Jared Allen “having fun” with move to linebacker


When Jared Allen was with the Vikings, he balked at the idea of moving from defensive end to outside linebacker.

On Wednesday, Allen chalked that up to “ignorance” while discussing the very same transition that he’s making with the Bears this offseason. Allen said that he thinks he’ll be doing the same kinds of things at his new spot, but that playing linebacker will be “easier on my body.”

“My body feels fresher because I’m not banging every single day and putting my hands on a 300-plus pounder and banging heads and that kind of stuff,” Allen said, via ESPN.com. “I like it because it is testing my football IQ. I’ve always loved the game and have always been a student of the game. Sometimes it can get monotonous and you play the same thing over and over and see the same blocks over and over. You have to work really hard at not getting complacent with your technique. This is a totally different thought process for me and it’s really forcing me to study. I’m having fun with it. I know it’s just OTAs, but being out there and seeing the one-on-one matchups that I’ve been able to create and the rush angles I’ve been able to create, so it’s kind of broadening my perspective on football. For me it’s been a blast and I’m just excited to keep going.”

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has shared his opinion that the move will serve as a “rebirth” after a career-low 5.5 sacks in 2014 and it certainly seems to have sparked something in Allen this offseason. As Allen, who also battle pneumonia last season, pointed out, though, it’s just OTAs and he’ll have to prove that a break from monotony is enough to refill a tank that looked empty too often last season.

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  1. This move might have worked in like ’08 but it’s going to be a distaster in ’15. Dude was done once he got married and setteled down. He lost his crazy man edge and aura.

  2. 34 year old DE turned linebackers is a great idea. Good job Bears.

  3. That’s good to hear. Nobody on that Bears team had fun last year. It was plain to everybody – even those who don’t follow the Bears – and even worse for the fans who had to watch it.

  4. The rebuild was going great until the Ray McDonald bomb (which was some what predictable) and now Jared is getting interviewed and saying what any person would say if asked that question in his position. I can wait to see the new defense.

  5. I don’t know if he can do it, but he was always a 110% guy with the Vikes, and it seems like his attitude is the same with the Bears. Best of luck to him. I hope he retires as a Viking.

  6. Ask him how much fun he’s having after he has to cover a couple of tight ends. I know Bears fans typical retort will be,” he’s not going to be asked to cover.” True in theory, but in reality ALL 3-4 linebackers will HAVE to cover at SOME point! Just the reality of that position. Terrell Suggs, Von Miller, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Aldon Smith, Connor Barwin, Clay Matthews, etc. all drop into coverage at some point during the game, very rarely, but they all do.

  7. Stupid Lions Fan says:
    Jun 3, 2015 4:44 PM

    34 year old DE turned linebackers is a great idea. Good job Bears.


    Your name speaks volumes.

    See Julius Peppers and try something else.

    Good job Lion’s fan

  8. ionlyrootforthewinningteam says:
    Jun 3, 2015 4:55 PM

    See Julius Peppers and try something else.
    I remember having this discussion with a Packer friend of mine that was excited when JP signed with the Pack. I did not think it was a good idea they sign him. I was one of those people that thought the Packers were nuts to bring JP in to play LB. I was WRONG! JP picked up the position very quickly and had a great season. Kudos to the Pack organization as well as starting to move Matthews around. Should make their defense better this year around.

    As for JA, we’ll wait and see how he picks it up. He’s a pretty smart player so if anyone can, he can. Good luck to him.

  9. Teeing off against a horrible packers O-line is a cure all for everything!!! 6 sacks easily!!
    You mean the Packers O-line that was tied for 8th with the Cowboys in sacks allowed?

    If that is the case, he will have a FIELD DAY against the Vikings who were 28th in sacks allowed last year!

  10. Love Jared Allen. But the only reason they are even trying this is they gave him 3 year deal and they are on the hook with him this year financially. If it wasn’t for that, they never would have kept him after last year. They are just trying to make the best out of a deal the Bears never should have made. Just like Cutler!

  11. Uh, do Allen’s comments referring to not “banging against 300 pounders every day” suggest the Bears practice regimen violates the terms of the collective bargaining agreement?

  12. Wonder if he’ll be “having fun” when they are 1-7 halfway through the season.

  13. Always his fan, I don’t think he’s suited for the 3-4 especially not in his prime. Maybe he’ll tear up the Packers though lol. I wish him well.

  14. it’s like he’s on the 2011 vikings again, a team that went 3-13. good luck jared.

    aside from jared allen and that linebacker from baltimore this bears defense is going to be dreadful to watch again for the home team.

    do chicago a favor and slip some morphine into rodgers’ thanksgiving meal that’ll make him sleep for 12 hours. they’d have a chance again scott tolzien, any defense would.

  15. My biggest problem with Jared Allen was the hotter the spotlight, the more he would disappear. But that was with the Vikings where that statement is true of the entire team.

  16. Allen could have done this in his prime but he isn’t the athlete Peppers was who probably should have been playing OLB all along. Allen was great for the league and lots of fun to watch play. They should try to limit his Allen’s snaps like the Packers did with JP which in turn made him more effective.

  17. Allen was never the problem with the Vikings D. To say otherwise is just trolling. And after he lost 20 lbs due to pneumonia last year, it’s a wonder he had any sacks. He will adjust just fine I’m sure.

  18. @whatjusthappened-

    That simply isn’t true. Adrian Peterson has consistently put up some of the best numbers by a running back in NFL history. The Vikings still couldn’t win anything, but let us remain truthful and leave the untruths/delusions to “them.”

  19. The Almighty Cabbage says:

    That simply isn’t true. Adrian Peterson has consistently put up some of the best numbers by a running back in NFL history
    Fact remains, Peterson played in just one NFC Championship game, the biggest game of his career and what did he do? 3 fumbles.

  20. He looked washed up last year. There were kickers who looked physically stronger than Allen. Might have been the illness, pneumonia is no joke. But nevertheless, at his age, it’s just much harder to get any mojo back after something like that, even into next season. Bears are just desperate on defense, see McDonald episode.

  21. Thanks for the great time in MN, especially sacking Rodgers but you’re done. Go have fun some where else rather than playing football. We know the Packers hate you so much but be strong bc Packers are jealous that you were killing them while you were here with the Vikes. Best of luck!!!

  22. Sorry we couldn’t get you a championship Jared. But obviously you knew that wasn’t going to happen in MN. Hopefully you can get off the Bears soon and get to a contender so you can win a SB before you retire, but I doubt the Bears are going to trade you to Green Bay.

  23. Future MVP Teddy Bridgewater.

    Another fake user name by the same person. You know how I know this? Hover over his RED username and it show his blog. vikessuck. There are about 10 usernames with this blog name.

    He is also Minnesota Vikings owner by proxy.

    Packer trolls are really reaching now.

  24. Future MVP Teddy Bridgewater is an odd choice for a Packer troll since it will more than likely be true in the next few seasons.

  25. I personally think Jared can only play effectively as a 3-4 LB if he re-grows his mullet.

  26. DB should give him another season or two but basically he has little left in the tank.

  27. The most awesome play I ever saw was in week 17 of 2013 when Jarrett Boykin recovered a fumble, and the entire Bears defense stood around and watched him take it to the house.

  28. “Teeing off against a horrible packers O-line is a cure all for everything!!! 6 sacks easily!!”
    I think you have the Packers excellent O-line confused with the fat-bellied weak-kneed turnstiles in Minnesota.

  29. 1969nflchampions says:
    Jun 3, 2015 7:08 PM

    Even on Bears articles, the Packer trolls bring the Vikings in. Sad really.
    Yea, the Viking trolls are just so subtle and clever.

    Buy the way, the 1969 “nfl champs(chumps) lost to the AFL champion K.C. Chiefs 23-7 in the World Championship Game (Super Bowl IV) after being favored by 12.5 pts. going in.

    If the Packers hadn’t won the 1st two Super Bowls, the NFL would have been totally embarrassed going into the finalized merger, due to the ineptitude of the Colts and especially the Vikings.

  30. The Vikings had a great player at a reasonable contract for quite a few years…..

    He was let go at the perfect time as well…

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