Cowboys become first NFL team to embrace new virtual reality product

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Virtual reality has become an actual reality for one NFL team that will use a 3D simulation to enhance the relentless pursuit of gloryhole.

Via Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports, the Cowboys have signed a two-year deal with STRIVR, the startup company featured last month in U-T San Diego.

“It’s an awesome feeling to have one of the biggest brands in the sports world to become one of the first teams that jumps in,” Derek Belch, the STRIVR CEO who once played kicker at Stanford. “I give Jason Garrett a lot of credit for being a visionary. He told me when we first met that he’s been dreaming of something like this for 20 years. And then once he saw it, he said it exceeded his expectations.”

Belch hopes that as many as six NFL teams will partner with STRIVR before training camp. All 32 of them should; virtual reality training allows quarterbacks to get reps and coaching without exposing themselves to injury or violating the limitations on practice time. And its use has expanded beyond the guys who throw the football.

“Before it was great with quarterbacks because of the live work and how applicable it is [pre and post-snap] and for running backs to, but now it’s also for safeties and linebackers and O-linemen and cornerbacks,” Belch told Feldman.

The technology apparently doesn’t completely insulate against injury. As Belch told Feldman, one college lineman “got so into it” while using the virtual reality device that he “did six pass sets in a row and ended up running into the wall.”

It sounds like Belch and his partners will soon be running into the bank. Repeatedly.

51 responses to “Cowboys become first NFL team to embrace new virtual reality product

  1. “Cowboys become first NFL team to embrace new virtual reality product”-IF there’s any money to be made whatsoever, Jerry Jones would sell the hair off a dog’s a$$!

  2. This a fantastic idea & only a matter of time before all 32 teams incorporate it. The Cowboys have come a long way in the last 10 years, Jerry is finally getting it. Not a Cowboy fan but the Cowboys are the scariest team in the NFC east for 2015.

  3. About time. Cowboys fans have been living in a virtual reality for quite a while now.

  4. its not the first virtual reality for them. The cowboys see themselves as superbowl material. if thats not virtual reality, then what is??

  5. And they also were the first team to embrace products of white substance which led them to become known as South Americas Team. So what?

  6. The nfl embraces virtual reality since they are too afraid to face the actual realities of endless cheating, brain injuries, spousal abuse, child abuse, drug abuse, and performance enhancing cheating.

  7. Seriously though, this is a great idea for every team. Rather than just watching film now players can essentially put themselves into the film in a sense and apply what they are seeing.

  8. The way Jerry Jones rants about his teams greatness led me to believe that he had been operating in virtual reality for at least 12 years.

  9. Cowboys using it to finally see themselves win a superbowl past 2000….

    Jerrah using it to virtual go to the strip club….

    What a joke of a franchise lol

  10. It is sad when the team that you own/ GM has not been able to get in done on the real turf for several decades, and you need to get your gloryhole on by turning to electronics.Maybe the VR program can have an electronic parade with digital graffiti for what was once a proud franchise.

  11. BB wonders if he has to get on MyFace to use this or if the flip phone will do.

  12. A lot of people commenting on this so far don’t seem to realize what a joke their own team is yet want to make jokes about the Cowboys living in a virtual reality? Makes sense

  13. the hate is real…. boy there is certainly some jealous pissed off people here who jump at every chance to try and bash the Cowboys LOL … I’m Lovin it !!! (McDonalds) haha anyhow WOW its like every single fan in the league knows there team inside and out and the Cowboys….. LOL Jerry is a Genius !!! oh and y do people call Jerry ” Jerruh” who does that? who says “ok im gonna make fun of ur name ” 3rd graders? anyhow Jerry has 3 Super Bowl Trophies and just came off a 12-4 season and went 8-0 on the road …. has owned the NY G-Men the last couple years and cme off a 5-1 in the division record the year before to win the division last year and a playoff game…. also only team in the NFCE who hasnt had a losing season the last 4 years have won more games than anyone else in the last 3 years … and has his team right there with the best of the best in the league now…. but he gets all the hate? you know he smiles at that hate right? he understands in order to succeed and be as polarizing and profitable as they are you MUST have a ton of people who HATE you !!! its a necessity ! GO COWBOYS !!! remember when everyone said ” Romo signed a new deal YAYA the whole NFCE is excited for NO PLAYOFFS for years to come” OOPS !!! and Jason Garrett was just a “puppet” ?? OOPS ! and how they were gonna be 3-13 last year? OOPS ! now its ” last year was a fluke” well anyone with half a brain can see how silly that is to say/// cowboys are here to stay for the next several years atleast and over the next 5 years will get atleast 1 ore Super Bowl to tie the Steelers for most EVER nd they may just break that w Back2Back ones !!! i know i know i know im crazy right? well you guys said that last year about them winning the div too and winning a playoff game too LOL enjoy haters you will have plenty to cry about real sooooonnnn !

  14. All I can think of is Jerrah in a form fitting motion capture suit covered in green ping pong balls and wearing goggles while holding an invisible Lombardi trophy. Please make it stop

  15. The Dallas Cowboys have always been the league’s innovators. From computerizing the scouting department, to cheerleaders, a ring of fame every team has copied, flex defense, shotgun………………………………..

  16. “mancave001 says:
    Jun 8, 2015 10:05 AM
    Virtual Reality allows one to experience things without consequence. Romo can now practice choking in HD.”

    Virtual Reality allows one to experience things without consequence. Bradford can practice being on IR in HD.

  17. Interesting. Virtual reality, drones filming practice. Any effort to find tools to get better within the rules is a good effort.

    Plus it gave all the wannabe comedians a chance to try out their Jerry material.

  18. I find it not in the least ironic that the team with a virtual GM is embracing VR in other ways.

  19. Talking about the Cowboys, have they located and signed to their squad those two guys that escaped from jail the other day?

  20. Tecmo bowl Lol the giants had two automatic plays mcConkey flat and emmanuel comeback.

  21. The virtual reality is Jerry Jones is still a bad GM and as long as he’s running the show, the Cowboys will never again win a championship.

    I wonder if Romo will still be able to throw picks in virtual reality?

  22. @ justintuckrule says:

    They should sign the virtual reality defense to play real defense.

    Yet ANOTHER inept Giants fan attempting to feel superior.

    2014 defensive stats for both teams

    Total yards given up
    Cowboys – 5681 -19th in the league
    Giants – 6012 – 29th in the league

    Points per game
    Cowboys – 22
    Giants -25

    Rushing yards allowed:
    Dallas – 1650
    Giants – 2162

    Sacks were MUCH higher for the Giants, but how did that work out for them? The Giants also had one more pick than the Cowboy, but again, how did that work out for them? The Dallas D was superior in many categories last year versus the Giants.

    The Cowboys made the playoffs, won their game against Detroit, narrowly lost to the Packers, yet your team went 6-10 and you STILL feel justifed? Just more and more hate from non-Cowboy fans, but I get it. Fans of worse teams ALWAYS hate on the better teams.

    Lastly, how about you let the season unfold before attempting to bash another team’s D? Dallas had an oustanding draft on defense (no doubt contributing to your hate), so time will tell on how the Dallas D compares to that of the Giants in 2015,

    I will be happy to revisit this debate come December – how about you show up on here to do the same?

  23. All you Cowboy haters are hilarious. This is will be used by every team the next couple seasons, but the Cowboys as usual are ahead of the game. It could help develop young players who are used to tech and would embrace it more than a chalkboard, clipboard, etc. Get with the times.

  24. Oh, please. Tom Landry pioneered film study in the 1950s. It was after his first start in the NFL as a defensive back for an upstart expansion team in New York. He went up against Otto Graham, who is arguably the best quarterback ever, and was humiliated. Landry said it was the most embarrassing athletic performance of his life.
    So he became obsessed with film study, and from it he developed the concept of keys and reads. That alone revolutionized the game of football.
    He also developed the 4-3 defense, the multiple formation offense, situational substitution, the man-in-motion, the deep speed threat, and revitalized the shotgun. Tom Landry conceived 21st century football in the 1960s.
    He was also the first coach to use computers to determine draft picks. And the first to use an intelligence test, the predecessor to the Wonderlic test, on potential draft picks.
    That was when the Cowboys were innovative. That was when they were the most exciting team in the league. That was when they were winning.
    But this, this is a sad joke. It’s not even funny. Jerry Jones is no Tex Schramm. Jason Garrett is no Tom Landry. There is nothing new or unique about the Dallas Cowboys. They’re but a shadow of their former selves. And I say that as a Cowboys fan.
    Oh, here’s some new technology, and Garrett is using it! That proves he’s an innovator. Please. Jerry Jones is on the cutting edge of technology! Please. He’s on the cutting edge of keeping his face on the news, that’s about it.
    Let me ask you Cowboys fans a serious question. In the 1960s, would you rather have Tex Schramm and Tom Landry running your team, or would you rather have Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett? I think the answer is obvious. The Cowboys would be nothing today if it weren’t for Schramm and Landry. They are nothing today because of Jones and Garrett.
    And these two think virtual reality is going to win them a championship? Keep dreaming, fools.

  25. @ nyneal says:

    “The virtual reality is Jerry Jones is still a bad GM and as long as he’s running the show, the Cowboys will never again win a championship. I wonder if Romo will still be able to throw picks in virtual reality?”

    If Romo does his best Eli impression, the answer to your question in an unequivocal YES.

    Funny you should attempt to bash Romo. Eli has had 97 picks the past 5 seasons. And Romo? He has had 55 in that same span. Did you say something about picks?

    And then there is the following:

    Career Passer Rating
    Romo – 97.6 (he has never been below 90)
    ELI – 82.4 (he has been over 90 only 3 times in 11 years)

    Career passing percentage
    Romo – 65.2%
    Eli – 59.0%

    Pro Bowls
    Romo – 4
    Eli – 2

    30 or more TD’s in a season
    Romo – 4
    Eli – 2

    Don’t even attempt to mention how the SB’s were won by Eli. It is a TEAM win, but with that said, we all know the very stout D of the Giants is the reason both SB’s were won by the Giants. When you have a Patriot team score a measley combined 31 points in those 2 SB’s (when they averaged 30+ points per game in 2007 and just under 40 points per game in 2011) that is a defensive win for the Giants.

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