Eric Weddle’s contract situation’s taking an ugly turn in San Diego

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The contract impasse between the Chargers and All-Pro safety Eric Weddle already seems personal.

But their handling of the situation seems clumsy at the moment, and could be an issue at a time they have a number of other deals in the works.

According to Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego, an already ugly situation took an uglier turn with the way the Chargers are handling Weddle’s absence from OTAs.

Chargers coach Mike McCoy reportedly told players last week to move on without Weddle, suggesting that a player shouldn’t let a contract issue override his loyalty to the team.

While McCoy wouldn’t elaborate when asked for comment, that comes across as a blatant pro-management approach to a veteran leader of the team seeking a new deal — one which might not go over so well in the locker room.

And even though Weddle’s 30, and plays a lot of snaps, the flip side is that he’s 30 and plays a lot of snaps. That’s generally considered a good thing, and a sign the guy is giving his full effort to the team.

Since 2011, he’s not only played practically every defensive play (98 percent), but nearly half their special teams plays as well (49 percent). So when he does show up, it doesn’t sound like he’s inclined to put his body at risk in the kicking game if the Chargers are unwilling to meet in the middle on the contract.

“He will play his final 16 games as a Charger as a free safety – nothing else,” agent David Canter said. “His going above and beyond for them is why they won’t give him a contract extension. . . .

“It’s blatantly obvious after me asking the team time and again to extend us that Eric isn’t wanted. So it’s time for Eric to move on [to] where he can win and is wanted.”

That’s the kind of heated response you expect when the team tells you they won’t negotiate until after the season. But it will be interesting to see how the current Chargers braintrust is able to keep a steady hand on the wheel when a respected veteran is being disrespected in a fairly obvious manner.

58 responses to “Eric Weddle’s contract situation’s taking an ugly turn in San Diego

  1. …because this is the first time Chargers’ management has shown an uncanny inability to correctly handle their players.

    It’s like a disease with this club. The players should be running the team instead.

  2. I’m not sure if the ’30 rule’ should apply so much to a guy like this, it’s not like he’s a running back. I would think he has a good 4 years of productivity left that can be parlayed into a multi-year contract. Apparently the Chargers don’t think so, or they’re looking to focus their resources elsewhere. If the Chargers let him walk next offseason, he will undoubtedly be a hot commodity on the open market…

  3. Not to “Weddle” in anyone’s business or anything, but we would love to have you over in Denver!

  4. Cincinnati.

    Unfortunately… anyone who spends that many years in San Diego would never subject themselves to the endless, soul-crushing misery that is Midwestern winter.

  5. ‘another of other deals in the works’. By making this about disrespect, he is selfishly put himself at the front of the line. Can he play QB? Hi agent’s statement about wanting to be with a team that can win is the most telling thing. When he gets to training camp, expect him to be a divisive force in the locker room. He’s a good, not great player and All-Pro tells you all you need to know about quality at the Safety position league wide. Skilled-yes, leader-no.

  6. There’s been a league wide shortage of good safeties for years. Weddle would have no shortage of interested parties should he hit the market. The teams in the NFC East would all have some interest.

  7. Great player who already got an extension a few years ago and at the time one of the richest deals for a safety. I totally agree with the Chargers here it seems overly selfish to be away from a place you claim to love and want to be for the rest of your career. Causing a distraction such as this just makes you an easy guy to hate after being so well received by the fan base and organization. Go play out your contract…ball out and get a deal at the top of the market either from your current team or someone else.

  8. NOW THIS! is why we cant bring a Lombardi home to San Diego. Spanos family needs to sell that team already. They play the same game everytime payday comes up. Move to LA already good riddance. Ive wasted part of my life following that garbage organization.

  9. He’s got a year left on his deal.

    Chargers priorities:
    1. Philip Rivers
    2. … should we even work on #2 if we don’t have a QB??

    Weddle could do better for the team and himself by showing up and making less noise in the newspapers.

  10. A Safety that plays special teams, sounds like a Belichick kind of player… If Bill does want to have McCourty play some Corner this season, a veteran player like Weddle could be a valuable piece. Not to say Belichick would even be interested, or could afford to have his lary onthe roster, just a thought. Wouldnt be he fist Chargers safety to leave San Diego for New England. It wa a mistake letting Harrison go, and it will be a mistake getting rid of Weddle

  11. This could actually work out better for the chargers in the short term, paying him a retirement contract now could easily make him less motivated to perform at a high level and it gives a younger guy more reps in practice with him gone as well as gives an opportunity for someone to step up as a leader. Weddle has had a very consistent & solid career but has never had physically intimidated anyone, i.e. in the playoffs against the jets when he got truck sticked for a touchdown by shonn green in the open field…hard to pay a 30 year old player with high mileage $8+ million per year when trying to resign a quarterback and other younger players

  12. 1. He’s under contract and being paid well. I can see him being unhappy that he’s not being extended, but the best thing he can do is have a great season and go elsewhere for a lot of money. Sulking doesn’t help him.

    2. I can see the Chargers wanting to rebuild and deciding not to extend him. They may think they need younger and less expensive players. From a business point of view it may make sense to let him go. Or franchise him for a year, next year, then let him go.

    Having said that – they should consider trading him, if they can get real value for him. They do need to rebuild, so that may be a good thing for both parties.

  13. Come play for the G-men. The only team that can guarantee you a Superbowl.

    Only when you are playing against the PATRIOTS in a Presidential Election Year.

    Otherwise, you cannot even make the Playoffs.

    Based on the factual evidence stated above, this may be year year to return to the SB. Especially since, like in 2007, the PATRIOTS are being targeted for cheating by Goodell/NYC – former Jets.

  14. I feel ashamed of being a Charger fan… with GM AJ gone, we thought this circus would end, but apparently it’s part of the franchise philosophy.

  15. Why is everyone blaming the Chargers front office for Weddle not honoring the contract he signed?

    Play out your contract and then if he is worthy of another 2-3 years, then sign him.

    So had he “sucked” these last 4 years and he “stole” millions from the Chargers, then you blame the front office for making a dumb move?

    Can’t go both ways, these guys sign contracts for a reason. He has lived up to it to date, but if he falls off this year, then you are not strapped for another 2-3 years of an inconsistent player.

    Dude is going to make $8 Mill. this year, but yet that’s not enough? Well Mr. Weddle, the more you make, the more us fans have to pay at the gate to pay for that contract.

  16. Put this guy on the Falcons along with Moore, Trufant, Alford, and 2nd rnd pick Collins would give the Falcons a very very dangerous secondary.

  17. revren10 says:
    Jun 2, 2015 11:13 AM
    Come on pats lets make a trade for this guy

    The guy is looking to get paid more. The Pats only pay Brady, that’s why the rest of the positions are a revolving door there.

  18. Dude would be a solid addition on ANY team in the league. For the folks who think because he makes pantloads of money already that he’s just being greedy right now, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The NFL is a business and if you play at a high level for a long time you should be rewarded as best as possible. Good for Weddle for taking the stand.

  19. “He will play his final 16 games as a Charger as a free safety – nothing else,” agent David Canter said
    The bravado is good and all, but the agent isn’t going to be choosing where his client lines up on the field.

  20. He’d look good in black and gold…and in the muck and mire of Heinz Field. And with Kiesel retiring, the beard makes even more sense.

  21. That is not good.

    The chargers have a history of running off good players, so not a total surprise.

    Next thing you know, they’ll fire a coach after going 14-2…..

    Good luck powder blues, you’re gonna need it.


  22. according to the CBA, Weddle has a case against the Chargers as OTAs are voluntary and no team can punish a player who refuses to show. That sounds exactly what McCoy said and his actions show. If I was the NFLPA, I would make this a target case and once and for all lets put an end to coaches threatening careers for not showing up for voluntary workouts. Either that or the NFLPA should have an OTA walkout for the whole league and have every player show unity and not show on one day to prove to coaches and owners if they want to press the issue on voluntary workouts then the players can push the “we can show you what voluntary means” button.

  23. Voluntary means voluntary pro-mgmt, pro-team people.

    Business is business. Teams routinely ask players to restructure and take a pay cut for good of the team. Teams dont like it when the players say screw u, pay me.

  24. The Pats will beat the Chargers with or without Weddle. San Diego can’t beat the Pats. Just ask LT. And what’s his face? The SD TE that says Gronk is not very good. No wonder they can’t win playoff games. What arrogant idiots.

  25. Tear your knees up and you get thrown out on the trash heap with the old Powerade bottles and McDonald’s wrappers. Enough of this “He signed a contract” baloney. Teams dump guys with “signed contracts” all the time without a second thought. Owners and GM’s rarely end up crippled from work, but usually have mansions and private jets. GET PAID!!

  26. abninf says:
    Jun 2, 2015 12:06 PM
    revren10 says:
    Jun 2, 2015 11:13 AM
    Come on pats lets make a trade for this guy

    The guy is looking to get paid more. The Pats only pay Brady, that’s why the rest of the positions are a revolving door there.

    And that’s why Lombardis revolve around Foxboro. Pittsburgh has 6, 4 in the 70s. 1 with Cowher and one with the sideline idiot dancer. 2 in the last 35+ years. Yeah their awesome.

  27. To all these people saying “just play, you’re being paid”…he will play. He is simply skipping voluntary off-season workouts. If the coach wants to overblow that with idiocy about “loyalty to the team”, he can do so and deal with the fallout from the players that know better.

  28. Rodney Harrison all over again. He’s 30 already.. so what? He’s got plenty left in the tank.

    Hope he goes to Denver or KC and haunts the Chargers for years.

  29. Stupid situation, especially since he is under contract for next year. Shouldn’t he be having these kind of talks AFTER the season?

  30. Mr. Weddle, there is a guy in your locker room who is in the position as you are and his name happens to be Phillip Rivers. Yet he is going about it totally differently than the way you are approaching. Rivers had to deal with months of trade rumors and possibly the impeding arrival of his successor yet he stood firm and waited it out while being greatly under paid compared to much lesser QB’s such as Colin kaepernick and Jay Cutler. He has increased his value immensely especially after the Cam Newton deal and will continue to with his current team because of the leadership he has shown by being at OTA’s, Mentoring and teaching all the new comers. Mr. Weddle you have the same opportunity and respect to do the same on the defensive side of the ball, So please take notes from your franchise QB and show up.

  31. ““He will play his final 16 games as a Charger as a free safety – nothing else,” agent David Canter said. “His going above and beyond for them is why they won’t give him a contract extension. . . .

    “It’s blatantly obvious after me asking the team time and again to extend us that Eric isn’t wanted. So it’s time for Eric to move on [to] where he can win and is wanted.”
    Sheesh. What is it with PR-disaster agents such as David Canter and Adrian Peterson’s agent? They lost the PR war.

  32. I thought we got rid of this kind of thing with A.J. Smith. Now, like other commenters, I’m feeling like it’s a disease with this team. I have to wonder if the problem wasn’t just A.J. Smith, but from higher up. It wouldn’t surprise me. The Spanos family aren’t football fans. How they run the team and the organization proves that.

  33. If and when the Chargers sign Rivers to an extension, you better believe Weddle gets franchised. No need to trade him when you can franchise him and get some number #1s in exchange for a safety that the team would have gotten most of the good tread from the tire from. This is going to get uglier down the line.

  34. He is already the top paid at his position, so it will be less to franchise him once the average of the top 5 players salaries are calculated for the salary associated with the tag.

    The salary for a safety is $9.6M for 2015…….or 120% of his current salary $10.1…..

    Not a bad position for the Chargers to be in.

  35. This might be about Weddle missing tackles, having zero impact hits in the last 3 years and oh yeah…has developed quite a large mouth off the field.

    Chargers are super smart for not paying this guy. I guess Charger fans have forgotton about his horrible year last year.

  36. Lol, typical Chargers.. What a joke of an organization, they can’t even keep their star players (the only one nonetheless) happy. He’s better off leaving that dumpster fire.

  37. Weddle is the one showing disrespect. You have a contract – honor it and negotiate after the season. Holding out is nothing short of extortion. I’d love to be disrespected by getting his weekly paychecks.

  38. Good Safeties are one of the hottest commodities in the NFl simply because only a handfull are considered good.
    If you are lucky enough to have one, retaining him should be a priority.
    Weddle is far from great but better then good.
    He is getting paid like he is great but no reason not to ask for more when you know your value to the team exceeds what you are being paid.
    With that said, come to the Eagles Mr. Weddle and they will pay you your worth and more if you outperform your contract. just ask Barwin.

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