Russell Wilson on his contract: “I believe it will work out, hope that it does”

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Russell Wilson has been back leading the Seattle Seahawks offense in OTAs the last two days after missing the first week to attend memorial services with teammates Jimmy Graham and Cliff Avril.

Wilson is continuing to go about his business despite ongoing discussions between his agent, Mark Rodgers, and the team over a new contract. Wilson is set to make just over $1.5 million in the final year of his rookie contract in 2015. Meanwhile, Cam Newton signed a five-year extension with the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday worth $103.8 million in new money.

Wilson echoed his agent’s comments from last week that he would be willing to play out the final year of his rookie deal, if necessary, but said he’s hopeful something can be worked out with the Seahawks.

“Ultimately I believe it will work out, hope that it does,” Wilson said after practice. “I just take one day at a time. It’s a private matter. I don’t really talk about that kind of stuff.”

Wilson should love seeing the addition of Jimmy Graham as well. Graham hauled in at least five touchdown receptions during red zone drills during the team’s practice on Tuesday, highlighting the red zone potential the Seahawks could have this season.

Wilson said he is staying informed on the discussions between his agent and the team. However, Wilson was mum on providing any insight into those discussions.

“I’m one of those guys that just believes in just trying to do your best, you know?” Wilson said. “And if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. So hopefully it’s meant to be and we’ll just keep moving forward.

“No matter where I go I always believe that it’s going to work out no matter what the situation is,” he added. “And I hope that it’s here and I hope that it’s here for a long time and hopefully I get to wear the Seahawks blue in No. 3 for a long time. But we’ll see what happens.”

Newton’s new deal could help narrow the focus on both sides in finding the right number for Wilson. The Seahawks have made it to the playoffs three times with at least one postseason victory in each of Wilson’s first three years with two Super Bowl appearances and one title. Wilson’s new contract should come in above that of Newton’s new deal.

Ultimately, it still seems somewhat unlikely that Wilson would forgo a fair offer for the Seahawks and elect to chance playing out his final season at $1.5 million and risk injury or a down year hurting his value as he heads toward free agency.

48 responses to “Russell Wilson on his contract: “I believe it will work out, hope that it does”

  1. It’s amazing he isn’t signed… Almost like they have no trust in him… And here come the hashtags…

  2. This seems like the Drew Brees situation with San Diego, but the Seahawks don’t have a Philip Rivers type backup.

    Wilson should get every dollar that Newton got, but with more guaranteed . . . as he has clearly outperformed his rookie contract in every year he played.

    As an Eagles fan I hope they let this linger to the point where he decides to play out the final year, go through Free Agency and the Eagles can then insert the perfect QB for Kelly’s offense.

  3. This franchise continues to smack this man in the face. He came into the league as a third round pick,and proved his worth. Now that it is time to pay the man, the Hawks are going to jerk him around. I hope he holds out for every last $$$. Because he is one of the few that deserves it!

  4. First off Russell is going to get paid. I don’t blame Seattle for not paying him $20 million a year. He is good, but not great.

  5. It would have if you didn’t throw that last interception. #WilsonPick-it

  6. what part of FRANCHISE TAG do some of you not quite understand. Let me go ahead and help you here. Wilson is not going to be a Free Agent next year. There is this thing called the FRANCHISE TAG and even without a calculator, I figure that amount should bring Wilson over 20 MILLION dollars next year and prevent another team from signing him

    BUT…the Seahawks can sign him to a long term deal and lower that 20 million amount in the first year to about 15 or 16 Million and push more down the road.

    There. Hope that helps.

  7. After the best 1st three years in NFL history, they’ll get it done very soon. Schneider risks looking like fool, if things take a turn for the worse.

    All the good things talked about with this organization, don’t happen if Wilson is not there. They would be just another team. Time to get him signed.

  8. I don’t believe it has anything to do with Seattle jerking him around. I’m sure Indy is playing the same game as Seattle and waiting to see who signs first out of Wilson and Luck, but it probably helped both teams and players today to get a good gauge of compensation based on Newtons contract. Seattle will pay him, just depends on when.

  9. Time to come to the real Washington, Russ – the Washington Redskins. Unlike that cheapskate Allen, Mr. Snyder will take care of you and you can play in a real football market. Good luck and God bless.

  10. Seattle would be the 3 time defending champs with Newton as their QB. Wilson is sooooooooo overrated. 1.5M is too much.

  11. I agree with all of you non-Seahawk fans that Seattle has not been doing Russell Wilson right. He won a Super Bowl and took them to another at under a million dollar a year salary and earned his keep better than any QB drafted in his class.

    If they got this deal in before Newton’s deal it could be a 20 million a year deal. Now that is the floor of the deal he is going to negotiate. For you Cam fans – the Panthers have been ranked right behind Seattle in defense the last 3 years and I don’t remember Wilson losing to them once and we played at least once a year.

  12. With out RW I doubt they would of made the playoffs the last 3 years…there D is very good but his ability to extend plays is the real deal

  13. So sick of hearing about what a class act Wilson is. I punked that dude when he was in college at Wisconsin. I went to Madison, WI with my buddies to watch our South Dakota Coyotes play his Badgers in 2011. After the game, Wilson showed up to our hotel room, started acting like he owned the place, and said he should “whoop on everybody” for not respecting him. I confronted him. Him being 5’11” 250 lbs. and me 6’6″ 250 lbs, I changed his attitude very quickly. I’m just glad my friend deleted the video before he posted it online or texted it to anybody.

  14. Can any Seattle fan name one playoff game that Wilson won for his team? No really, not the defense or Lynch, that Wilson “led” his team to victory… I’ll wait.

    I know 2 games that they would have lost because of Wilson (NO 2013, GB 2014) if not for the defense and one big game (well, you know) they did lose because of Wilson.

  15. “No matter where I go I always believe that it’s going to work out no matter what the situation is,”

    When that whole baseball thing happened while at NC State, Wilson believed it would all work out, and it did: he was released from his football scholarship with one year of eligibility remaining.

    When he arrived at Wisconsin and found himself fifth on the depth chart, Wilson believed it would all work out, and it did: he was first string by Week 1 and led the Badgers to the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl, setting several new records along the way.

    When he arrived at Seattle and found himself third on the depth chart, Wilson believed it would all work out, and it did: he was first string by Week 1 and led the Seahawks two games deep into the playoffs, tying Manning’s record for TD passes by a rook, then appeared in two Super Bowls in a row.

    Yeah…he truly believes this contract thing is going to work out too, and I can’t find any reason not to agree with him.

  16. Here are some stats that the media refuses to mention.

    Seattle is 0-7 against teams that score 25pts or more since 2012, including 0-2 in the playoffs. Which means that the people who say the team wins because of the defense, they are right, when the defense doesn’t play well Wilson isn’t good enough to lead them to victory.

    In the 15 “comeback-game winning drives”, the average points scored by the other team is 15 pts. So it’s safe to say they won despite the poor performance from the Wilson led offense….. Thanks to the defense holding the other team.

    Wilson has played two of the worst game by a qb in the playoffs statistically.

    In at least 3 of those 15″comeback-game winning drives “, the team was winning or tied at halftime and was not down in the second half.

    Wilson has had S.Rice, Z.Miller, G.Tate, P.Harvin, all have made the pro bowl with other qb’s but performance dropped with Wilson. Harvin was an MVP candidate with ponder as qb! (So you can stop the whole Wilson hasn’t had any weapons whining)

    Truth hurts


  17. TRANSLATION: I know that I am carried by my defense and run game and only expected to make big plays once in awhile and not carry the team, I still expect to get paid like I am

  18. “For you Cam fans – the Panthers have been ranked right behind Seattle in defense the last 3 years and I don’t remember Wilson losing to them once and we played at least once a year.”

    Cam also hasn’t had a run game that was forced to carry him either. And he can actually pass the ball from the pocket.

  19. Everybody dogs the Packers for the NFCCG meltdown, and rightfully so, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone credit the Seahawks, and especially Wilson, for what had to be the guttiest 3 minutes of football ever played.

    Yes, the Pack defense and ST melted down.

    Yes, the ball bounced Seattle’s way a little bit at the end.

    But even with that, the ‘Hawks still had to make the plays… and they did.

    We always hear all the “Rah rah, never give up, keep digging and keep believing, fight to the last whistle” etc, and it’s usually just so much more lip service. Not that day. They fought their tails off to the bitter end and they flat-out made it happen. And I think most of that was Wilson just refusing to lose.

    Seattle management is completely insane if they don’t lock this guy up long term.

  20. Lol at all you arm chair General managers.
    What a silly hold out tactic.
    Due 1.35 million.
    Franchised next year 24.5 million.
    Franchised in 2017 for 26.5 million.
    Or sign the offer now of 22 million a year.
    Over next three years he can make 66 million or hold out , get tagged and make 53 million.
    His agent doesn’t have leverage. So if this about money he should sign before the season.

  21. Wilson and Wagner will get paid in December when the Seahawks can roll part of the cap charge in 2016, just like they did with Wright and Avril last year.

    Just another example of how much smarter Carroll and Schneider are than your GMs.

  22. All I know is this…if Cam Newton is getting $67M GUARANTEED in the first 3 years of his deal that he signed today, then what is Russell Wilson worth, given that if his HC had, you know, RUN the ball from the 1 yard line, he would be a back-to-back SB winning QB? 80M? 100M?

    The longer they drag this out, the more they will end up paying in the end.

  23. I’m embarrassed for the real Seahawks fans. You other ones claiming your Super Bowl winning Uber Clutch QB doesn’t deserve to be paid his market value is nothing short of ABSURD!

    Perception Vs Reality is sorta crazy. Perception is that Wilson is a “Glorified Game Manager” yet his play and his stats say he’s a PLAY MAKER and an invaluable piece of the Seahawks puzzle.

    How soon we forget how those very same Seahawks(for the most part) performed with Football Jesus(Charlie Whitehurst) and Tavaris Jackson at the helm?

    You had Beast Mode and you had the LOB yet the thing didn’t become ELECTRIC until MISTER Last Name WILSON got under center.

    Keep it 100

    He was 1 handoff away from football Immortality!!!!!

    Beating Manning & Brady in Successive SuperBowls would’ve cemented his Legacy as an All-Time Great.

    Yet Still he’s YOUNG,

    P A Y

    T H E

    M A N

  24. I hope Wilson gets Millions, upon Millions, upon Millions. All fully 100% guaranteed for every year! Out of a the BIG 4 sports… It is baffling to me? Why NFL players contracts are not 100% fully guaranteed, for the entire length of their contract? Especially, considering that they could get hurt during OTA’s or at any moment on and or off the field?!!! Lousy Union I guess?!! If they make the 53 man roster? They should get paid every Penny on their contract for as many years that contract is valid! Regardless if they never play a single down! The NFL sucks like that….

  25. It is such a delicate balance. You can’t pay him so much that it destroys the team. But you simply can’t pay a guy who has led the team to 2 straight Super Bowls in the same neighborhood as an Andy Dalton or a Cam Newton. They have led their teams to precisely nothing. To pay him less than Newton is insulting.

    And if you want to throw QB statistics in there to defend the position of paying him less, remember that the position is called “quarterback,” not “passer.” You have to take his running yards and victories into account, not just passing yards to get a fair evaluation of him.

  26. You people are so ignorant. There’s nothing to see here. There’s zero chance he doesn’t get a contract in the next couple months. Zero!!! You act like you’ve never seen this before. The panic button is in September. Not a day sooner. Players get contracts after June 1st every year it’s nothing new. Is it really a slap in the face on June 1st?? More proof 80% of fans are clueless and just like to here themselves talk.

  27. IMO this is the hardest deal to complete. Without Wilson, the Seahawks still have a great defense. Replace Wilson with an average to above average QB and I’m not sure how much worse they get. I don’t think Wilson is truly elite. And I think they are still ‘in the hunt’. Especially if signing Wilson diminishes the rest of the talent, which it inevitably will.

    That said, too many other guys (Flacco, Cutler, Cam, Kap, Dalton) have gotten ridiculous deals and aren’t truly elite. But if their QB play falls off they instantly become bottom feeders (see Cutler and Kap last year). So they’re kind of forces to keep those QBs at ridiculous prices to remain relevant and have a chance.

    That said, I think Luck has the Colts over the barrel. Take him away and they’re a 2-3 win team again.

    It’ll be interesting to see this one play out.

  28. Seattle doesn’t need him. He’s just a better version of Collin. With the struggles in the playoffs last season I think Seattle will wait to see who’s coming out of next years draft before they make a long term decision.

  29. The team had nothing to do with the CBA…if anything, the players themselves are to blame for what RW made over his rookie contract. Talk to DeMaurice Smith.

    Gotta love the armchair GMs posting from grandma’s basement telling us what John Schneider should be doing.

  30. Did you see the last play of the Super Bowl? Why should Wilson’s contract come in above Newton’s, because he’s on a better team? Who would you rather have behind center on any team?

    Newton is knocking on the door to be a Top-15 QB, but Wilson isn’t even close. Put Wilson on the Panthers last year and they would have had the #1 overall pick and he’d be battling for his job against Winston or Mariota.

  31. crabtree says:

    Ultimately, it still seems somewhat unlikely that Wilson would forgo a fair offer for the Seahawks and elect to chance playing out his final season at $1.5 million and risk injury or a down year hurting his value as he heads toward free agency.

    I think you underestimate this kid. Not many kids have the confidence to leave a school after their junior year to be the quarterback of another college team. But Russ is different cat, and as a fan of another team, i hope seattle misplays this.

    As to the franchise tag, while that would work once, given the massive raises thereafter it would put the seahawks in a bad spot. and is why it is rare for a qb to work under the tag.

  32. EAGLES … EAGLES … EAGLES … every free agent … every draft pick … comes to the EAGLES … mention a name and they’re heading to the EAGLES …

  33. What Wilson needs is a new Agent who can negotiate. I cannot believe that his agent cannot strike a deal for Wilson given his accomplishments in his short career. Stupid Seahawks don’t deserve Wilson. There are plenty of teams that will pay him what he’s worth. The Bears will probably cut Cutler in a heartbeat for Wilson. The Bills who have every position ready for the post season, except a QB. The Eagles are having a QB confusion. Wilson will fit perfectly in Kelly’s offense.

  34. Uh, the Bears have all of $8 million in cap space right now and would take a Dead Cap hit of $29.5 million if they cut Cutler.

    You are not allowed to say who is or isn’t stupid.

  35. seatownballers says:
    Jun 2, 2015 10:47 PM
    Lol at all you arm chair General managers.
    What a silly hold out tactic.
    Due 1.35 million.
    Franchised next year 24.5 million.
    Franchised in 2017 for 26.5 million.

    Pretty sure you cant franchise the second year for the less than 10 pct raise. think its 120 percent of the previous number or 29.4M thereby undercutting the rest of your argument about leverage…

  36. The arguments back and forth about Wilson’s value to the Seahawks never end. The Hawks have been to the playioffs in weach of wilson’s first 3 yars. They have won a SB in his first 3 years.
    The team, especially the defense, is a great tam with a lot of depth. The offense without him would suffer. the question is how much? He may not throw for 5,000 yards a season but he can lead. he may not have many wins when his team’s defense plays badly but what QB does? If the Hawks defense plays badly the Hawks offense is not built to overcome th situation. plain and simple. they are a run first team and if they get into a bind they don’t have that flash bang type of offense that zips downfield.

    The Seahawks offense grinds you down for a quarter or two and then they throw the big bomb and the game starts to get away from you. look at the game they beat Arizona 35-6. yes i know Arizona had a zero chance option of winning given the QB situation they faced, but they had a great defense. But the Hawks ground it down, and thn struck for an 80-yard strike out of nowhere. had Hauschka had even a .500 day the Hawks would have won by 38 or 40 points.

    Wilson is not Brady, or Rodgers. But he dos have grat leadership qualitis, and a very comptitive spirit. many of his team mates have said that he ahs inspired them in situations where they were down.

    He played terribly for most of the game against GB in the NFCCG. But at the end he absolutely went all out and pulled it off ala Terry Bradshaw the first time the Steelers made a run for the Superbowl. Remember that Rodgers and the Packrs had a chance at the end to go for broke themselves but chose the tieing FG. Then wilson hit 2 passes for a total of about 80 yards and it was game over.

    He is good. Good enough that the Hawks should pay him top tier money.

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