Willie Colon: Geno Smith “was never ready” to be Jets starter


Jets veteran guard Willie Colon is going through the league’s broadcast boot camp this week to learn how to talk about the news of the NFL.

And while he was there, he decided to make some of his own.

Colon said during an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio that quarterback Geno Smith wasn’t prepared to be thrown into the starting job two years ago, something which was apparent to anyone with functioning eyes.

“Geno’s career, right now, is extremely turbulent,” Colon said, via Darryl Slater of NJ.com. “He was never ready to be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. When Mark [Sanchez] went down [with a season-ending shoulder injury in the 2013 preseason], he was thrown into the fire and he was forced to cook. Everybody knows in this league, to be a quarterback, which is the No. 1 position on the field, it’s a maturation period you have to go through. And it takes the mental, the physical, and everything to go along with it, to be the best, or even be in the top 10.

“Now, Geno, with that said, has made his mistakes. He’s said some things where you look at him like, ‘What are you talking about?’ But I think that’s all about his maturation period. And I think right now, like [teammate Antonio Cromartie] just mentioned, we bought the Porsche. We’ve given him the keys. He can’t crash it. Bottom line. He can’t crash it. We need him to be on top of his game. And we’re doing everything we can as an offensive line to make him comfortable back there.”

Despite his dismal record (41 turnovers in two years), the Jets are hoping that adding wide receiver Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall will help Smith look like the quarterback they were hoping for, and not just the guy with the keys to the broken down sports car on the side of the Turnpike.

26 responses to “Willie Colon: Geno Smith “was never ready” to be Jets starter

  1. Even the dirt under my nails know that. Geno has been severly missued. Bowles might be able to change that. Its never too late.

  2. Geno will be fine. There’s not a rookie QB in the league who could have taken that team to 8-8, only to be ostracized the next year and face a mob the 3rd year, with such a dearth of talent.

    He’s never been given credit for playing without any offensive support. How can you win when Decker is your WR1? This year he has real professional receivers and a serious minded HC.

    The baseline for this team is 9 wins. They could hit double figures. But there is no way Geno should be run off. He must tune out the noise. (I noticed Colon said nothing about the OL)

  3. Geno once had a game where he went 2-for-8 for five yards and 3 INTs. Still not as bad as Leaf’s infamous 1-for-15 for 4 yards and 5 turnovers though, so there’s still room for the usual Jets deprovement.

  4. Geno might have had the worst supporting cast in the league the last two years. He’s got the arm to be a good QB. We’ll see how big a step he can take this year.

  5. Willi Colon is absolutely correct. Remember that when Mark Sanchez got hurt, Geno was already out nursing a sprained ankle. Geno, who probably was going to start the year as the #2, got thrust into the starting role with all of one quarter of a pre-season game under his belt. That he won 8 games at all was a minor miracle.

  6. He might have the arm, but how much more evidence do we need to know he doesn’t have the intelligence of a starter? Not even close.

  7. I don’t recall any quarterbacks who people were so eager to call busts, even before they were drafted, than Geno and Manziel.

    Maybe they have what it takes or maybe they don’t, but people really seem to root for them to fail.

  8. I think having a head coach who doesn’t treat the offensive side of the football like an afterthought will help Geno Smith tremendously.

  9. Pro Football Focus graded him out as QB10 over the last ten weeks of the season last year…. Had to double check it when I heard it, but its true. Wish him lots of luck. Parity in the NFL is the best thing the game has going for it.

  10. Just what we need another idiot who can’t speak or form sentences but he was a somewhat good player. Expect him on ESPN along with the rest of their “experts”

  11. Geno has the talent. Let us recall the over-the-shoulder “Drew Brees-style” bread-basket throw to Eric Decker for a TD versus Green Bay. Just needs to learn consistency and stop staring-down receivers. I hope Chan Gailey will draw up a lot of downfield plays to Brandon Marshall, which will make Geno shine.

  12. When Joe Flacco was a rookie, Boller and then Troy Smith went down before the first game, Flacco came in and took the Ravens to the playoffs and more. He didn’t have a bunch of weapons either. When Bledsoe went down, Brady did the same thing. Mark Sanchez took the Jets to the playoffs his rookie year, and they weren’t loaded with talent. OK. Geno got dealt a bad hand. But, he didn’t do anything with it. And nobody claims that Joe Flacco or Mark Sanchez are “Elite”.

  13. Jets fans had better worry more about Brandon Marshal. He goes into a hissy fit and a good thrown ball gets dropped. He has only been good with one QB throwing to him and that’s fact, not fantasy

  14. Hate to admit it but despite everything you read Geno Smith QB a perfect game in week 16 last year.

    Any QB that can do that deserves another shot.

    Having veteran Fitzy in the wings helps…
    and the rookie Bryce Petty is already making us take notice…

    Bottom line is that as bad as the NY Jets QB situation has been the arrow is pointing up in 2015.

  15. Geno is a turnover machine. No matter who he has out there on the field with him, you cannot change the horrible decision making that this guy is prone to. There is always going to be the head shaking giveaway right around the corner with Geno, that is one constant thing you can count on with this gas can.

  16. If there is a QB out there that is exponentially worse than Geno, it is Fitzpatrick. In this case, as bad as Geno is, Jet fan should say their prayers that he stays healthy given the garbage that is backing him up.
    You always hear how the most popular guy on the team with the fans is the second string QB when the starter is straight up trash. Careful what you wish for Jet fan. Yikes.

  17. “Geno is Woody’s guy. Nothing is going to change.”

    Geno is Idzik’s guy. That situation has already changed. Pay attention.

  18. At WVU Smith mastered Holgorsen’s air raid offense in one off season to the tune of 4,385 yds and 31 TD’s. He is smart and gifted, why he has not panned out is anybody’s guess. Right now he is the guy for the jets so it should be interesting. With a solid supporting cast, and a little fan support it could be a playoff birth.

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