Rex Ryan predicts Bills’ playoff drought will end this year


Rex Ryan is continuing his big talk.

Asked about the Bills’ 15-year playoff drought, the longest in the NFL, Ryan told ESPN that he thinks his team will be in the playoffs this season.

I think we’ll be in [the playoffs] this year,” Ryan said. “So we’ll see.”

Asked again about the playoffs, Ryan again said he thinks it’s happening.

“I think we will,” Ryan said. “Yep, I think we will.”

That’s not quite the Super Bowl guarantee that Ryan once made as head coach of the Jets, but Ryan did make one guarantee.

“I can guarantee you one thing: Teams aren’t going to want to play us, I can tell you that much,” he said. “You’ll see. Hey, come watch practice and you’ll probably come away with the same feeling I have. We’re loaded on defense and we’re loaded at the skill positions. So we’ll see.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether Ryan can really take the Bills to the playoffs, but we don’t have to wait to hear Ryan promise big things. We knew that was coming as soon as he got the job.

112 responses to “Rex Ryan predicts Bills’ playoff drought will end this year

  1. In reality… It makes sense for Rex to continue to run at the mouth.. It’s all he’s actually any good at, but he continues to get paid. Why should he change?

  2. The Bills still don’t have a QB, they will suck again , and miss the playoffs for the 16th straight year. NEVER won a Super Bowl, NEVER will.

  3. …. Unbelievable! This fool is unable to prevent putting himself in this situation.

  4. Circa July 2015 headline: “Rex Ryan predicts Super Bowl blowout win for Bills.”

    It’s becoming ridiculous. Does the guy ever shut up?

  5. You expect him to say what??? I took over team who had no coaching, run game, TE, No Oline, KYLE FREAKIN ORTON AND IN 2 months took care of all those problems more talent than 90% of the league…but we’re gonna choke it away like the mad scientist does in Philly….good QB joke by the way…is that new???… Funny…I wouldn’t be worried about other teams QB’s being a Philly fan….I think I’m more comfortable with EJ or Cassel…cuz Sanchize’ll be in chasing down corners headed for 6 real soon with no knees hobbling off 1st hit he takes…

  6. How many coaches say that they think they will be in the playoffs every year? Just because Rex said it this is somehow news…

  7. First, like this shocks anyone…

    Second, what do you want him to say, that he thinks his team will be a lump of crap?

    Wake me when he says something that wouldn’t be said by any other coach… like maybe when he gets a tattoo of Jim Kelly or something

  8. If a coach says THEY WONT make the playoffs in JUNE , then he needs to be fired

  9. Rex is actually correct. The Bills do have a lot of talent on their roster. Whether they make the playoffs probably will depend on the play of Matt Cassell, and the great equalizer, injuries.

  10. I like Rex and I’m not a Bills fan, but he just needs to learn to shut up. If they don;t make the playoffs, the press and fans already have ammo to blast him with. After new york, you”d think he would have learned.

  11. Don’t like the guy but he was asked by a media who need Rex comments more than ever to help fill the off-season. And (amazingly, for once) he didn’t say anything any other HC wouldn’t, just generalized positives. And in that ESPN interview he also admitted the QB situation is not ideal. Rex, you’re no fun any more, please keep this up.

  12. They would have made the playoffs a few years now in the last decade probably if the Patriots didn’t cheat constantly and if the NFL (Goodell) wouldn’t just look the other way until another team would catch them.

  13. We’re loaded on defense and we’re loaded at the skill positions. So we’ll see.”

    “Loaded at the skill positions”?

    In Wrecks’ world, QB is obviously NOT a skill position.

  14. I like Rex Ryan and think the NFL is a better, and more entertaining, place with him in it. I just don’t think he is a good head coach.

    He is however an excellent defensive coordinator and needs to just stick with what he is good at; or in this case great at.

  15. I recall the “no one will want to play us” mantra while with the Jets. Each team on the schedule did indeed show up to play us…..we finished with 4 wins, apparently we scared no one. It Deja vu all over again in Buffalo… least he will keep you entertained as the losses mount.

  16. Huge Bills fan, but SHUT UP Rex. You have over promised your whole career. We could get Drew Brees in a trade today and and you still shouldn’t predict us making the playoffs b/c u have already ran your mouth more than anyone should in a lifetime. That being said, i do think we’ll make the playoffs. We won 9 games last year, kept our d-fense and added a better qb and much better RB to our offense. We will win 10-12 games and make the playoffs. But Rex, for once just shut your mouth and let your team do the talking for you.

  17. As much as I hate the Jets…the single best move of any team in the NFL this off-season was getting rid of Rex Ryan. If talking won games he would never lose. I would literally and honestly take any other coach in the game. I feel sorry for the Bills…and I don’t even like the Bills!

  18. With Brady suspended it is tough to deny door is not open in AFC East. That team went 9-7 last year, added in Shady, Charles Clay, and Percy Harvin, and the battering ram Felton. Only lost one starter on defense from last year and had a back up who split snaps with him ready to step in. They should be in the playoffs.

  19. I think Rex inherited a team that was poised to break through but just couldn’t seem to make it over the hump. They made some good offseason moves. It will be interesting to see how the new coaching staff does with this group of players.

    Of course, every other team has evolved in some way or another too. So it’s really hard to say what will happen.

    I must say, I do like Rex’s slightly softer tone. It’s funny, there’s people that will knock Rex for saying even this much, and there’s people that will knock Belichick for saying nothing. Chances are, they’re probably the same people that say both.

  20. Well, to be fair, no coach who wants to stay employed is going to say their team will suck, even with the likelihood that they will. Not a Bills fan, but what was he supposed to say?

    “Yep, we are tanking this season. Put us down for 0-16. We are just here to make up the numbers, take your money, and mail it in.”

    Those comments would be a story more than a coach being optimistic.

  21. Look, i’m as big a Rex basher as there is, but what do you expect him to say? Who would want a coach to say, “you know, I just don’t think we are good enough”.

  22. What’s wrong with that? He’s not predicting anything, just saying he thinks they will make it. Is it surprising the head coach thinks his team will go to the playoffs? It would be surprising if he didn’t think that.

  23. I can see the Bills making the playoffs with Matt cassell at QB.

    BUT that’s about it.

    New England is still going to dominate until Brady leaves.

  24. By reading the headline I was under the impression his statement was akin to the SB guarantees for Jets. Once I read his quotes, I interpreted it as something that 31 other head coaches in the NFL would say. If anything, his last statement in the article made it sound like he WAS NOT promising or guaranteeing anything other than being a team nobody wants to face. I hate that I’m addicted to this site sometimes… Of course I’m sure this post will somehow be “filtered” and lost into the rannus forever.

  25. Some of you people on here who post are trolls…………what is a coach suppose to say? No, our team stinks and we won’t make the playoffs? Rex only said, he “thinks” we will make the playoffs……..I would be mad if he said anything different.

  26. It’s extremely unlikely Matt Castle or EJ Manuel can lead them to the playoffs.

    The secondary doesn’t look great either. If this were the 90’s, the Bills probably would be a contender, but this is a passing league now and ground and pound only takes you so far.

  27. Oh man it sucks to be a Bills fan. At least 3-4 years of Wrecks’ empty promises…you’ll have a good defense that plays hard and a blowhard of a coach. That’s about it.

  28. Same old Rex. I don’t understand why he always says that nobody wants to play his teams.. That is ridiculous. Teams thrive to play the better teams because it is a true measuring stick of your own team and makes your team play over their potential. I guarantee that there will not be one player or coach in the nfl that will say they do not want to play another team.

  29. I mean, he didn’t guarantee anything. He was honest. “I think we’ll make the playoffs.” is not a ridiculous prediction with the roster they have.

  30. He said the same thing (“teams won’t want to play us”) when he was coach of the Jets. He was wrong then. He’s wrong now.

  31. They went 9-7 with Kyle Orton last year. 9-7 would’ve trounced the NFC south. Matt Cassel has to be at least as serviceable as Orton was. A few more wins may have them vying for a wildcard spot.

  32. I think Rex must have been loaded at that press conference.

  33. Lol. Because Rex’s predictions have held up so well in the past. Keep your day job pal, you have no calling as a psychic.

  34. To everyone who is excusing him because he was asked a question about the playoffs, the fact is that he is under no obligation to make any predictions. All he has to say is that he expects the team to give their best effort and he hopes for the best. He doesn’t have to say they will make the playoffs. Of course, this is Rex, so any type of verbal restraint is simply impossible. He has to say it, because he can’t help himself, and he ends up looking ridiculous every time.

  35. For those that defend Rex’s predictions as being the same thing that any other head coach would say, you are wrong. The HUGE majority of HC’s would take the opposite approach and do the Belichek response, “we have some talent but we have a long ways to go so we’ll see how things go, there’s plenty of work left to be done”……I submit that Rex’s approach is exactly why the Jets did as poorly under Rex as they did. It’s one thing to get the fan base drunk on the kool-aid, but Rex’s approach gets his own players drinking it and believing that they only need to show up for the game.

  36. Fast forward to 2024, Rex is announced as the new head coach of the London Sillynannies. Predicts “We’ll win a game this year.”

    I love how his predictions have slowly ramped down.

  37. All you people complaining about Rex making playoff predictions…
    Wha was he supposed to say?!? He was asked a direct question (multiple times) about “do you think the Bills will make the playoffs this year and break the drought?” What, was he supposed to say “no, I don’t think we’ll make the playoffs” ?
    Of course he thinks they’ll make the playoffs. Otherwise, what’s the point in coaching? It’s not like he guaranteed playoffs. He was just answering a question.

  38. So the Jets get a Super bowl guarantee and the Bills get only playoffs. He better be right. If he’s one off like he was with the Jets, it’s 16 years.

  39. The Bills have plenty of talent..on both sides of the ball. I could easily see them making the playoffs. I believe with the Pats depleted secondary the Bills will challenge the Pats for the division.

  40. If we woke up tomorrow and Belichick was the Bills coach, what would the pundits think? Super Bowl sleeper?

  41. How about just having a winning record in your own division?

    Baby steps Rex, baby steps.

  42. Honestly Rex just needs to Marshawn Lynch the media. Because if saying in June that he THINKS his team will make the playoffs (not an outlandish thought at all, they were 9-7 last year with Orton and the Syracuse coaching staff) and that they are very talented (which they are) draws this much hate, then there is literally nothing he can say that won’t bring out the Rex haters that are incapable of understanding exactly what he said and the situation in which he said it. Their thought process is simply “Rex spoke, gotta kill him for it.”

    I guess it also would be pointless to point out that Rex made these comments to the NY media that hounded him as he arrived at a charity softball game for slain NYPD officers, which he attended after hopping in his truck immediately following an OTA practice driving 6 hours to get there. That would go against the “Rex is an obnoxious arrogant buffoon” rhetoric, and we wouldn’t want to do that now would we?

  43. If the #2 team in the AFC East can make the playoffs this season, then they have a shot.

    The #1 slot in the AFC East is, as always, reserved for the Patriots.

  44. AFC East (2015):
    1. Jets 11-5
    2. Patriots 10-6
    3. Dolphins 9-7
    4. Bills 6-10

    Read it and weep.

  45. Leave it to the fat, ridiculously overpaid IDIOT to spout off again about the playoffs.
    The last time the Jills even had a shot at the playoffs was 1997. Marv ” the genius ” Levy caused Mularkey to leave after a 9-7 season. See you in the cellar again REX, you buffoon.

  46. people actually think the team with a top 10 offense and top 5 defense in the NFL will miss the playoffs this season

    >John Harbaugh ( top 3 coach in the NFL, dragged our heavily injured team into the playoffs again )
    >Joe Flacco (objectively and statistically an Elite QB, it isn’t even debatable)
    >Justin Forsett( who will be 100% healthy, unlike the entirety of last year, he will put up 1,000+YDs/6+TDs/4.5+YPC,)
    >Marshall Yanda and big K.O. ( proven top guard duo in the NFL )
    >Dennis Pitta and Maxx Williams (best TE duo in league)
    >Steve Smith (top 15 WR, 70 rec/1000+YDs/5+TDs)
    >Breshad Perriman ( First ballot HOF, top 20 receiver all time, 65rec/900+yd/8+TDs all as a rookie)
    >Jimmy Smith (one of the most skilled corners in football, best in AFCN)
    >CJ Mosley (one of the best LB in NFL, only in second season)

    >Top 5 pass rush in the NFL
    >Best LB corp in the NFL
    >3rd best secondary in the AFC
    >Endless depth at all positions
    >Top 5 O-Line

    Barring suspended linebackers or major injuries to key players, there is literally no way the Ravens are missing the AFCCG this season

    The Ravens shall show no mercy in 2015-2016, heathens of the AFC hear our wrath and submit to your lords.

    You can’t prove me wrong

    Cap it

  47. I really don’t have anything against the Bills, but hiring Ryan was one of the dumbest coaching moves one can make. Here’s hoping for a 5-11 season from the windbag.

  48. Has anyone ever noticed that Rex Ryan and Colin Montgomerie look like twins separated at birth? Can you imagine these two egos and personalities at a party together? Yikes!

  49. Is this really so bad? I know Ryan catches hell every time he opens his mouth for the admittedly stupid things he has said in the past…but “I think we’ll be in the playoffs”? Is that actually a problem for people? It’s not like the Bills finished 4-12 last year. The playoffs are a definite possibility. Ryan’s always going to run his mouth a little, but he has toned it way down since the Jets were embarrassed after his Super Bowl prediction a few years back. If the media didn’t report every thing he says like it’s a huge deal, no one would even notice.

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