PFT Live: Adrian Peterson just wants to play, returns to OTAs

After an offseason of lengthy speculation about his playing status and which team he’ll play for, Adrian Peterson has reversed the scripts and shown up to Vikings OTAs in an effort to just get back to football.

4 responses to “PFT Live: Adrian Peterson just wants to play, returns to OTAs

  1. I am far from a Vikings fan.
    BUT , AP needs to just do his talking on the field.
    He is correct about NFL contracts though.
    You need a deal in between baseball contracts and football.
    Look at the Philles. Stuck with Ryan Howards big salary , and Chase Utley.
    They are not worth what they get paid.
    the NFL goes too far the other way….someone needs to come up with a fair way to do contacts
    The NFL has greedy owners. making money off of guys surely to have life long health issues.
    I feel hs was misjudged on his disciplining his son.
    But , they are his kids. Maybe kids need a swat in the ass at times but lets not go overboard
    Never hit in anger
    AP also needs to get a vasectomy.
    How many kids with how many women ?
    Not good.
    BUT what do I know
    Be safe out there on the feild and lets play some football
    Personally , I would trade him.
    Get a number one and a three good to build on
    and cheaper….you cannot win a super bowl with just a great RB
    RBs are a dime a dozen a great line makes a good RB great

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