Political maneuverings marring talks between Chargers, San Diego

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Recently-leaked allegations that the Chargers aren’t serious about trying to find a stadium solution in San Diego likely have undermined ongoing talks aimed at that objective. A more overt effort to place the blame on the team that has called San Diego home since 1961 could derail the effort entirely.

Via Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles News Group, a political group that has supported San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is now attacking the Chargers, via a sponsored Facebook post asking whether the Chargers even want to do a deal to stay put.

The Chargers aren’t pleased with the tactics.

“This new negative advertising campaign against the Chargers — launched just as the team began negotiations with the city — speaks volumes about what the Mayor and his political operatives have really been up to on this issue from the start: They have always seemed more concerned with political cover than with actually building a stadium.” Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani said in a statement issued to Bonsignore.

The latest comments from Fabiani echo the sentiment he raised when San Diego first opted to embark on a proposal to build a stadium: If the goal is simply to avoid the political fallout of presiding over the departure of the team, don’t bother.

This latest brouhaha comes as the two sides prepare for a second meeting aimed at working out a deal to build a stadium in San Diego, with the Chargers bringing financing, land use, and election law experts to the Monday session. While Faulconer’s office has yet to say anything about the situation, the Lincoln Group has fired back at Fabiani.

“So he wants to blow up a billion-dollar deal over a $200 Facebook post by a private organization? lol,” executive director Ryan Clumpner told Scott Lewis of VoiceofSanDiego.org via email. “We are a private organization and post on Facebook as we see fit. We sponsor all our posts. No elected officials have any say in what we post, nor will we be bullied by Mr. Fabiani. The question we asked on Facebook was whether the Chargers want a new stadium or would rather move to L.A. If Mr. Fabiani was so threatened by that question that he is complaining about it to the NFL, then I think we all know the answer.”

Said Fabiani in response, via Lewis: “No one is talking about blowing up anything. We will be attending Monday’s negotiating session as planned, despite the evidence over the last week of bad-faith behavior by the Mayor and his political operatives.”

And so the first 30-45 minutes of Monday’s meeting likely be devoted to clearing the air and trying to set a tone of cooperation.

If the air can’t be cleared, they should agree that: (1) it’s a waste of everyone’s time to try to work out a new stadium deal; (2) the Chargers should just move to L.A.; and (3) both sides will spend the balance of 2015 — and beyond — publicly and privately blaming each other.

38 responses to “Political maneuverings marring talks between Chargers, San Diego

  1. An “executive director,” in a public post regarding official business, says “lol” ?


  2. The Chargers have wanted a deal for decades.
    The city hasn’t.
    The Chargers have reluctantly realized the city doesn’t like them.
    The Chargers have no choice but to move some place that cares about football and actually wants them.

  3. is there any proof that this group is working for the mayor? just because people have the same opinions does not mean they all use the same tactics.

    sounds from here like the chargers lawyer is proving the point made in the post… they’re packing as we speak.

    don’t bump your a## on the way out the door, chargers….. you will win as many superbowls in l.a. as you won in s.d.

    …but don’t win any titles, because the Padres and Chargers have combined to give you the longest championship drought for any city with at least two major pro teams. San Diego has been title-free since the Chargers won the AFL crown in 1963, but hey, at least the weather is perfect.

  5. Looking forward to visiting San Diego this November when the Bears play them. Looks like it maybe my last visit, too bad, beautiful city with great weather.

  6. There’s a radio guy in L.A. named Fred Roggin. Fabiani used to come on his show…until Roggin disagreed with him. Now Fabiani won’t go on the show anymore.

  7. Take the steps to keep the team if you want to keep the team.
    This includes staying silent when the other side tries to point blame for the team moving before it has moved.
    Unless you really expect that to be the end result, and we are actually in the point blame elsewhere phase.
    The response to the FB post should have been held until that first 30 minutes of the meeting. That way they are worried about what they want to do and not about controlling the perception of what they are doing.

  8. the Spanos’s have never wanted to stay in SD. When the Raiders left the Spanos’s mouth started drooling and money bags in their eyes and hae withdrew from EVERY stadium talk. The Padres got theirs.

  9. The City officials of San Diego are positioning themselves (image wise) to look like the good guys and to make the Chargers organization look like the bad guys.

    The fact is that the Chargers have been asking for a new stadium for decades and the city has refused to help accommodate them.

    So..the Chargers are leaving. Can’t blame them. The City of San Diego isn’t a big time city anyway. They don’t deserve a football team.

    The city of San Diego couldn’t support the Clippers so they left; And they run a major league baseball team that is really a farm system to the other pro baseball teams in the MLB.

    San Diego is a place you go and vaction at. Nothing more.

  10. How about the NFL do what MLB is doing these days? Quit acting like your poor and build your own damm stadiums and get your hands out of the tax payers pockets! That’s what I like about Kronke he has the $ and is paying for his house! He’s not going to the city of Inglewood for anything! Much easier huh?

  11. How about the NFL do what MLB is doing these days? Quit acting like your poor and build your own damm stadiums and get your hands out of the tax payers pockets! That’s what I like about Kronke he has the $ and is paying for his house! He’s not going to the city of Inglewood for anything! Much easier huh?

    Kroenke is not paying for his entire house, he has discreetly added language for reimbursements and so he will get taxpayer money as well.

  12. The weather is perfect, everybody wants to move there, and they will continue to sweep the hapless Oakland Raiders…..Same ole’, same ole’

  13. Rule #1. You don’t move a team to a California land fill a.k.a garbage dump. You “stir up” a former garbage dump and you’ll be spending all your time defending the Chargers against law suits in L.A. county…the land of litigation. No matter how the Chargers are “indemnified” against “fault” law suits..they’ll be sued. Wait till some fans and their children start getting sick…for whatever reason. The Chargers will be sued and end up playing in some dirt field while the litigation mess is resolved. Carson land fill? You can’t be serious.
    Rule #2. You don’t “get in bed” with The Oakland Raiders and “share” a stadium. The Raiders have a bad business track record. The Chargers will be in litigation in stead of focusing on NFL football. If it smell bad…it’s bad.

  14. As far as I’m concerned, the perfect scenario for the Chargers and the NFL is if Spanos and Kroenke sit down and partner on the original Kroenke proposal that is further along and would have a stadium for one AFC team and another for NFC.

  15. Nobody cares about this ringless joke of an NFL team.

    They’re as hapless as the Bills, but with no fan base whatsoever.

  16. WHO CARES!
    Dean Spanos is a BILLIONAIRE and wants San Diego citizens to pay for HIS store! Really? Why should people who may not be fans pay for Spanos Stadium. I would like to see the Chargers stay, but build your own stadium Mr. Billionaire!

  17. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if each side just came out and spoke the truth? If the Chargers’ prefer to leave, they should just say so. And if the city isn’t serious, they should give up and let the Chargers leave. If each side really wants to get it done, they will.

    Fact is, most of us are grown ups, with grown up problems and responsibilities, and can withstand losing a piece of our weekly distractions/entertainment. Having a NFL team has always been a luxury for a city, and never more so than now, given the economy and general state of things.

    The Chargers may lose fans, but that’s the way it goes. Being a native San Diegan, my city comes first. I’m not looking to attach myself to a winning organization because of record, colors, style of play, or sense of mystique. I won’t be relegated to being a member of a “nation” of an abandoned or bandwagon fandom.

    Stay and enjoy America’s Finest City and loyal fans. Leave and play second fiddle in LA, and build your fan base all over.

  18. bsizemore68 says:
    Jun 8, 2015 8:18 AM

    Politics and religion need to stay out of football. Bill

    As long as public monies are being used to finance the construction of these stadiums, politics will remain an integral part of the sport…

  19. San Diego is the worst sports town in the country, the only persons that show up is the visiting teams fans, their own rivals(Chiefs, Broncos. Raiders) have a HFA at the “Q.”

  20. We all know politicians spend at least 95% of their time in CYA mode, Chargers need to keep it low key and work in good faith. When the deal falls through and they move to LA, the intelligent fan will know who made it happen.

  21. bobnelsonjr says:

    he Chargers have wanted a deal for decades.
    The city hasn’t.
    The Chargers have reluctantly realized the city doesn’t like them.
    The Chargers have no choice but to move some place that cares about football and actually wants them. ***emphasis added

    And where would that be, pray tell?
    I’m not seeing a lot of “Carson Chargers” or”Bring Home the Chargers” signs floating around, outside of the Mayor of Carson’s office.

  22. Spanos’ don’t care about San Diego or winning !!!! They care about making money and they’re great at doing that. Go Carson Chargers lol , if they move I’m done with the NFL.

  23. For all those people stating San Diego hasn’t wanted to negotiate a deal with the Chargers are clueless. Do you remember the Chargers HAD to have a stadium upgrade / expansion to compete with other cities and a bond measure was passed and the year after construction was finished the Spanos’ stated we need a new stadium HA ! You blew billionaire family you should have negotiated a new stadium and not an expansion. Build your own stadium cheapskates.

  24. At least my San Diego Chargers don’t cheat (Patriots), don’t have children of owners and presidents who abuse women (Broncos) and don’t go 3-13 year after year (Raiders).

  25. I hope the Chargers stay in San Diego. It’s always nice to go there for Raider Fan Appreciation Day. Great place for a Super Bowl too.

  26. 1, San Diego is the worst sports town in the country.

    2. L.A. follows baseball and basketball quite well, and will(with new venues) do well in football.

    Outside San Diego the 7 local fans that follow the Padres and Chargers, and mind you, they play in ideal weather. No blizzards, or harsh winters to keep fans from coming.

    The Padres current venue Is called Dodger and Giant stadium South.

    The Chargers venue is an extra home game for the Chiefs, Broncos and L.A. Raider fans and any North East team.

    The “Q” is known as the L.A. Raider training camp south.

    Nobody in L.A. has ever seen a Charger fan. L.A. will follow the Chargers like they did the Clippers back in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Better cities and venues with persons who care about football, and don’t worship a surf board.

    1. San Antonio Chargers

    2. New Mexico Chargers

    3. Portland Chargers

    4. New Zealand Chargers

    5. Berlin Chargers

    6. Sydney Chargers

  27. Real cities already have NFL teams. Do you know anyone that doesn’t care about making more money? Raiders training camp south? Their stadiums entire upper level is tarped! Politics aren’t bad, liberals are.Move to San Antonio, TX, Spanos, real football fans and less libs. New Mexico doesn’t want the bolts. We’ll start our own team. The Habaneros, ‘chili nation!’

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