s exactly the sort of thing worth three minutes of your time in the middle of the offseason.

71 responses to “Gronk: People act like dancing is breaking the law

  1. He’s not getting into fights (Pouncey Bros) nor is he drinking and driving (Aldon Smith) he’s just having a little fun and not breaking any laws.

    Sad when a progressional athlete not breaking the law is newsworthy.

  2. Gronk is his own Madden Curse… He knows alcohol is bad for the body right? He should join his boyfrien Jonny Football and goto rehab. Either way, it doesn’t matter, ELI IS COMING PART 3, THE SAGA CONTINUES, WU TANG, WU TANG!

  3. Was that quote from when he was criticized for doing “the worm” across the dance floor after losing the super bowl? Dude likes to go clubbing, hang with porn chicks, and do the worm with his shirt off “not sanitary”. The guy is an exceptional talent but needs some growing up to do.

  4. Is this the same guy who was caught on camera lifting up a young lady only using his surgically repaired arm, that later required additional surgery to clean out an infection?

    Yes. Yes it is.

  5. All 26 year old multi millionaires should spend their evenings reading the Financial Times of London while anxiously awaiting another riveting episode of Charlie Rose.

  6. The water and vodka combo won’t keep you hydrated. Science doesn’t work like that Gronk.

    But yeah, otherwise people need to back off this dude. He’s never done anything stupid like other guys who I don’t have time to name.

  7. Actually now that I think about it for a guy that size and with that size appetite for life it’s not a bad idea. Nice way to avoid blackout mode.

  8. The Pats must use the same water/vodka scientist to opine on football pressure.

  9. Meanwhile, J.J. Watt is low-key off the field and not as much of a personality, yet getting MORE media appearances. That’s a thinker, eh Gronk?

  10. Call him what you want. I’m calling him the most complete TE in the game today, maybe of all time if he stays healthy another 4-5 years.

    As long as he stays off the police blotter, who cares? The Patriots didn’t sign him to teach molecular biology.

  11. This is the same crazy goofball enthusiasm that makes him decide to drag three Redskins defenders another 30 yards down the sideline when everyone else in the stadium including the announcers thought the play was over. You can’t have one without the other.

  12. magnumpimustache says:
    Jun 1, 2015 5:40 PM
    Do you remember when Gronk was being compared to Jimmy Graham.

    That talk is long gone.


    Yes because Jimmy Graham has proven to be softer than play dough.

  13. If he played for anyone other then the patriots he would be a clown. I give him credit for enjoying life. Hope it l doesn’t come crashing down one day. You know he is footing the bill
    Where ever he goes. I was there and now know the other side.

  14. Gronk may be a meathead, but at least he’s living life and taking advantage of his position as a celebrity. He’s not getting into trouble, and I know he uses a designated driver when he’s out partying. It’s not affecting his play on the field. The difference between him and Nice Throw, Johnny! is that Gronk knows when it’s time to get down to business.

  15. You can dance like Sulu (yes) and shake your little behind (yes). When you do the Sulu Dance while wearing tight pants your friends might say “Oh My!”

  16. ^^^^ Another famous Polish footballer…too bad nobody asked either of these two how many of them it would take to screw in a light bulb.

  17. This guy is simply doing what every single one of you would do (or dream of doing) if you were young, single, rich, and play a game you love for a living. Call him what you will, but he’s living life to it’s fullest while 90% of you are sitting in a cube staring at a monitor drinking haterade.

  18. Gronk is an awesome football player, very fun to watch, and he’s still just a kid. He’s not hurting anyone or breaking any laws. In fact, he’d probably be the first to come to the aid of a person in need of help, or a police officer in trouble. He’s a good, clean kid, enjoying life. The problem is that that right there is going to make a lot of unhappy people jealous. Happy people love Gronk. If you don’t love Gronk, you don’t love NFL football. Gronk also reminds me of Mike Ditka back in his playing days. They played the same type of ball, and both had lots of fun on and off the field. But they get serious when it’s time to be serious.

  19. In a related story, Gronk signed his first movie contract, s to be cast as Kevin Bacon’s son in Footloose 3-Bros vs Haters,
    and may earn a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as The Pelvic Sorcerer

  20. Give the dude some slack…as a Fins fan here I think the guy is one of the best to play TE. Would probably say the best if he wasn’t injury prone. Dude is 26 and rich and bringing it each and every week. What he does off the field is nobody’s business until he breaks the law or beats up a female etc.. Cut the guy some slack. Stop with hating on his success.

  21. Haters gonna hate, whine, insult and be negative. SO SAD.

    A life! It’s what you haters need. Get some fresh air and sunlight

  22. Gotta LOVE the GRONK….

    enjoying life…not getting into trouble…works hard to stay in shape & game ready…

    loves his team & is the best all around TE in football

    him teaming up with Scott Chandler is going to give opposing D’s fits!!!!

    Couldn’t be happier for the guy….life is short so live every day to the fullest!!!

    GO PATS!!!!

  23. “so that you can go back on Monday feeling refreshed and motivated to work hard again,”

    ‘scuse me Gron’ but isn’t that what they pay you several million dollars a year to do?

  24. The way the World Champion TE Gronk and the rest of the World Champion Patriots WHOOP every other team and make it look easy… there HAS to be a law against that.



  25. Well Gronk, maybe it’s due to the fact your teammates and coach are frauds that cheat and the other guy at your position is a serial killer spending the rest of his life in prison.

  26. Can you imagine if social media existed in the 70’s? What the Raiders used to do would make Gronk look like a choir boy by comparison.

  27. I’m surprised by how few media outlets have picked up on the Patriots newest cheating scandel #FormerMarineGate

  28. If you’re not out getting arrested and it doesn’t hurt your ability to be in prime shape to help your team, why should anyone care? I kinda feel like Gronk invites the spotlight, but that’s his personality.

  29. Lol. Gronk being Gronk. It gets you hydrated and drunk at the same time. Classic.

    Great pic work by the way.

    If this guy doesnt make u laugh, you must be a stick in the mud.

  30. pantherfan4055 says:
    Jun 1, 2015 10:01 PM
    when gronk parties he gets praised when johnny parties he gets all the heat . DOUBLE STANDARD


    I wouldn’t really call it a double standard. I’m not a fan of Gronk, because he went to Arizona, nor do I like the Patriots. But when you are amongst the best players in the league, and your team is routinely in the Super Bowl conversation, I think you’ve earned the right to go out and act stupid sometimes. When you’re fighting for a starting job on the Cleveland Browns, with a lot of negative baggage, you need to keep a lower profile.

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