Texans have no timetable to pick starting quarterback

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With summer approaching, I can’t currently decide whether to strap my kids in the car and drive to Wally World, or sit here and let them hit me with sticks while we sweat by the pool.

Likewise, Texans coach Bill O’Brien is in no hurry to decide who his starting quarterback will be.

According to Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle, O’Brien said he didn’t have a timetable for making the decision between Ryan Mallett or Brian Hoyer (or ostensibly but probably not Tom Savage).

Hoyer and Mallett have alternated through OTAs working with the starters, and it’s hard to look at either body of work and declare a favorite.

So letting them compete through OTAs and the preseason only makes sense.

If nothing else, it will make an interesting subplot for “Hard Knocks,” assuming they can take a break from bug-eating.

19 responses to “Texans have no timetable to pick starting quarterback

  1. Headline: Texans have no starting quarterback.

    There, I fixed it for you.

  2. Let’s face it: when your options are Ryan Mallett, Brian Hoyer, or Tom Savage, there really isn’t a rush.

  3. steelerben

    Your concern should be on that offensive line that surrendered 5 sacks and starting quarterback that added 2 interceptions in a playoff game . We’re good over here.

  4. Start hoyer , hes not THAT bad , browns are just a mess. Even tom Brady the great tom brady wouldent be tom brady on a team like the browns

  5. Yeah, you’re right. Remind me how the Texans did in the playoffs last season…

  6. rickastleydancemoves: I agree with all of your post…except for the “We’re good over here” part. Because c’mon.

  7. Let’s be fair here, we’re in better shape than we were last season.

    9-7 last season and we’ve improved the defense. I’d say we are good over here.

  8. I don’t see any possibility that it won’t be Hoyer. He is a decent quarterback, and won most of the games for the Browns. The Browns.

  9. Only team with a worse QB situation right now is the Jets. Actually scratch that, the Browns are starting Josh McCown so they have the worst QB situation in football.

  10. Both Hoyer and Mallet worked with Coach Obrien when they were with the Patriots. He didn’t sign these guys sight unseen. They know what’s expected. Sometimes you gotta trust your coach to make it work.

    I would expect the Texans to be a playoff contender this season.

  11. As a Browns fan who thought it was absolutely ridiculous to send Hoyer packing, I hope he starts and you guys win the damn Super Bowl and Hoyer lights it up all the way.

    I know that’s a tall order, but Hoyer did far better in Cleveland than any QB had done in a long time, and that was with a mediocre running game, no receivers, a new coach, new OC, and scrubby back-ups playing on the O and D lines. I would sincerely hope the guy could do even (much) better with a real cast around him.

    Please start Hoyer and and I will pray he at least takes the Texans to the playoffs just so Cleveland can see, once again, how freaking stupid their decision making is…

  12. Did you guys know in August a new wally world movie is coming out? That’s right, Chevy Chase takes Rustys’ kids to Wally world. National Lampoon says same people as original. Christina Applegate plays Rustys wife. Something to watch waiting on football. Instant classic!

  13. They already picked there starter, Hackenberg. If the Texans suck this year he will come out. If not he will play his senior season and try again the following year. Those 2 are made for each other.

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