Kenny Britt: Rams’ receivers love Nick Foles

The Rams’ receivers have caught enough passes in practice from quarterback Nick Foles to know that they want a lot more.

That’s the word from Rams wide receiver Kenny Britt, who said he and his fellow receivers have been impressed with the experience of playing with Foles.

We love him,” Britt said. “Great deep ball, he puts it on the money every time. He can throw every pass in the book.”

Rams coach Jeff Fisher added that Foles is already picking up the offense and making things tough for the Rams’ defense during the team portion of Organized Team Activities.

“He’s got his hands full because we’ve got great defensive team speed and they’re doing a lot of things over there right now,” Fisher said. “We’ve just really been pleased.”

The Rams pulled off a very big deal when they traded Sam Bradford to acquire Foles. So far, they think they got the better end of that deal.

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  1. Oh Rams.. You have no idea if this kid will be a stud or bust. Already claiming he’s amazing during OTA’s? come on…. He barely beat out Mark Sanchez for the start when he was with the Eagles.

  2. “Great deep ball, he puts it on the money every time.”

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s the criticism against Bradford (aside from his inability to stay healthy)

  3. If Foles plays more than a quarter of the games for the Rams this year it’s a win for the Rams as Bradford is usually on the IR by that point.

    That being said they got a good young QB in Foles and I hope he takes them to the playoffs.

  4. Not a fan of Foles — sloppy footwork, gunshy under pressure…apparently he had a very poor day yesterday as he couldn’t handle the Rams defensive speed.

  5. Eagles went from Foles to a bag of 3rd string QBs; Chip will be back in college this time next year leaving a gutted carcass of an Eagles team. Philly will own that empty dusty trophy case forever.

  6. the Lambs will continue resting in their comfortable spot at 4th place in the NFCwest. We will roll foles #nobodyhasitbetter

  7. Kenny Britt? Ok. No pass rush, no blitzing linebackers, no pads. Reminds me of the love affair with Manzeil because he wore pads during his pro day. He sure had them fooled. But I like Nick Foles 2 seasons ago, but last year for some reason, he became indecisive which led to poor throws and interceptions.

    Just noticed…spell check has been added!!

  8. As an Eagles fan I liked Foles and still don’t understand Chip’s issues with him. That 27-2 TD/Int season was crazy.

  9. I still think that trade with the Eagles was insane….that being said, have Nick take that red jersey off and see how accurate he is in the pocket with real pressure.

  10. We’ll see what happens this year. It appears that Files dropoff from 2014 was due to a sub par OL. While STL doesn’t look much better on paper for OL, they do have a vastly superior defense to the Eagles which should also alleviate the problem of Foles solely carrying the team.

    Files was in games where they HAD to throw the ball a lot because they were behind. That won’t necessarily be the case this year.

    Hopefully it turns out to be a win for both teams, but I’d take Foles and a 2nd for Bradford most days.

  11. Foles’ inexplicable happy feet last year is my only concern with Foles. Yes, the dude lofts the ball very well deep but his release of the deep ball is often quite delayed (he never overthrew Maclin or Cooper deep).

    But if he can keep his wits about him I think the Rams have made out quite well in that trade. Certainly they needed to move on from Bradford.

    My hope is it’s a win/win.

  12. Nice guy. Wish him the best. But with x’s and o’s. He’s not great under pressure. Bottom line.

  13. rams have worked over the redskins and the eagles in trades so far, cowboys better stay away from them

    good job turning glass into gold, an alchemist would be proud, even if it is foles gold

  14. I’m excited. I’m not here to say that Foles will be a star or anything, but be objective. I watch every down of Rams football, and anyone who watched last season knows that they would’ve won a lot more games with even a decent QB. Foles doesn’t have to be fantastic to be a big step up from who was back there last year. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t, but I think Rams fans have a reason to be excited.

  15. Eagles fan. I love Foles. The kid has everything you need. Anyone who thinks he “barely beat out sanchez,” is silly. Rams fans should be excited.]

  16. That’s because Chip Kelly has no clue. He belongs back in college with kids, not grown men of the NFL. Kelly will run the Eagles organization into the ground.

  17. Holds on the ball way to long and had really sloppy footwork. Throws a lot of lolly pops down field. He was leading the league in turnovers before he got hurt. So you know that 27-2 season was b/s

  18. These are the words of a man who has caught one too many passes from Austin Davis and Kellen Clemens.

    A desparate, desparate man.

  19. The receivers can actually run more than 3 yards downfield to catch a pass, for the first time in 4 years! Of course they love him.

  20. Foles was a steal, you don’t trade for QB of his caliber Bradford won’t make it to week 7

  21. Foles can and often will throw a very pretty pass from short to mid range. His biggest problems are lack of mobility, indecisiveness and his long ball has an exaggerated arch, making it very interceptable. I like him and his attitude a lot. I’ll miss him from the Eagles, but am really not sure whether he’ll do good in St. Louis or how Bradford will fare in Philadelphia.

  22. Don’t love or hate him; just tired of hoping every year for the Rams to work themselves back to true rival status only to watch them shart the bed. The ‘Hawks have broken the 49ers and nobody takes the Cardinals seriously. Get of the friggerty schneid, Rams!

  23. Is this the damn Twilight Zone? What is this talk of “Foles accuracy”? If anyone actually WATCHED Foles last year, they would know that his accuracy was TERRIBLE! Constant over throwing WIDE open Maclin/Matthews. Creates pressure that doesn’t exist by dancing all over and throwing off his back foot. Just check his career completion percentage. And that’s WITH Desean one year and Machin the next, where the Rams obv don’t have a WR that can hold either of their jocks. Foles is a great teamate and a warrior on the field, but the talent just isn’t there. The Eagles knew he wasn’t a franchise QB, so they traded him n figured to take a shot with someone who has the talent, but struggles to stay healthy. Wait until Foles can actually be hit, and see how “accurate” he is, esp with THAT group of WR’s..

  24. Foles will be an improvement at QB, its the Offensive line that the Rams need to worry about, will they give Nick the time needed to throw the ball down the field….

    Rams won on this trade.

  25. The one thing I think Rams fans need to understand is Foles is as injury prone as Bradford. Foles has yet to play a full year without getting hurt. Not sure all this bradford will be out by week 7 talk like Foles is always healthy.

  26. eagles fan here

    i’m excited about the upside of bradford but its the biggest risk that kelly took

    i think foles can be really well, and people were way too quick to abandon him after the 27/2 season.

    that said, it can work out well for both teams if both guys stay healthy. but its more likely based on history that bradford will get hurt more than foles

  27. It’s not the Bradford was so much injury prone as the fact the Rams have had one of the worse offensive lines for years now.

    They tried to address it in this year’s draft but the offensive line better step up or Foles is going to go down too.

  28. As an Eagles fan I’ll tell you right now, he has a noodle arm. He throws the seam routes well but he couldn’t connect on the long ball with maclin last year to save his life.

  29. Foles is really good as long as he has a good line and time to throw. Pressure him and he has two problems: He panics, and can’t move. He’s REALLY slow, folks. Like Peyton Manning slow, maybe worse. Brady looks like a running QB compared to him.

  30. Kelly signed Sanchez back before he traded Foles for Bradford. He evidently was prepared to go with Sanchez if the trade fell through. Sanchez was going to beat out Foles as the starter. If Bradfords health issues fall through he goes with Sanchez, nothing lost except money. But if Bradford returns to the #1 draft pick he was meant to be its all gravy. This Eagle fan is confident. ICWT.

  31. Wait until he gets pressured and backpedals in the pocket. Like many NFL quarterbacks, he’s good when he’s got time to throw, but pressure him and and he’s a turnover machine.

  32. Rams won this trade already. ThIhink about it. Eagle fans say Foles also injury prone. Now, I watched all games as Rams fan. Many times he had protection and would still not succeed. At some point, a franchise QB has to rid of excuses and make it happen as a leader.Having said that, I loved the guy. But constantly injured. One fall and injured. So lets say both qb are injury prone. Call it a even swap. But, we got a qb who can actually toss more tds than Bradford can in a couple seasons. Also, we got two extra draft picks and rid selves of Bradford enormous contract. I doubt Bradford will be there in ’16. Knowing Kelly, he’ll try to fix it again. Same with Rams, will Foles be there in ’16, idk. We shall see.
    But its an easy call as to who won trade.
    I actually wanted Bradford to go to an Afc team as I want him to succeed but can’t root for him anymore. In nfc. But if he succeeds, ill be only happy for him. But way nfc is looking, it’ll be hard for both teams to make postseason. East has Dall and NYG while west all tough, except SF who will have a new qb in ’16.
    One difference is Rams have a top 3 defense, at moment. 😉

  33. I don’t think anybody that ever watched tape of Foles in college or the NFL will put up an arguement about his passing ability. I saw him in college and thought he threw the best ball I’d seen in a long, long time. Joe Monata, Kurt Warner type accuracy and touch. But I’m looking at a photo of Foles, and he’s wearing a red jersey. Does he get to wear that thing on Sunday?

  34. Mark Sanchez. .People, he plain sucks. NoIt was obvious since his uac days. Most overrated qb that came out of college that year. #6 pick by jets, a 3rd, 4th round talent. He was going to beat out Foles??
    Okay then.

  35. Sounds like another 8-8 season coming right up. Whoever gets this job next is going to walk into a Harbaugh going to SF in 2011 situation as soon as the owner fires his mediocre coach.

  36. I was a foliever. Watched him for the years he was here and the same hype he is having in st louis is the same hype he had in philly. He does get injured, he missed at least four games a year the last two years. He has bad downfield vision, doesn’t see the whole field. Ever watch him run? His otas might give ppl hope but just watch his game play, he was great as long as the defense wasn’t very good. The first six games last year he was outscored by our special teams. He can be good, he can be bad. I wanted him to have a final year in philly but Chip decided he’d seen enough, can’t exactly blame him, he had a great o line in front of him, still held the ball long enough, couldn’t find an open receiver, and ended up injured. Shady didn’t help as much last year but i’m sure the rams have a great offense scheme, watched them receivers drop a lot of passess.

  37. The Rams did get the better end of the deal. No question about it. Nick Foles is a very good quarterback that’s only going to get better.

  38. jjb0811 says:
    Jun 5, 2015 2:03 PM
    Since Fisher knows squat about QB’s, look at his 20 year track record, then you know this kid will flop.

    14 22


    Jeff Fisher – 19 full seasons as a head coach. He was 1 & 5 in his first season, a partial season as head coach.

    So, in those 19 full seasons he’s made the playoffs 6 times.

    6 of 18 is one third… meaning Fisher takes a team to the playoffs less than one third of the time so far in his 19 seasons leading a team.

    6 of 19 seasons his team has been above .500

    13 seasons his team has been at or below .500

    He has more seasons below .500 than above .500 as a head coach.

    3 out of 19 seasons his team finished first in their division…

  39. @ billswillnevermoveg
    That’s because Chip Kelly has no clue. He belongs back in college with kids, not grown men of the NFL. Kelly will run the Eagles organization into the ground.

    You may be as clueless as your HC, you only wish you had him

  40. Foles overcame some major obstacles in Philly, including a total coaching overhaul, Mike Vick distractions and an OL that was decimated 2 of the 3 seasons he was there. Never complained, never threw his teammates under the bus a la RG3, just went out there till the constant pounding left him with a broken shoulder.

    We’ll see if Bradford can rebirth his career in Philly, but I have no doubt Foles can produce for the Rams.

  41. He can be a very good QB if given good protection. When he is under pressure, his footwork is atrocious. Good luck Nicky, hope the best for you.

  42. QB who made it to the playoffs and then 6-2 the next season vs. QB who’s never played a full season or had a winning season.

    Tough call.

  43. Foles is trash, which is why Chip Kelly, the best evaluator of talent in the NFL, traded his sorry ass. The Eagles crushed in the preseason once again.

  44. Rams fan here. Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe our luck in getting Noles. I thought it was going to be another year of Bradford on the bench, and just getting by with backup QBs. Now we have one of the best QBs in the league. He did have the top QBR rating year before he was injured with the collar bone fracture.

  45. realdealsteel says:
    Jun 5, 2015 2:56 PM
    It’s not the Bradford was so much injury prone as the fact the Rams have had one of the worse offensive lines for years now.


    Bradford went out for the whole year, and wasn’t even touched on the injury play. This guy is as delicate as RG3. So glad we got rid of him, but I do hope he can have some good seasons for Philly or wherever he plays.

  46. I want Foles to do well, but if he has a better season than Bradford, I’m going to be seriously upset.

  47. Foles is a good kid and I would like to see him do well. That said I wonder why Andy Reid coach of the QB starved Chiefs would have no interest in the kid ( HE ) drafted.

  48. Rams players are loving Foles, Eagle players are loving Bradford. Sounds like a win/win as far as teammates are concerned. But what do they know they can’t evaluate like us fans. After all somebody has to win the trade, right ?

  49. “greymares says:
    Jun 6, 2015 7:29 AM
    Foles is a good kid and I would like to see him do well. That said I wonder why Andy Reid coach of the QB starved Chiefs would have no interest in the kid ( HE ) drafted.

    What would he have given Kelly back, obviously Kelly wanted a QB or low round picks. He didn’t have a QB that Kelly wanted back. Do you know for sure Andy didn’t want him? Apparently Andy doesn’t see KC as QB starved. With an injury prone Bradford & Sanchez, people see Philly as QB starved right now as well.

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