Kenny Britt: I let myself down the last six years


In April, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said that the team was expecting more from wide receiver Kenny Britt after re-signing him to a two-year deal this offseason.

Britt’s comfortable with that expectation. After years with the Titans that were marked as much or more by off-field trouble and injuries than they were by sparkling play on the field, Britt caught 48 passes for 748 yards in his most productive season since 2010. That wasn’t enough to make him feel like he lived up to his potential, however.

“There’s definitely more I feel like I can give because there’s more that I want to give and there’s more that I want to do in my career,” Britt said, via “I’m going into my seventh year, I feel I let myself down the last six years. I have a chip on my shoulder this year and I’ve got a lot to prove.”

Britt praised new Rams quarterback Nick Foles’s ability to throw the deep ball last week and more precision there would go a long way toward Britt reaching new heights. The Rams connected on 10-of-25 throws of 20 or more yards to Britt last season and even a marginal increase in that accuracy would bear a lot of fruit for the St. Louis offense.

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  1. Kenny Britt,Pacman,etc. these players leave TN and then start to play better for other teams. Britt had one game against Philly in 2010 where he had like 240 yards receiving including an 80 yarder. He really looked like he was gonna be the next dominant WR like a Megatron. He got hurt early in 2011 season and was lost for the year and was never the same.

  2. Of all the underachievers the Titans have had since the team arrived in Tennessee 18 years ago, Britt is the biggest. … Should have been a huge star. (And his knee injury isn’t what did him in all those years.)

  3. Missed opportunities for all involved. Tenn could’ve used a stud WR and Britt had the chance to be THAT guy. Fisher’s hoping that he’s matured and ready, but Britt is walking that fine line next to strike 3.

  4. So what’s worse, a player admitting he could have played harder and provided more production over his six year NFL career, or a team resigning that player and expecting a different result? The definition of insanity is…..

  5. “….my window of earning these ridicules salaries is closing, so I’m REALLLY goona try now”. Gosh, I hope I can pull the rug over the Rams/Fisher for a few more years…

  6. It tells you how much talent this guy has that he’s been given 6 years in the league for basically doing nothing more than having a ton of potential. Most guys who have done as little as he has are out of the league in 2 to 4.

  7. mikeh3875 said:

    “Kenny Britt,Pacman,etc. these players leave TN and then start to play better for other teams.”

    Frank Wycheck, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Nate Washington, etc. These players came to TN from other teams and then started to play better. … That street goes both ways for sure.

  8. Um,you’ve let more people than yourself down,Kenny. How about your family,your teammates,your teams? It really took 6 years to figure it out?

  9. Better late than never.

    If he is seeing reasonable QB play from Napoleon Dynamite he has the potential to be a true #1 in the league, something that the Rams haven’t had since the Greatest Show on Turf.

  10. Britt is one of those clowns who entered the field with his hands up last season. He’s always been more interested in being with his gangster friends than being a football player. I’m sure he’ll have his annual offseason arrest soon.

  11. mikeh3875 says:
    Jun 8, 2015 11:35 AM

    Britt had one game against Philly in 2010 where he had like 240 yards receiving including an 80 yarder.


    That game was smoke and mirrors for Britt. He had Ellis Hobbs covering him the whole game and Ellis was VERY injured, but swore up and down to the coaches he was fine. Britt might as well have not been covered by anyone at all.

    Britt is a decent #2 guy. He’s never gonna be dominant, but he’s got the size to be consistent. Thats all he needs to be. 750-900 yards and 4TDs a year will keep him in the league as a starter.

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