Walter Thurmond makes the decision to move to safety

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The Eagles signed Walter Thurmond this offseason when they needed depth and competition at cornerback.

But then that spot got crowded, so he had a choice.

After the Eagles drafted three corners, Thurmond had a decision to make, and he took the move inside to safety.

I chose to go to the safety because of the defense we play — there’s going to be a lot of opportunities to make plays on the ball,” Thurmond said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “They felt confident in me to be able to move to that position.”

Despite playing his first five years as a corner, Thurmond has an easier path to the field this way, as the Eagles are looking for someone to replace Nate Allen and pair with Malcolm Jenkins. They drafted Eric Rowe, JaCorey Shepherd, and Randall Evans to add cornerback depth, so Thurmond was given the option.

“I looked at it as a situation [in which] we have some great corners, just drafted three corners, Nolan [Carroll] is going to have a big year this year . . . and [Byron] Maxwell as well,” Thurmond said. “Being familiar with this defense and playing it in college, there’s a lot of opportunities to make plays — especially at the safety position. That was one of the reasons. I think it just gives us the best opportunity to compete.”

Having the Oregon background with coach Chip Kelly helps, because he has familiarity with the scheme.

“He’s always around the ball,” Kelly said. “I think he’s had a lot of experience playing nickel, so he’s been an inside guy. He can see things. He’s very intelligent. He’s an intuitive football player. He is the first guy out of that corner mix that is getting a shot at inside.”

And while it’s a switch that many corners are unwilling to make — since it carries the implication that they’re not as physically gifted as perhaps they used to be — it’s going to give Thurmond more of a chance to play, which is what most players want regardless of position.

17 responses to “Walter Thurmond makes the decision to move to safety

  1. Just read his Wiki – dude is riddled with injuries. Must be frustrating for him.

  2. Most injury prone player I’ve seen in years. Remember last year when he claimed the Giants secondary could be as good, if not better than the LOB in Seattle. Bwahahaha.

    Remember the “Bo Know’s” commercials?

    Well, Thurmond knows the training room.

    Go get familiar with the trainers and doctors Thurmond. You’ll be seeing them a lot.

  3. Always have to laugh at how media makes this big news. Hell, wideouts have become safeties. Wake me when Suh decides to start covering guys like Mike Wallace. The it’ll be news.

  4. Someone should explain to him that “safety” is another position on the field, not a place to go to not get injured.

  5. Might as well have stayed with the Giants and moved to safety… This guy owes them one years salary, considering he was out the whole year

  6. In other words, he had no shot of any meaningful playing time as a CB, so he “switched” to safety to try and see the field. Have fun on Teams

  7. It’s hard to imagine how he could be any worse than what the Eagles have been throwing out there in their secondary over the past five years. At the same time, I’m getting a little tired or re-tread after re-tread in the backfield. Normally this kind of thing doesn’t work out.

  8. Of course he didnt mention boykin because well thurmond is a slot/nickle corner.. which boykin is pretty darn good at… that being said most of the eagles defensive playbook is a 1 deep saftey leaving the other saftey to play coverage more like a corner for the most part.. so he may succeed on that situation.. we will see. Thats why i thought they drafted row to play the down coverage saftey

  9. Who was that safety from the colts the eagles took a bet on ? Reminds me of the same situation
    That would be Marlin Jackson but that’s not a fair comparison. Jackson tore his knee up a few times, Thurmonds injuries vary

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