Anthony Davis will pay back unearned signing bonus money

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Like linebacker Chris Borland, tackle Anthony Davis will pay back to the 49ers the unearned portion of his signing bonus in light of his decision to retire. Unlike Borland, the amount Davis owes is in the millions.

Per a league source, Davis will indeed pay the money back as part of his decision to retire from the NFL. Via, Davis has $4.66 million in paid but unearned signing bonuses. He already has paid the taxes on that amount, which will make for a complicated process of paying the money back to the 49ers and seeking a refund from the federal and state government.

Davis also has $1.7 million in option bonus money that applies to the 2015 league year. However, because the money came as part of a $8.5 million option bonus earned in 2011 under his rookie contract, Article 4, Section 9(b) of the current CBA contemplates that no portion of the option bonus will be repaid.

For option, roster, and reporting bonuses, repayment is required only if retirement happens in the year the money is earned. For signing bonuses, full repayment of all unearned portions of the money paid is required in the event of a retirement.

29 responses to “Anthony Davis will pay back unearned signing bonus money

  1. If the NFL contracts are not guaranteed and players can be cut at any time with no pay then why should the player be penalized for doing the same thing.

  2. I cannot imagine getting a check for millions and seeing how much gets ripped out of it in taxes. Especially a bonus check at 40%.

  3. magnumpimustache says:
    Jun 5, 2015 6:20 PM
    If the NFL contracts are not guaranteed and players can be cut at any time with no pay then why should the player be penalized for doing the same thing.

    Because the player is the employee, not the owner.

  4. “I wouldn’t. The bonus is for signing. He signed. Obligation fulfilled.”

    Not true at all. It future earnings paid up front at signing. Not a bonus just for putting your signature on the dotted line.

  5. Seems like all these kids are retiring instead of playing for the 9ers. Seriously I haven’t seen this from any other team. Like 6 guys just up and retire. They are going down hill fast. The new raiders.

  6. what a disgusting cheater organization. you guys know stickum is illegal, right? And there’s a salary cap. how can you live with yourselves slandering a model citizen like tom brady when your team is full of quitters?

  7. A hell of an offseason in Santa Clara. They gain Torrey smith and Navarro bowman and lose…just about every other good player. If this team gets even seven wins I’ll give them credit.

  8. The best part of all these retirements are the disillusioned niners fans saying they’re better off. You lost arguably a top 5 coach and staff. An above average RB. Your best defensive player and 40 percent of the O-line. Your QB is slowly morphing into Tim Tebow but hey what’s not to like?

  9. The guaranteed money is only guaranteed if you play or if an injury stops you from playing. You don’t get to keep guaranteed money if you quit.

    Sad to see this media driven hysteria claim another victim.

  10. Players need to figure out how not to get screwed on the next cba. A signing bonus should be exactly what it is, a bonus to sign a contract. The owners absolutely destroyed the players in the last cba. And on top of it all they can’t even smoke a joint to forget about how they got worked over.

  11. And now begins the desperate process of converting Arik Armstead to OT before training camp starts.

  12. Just wild stuff. How much of this goes to not buying into the rebuild? You’re banged up. A concussion problem in the end. Historically something that gets swept under the radar and players push through. Not when you think your team is in rebuild mode. You lose true leaders like Gore, Willis, and Smith. You look around as the dust settles and think about your future. This kid has talent, why the hell not give it a year or two? Keep training like you’re going back or write a book and do some broadcasting (though his interviewing skill might not show a knack for that.) To me it shows even if Harbaugh was losing the minds of youngsters he proved himself to those with stronger character.

  13. He shouldn’t have to return the bonus. the Signing Bonus should serve as a reward for a players services as where his market value is at signing. a culmination of the work, talent and effort etc that got a player to that specific point. WOULD NOT RETURN THIS MONEY.

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