After back injuries, Tony Romo gives up offseason golf

Getty Images

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is one of the NFL’s best golfers, but he’s not playing at all this offseason.

Romo told Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram that his back injuries have made him decide to put all his offseason energy into keeping his back healthy. There’s no place for golf in that.

“I’ve made it a competition with myself and I think that’s something that I’ve learned, that I’ve loved, which I’ve said before is competition,” Romo said. “I’ve made it a competition to be at my best with my back, with my training, and I think that’s allowed me to consistently get stronger each day, each week, each month since the surgery last year. It’s showing in the strength department being able to go longer periods of time.”

Romo said he doesn’t view giving up golf as a sacrifice, considering that a healthier back will make him better at his first sport.

“Well, I love football,” he said. “I think what you find is that you love the game of football so much that it’s easy to have other things take a backseat.”

That’s a wise decision for Romo. There will be time for golf in retirement.