Ex-girlfriend: Prince Shembo was jealous of dog he kicked and killed

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Former Falcons linebacker Prince Shembo has more problems now, other than the unemployment stemming from felony animal cruelty charges after he allegedly kicked his then-girlfriend’s dog to death.

According to Kevin Rowson of WXIA, Shembo’s now-ex-girlfriend Denicia Williams is suing him for killing her pet Yorkshire terrier Dior.

This is really a matter of principle,” attorney William Cromwell said. “We’ve sued for attorney’s fees, punitive damages and we talked about the money going to a foundation.”

While Shembo’s attorney suggested the 254-pound linebacker was reacting to being bitten by the small dog, Williams said she thought Shembo planned to hurt it when she left.

“He said you were spending too much time with him and I felt second to him,” Williams said. “If he did bite him, why didn’t he tell me that when he confessed?

“Why didn’t he say, ‘Dior bit me and I reflexed by kicking him, and I’m sorry?'”

Shembo’s lawyer came back with a response that perhaps he should have re-thought, or at least proofread.

“He was not jealous of any dog,” attorney Jerry Froelich said in a statement. “What caused the dog’s injuries was that the dog bit him.”

Williams said Shembo admitted to her to kicking Dior more than once. A necropsy performed at an animal hospital said the cause of death was blunt force trauma. Shembo passed through waivers unclaimed yesterday, and is a free agent.

23 responses to “Ex-girlfriend: Prince Shembo was jealous of dog he kicked and killed

  1. While Shembo’s attorney suggested the 254-pound linebacker was reacting to being bitten by the small dog…

    God forbid he should come out and say that actually happened…he’d be on the hook for lying…

  2. I’m so sick of these NFL players who think they can do anything they want because “I’m in the NFL.” I’m also sick of the lawyers making (lame) excuses for their deplorable behavior. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we never hear from this guy again. To do that to a small dog shows a lot about his true character. Basically, he’s a dirtbag. My guess is this guy will be in prison within a few years.

  3. What a sick individual. Let’s hope he gets help. Because locking him up needs to go further than that so when he finally is back in the real world, he isn’t behaving like a sociopath.

  4. I don’t know who the bigger tool is: Shembo, for being jealous of a dog and killing it, or his lawyer, who comes up with the dumbest excuses for his defendant. Both seem like huge tools.

  5. After his JAIL time he will need to be an advocate for animal rights or his life is virtually over. Football definitely is over, nobody can take that public hit in this day and age.

  6. Did he even prove he was bitten by the dog? It’s VERY easy to do.

    And in the very very unlikely event he even was nipped by the dog, his reaction was abominable.

    I think he’s lying – and even if his (one bite/one kick) b.s. lie were true, he’s still wayyy out of line.

    And the fact the woman killed herself 10 days after the (alleged) rape — really makes one wonder if he sunk that low too.

    Zero respect for this guy — it seems the only one he feels sorry for is himself, not the animals he maims and kills, or the humans he ravages.

  7. Froelich is that what you envisioned when you went to law school? Lying through your teeth to defend a 250 pound man against a 3 pound dog? Nice integrity. ..

  8. The public relations bonanza never ends for the NFL, does it?
    I have to think that if Mike Vick went through hell over dog fighting, this guy deserves worse.
    Kind of feel badly for the Falcons. People are beginning to think that hating animals is a job requirement.

  9. I hate cruelty to animals and don’t want to make light of this, but subject of male human jealousy towards canines has been covered in some of Frank Zappa’s music.

  10. “and we talked about the money going to a foundation” is code for “its going for a foundation of new heels or wheels”

  11. Don’t you think it has to be a pretty damaged relationship to be jealous of a dog?

    I do.

  12. My guess is if the dog did bite him, which I don’t believe, it was because something Prince did to him, the dog didn’t just bite him because he is vicious….and the Lawyer needs to shut up, why does he think he needs to answer every charge in the news? sometimes its ok to show remorse, keep your mouth closed and deal with the court on getting the lightest sentence possible….instead he would rather be loud and say the most ridiculous things and expect people to believe him….smh

  13. tfootball1234 says:
    Jun 3, 2015 1:42 PM

    Slow mo would have looked hilarious.

    …with John Madden on the Telestrator, playing it over and over again, sayin’ ‘Boom!’

  14. so she ‘thought he was going to hurt the dog’ when she left it with him? then why in the world would she leave it with him?

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll deport BOTH these morons

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